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: Had this same problem few times 2 contacted customer support they said was propably issue with my pc. So rito fix ur servers im not only one anymore so it isnt my pc
same thing happen to me again just now, now i have to wait 6 min extra for match making . Just wow, this never happened in the previous patches.
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iLordDoom (EUW)
: Im stuck in ELO hell
ik the feels , even in gold people go afk after 1 death. just amazing to see. i get matched with plat V players who are 100% boosted and have scores worse then Gold V's
: Satan carrying his trash team :3
xD nice sums {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:6}}
: Thats actually weird, you sure you selected the correct one? it seems like it hasnt finished yet. Wait about 5-10 minutes and if it hasnt finished yet run it in safe mode, if you dont know how, just ask here.
my laptop restarted after 10 min . thanks for the tips :))
: FPS Drops fix.
help pls im stuck , i selected the correct driver and ran it on administrator.
: Lets talk skins. Difference Between LEGACY & LIMITED. Mystery chest, Hextech Crafting & Gifting
legacy skins should be limited so my skins value goes up on ebay {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
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Mumblebum (EUW)
: I am cancer and should commit suicide
MadBaron (EUW)
: How to get S ranks playing support 116 wards and still A- , biggest troll of my life by rito
Driaven (EUW)
: 3 , 1 offensive report against other people
atta boi {{champion:17}}
: I have 7, 1 being a moderators mistake tho. BTW, i still have no idea which mod made the mistake. So if that mod sees this. apology accepted
damn that must suck for 1 hour :/
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BlâckLotus (EUNE)
yes the queue time are cancer in silver too
: Play Csgo if you wanna troll the russians.
heard a guy kills troll in Csgo. :'-(
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Umm I don't know if this is a joke or not.
100% legit no scam at all
Arcessam (EUW)
: So because people trolled you, you're going to join their ranks and make life miserable for even more people? You're pathetic.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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: What I hate most about League
I hate this post {{summoner:14}}
: It might be due to to many traps everywhere? Im not sure. Karthus is understandable, but Teemo? I dont know. Would rather have fizz not aviable.
yea , people can easy counter him with {{item:2043}} and {{item:3364}}
Tarolock (EUW)
: karthus is ok since his ultx5 will kill any team, but why teemo? if you can have 5 katas, 5 zeds etc, why not teemo? :D
ikr, teemo isnt that op anyways {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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Joyi (EUW)
: what am i supposed to be looking at
my buttox ofc!
Nakhishia (EUW)
: That's not even much though... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
still alot then most people have! {{item:3070}}
: I thought this was gonna be another of those "Hey look, I got Hextexh Annie! You jelly?", but no. #D I S A P P O I N T I N G
not an annie player but got all dem champs to make 1k blue essence
Dëmacia (EUW)
: I don't understand
i have shat lods of loot
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: You assume that a player is boosted by his buildpath? Are you possibly a challenger smurf to get to such meaningless conclusions??!ONE1
basically his delayed reactions and decision making was also not of high gold level. Obviously!
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: I think the game is telling me to pack my bags and quit.
I had maximum of 15 loss in a row in Season 4. Made me learn not to play while I'm tilted.
: what you forget here is what game you are playing. you are playing a MOBA not a MMORPG. this is also league. one of the easier MOBA's out there. adding these things it would make it complicated and just feel clunky. the game is made to be kinda simple for new players and not get thrown in and overwhelmed by a shitload of side quests to do. after all, the whole idea of a MOBA is to destroy the enemy base. not run around and doing cute sidequests. quests are more for Dota players ;)
Quests aren't meant to take away more time from the game, it is there so the game ends faster. If you get item to delay respawn times it will make it soo easy to end games when done right.
Grips (EUW)
: Sounds stupid, overly exaggerated and wouldn't fit the game.
i know it is too much but adding quests would make the game more fun in my opinion, makes the game more objectives based.
xHkRaIx (EUW)
: I like the ideas, it would be cool if the assassin quest would have dark brother hood type quests where you speak with the night mother and she tells you who too assassinate.
lelel i bet the night mother always pick {{champion:17}} to be assassinated
: If this happens, the boards would be flooded with another wave of cries because of "change"
well change will always be bad at start imo and will get better later. I know there is 99% chance Riot wont implement any of these ideas but if they do, it could be op at start like getting turned into different champion by slaying baron but after a few patches of balancing there will be a better game by the end. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Giøn (EUW)
: Where do i find Eloboost in the boost´s section?
i think u have to buy 30 days exp boost when u turn level 30.
: Rito plz i need just 5 RP - RP art
Damn {{champion:236}} will all thoose kills.
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: League of Legends is getting boring for long term players! And I think I know 1 main reason for it.
I dunno maybe people are just getting their souls back {{summoner:1}} {{summoner:1}} {{summoner:1}}
HangingPT (EUW)
: Whats happening?
u can suck me and have some fun {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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Strigina (EUNE)
: Technicaly, it's Warcraft lore, not WoW lore. And as someone, who is called a "lore freak" by his friends, I can tell you, Warcraft and WoW have amazing and complex lore, far from boring. You get a lot of it from books but also from main quests in locations, dungeons and raids. Too bad some people just want to level fast and don't pay attention to it.
I played a bit of Warcraft 3 frozen throne campaign and enjoyed the Lich king and Illidan lore , other then that in WOW i was just skipping all the wall of text just to level up quicker. :/
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Chill and HF,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=LpTVVEfj,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-05-30T23:03:19.721+0000) > > wow lore is boring as it is as well as the gameplay, movie was something good they did in years How can u even say that wow lore is boring? Its so immense, so vast. There is enough reading material for weeks or months. Even Alliance vs Horde story is amazing due to not being black and white, but showing good and bad in both. Best thing about Warcraft universe is its vast lore.
Im not a wow expert but if u compare wow lore with something like elder scroll which has more quality to it, people will be interested in elder scroll more. Even if Wow has more content. I think only hardcore players know wow lore by hand but casuals can get to experience and enjoy elder scroll lore because it is soo immersive and not a wall of text.
: Well yeah, if they continue to employ the terrible staff they have. End of s4 was perfect balance, when you could actually ban a champion because they were a counterpick and not overpowered. Then they introduce sated devourer and the game went downhill from there.
i just enjoy this imbalance , thats why a scrub like me can get to gold {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I'd rather them balance the game before thinking about making a movie.
that is never possible, new champs and new items always will break the game
Moon4Lord (EUW)
: If it would be Omega Squad Teemo in the movie 11/10 would watch, that skin is part of his lore I think xD
yes teemo his omega squad pwn all
archerno1 (EUNE)
: WoW movie wasnt as awesome as you think. They changed some important aspects of LORE.
wow lore is boring as it is as well as the gameplay, movie was something good they did in years
: I´m just hoping for a lore lol book :) But a movie would be awesome as well {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
yes +something like game skin or item we get from purchasing movie ticket would be nice
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