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: Mac LoLClient login and authentication issue
Someone else suggested this as a fix: Hasn't worked for me personally but it may work for you.
27Cows (EUW)
: Mac trying to reconnect - FIX!!
Thanks for the suggestion. What process name are you force closing? Had a look in activity monitor as I am having the exact same issue and cannot find anything that looks like it it LOL.
: Connecting issues MacBook Air
Have the same issue (running High Sierra but not on a Macbook air). Don't bother talking to the Riot support as the only advice they will give is downgrade the masOS. Likely only solution is to wait till September for the newest masOS, hope you have the requirements to run it and the hope the problem magically goes away!
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Chief Blobfish Get [Ccleaner ]( run it. Then try loging in the Riot Support with Internet Explorer. If you're still unable to send "Question" ticket, send your ticket under "[I need help recovering my account.](" Explain them that you can't log in the support and they will direct your ticket to the right team. Let me know how it goes, Riot Support normaly replies in about 48 hours.
Thanks for the advice. Had already run CCleaner to try and improve the issues (as Riot suggest) but still nothing. Have submitted under "help recovering account". Will hopefully hear back soon!
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