Saibbo (EUW)
: it say just on PVP match made games, which it means SR/Aram, no odyssey doesn't drop token
I found out yesterday once I got the pass... kind of a shame too.
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: Skin Idea: Red Minion Soraka and Blue Minion Janna
Very nice and with Melee minions being sorted out like you say, that leaves the cannon minions and the Super Minions.
: Rito, stop forcing us to play with premade teams for missions!!!!!
If you find a good strategy that allows you to cheese your way through Onslaught (5 Ziggs/2 Augment), they will take it away from you and even if you did do it, they treat you as AFK and give you nothing anyway...
Rismosch (EUW)
: Do the 3/2 augment version with 4 or 5 Jinxes. Build this in that order: {{item:3047}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3134}} As for augments, go Arsenal and Comet. Abilities max R > E > W > Q As for playstyle, fire R whenever you can and try to hit as many enemies as possible. Use E to keep monsters away from you or keep them in your R with it. You won't basic attack often or at all, so never use Q. You can occasionally cast W, but it's also a very useless ability, so preferably don't use that either. Preferably only use R and E. Also kite/run away from enemies. Once you finished the 3/2 augments missions, you can go full 5 augments with 5 Ziggs. Do the missions seperately, not all at the same time.
I can see 3 augments working on Jinx but 2 doesn't seem as likely... The build path I used on 4 augments was {{item:3047}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3161}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3005}} and with whatever gold to build from {{item:3024}} . Used Arsenal, Comet, Plan A and Plan Z. I was thinking on doing {{item:3047}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3813}} {{item:3161}} and {{item:3151}} in that order. Not sure how well it would work with Arsenal, Comet and Plan A. I do know Plan A does a lot of damage with Arsenal and Comet so I can't see how strong it will be without Plan A on 2 augments but I'll be needing to try it at some point. Problem being Kayn whenever he dashes around and away from R trail.
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HitYourHead (EUNE)
: ***
Perfect. OP broke the rules and is now denying it.
: Onslaught is disgusting
Don't forget they removed a way for you to win with 5 Ziggs by spamming W. You could do the Ziggs/Sona mission along with the 2 augment mission but they hotfixed it for some reason...
: well i didnt do anythihng wrong and if did how did my team gets it and i dont?..
I didn't do anything wrong either when I completed mine yet the game didn't give the progress. I contacted the support but if they say I need to redo both missions then I am going to be pissed off since both missions should be done.
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I have the same problem and you know what's worse? They are disabling this strategy and that sucks. So if they refuse to credit the missions, well, we are beyond screwed.
Wol0f (EUW)
: same happend to me, two missions didnt get completed. although i did get an afk warning, makes no sense to not give any rewards. match:
An AFK warning I could maybe, MAYBE, stretch my limits and say that may be the reason but then it raises the problem, you could get an AFK warning in Summoners Rift or even Ranked and still get rewards for beating the game so long as you aren't kicked out. That is what bugs me so much and honestly I am kind of not surprised since missions had problems near the start of the event and I get the feeling that is kicking in again. Best bet I think is just to contact support and pray they answer back quickly (Although my last ticket I put in 4 days ago hasn't been answered... urgh...)
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Mickymiii (EUW)
: you get 3 dashes so use them. And if you dont want to get oneshotted maybe play tank malphite
I use them but when you consider the other things active at once, plants, little egg creatures, xin zhao mobs, it all adds up and it doesn't mean a thing when Kayn decides to be a madman and dashes 7 times in a row while you get 3. Besides, playing tank Malphite? I'd rather stick with Jinx and melt multiple red enemies at once than be unable to even kill a regular enemy.
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Smates (EUW)
: dude, i cant even equip a single augment
At the time I submitted this, Odyssey was working just fine, I could see and access the augments and they were active so I have no clue what broke to ruin it.
: I beleive it does count as an augment... so you only have a choice of 3 (and so on for the later missions). But I’ve not attempted nor completed the mission so I can’t say for certain, so take what I said with a grain of salt.
Then the last mission is the passive augment and 1 augment of any kind for the champion you wish to play as... on Onslaught... that's going to be hell.
: It’s complete the game on the hardest difficulty with everyone not having a full augment page... you likely need a premade team and a very solid game play to stand a chance. So yeah I’d hope that they’d give a good reward for this... the vast majority of us aren’t gonna be able to get it.
Does that also include the passive augment or not? If it does count the passive then you are only allowed 3. That's not including the fact there are 2 more missions after that which reduce the allowed augments from 4 to 3 and then to 2.
Smates (EUW)
: you probabyl would be able to with the augments, but as they do not work. it is way harder to do
Well... one of the last missions requires you to win with 2 or less augments on Onslaught (for everyone) so... good training since 50% of your allowed slots are already taken.
: Cadet not unlocking, augments don't work, missions don't work. Waste of time.
Odyssey was working earlier this morning but now it seems to have given up. No idea what happened...
Demigod1423 (EUNE)
: How did you get to onslaught anyway???
To get to Onslaught, you need to complete the difficulty before it which is Captain. Captain requires beating Crewmember and so forth.
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wolf jade (EUNE)
: new gamemode.
It's definitely harder than Star Guardian's was since in Star Guardians, you could fail 2 times in each room and still win but here? You have 1 life for the whole game and if you lose it, you can't afford to let everyone fall otherwise it's game over. I am enjoying this quite a lot to be honest though and the augments make it so much more fun (Despite needing to unlock them).
prevaiil (EUNE)
: why is that
It's probably just me but never been a fan of borders since they are always very limited and while this one does allow crafting (On 4 which I failed to notice earlier), it just never feels right to me.
iluminati14 (EUNE)
: unskilled players deserve punish
So what your saying is, if you die and are the first one to give away first blood, even if you go 17/1/18, you should still be punished for getting hooked by a Blitz invade? Get out of here. Those cases get laughed out of Riot.
prevaiil (EUNE)
: will there be some kind of border on skin splashart for odysee skins?
Sadly yes... all 6 skins have a border and why do I say sadly? One of my mains has the border and I'm unsure if I'll be able to get it in time.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Have to develop toxic immunity, i would rather play with people even more toxic than myself than play with bots, playing with bots will teach you as much as smashing your face into a brick wall. Whereas learning to deal with toxic people is a life skill that you can apply outside of league, or just become so toxic yourself that other people's toxicity is negligible.
If you are just playing League to just enjoy the game itself and don't care about the stress or enemies, then bots are simply a better option. Alas, both in real life and in game, there are so many people that are absolute jerks.
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Hansiman (EUW)
: Content creators participating in the ARAM-ARAMA stream battle got it for the duration of the event.
When OP mentioned everything unlocked, I assumed it was for those in the streams on the aram-arama site and this does confirm it. Permanent or temporary for the remainder of the event?
: You can pay on ARAM some RP for a skin boost. What I know about that skin boost is that he can give you a random skill for the champion you have in the looby. That skin can be one from that entire list, no matter if that skin is available or not.
Wait really? Even Victorious from skin boosts? However, that also brings up the last part of OP's paragraph on apparently getting all champions and skins? I don't believe it myself.
3 D (EUNE)
: What if they aren't bots, just some OCE Bronze 5 Players held hostage my Riot?
That would explain why Ryze bot who only has 50 hp left decides to stick around in the mid lane when the entire enemy team is nearby instead of moving away and backing.
MadEclair (EUNE)
: You got 50% off on every skin you rolled?
Sadly yes... it's a shame. The only one who benefits from the discount is the legacy one. Everything else doesn't really benefit and I have seen a few others suffering from the same thing (But they at least got epics...) which is why I think it's a bug. *sigh*
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Oldřich (EUNE)
: Your shop
The skins I got were for champions I've played a couple of times (Although to be fair, I have been picking champions at random so no-one really stands out). I got (and I think it's a bug with 50% on all): 50% off Worldbreaker Nasus 50% off Silverfang Akali 50% off Corsair Quinn 50% off Lunar Wraith Morgana 50% off Order of the Lotus Karma 50% off Prehistoric Cho'gath No epics sadly... only legacy being for Morgana and I have four of her skins! 2 of which were from rerolling... Only played Akali once, Nasus once or twice, Quinn a couple of times along with Cho'gath. Morgana and Karma are probably the most played from the list but even then, less than 10 games each.
: Wtf is going on with the game,why is the game loading so slowly?
Had the same problem and it started since last patch where, even when everyone was at 100%, the game started and by the time I could move, around 15-30 seconds had already passed. Today however, it's even worse and 90 seconds had passed before I could move and I wasn't the only one. 2 other people today had the same issue before they could move. Seriously Riot, are you trying to let Lord Mordekaiser run the game? If so, it's working...
: Get Level 3 on a champ to be able to play in ranked game.
So anywhere between 4 - 60 games with the same champion to get to level 3. 6000 mastery points and it goes off how long the game is as well as if it was a win or loss. I'm going to disagree on this front as trying to get 20 champions to level 3 is definitely not a small feat either which people often forget. Not to mention, it's useless if someone is coming back and has plenty of champions at level 3 and jumps into ranked but is super rusty due to not playing for so long (*cough* Yasuo mains *cough*) but the point stands.
: TOO Much Damage in the Game.
I have to agree on the damage front. The changes keep adding more and more damage and true damage meaning tanks start suffering more. I don't play the game as much anymore... that's also considering the changes to runes. The old one would at least let you survive much more than the new system does (*cough* {{champion:119}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:35}} *cough*) but alas, it's just the way the game goes. If you still want your league fix but can't stand matches? Just do bot games, not an ideal solution but at least it's relaxing (for the most part) and not stressful.
DemonRyu (EUW)
If I recall, some bots are not programmed to work well in Beginner bots but do work much better in Intermediate bots. A good example is Nasus. Beginner Nasus afks until Nexus towers are attacked but Intermediate Nasus doesn't do that. Of course, if you are referring to someone leaving on your team then yes, that's intended. What would be a 4 v 5, one of the top two bots will go afk until your afk ally returns and if not, the bot will stay afk until you get to the nexus.
: Which champions are most common among trolls, inters, etc...?
Yasuo without a doubt Nunu and Draven are close seconds Autofilled Supports who complain about being autofilled (Main reason why I go support, to avoid those issues)
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, For the missions that mention "on Summoner's Rift" - ARURF doesn't count. The description doesn't make this clear (feedback provided!), but for now they have to be completed on the "normal" SR modes (Blind, Ranked, Draft)
Matchmade games doesn't restrict co-op vs ai. If it did, it would just say PvP games instead but since it doesn't say that, playing a noxian champion should allow the mission to be completed. I'll need to play a game later on to see if it is fixed or not though.
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Leyruh (EUW)
: What kind of dumb things did you do when you began League?
Oh boy... when I was new, I, for whatever reason, only bought items if they were fully complete. For example, I never bought any components of Trinity Force and simply waited until I got all the gold for it. Those were very awkward games... oh and the usual "Support's don't take CS else you get reported for trolling" issue that I dealt with in a real game after mass spamming bot games when I was new.
Dmitko (EUNE)
: Our Lord has not forsaken me!!!
I got the same skin as well from my shop as well but at 30% so eh.
: Care to explain what? How unknowing you are about missions? Every mission that doesn't specifically say it has to be in a PvP game will complete in a bot game.
You don't read do you? The Malzahar complained about need 3 dragons for a mission. Check the MSI list. The closest is this: 7b) Battle Plan (Matchmade games only.): Get 25 kills and/or assists in PVP games AND **kill 2 Dragons as a team in PVP games** -> Hextech Key Now then, what part about that is hard to understand? I never mentioned Baron missions, I never mentioned x amount of gold missions, just the mission the Malzahar was complaining about.
: Missions DO count in bot games unless the mission specifically says "PvP games only" Also, waiting a minute for drake doesn't hurt anyone + you can't lose a bot game.
No... it doesn't count. There is one dragon requirement but PvP only. Besides, even if it wasn't PvP only, it required 2 which we already had. It was 4 minutes as well before the next one spawned, not 1 minute. Here's the list 1) Take Up the Banner: Win a PVP game (Matchmade games only.) -> 200 Blue Essence, MSI 2018 Team Icon 2) Send Forth Your Champion (Matchmade games only.): Get 20 kills and/or assists in PVP Summoner's Rift OR get 60 kills and/or assists -> 200 Blue Essence 3) To the Victor go the Spoils (Matchmade games only.): Destroy 2 Inhibitors as a Team in PVP games OR collect 40,000 gold -> 200 Blue Essence 4) Baron Power Play (Matchmade games only.): Kill Baron Nashor as a team OR win 3 games -> 500 Blue Essence 5a) Lead the Siege (Matchmade games only.): Destroy 8 towers as a team in PVP games AND deal 3,000 damage to Towers in PVP games -> Hextech Key 5b) Jax of All Trades (Matchmade games only.): Heal 3,000 damage AND deal 30,000 physical damage to enemy Champions AND deal 30,000 magic damage to enemy champions -> Hextech Chest 6) Win the Battle and the War (Matchmade games only.): Win a PVP Summoner's Rift game in under 35 minutes OR win 3 games -> 220 Orange Essence 7a) Go Big or Go Home (Matchmade games only.): Deal 400,000 damage OR collect 60,000 Gold -> Hextech Chest 7b) Battle Plan (Matchmade games only.): Get 25 kills and/or assists in PVP games AND kill 2 Dragons as a team in PVP games -> Hextech Key 8) Make History (Matchmade games only.): Win a PVP game with more than 5 kills and/or assists AND win a PVP game with a Vision score of 20 or higher -> MSI Emote repeatable) Fight for Your Region: (Equip any MSI 2018 Team icon to earn Fandom Battle points for that region) Win a PVP game where you played at least 8 wards OR place a control ward in 2 PVP games -> 50 XP Now... care to explain?
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