: TOO Much Damage in the Game.
I have to agree on the damage front. The changes keep adding more and more damage and true damage meaning tanks start suffering more. I don't play the game as much anymore... that's also considering the changes to runes. The old one would at least let you survive much more than the new system does (*cough* {{champion:119}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:35}} *cough*) but alas, it's just the way the game goes. If you still want your league fix but can't stand matches? Just do bot games, not an ideal solution but at least it's relaxing (for the most part) and not stressful.
DemonRyu (EUW)
If I recall, some bots are not programmed to work well in Beginner bots but do work much better in Intermediate bots. A good example is Nasus. Beginner Nasus afks until Nexus towers are attacked but Intermediate Nasus doesn't do that. Of course, if you are referring to someone leaving on your team then yes, that's intended. What would be a 4 v 5, one of the top two bots will go afk until your afk ally returns and if not, the bot will stay afk until you get to the nexus.
: Which champions are most common among trolls, inters, etc...?
Yasuo without a doubt Nunu and Draven are close seconds Autofilled Supports who complain about being autofilled (Main reason why I go support, to avoid those issues)
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, For the missions that mention "on Summoner's Rift" - ARURF doesn't count. The description doesn't make this clear (feedback provided!), but for now they have to be completed on the "normal" SR modes (Blind, Ranked, Draft)
Matchmade games doesn't restrict co-op vs ai. If it did, it would just say PvP games instead but since it doesn't say that, playing a noxian champion should allow the mission to be completed. I'll need to play a game later on to see if it is fixed or not though.
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Leyruh (EUW)
: What kind of dumb things did you do when you began League?
Oh boy... when I was new, I, for whatever reason, only bought items if they were fully complete. For example, I never bought any components of Trinity Force and simply waited until I got all the gold for it. Those were very awkward games... oh and the usual "Support's don't take CS else you get reported for trolling" issue that I dealt with in a real game after mass spamming bot games when I was new.
Dmitko (EUNE)
: Our Lord has not forsaken me!!!
I got the same skin as well from my shop as well but at 30% so eh.
: Care to explain what? How unknowing you are about missions? Every mission that doesn't specifically say it has to be in a PvP game will complete in a bot game.
You don't read do you? The Malzahar complained about need 3 dragons for a mission. Check the MSI list. The closest is this: 7b) Battle Plan (Matchmade games only.): Get 25 kills and/or assists in PVP games AND **kill 2 Dragons as a team in PVP games** -> Hextech Key Now then, what part about that is hard to understand? I never mentioned Baron missions, I never mentioned x amount of gold missions, just the mission the Malzahar was complaining about.
: Missions DO count in bot games unless the mission specifically says "PvP games only" Also, waiting a minute for drake doesn't hurt anyone + you can't lose a bot game.
No... it doesn't count. There is one dragon requirement but PvP only. Besides, even if it wasn't PvP only, it required 2 which we already had. It was 4 minutes as well before the next one spawned, not 1 minute. Here's the list 1) Take Up the Banner: Win a PVP game (Matchmade games only.) -> 200 Blue Essence, MSI 2018 Team Icon 2) Send Forth Your Champion (Matchmade games only.): Get 20 kills and/or assists in PVP Summoner's Rift OR get 60 kills and/or assists -> 200 Blue Essence 3) To the Victor go the Spoils (Matchmade games only.): Destroy 2 Inhibitors as a Team in PVP games OR collect 40,000 gold -> 200 Blue Essence 4) Baron Power Play (Matchmade games only.): Kill Baron Nashor as a team OR win 3 games -> 500 Blue Essence 5a) Lead the Siege (Matchmade games only.): Destroy 8 towers as a team in PVP games AND deal 3,000 damage to Towers in PVP games -> Hextech Key 5b) Jax of All Trades (Matchmade games only.): Heal 3,000 damage AND deal 30,000 physical damage to enemy Champions AND deal 30,000 magic damage to enemy champions -> Hextech Chest 6) Win the Battle and the War (Matchmade games only.): Win a PVP Summoner's Rift game in under 35 minutes OR win 3 games -> 220 Orange Essence 7a) Go Big or Go Home (Matchmade games only.): Deal 400,000 damage OR collect 60,000 Gold -> Hextech Chest 7b) Battle Plan (Matchmade games only.): Get 25 kills and/or assists in PVP games AND kill 2 Dragons as a team in PVP games -> Hextech Key 8) Make History (Matchmade games only.): Win a PVP game with more than 5 kills and/or assists AND win a PVP game with a Vision score of 20 or higher -> MSI Emote repeatable) Fight for Your Region: (Equip any MSI 2018 Team icon to earn Fandom Battle points for that region) Win a PVP game where you played at least 8 wards OR place a control ward in 2 PVP games -> 50 XP Now... care to explain?
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Mëöwkai (EUNE)
: I'm bleeding from multiple places
Rioter Comments
: > if you get a shard you don't own but want to, that's a level of no BE basically. No, again, not it's not. get your facts straight. If a champ costs 6300, and you get the shard, the upgrading value will be 3780BE now do the math and tell me how much GAIN that is... That's right, it's 2520BE gained that level. Also let's not forget to mention, that getting levels nowadays it's 10 times faster than it was before the new system kicked in. A level at the start of the milestone, is 2500 EXP or so, you get 150-200/game, and a first win bonus of 450, meaning first game won is 600+ guaranteed, and you have to play 10-12 more games for that level, easily achievable in 1 day. Let's also not forget the milestones, that give you 2x the reward, sometimes 2x 6300 shards. You can whine and moan as you wish, but it has been calculated and tested already, new system is much more player friendly and easier to gain things with.
I wasn't complaining. I'm more than happy to get a champion shard I don't own as it is a good discount but what I WAS saying is that it means you get 0 BE for that level in terms of disenchanting. Sure you got the discount but if you only have 300 BE at the time, it means nothing until you slowly grind it up to 3760 BE for the discount. That was what I was referring to.
: Achieving champions is hard( a lot harder)
If I remember, someone did the maths and if you were to disenchant every shard up to level 30, you'd get around 20k BE. Of course, that's not guaranteed and might give different results but yeah... you really need to level up a LOT to get shards to disenchant but if you get a shard you don't own but want to, that's a level of no BE basically.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Just came back up for me.
I see it is back now. Odd why it was down randomly though
Rioter Comments
: Leaving to get a muffin can get you leaver buster, that's all. Or would you like to be permanently banned for being afk when you have to or when disconnecting because of internet problems?
It's still a pathetic excuse honestly... compare getting a muffin to having to leave because a family member was sent to the hospital and you need to see them. Both will be bad regardless for your account but I'm pretty sure one makes more sense than the other. Not to mention this is a streamer and if they get away with intentionally throwing, it will suggest to others to do the same thing and ruin the team's chances.
Rioter Comments
: Many streamers should be banned from this game.
You mean, leaving to go get a muffin while afk auto attacking baron is allowed? Sorry but... I don't think that should be acceptable behavior at all. Now... if that streamer in question had a major problem like needing to find an inhaler or something more serious, then it would be understandable but for a muffin? No thanks. The person doing that and not getting at the very least a warning sets a bad example to everyone who watches them. Old T1 being a good example.
S8 Jungle (EUW)
: This Sivir Bot seems to have preordered the skin
Yep, bots get the skins the very second they are available. Even if they aren't opened to the public yet. I imagine Birdio (Galio), Hextech Alistar and GGMF are obtained on the respective bots. Just a low chance of it happening.
: True damage singed (CONQ). Is this intentional riot?
I don't think anyone thought about it when it was first released. Darius bleed refreshes the Conqueror buff so I imagine it's true for Singed (Especially since he's Melee) so I think it's intentional but seriously problematic.
: LMFAO how is -1lp possible?
Dodging a game for the first time takes away 3 lp and the second time onward is 10lp so in theory, it should be possible to go to -13 lp or more. It should reset after a win.
: Riot trying to rob new players?
If I had 1 rp for every time someone complained about the wrong cost and not seeing it included champions, I could afford all the ultimate skins effortlessly. Please just read the bottom of your shop. If you don't own the champion, it includes the champion for you.
: I got Cosmic xayah Urfkench Iblitz Hyena ww Artic assult swain And statue of karthus And the system doesn’t target just champions you play... seriously it can even choose champions you don’t own. It goes for champions similar to what you play. I don’t ever play blitz... I think I’ve picked him twice since I brought him and one of those times was me messing with a thresh adc... but I’ve played a lot of supports, most of which have a similar play style to him... so it’s recognised I play champions like blitz so included his skins in with the pool of potential offers. So you might not play those champions... but you play champions similar to them... your shop isn’t just about letting you get skins for your mains, most people wouldn’t care as they have the skin they will use and don’t collect... others have all the skins for their main... it’s also about encouraging people to broaden your horizon, you get skins for champions the system thinks you’d enjoy based on your play style so that you’d be tempted to get the skin and play those champions, potentially adding them to your champion pool. As for me... I don’t play xayah much, she is prob there as I’ve been practicing with her so will prob pass, Kench is my main but I honestly don’t like either of his skins so will pass Iblitz is a nice skin but like I’ve said I wouldn’t play him enough Hyena ww is very tempting... might grab it though already have artic hunter Got tyrant swain from Hextech crafting so will pass on artic And statue of karthus is a decent skin, on my go to mid, who I’ve been looking for a skin on, for 70% off... so I’m gonna grab it.
In my situation, it feels like it considering in all past shops, never once gotten a bundle with a champion but regardless, me playing a lot of say, Ekko and Kennen might explain the out of place Kha'zix and possibly Lux. Irelia could explain Vladimir and Poppy but still feels odd to say the least...
Shiwah (EUW)
: > I think the algorithm is broken on the system. No, it's actually made to avoid what you attempted to do: people playing only specific champions often to get targeted discounts.
Right... but you could say the same about maining a champion with you only missing one skin for that champion but the algorithm will be like "Oh? They want this skin and have been playing only this champion? I know, six random champions" is that what you mean? Seems odd why it picks very rarely played and already owned champions...
: well i did unlock Arclicght and Battlecast Velkoz in My shop both being 70% off soooo And yes the deals aren't bad by themselves, but considering that i own Dragontrainer Tris, Shadowfire Kindred, 2 jax skins and isn't interested in any Ekko skin the deals all the sudden become useless.
True true. In my case, I own skins for Taric, Nautilus, Poppy and Lux so an extra one isn't likely. I don't own a skin for Vlad or Kha'zix but I don't play them much, if at all so pointless. Only one tempting is 70% Battle Regalia Poppy for my case even if I own LolliPoppy. Regardless, seems odd that 4 or my 6 are little played champions in contrast to say... unowned Ekko or unowned Kennen in my case but I digress... only time will tell if it's a bug or not.
: Guess it's a "miss" for me this time
Doesn't seem too bad. I don't think it counts a month or two before it arrives though since I spammed a lot of free to play champions but none of them appeared in my shop yet champions I played once or twice appeared... I don't get how the bot works.
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: How I win all of my games
Shame you don't know what your Xerath Support is doing, it only aids the enemy even if they are just as confused. ((Anyone get the reference?))
: Literal Zoe one shot in LCK, numbers and footage dissection + a little discussion involving Zilean
Zoe's Q is extremely fast and very hard to dodge, especially if you are trying to avoid getting out of position by the entire enemy team. Getting one shot like that isn't fun. Compare Zoe's Q to say, Morgana's Q and you see a difference. Morgana's Q does pack a punch but it is far slower. Not to mention that others can say 'Oh but others can one-shot too' in which case... tell me any champion who can one shot as frequently as Zoe can? Veigar and Syndra are close but they both require their ults (Which isn't on a 6 second cooldown) and both have serious risks since they need to be in attack range to unleash it. Whereas Zoe can be a city away and nuke the ADC. Fun right?
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xGunna1 (EUW)
: the problem he doesnt have good wave clear so you can poke the champ and probably kill him but when he push the wave under your tower then you will have problems + champs can dodge your Qs behind minions but zoe at lvl 3 can 1 shot the caster minion wave easily and her Q has aoe dmg if you hide behind minions and hug them will hit you + her insane damage can take half of ur HP bar with 1 Q
I know, I was just joking with Ezreal considering you said the first two letters to his name. Still, her damage is really high even early on and the true damage if Sleep is active only makes it higher.
Blitzz (EUNE)
: Do you know whats more important then getting a pentakill?
Lotny (EUW)
: How is "ggez" still allowed in this game?
Only exception is if Ezreal is in. Otherwise it is disrespectful to the opponents. Imagine if in any major sport or event and the winner(s) says that to their opponents... a lot of hate would be given to them. Yet it never seems to be punished unless they were also very toxic.
Arnoter (EUW)
: Why are we forced to buy "Ruby Sightstone" now, but dont get the -10% Active Item CDR.
I thought Ruby Sightstone was removed along with all the other sightstones with the only way to get the sightstone being from the quest arc.
At the very minimum, make the inhibitor or nexus turrets attack much faster (Like Twisted Treeline, one of the few actual pros of that map) or revert the attacks to lasers to tear through the super minions and tanks who can currently dance under the two nexus towers for the entire time.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: The champion that always win top lane ez
It isn't either but rather it's {{champion:81}} ! In all seriousness though, it varies.
: to make matters worse.. the ones who bought that champs in the last weeks get refunds!
Wait really? Shame I didn't buy any of them recently but still a nice gesture regardless.
Rioter Comments
: i was at gold 3 and i won 6 but i only got silver 3, quit complaining
So... getting a higher rank which I wasn't expecting is complaining? I was saying I was surprised by my rank since I expected lower but got a higher rank instead.
N o (EUW)
: Unsealed spellbook + Smite
You need to start with smite and swap it out so something like Smite/Flash and then into Exhaust/Flash and so on. You can't go Exhaust/Flash into Smite/Flash to get the jungle items.
: how many did you win
Last season: 4 wins to 6 losses. This season: 5 wins to 5 losses. Most losses were the first bunch of games.
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Pyrosen (EUW)
: A lot of people are having issues with the mission. Best thing you can do is just do it again because I don't see any rioter's making official statements about it, though they probably have ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It's not just the second mission but the first one as well for some people.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: It still registered. Showing progress in the missions is a different thing from registering.
If it registered then it would be complete. 1 win is 1 win. If it was 3 wins then yes, I can see that but no, it's one win.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: It just doesn't show the progress but it still registers it.
A mission which requires 1 win means it should be registered when I log back in right? (This is after a win in ARAM). Wrong. It still says 0/1 and it was done on ARAM. In other words, it didn't register.
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