At the very minimum, make the inhibitor or nexus turrets attack much faster (Like Twisted Treeline, one of the few actual pros of that map) or revert the attacks to lasers to tear through the super minions and tanks who can currently dance under the two nexus towers for the entire time.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: The champion that always win top lane ez
It isn't either but rather it's {{champion:81}} ! In all seriousness though, it varies.
: to make matters worse.. the ones who bought that champs in the last weeks get refunds!
Wait really? Shame I didn't buy any of them recently but still a nice gesture regardless.
Rioter Comments
: i was at gold 3 and i won 6 but i only got silver 3, quit complaining
So... getting a higher rank which I wasn't expecting is complaining? I was saying I was surprised by my rank since I expected lower but got a higher rank instead.
N o (EUW)
: Unsealed spellbook + Smite
You need to start with smite and swap it out so something like Smite/Flash and then into Exhaust/Flash and so on. You can't go Exhaust/Flash into Smite/Flash to get the jungle items.
: how many did you win
Last season: 4 wins to 6 losses. This season: 5 wins to 5 losses. Most losses were the first bunch of games.
Rioter Comments
Pyrosen (EUW)
: A lot of people are having issues with the mission. Best thing you can do is just do it again because I don't see any rioter's making official statements about it, though they probably have ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It's not just the second mission but the first one as well for some people.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: It still registered. Showing progress in the missions is a different thing from registering.
If it registered then it would be complete. 1 win is 1 win. If it was 3 wins then yes, I can see that but no, it's one win.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: It just doesn't show the progress but it still registers it.
A mission which requires 1 win means it should be registered when I log back in right? (This is after a win in ARAM). Wrong. It still says 0/1 and it was done on ARAM. In other words, it didn't register.
: I think every Matchmade PvP game counts
Didn't work for me... I won ARAM but it didn't complete the first mission.
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SuperJunk (EUW)
So we should remove Zhonya's, Banshee's, Wit's End or anything else that provides even +1 armor or +1 magic resist? No, absolutely no since it leaves no counters at all. Or do you want to be one shot by a Veigar who has 2000 AP while having no Zhonya's or any other way to counter or block it?
: which rework do you think is the biggest failure
Henrozy (EUNE)
: 50 Blue essence need to buy champ, but i must level up(play 6+ games) :))))))))))))))))))
And I need 2K BE but you don't see me complaining as I make do with what I have (So many champion shards but no repeating shards (Because I'm not disenchanting Ivern when I don't own him since it's a 40% discount) but it's better than before) so...
SiragahN (EUW)
: I can't even explain this outrageous facts without even getting mad RIOT!
Do people fail to read the little text at the bottom of my shop? Seriously? It's not like it's hidden or anything. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Ban orianna in ARURF
Really? I find Kassadin, Shaco and Tryndamere to be far worse and more common than Orianna. I never found her to be too much of a threat in urf to my knowledge unlike the three I mentioned. Seriously... only one game without Kassadin...
: Riot can you please remove The Garen ashe and Brand from level 2-4
Why complain about free champions? I would love to have a free Brand on my main but alas, I can't. Sure you might not get the skin shard for the champion you want but that's just down to luck.
: Well there are some good reasons and some bad reasons to why people tell you to stop trying to end the game. Some people just want to get to full build and want to go get a bit more gold from whatever is left on the map. Other people want to be in the end screen and ask you to stop so they can respawn and/or catch up to the enemy Nexus. Then you have the gits who just want to prolong the game because they are egotistical asshats who just want to lord it over the losing team a bit longer. That or else they want to continue dominating by getting fountain kills.
"Just because our super fed Talon has full build, I should get full build as well!" - ADC. Then they recall, get their full build when they could have destroyed the nexus, the enemy recovers, they get full build and turn it around to win because the adc didn't end when they had the chance. That annoys me so much.
Rioter Comments
: "You abandoned a game"
Had the same problem as well but so far only happened in Bot games so there isn't really a timer restriction. How is it though when I'm locked in and it says I'm the one who left? I don't know what causes it...
Rioter Comments
: People playing level 1 champs in ranked!
This again... so what? You want everyone to have at least 20 level 5 champions to be able to do ranked? Get out of here. Something might happen such as all your prime picks for your lane being already picked or banned which would leave you to go something like Leona mid. No, it's fine as it is.
: Should wishing death to someone result in an instant perma ban?
Honestly, it shouldn't be accepted whatsoever. Saying you died in base to Kalista is fine because that is the case (Kalista should have gotten 400 gold) but being told to gore yourself in real life? No, can't be tolerated at all and yet the system lets them stay (I had to report a few people who said the three letter phrase beginning with a k and ending with s. No instant report feedback notifications...
: Buff waaaaaaaa CY@ iam out,done with this game {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Extra damage on Q, increased MR per level (.75 extra so from 0.5 to 1.25) and increased ult range... yeah...
: Braumbread or Dravenbread Summoners..?
Both sets have an annoying mission so I went with Draven because I don't really mind not getting the emote because Riot just can't leave the poor Baron alone. It if was once, no problem but twice... I swear Riot hate Baron.
Not quite... Be Nice requires 3 ARAM or 3 Legend of the Poro King wins whereas Be Naughty requires 3 Summoners Rift wins or 3 ARURF wins...
: Unlucky shop this time (T _ T )
I had the same issue with Meowkai. I only played 2 or 3 games way back and yet, got a skin for him which confuses me... I don't get it unless it's specific dates in question the my shop algorithm uses. Oh well, like you said, better luck next time.
: Same deal. Problem is, when you get sales for champions you use frequently, it's very likely you got skins you like more already. When you get sales for champions you don't use/have, chances are you are not interested in the champ at all, let alone it's skins. It's difficult for these shops to nail it.
Yeah... problem being I haven't played much Sona or Nautilus recently. Zyra is... eh since I did play her somewhat often in bot games and same with Yasuo. Maokai was just 2 or 3 times... Quinn/Kalista was 6 games a piece yet I get a Maokai skin... I just wanted to buy a champion with a skin but looks like that isn't happening. Oh well, maybe next time.
Rioter Comments
Madsus (EUW)
: Banning prepicked champs should not be allowed
This issue is always a double edged sword. If you were the last person to pick then they might have the right to if Vladimir is popular but if you were the first pick then it makes no sense. Also, not allowing bans on pre-picked characters leads to issues with both sides. If Yasuo is picked on your team and once the ban phase is done, they can suddenly go "I don't want to play him, I just didn't want him banned xD" and pick someone else which allows the other team to pick him (And usually is godlike). Similar with the enemy team, if no prepicked champions could be banned, you would see the enemies champions as well...
z0leee (EUW)
: ur so genius how about players like him its ok? yes https://ibb.co/k8dO9b
No, I'm just saying that in all cases, there is some reason why they are picked. Now, how they play is a different story. If they go 5/0/18 as a Support Miss Fortune against Zyra then that's a good thing but the polar opposite is true if they go 0/7/7. It isn't something like 'Support' Vayne with dagger into Blitzcrank. Almost any champion can support but how well they support is the main thing. Camille and Poppy support, for example, work even though they are situational but are you just going to call them trolls because they aren't in the support tab like Heimerdinger?
z0leee (EUW)
Support Miss Fortune works against Zyra support. Nasus support works with a certain ADC (Kog'Maw I believe) thanks to Nasus slow. I can't say anything about Jungle Brand but if it works in Diamond then it's possible. Jungle Yasuo can work as well but needs the other laners to have CC otherwise he will struggle. Just because they have one game that goes bad but they were trying then that's a different story.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Do people not read announcements at all? It very clearly states in the news article that it starts on the 12th of december
My thoughts exactly. If it was in a small notice or not there at all then understandable but it's clear if you read the announcement and not glance over it "Snowdown shop? Sweet! Wait... why isn't it up?" because they didn't notice the date.
Smerk (EUW)
: He's getting a buff next patch
Bonus Q damage and MR buff per level... nice... Thought they removed the bonus MR per level before in a past PBE patch because it was "Too strong" on him.
: noob = all below dia.. they all play the same.. more or less? xD
I still see some very questionable stuff in diamond replies like a level 1 Azir auto attacking a turret straight out of the gate. A Brand jungle and a Twisted Fate jungle with Doran's ring... still say below diamond? All of us have bad moments like Faker going into the enemy jungle alone when four enemies moved towards him (Final game).
Rioter Comments
Mark Sama (EUW)
: And now that the BE have such a bad reputation everybody already forgot the old good runes that costed as much as a champ per piece :) that without them you were going to be easily trashed in early game..
Yeah... the old runes were not cheap... 410/820 IP for one single tier 3 rune or 2050 for one Quintessence... 9 max for marks/runes/seals and 3 for Quints add up very quickly.
: Pls Nerf Tanks dmg wise...
Your saying it like all tanks have high damage and defense... uh... last time I checked, Nautilus didn't do much damage if he was full tank. Shen maybe but that's due to his %hp from Q but you do know there are items for both sides which pierce through 35% Physical or 45% Magic defense?
Rioter Comments
Rismosch (EUW)
: Eeeehh, why would you pay for a reward?
Not to mention that even getting the required amount of BE requires a minimum of 4-5 level ups (For mastery 6 to 7) which isn't really ideal. I'd rather have to get say... 5 tokens for level 5 to 6 and 10 tokens for level 6 to 7 instead of the BE price tag.
: lee sin?
Yep. Only because I didn't own him already. I am still missing the majority of 4800 and 6300 champions so it's still a chore and with the RNG on the shard distribution, it doesn't help.
Rioter Comments
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > (Seriously, if you have bad luck, you'll always get 810 BE whereas someone else can get 1260 BE per level up... bit heavily unfair). The odds of that are extremely, **extremely**, low.
4 out of my 5 capsules for me were 810 and 1 of the five was 920, the lowest possible numbers. Not exactly low chance is it?
: that fkin sucks
I agree it sucks but what can you do? Shame that leveling up never gives a set amount of blue essence after 30 (Seriously, if you have bad luck, you'll always get 810 BE whereas someone else can get 1260 BE per level up... bit heavily unfair).
Youpwned (EUW)
: To hell with this snowball meta!
Well, since the rune revamp, early magic resist was gone and no-one was given bonus magic resist to compensate (Or if they were, it was only a select few), so it hurts a lot more and a majority of the new runes effortlessly take someone out.
Maluber (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Chika Hakozaki 0,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AtIIh6I8,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-11-20T19:01:02.249+0000) > > *cough* 40% off *cough* > > But yeah, having the shard is a blessing... if you can get one you don't own yet. Meh, shard is 20% value, if you use you're not getting the BE from it so only 20% off.
True if you disenchant, not true if you keep it for enchanting it (IE: Making it permanent)
Maluber (EUW)
: From level 1-30 you'll get just over 20K BE (20,000 BE for those who don't understand) so you could get 3 champions. https://imgur.com/SWsjH5M But if you get shards for champs you want and use them to turn the shard into a perm champ you'll get 20% off the BE value of the champ so saving even more BE.
*cough* 40% off *cough* But yeah, having the shard is a blessing... if you can get one you don't own yet.
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