: How to beat Heimer as Yasuo?
Use your windwall to block the stun and turret shots is all i can think of Mainly use the tornado to destroy turrets from a safe distance
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Hextech Master Yi next?
Dont give people a reason to play that champ agaim {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: Ok that make sense actually, you right.... But we should find a way to stop this boosting, like for every 10 games there is 20 players are boosted at least.
While i do doubt the numbers, it is unfair that people get to receive rewards they dont have the skill or effort to earn themselves. Finding boosted accounts is hard (especially early in the season when people can end up in the incorrect rank for them) as it requires manually checking a players match history for a pattern of a sudden gain in rank and then a sudden decline. If an automated system was implemented to efficiently find the boosted accounts, (this is the same as the bot detection) then 1:people may be incorrectly banned for boosting And 2:The boosters will find out the criteria for spotting boosted accounts and find a way to work around them(e.g. loosing every 3rd or 4th game) Unfortunately there isnt much we, as players can do against boosted accounts aside from accepting they will ruin the occasional game and reporting them.
: Yup, the elo that people work years to get.
How does paying to be against tougher opponents give you an in-game advantage?
: Well you can check the system, if they use the account in 2 countries so fast, like now Leipzig in germany after 2 min in Russia. Doesnt that show that this account being shared?
Wouldnt that require tracking a player's location? Which would easily be overcome with a VPN
: Pay2win exist, and riot dont want to stop it.
is it really pay to win? by paying money do you gain any in-game benefits?
: once again. fix ranked and remove bad players
If you always get fed early game the you should be able to carry?
LuCilL3 (EUW)
: The 2 key lanes of game make a major difference in the early game, i see what you imply but that doesn't apply to the jungle and mid the same way. An auto filled support can pick a shielding bot and be usefull, an autofill jungler has to know pathing,ganking, vision clearing etc. Trust me it's not the same.
While you do have a point, I can tell when a support is autofilled (im an Adc main) and even when they do go as a protective support there is a big difference. And realistically, the majority of people autofilled to support will play either brand or lux and act as a 2nd mid lane, effectively making the adc useless. For ADC, well you've probably seen all the complaints about botlane loosing the game. Marksmen have just as many mechanics as mid lane, if not more.
LuCilL3 (EUW)
: Remove the autofilled mode on jungle and midlane roles.
An ADC would say to stop putting autofilled supports and the same reversed I guess we just force everyone to play top?
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Connquer (EUW)
: Nasus's healing is beyond a joke
Nasus is very fun to play against as {{champion:67}} :>
Rioter Comments
: Visual bug
Ive had this with {{champion:81}} E and Fizz W
Rekkon (EUNE)
: 9 LP because Riot decided it would be a good time to maintain their servers
: Cant wait for the Cats vs Dogs event
Excited Puppy Cho Gath Q:Tennis balls instead of spikes W:Yapping at enemies E:Spit... R:Well... eats em Imagine a giant puppy charging you down...
: Is this bann worthy?
Unknowndog (EUNE)
: No, it is not, because I'm permanently banned for leaving.
Devrost (EUW)
: Honor who???We all know most of the time if you climb..is because you succed to carry.They are stuck in the same elo. And int your games..Who should i honor lel..
You get more honor from honoring others, then if all people in a team honor someone then the entire team gets even more honor. Just honor the least toxic person? I always find atleast one person with something to honor > Honor who???We all know most of the time if you climb..is because you succed to carry.They are stuck in the same elo< You answered your own question with a completely irrelevent fact?
Sarokh (EUW)
: Explain how I managed to reach silver 3 from Iron 1 in less than 8 hours? Lol{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I1 to S3 is 8 ranks(?) so you ranked up once an hour? even without loosing, 2 games to reach promos (so 50+ Lp each time?) and then 2 games to win promos that mean you win 4 games an hour Queue and champ select is about 5 mins total (with no dodges) so you would have to win each game in under 10 minutes? (I think I got the number right, feel free to correct me if im wrong)
Mártir (EUW)
: It is truly impossible, to climb in Honor
: League is the worst game EVER MADE
Please actually quit then you will hopefully stop spamming the boards
: I just lost 10lp for dodging a ranked game
Its 3 for your first dodge 10 for ones after that Im not sure when it resets back to 3
candys (EUW)
: I like this concept :) Lucian & Thresh Synergy but wait...
Rework: Lucian can now kill an allied thresh, and the player will now become Lucian's wife (forgot name)
: It's Finish tongue. I think it's good bcs he is from North (Freljord) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
While it would be good in lore and concept, in game it could cause some confusion (could work actually with extended info offering a translation)
: Jórdun- living storm
I feel like the ability names should be changed...
: Is altering the config files allowed?
: You are forgeting about collectors that buy all skins
True there are collectors, but they dont make up enough of the playerbase, and even then they will be hesitant to buy 3 skins for a champion they barely even know, and the 2 extra skins (per champion)could be instead used for other champs who already have dedicated mains who would buy more skins (there have been enough people asking for skins for X champion)
: Not sure how more stuff to get gives less profit lol
More skins = More money being spent People still only buy one skin = Same amount of money being gained
: For new champs
Because 3 skins would take alot longer to make, and would give less profit
: New champion idea ( Ezra )
Great idea, but I feel the passive is plain bad... someone first reading it (and then Q for that matter,which is another issue) would assume this is for an adc or jungler (more of an auto attack based {{champion:76}} ) Maybe have the passive giving supplying the drones (in place of mana)? Just a quick idea Also the Q I find would be a bit of a problem: Its either: Dont use abilities much and become an ADC OR Use your abilities and become vitually useless late game without your drones as you wont be able to do much as a melee support with little cc (or damage{{champion:555}} While I am criticizing it quite a bit(sorry) I myself cant think of an alternative... Great idea tho and I could see it working really well if refined a bit more
: Gankplank Sailor skin
: cheap skin for Sylas
I think its a little early for Sylas to get a skin... How about {{champion:427}} or {{champion:516}}
Unknowndog (EUNE)
: So called "lower priority queue" is the worst system ever created
The fact that you find it so annoying proves it's working {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: New queue where you can be toxic
I cant think of anyone who would dodo the other queue... not many people will admit to being toxic. not to mention how much longer the queues would be
: Joining Matchmaking Queues and play competitively against your friend or friends in opposite team.
Its a good idea in concept, but then people could make alt accounts and int in ranked when they are on the enemy team to their main,
Rioter Comments
: should also enable friendly fire :) no more MF ults that magically do not hit your team
So flat out chaos mode? {{champion:17}}
: pls guys pls riot
Im not sure what you expected because 1: you were toxic that game 2: "plz back my account" makes no sense
IkBenG (EUW)
: Tired of waiting for ranked queue because of the client bugs
> [{quoted}](name=IkBenG,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=NE9VNqeU,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-04T10:35:38.526+0000) > > I know you are aware Rito, but this is going on for over a week and seriously, I am at the point of CHAINING x3 30 min waiting queues because of black screen, champions not appearing in the selection screen, 10 second lags when banning/choosing and such. > > It is VERY frustrating not only to lose lp, but have to wait SO MANY times because of something out of your control. I tried reverting to the legacy client, but it doesn't open anymore. > > You were doing great additions and changed to the game Rito, but on this one you %%%%ed up. > > An annoyed ranked bonobo. I get the exact same thing only its been happening for ages. Isnt the new client supposed to be better than the old one? im seriously thinking that rito werent thinking when they made this new client.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: new client what do you think?
: "Items" Tab in the "Collection" Menu
I still have old item sets that i never use. They were from last season and so some items dont work anymore on the champion. It would be good to get rid of them
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House x33 (EUW)
: YOUR computer crashed and you blame Riot ? gg
No. I Know that its not riots fault that my computer crashed but its the /remake system that is annoying me. I got back to the game and i was only 1 level behind. Thats not rly gonna effect the game too much as i can quickly get back up to level 2.But the /remake is making it so that the slightest problems will get you punished
Rioter Comments
: Okay, Poro Mordekaiser is one of the best things I've seen. Secondly, its true. Its kinda why I always go by the saying "The darker the night, the brighter the stars." Its also one of the reasons I fell in love with Braum so much. His play style is something I love and his dialogue is just amazing.
I only play Braum for his dialogue and the feeling when you get a 5 man ult
Mumblebum (EUW)
What about if they call you gay? I find that more and it's the one thing I can't find something funny do reply with as it actually offends me as one of my friends is gay
Mumblebum (EUW)
: Poop. I will never be able to please my ADC then. :( CAN'T SAVE MY ADC FROM HARASS FOREVER. CAN'T EVEN DIE MYSELF. WHY.
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