: [BUG REPORT] Sivir Spell Shield vs Soraka Starcall Interaction
People, if you're gonna vote they should fix it, bloody vote up the thread so Riot will see it, jeez.
: Lossed 13 out of 40 games and no LP increase can I please get an explanation
Your MMR (matchmaking rating) is not in accordance with your Division. Example: If you have MMR for Gold 3, and you are Gold 1, you will get low LP for wins, and lose high LP for loses. To change your MMR, you need to consistently win more games than you lose. This doesn't mean win 2 lose 1. This means win 7-10 games lose 1. (approximately, just speaking from experience). A good indicator of a normal MMR is around 25 for both loses and wins. It also doesn't help that you're playing duo with people that are lower elo than you, your friends in Plat 4 and Plat 5 make your mmr drop down slowly. Play with either same elo to you, or higher, do not duo queue with people who have lower rank than you. Btw your MMR is currently around 50-100 below average, if you can get some 5-10 wins without losing, it will normalize, but make sure you play them solo queue.
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: Willis, the monster's nightmare
It has potential, if worked on, it can be quite fun and healthy.
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Will we see a new cinematic soon? It's been 1 year and 1 month since A New Dawn was released.
I'd like to see Elise featured, Evelyn, you know, some of them shadowy figures would be fun to watch.
: I dont understand why I got demoted
Getting promoted gives you a free pass for the first few games, after which, if you lose a game on 0 LP, you will get demoted. Examples. Silver 1 - 0 LP 1 win 1 lose 1 win 1 lose 1 lose 1 lose Will demote you. Silver 1 - 0 LP 1 lose 1 lose 1 lose 1 win 1 lose 1 lose Demoted. You got me?
Nogardz (EUW)
: [Riot please READ and NOTICE] - Season Rewards
Agreed, but Riot doesn't care, there have been a lot of complaints on this topic, and they just ignore it and say "the tribunal is under prolonged maintenance" to dodge the issue. The fact of the matter is, it sucks, and we have to deal with it until Riot takes the time to actually make a working system.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > The chat restriction is analyzed by an automatic system who receives the times you are reported in a certain number of games you played. Wrong, very wrong. You are chat restricted if your behaviour is in violation of the rules. Amounts of reports does not matter if you're not breaking the rules. False reports are ignored.
You obviously have no idea how the system works.
: CHAMPION CONCEPT ----- Ruin, the demon gunslinger.
So you just took Twitch, buffed his ult, made him a her, and added Lee Sin's R to her W.
BKBryan (EUW)
: Am i right or wrong??
If you're a competent split pusher, they will need 2+ people to stop you, in which case your team can get that teamfight they want with at least 2 people missing, so it will be a 4v3 at least, maybe 4v2 and better.
Eeten (EUW)
: If you could delete 1 Champion forever from this Game, which one would it be, and why ?
Lee Sin because I have hated that blind overloaded c^%t since the first days of my League life.
TR Toryum (EUW)
: How can begin the game with %20 crit on yasuo?
From runes bro, there are crit chance runes. He gets x2 from all crit, so he gets 10% on runes, and gets 10% from his passive, 20%.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Is there someone who can help me improve ?
Add me on euw same name as this name, I'll play a few normals with you and tell you what you are doing wrong. Don't be discouraged by my level, it's a smurf.
: Solash's art collection
>not shipping ez with taric
Kekker (EUW)
: Well actually you don't get demoted by playing not, that is only in Plat. and higher. At least that's what I thought :/
everyone gets demoted except bronze
Drakaria (EUNE)
: Safest champion picks
Sdars (EUW)
: Assassins that can deal with tanks
New Fiora. Properly built and played, can kill a 5000 hp nasus in 4 seconds.
Kekker (EUW)
: Armor penentration boots :D
Because armor penetration is extremely valuable and making boots on top of all the items that exist, would literally ruin the entire meta. Hello Talon/Zed mains, how's your permabanned champ?
Kekker (EUW)
: Grace Period
Dude just play. Option 1: Don't play and get demoted 100% Option 2: Play and have chance to win and not get demoted. One you lose 100%, the other not so much.
skyle120 (EUW)
: what rank do you guys think i will be?
if you go the worst possible score of 2/9, you're looking at bronze 3-1, the best possible outcome if 7/3, which might get you high silver.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Honestly, I think they can drop the titles and just give new logos up to 10-15 and then just put numbers/roman numerals/blue spheres to represent higher ranks on the same logo, and so long as the "XP" required scales exponentially people will be occupied by this arbitrary number grinding for years to come.
Years to come? Pff, if I had that many ranks to achieve, I'd already have the max from my playtime so far. :/
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: No, that is not how I want to approach this. Why should I tolerate such behaviour and let those people infect and corrupt others with their negativity? I want things to change!
Well then, write it on a large piece of cardboard, and walk the streets of the world and shout "We want change!". Trust me, it's gonna work. Things will change.
: Toxicity/Negativity in Ranked
Since this is not the only thread with this question, I'll be short. Just deal with it.
: How do you rank up?
I know it's hard to accept, but you're not carrying hard enough. You need to play better man, that's all. NOTE: I am not saying you are bad, or worse than your teammates, I'm just telling you, that playing just a little better than the rest of your elo is not enough. You need to be much better to carry games.
: i can assure you that the elo i was watching this, the poppy wasn't afk like she was in the game you watched ;)
BossB (EUW)
: 9100 chat restricted games after ending my 75 games..
Wow, that trumps my 1600 on one account. Damn son.... I feel like Riot's just not even trying anymore.
: late game yi vs late game poppy you know its hell when you see Yi running like a scared headless chicken
I don't wanna know which layer of elo hell you saw that Yi in, but a late game Yi should instakill Poppy.
: 87RP low from getting Rocket Girl Tristana
There's a way to get RP in every country. Especially in the EU. Don't be cheap, it's 2.5 eu for a 350 RP pack...
imbrus (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Childe Of Arikel,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VVIcgb0M,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-08-08T10:19:50.055+0000) > > Ok, I've got time waiting for a match to start, so lemme explain this. > > 1. 100% crit chance > > That means he has almost 2x the damage output of an ADC > > 2. His Q > > It deals AoE damage, AND it can knock up. > > 3. His E > > Insane mobility and solid damage, even in late game > > 4. R > > His ultimate has a HUGE range to cast, and more than 40% of the champions in the game have something to use it on. > > 5. His Passive shield > > It builds fast, and in late game provides insane survivability, not to mention it auto-fills if you cast ult. 1. Most yas's wont get 100% maybe about 80% or so, also as a trade off he deals reduced crit damage 2. That also places him in the center of the enemy team where he'll get bursted down quickly 3. Yeah, luckily it scales off ap 4. Only 32 (maybe 33 if you count trundles e) champs have a knock up, that's nowhere near 40%
Ok don't believe me then.
: When is Janna a good pick?
Janna is a good pick with a ganking jungler and/or when playing against a poke lane.
: Want to know the most disgusting thing in the game?
NiceSoul (EUW)
: I have an idea for elise skin!
Now, as much as I like this art, I feel that skin would be too close to the Classic one. Sorry mate.
yamakage (EUNE)
: Region transfer question
It's free if the system detects your zone as inappropriate. For example, I can transfer accounts from EUW to EUNE for free, because I'm in the EUNE zone. Just make a new accounts on EUW mate, it's easier. Well, not easier, just cheaper than paying for a server transfer. Or write to support, maybe they'll switch you for free.
scapheap (EUW)
: Fiona's W has a minor(but important) oversight
Turret shots go through everything except RARE cases where it specifically says they don't.
Daveth96 (EUNE)
: Why is Yasuo hyper carry?
Ok, I've got time waiting for a match to start, so lemme explain this. 1. 100% crit chance That means he has almost 2x the damage output of an ADC 2. His Q It deals AoE damage, AND it can knock up. 3. His E Insane mobility and solid damage, even in late game 4. R His ultimate has a HUGE range to cast, and more than 40% of the champions in the game have something to use it on. 5. His Passive shield It builds fast, and in late game provides insane survivability, not to mention it auto-fills if you cast ult.
Fratilop (EUW)
: Can you give me some tips?
Better to check youtube, through text you can't learn much.
Subz0m (EUW)
: Is scaling Magic Resistance really worth it?
Junglers use scaling MR, it's also good on ADC and support if the enemy supp isn't heavy magic dmg.
: Should i buy Braum or Nami?
Braum because most of the time, your adc gets into a lot of shit so being a heavy tank protector helps more than the skill intensive squishy nami.
: Gankplank Bug
Reproduction method? Is it 50 gold per Q, or +50 gold on killing the crab with a Q? More info please.
Enyvz (EUNE)
: Better adc/MF OR CAIT?
Dude just compare their strengths and weaknesses. Or let me do it quickly for you. Range - Cait Attack Speed - MF Spell Damage - MF for AoE, Cait for single target Escapes - Cait Passive - Cait
igbinCro (EUW)
: Sweeping Lense is not working on Shaco's Jack in the Box
I can't bother watching that replay, but do note that. 1. it will not disable a trap before the trap goes in stealth 2. it will not disable an already activated trap Though, I will say that there are a LOOOOT of bugs concerning Shaco, and nobody really bothers with them, so there's that possibility.
3p0 (EUNE)
: Malphite getting CC'ed during Unstoppable Force
I _think_ this is a known bug. But I'll upvote just in case. I think I've known about this for a while now.
Porax (EUW)
: 1. There, video isn't private anymore :) 2. Can u explain why?
sorry, i somehow also made a mistake writing that. I meant to say not in any way ILlegal, you should be 100% ok imo
: Captain Fortune
Stell (EUNE)
: http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/OE8Ttu5r-has-anyone-ever-faced-this-first-world-problem-with-a-solution you may want to read this first world problem i had the other day then
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