Endellion (EUW)
: So, I had this Yasuo in my last game...
You are speaking to the legend himself! If I get Yasuo. I'm guaranteed to win :3 But sadly he's either banned by my team or my enemy team. {{champion:32}}
sutora3 (EUNE)
: dont use the splash art as a thumbnail or for more than 10 seconds in a video thr blackouts between clips are long and if you want more views you should add failures (except if it like those shitty plays montages by people who dont know how to edit) and if you want add actual edits
Yeh i should do fails actually, I'm working on one Right now. Ty for the feedback :)
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Scornex (EUW)
: Playing a lot right now? Looking for new mates and friends!
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Zorokai (EUW)
: It got disabled permanently on the 7th March - sorry mate
Are you sure about this?? this can't be.. I have been using cashu for league ever since it came out. Can you link me where they said this?
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