Zaffron (EUW)
: [Fan Fiction Contest] And The Winners Are...
Congratulations to the winners! This has been such a fun experience! :)
: A suggestion for those who're discouraged by not making the final 16: don't take Riot's writing/forum staff as the ultimate authority on creative writing, grammar, or fantasy fiction. I gather it was a subjective judgement based on fairly narrow criteria in the context of a single fantasy universe (and in fairly stressful circumstances for the amount of content they had to review); not being top 16 doesn't mean your writing is poor, nor are they necessarily the best source of constructive criticism. Case in point: some official League lore isn't particularly well written - or in any case could be improved upon - and the writers' use of English isn't always perfect (there are multiple errors in this announcement post!). _This is in no way intended as a flame towards the staff._ Fanfic competitions are a great idea and take a lot of thankless effort to organise, especially with so many entries and in such a short time period. Just don't feel like Tolkien or R. E. Howard has personally trashed your work if you didn't win. Hell, if any of you want some advice from a random internet person I'd be happy to comment on your entries.
: > [{quoted}](name=Greyer Skies,realm=EUW,application-id=IRLJz88n,discussion-id=xK72R9s0,comment-id=0019,timestamp=2019-03-19T10:02:13.940+0000) > if any of you want some advice from a random internet person I'd be happy tocomment on your entries. I`m always happy for some good critic.
Sprongle (EUW)
: I just read your entry, and jeez - it's so beautifully written! Regardless of the competition or the placements, you should seriously be very proud of it.
It was really good dude! I'm excited to keep an eye out on what you'll write in the future.
XanWing (EUW)
: Also, (in the midst of shock I seem to have forgotten my manners, I apologize,) I would like to thank anyone who took the time to read my story and those who have given me feedback. It was a fun process!
Good Job! Your story was brilliant, well deserved! :)
: Just have to say I absolutely loved your entry! I love the story of Warwick and Soraka and I liked how you painted it as a really dark and emotive piece - it was really well written :) Good luck <3
Thank you so so much! That's really kind! I really enjoyed yours! I loved the characterization of Beatrice. :) Good luck to you too!
Zaffron (EUW)
: [Fan Fiction Contest] Final 16 Announced: Vote Now for the Winner!
Wow! I'm really chuffed and surprised with that. Thank you so much. :) If I won i'd love Lunar Empress Lux! Well done and good luck to everyone, I'm loving reading through everyones entries! GG.
Declined (EUNE)
: Here's an update for you guys, 1st part of the evaluation process has been completed, 49(!!!) made the cut, so we're going for a 2nd elimination round to get it down to a more manageable number. Once we have a list of finalists we're going to present a way for you to leave your vote on the story you'd like to win. Update: Everything is in place for a new thread containing a vote as well as a list of finalists along with some extra information. Update 2: Even if the announcement isn't up today(Monday the 18th) but tomorrow instead, I do have some cool news to share once it's up.
: ***
You're English and grammar is really good! Well done you, I wish I was bi-lingual!
: Never One Contest Entry: The "dark" adventures of Lulu and Pix
I really enjoyed reading this! Well done its brilliant. :) <3
Avhtje (EUW)
: Finally a fan fiction with Soraka in it!
I loved her old lore, I saw this as my chance to link them again!
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