SilIoH (EUW)
: First one I guess is normal because he lost his target in fog of war and you have to move in the bush (cuz you have no vision) with clone. Second (AND IT IS JUST MY IDEA BECAUSE WHAT IT IS NOW ITS POINTLESS AND CLONE SOMETIMES JUST STAND AND DO NOTHING XD) after your die clone should work like annie tibbers and it should run for a kill to nearest enemy champion / enemy champion that killed you. And the third yes its a movement bug and it should get a fix but be real its rito.
Why can't the clone follow the person to the last known location? Bots follow ppl into brushes too, why should my clone be extra stupid?
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Dagòn (EUNE)
: ***
I don't think smurfs should be forbidden. I often smurf in gold elo to improve on a new role. Where else should I learn it? Noone takes normal games seriously and i can't play ranked either because I would lose a lot of games and my teammates would get mad at me. They don't do that in "smurf games"
iaapvper (EUW)
: 1vs1 me im bronze 3, if u win 1vs1 then maybe ill buy ur services depending on how u win OR lose. being d2 doesnt mean shit because how riot matchmaking works.. u could be worse than iron for all I know
lol there's so much wrong with your post. 1) 1v1s don't mean shit, it only proves you know how to play in a scenario where junglers, wave management, teamfighting, objective control, communication and itemization according to their team are completely excluded 2) being d2 means that on average, he's way, way better at his role or champion than any randomly picked bronze player (smurfs included) 3) Riot's matchmaking is fcking awesome
: I only get frustrated in tft, because I literally never get items or the champions I need
Please try to change mentally. You need to accept that it's useless to be mad at outside factors when playing a game. On average, all these factors will cancel each other out and the only remaining factor is you. So if you don't climb, that's 100% on you. If you "don't get the items you need", so does everyone else. It might only seem like they get "better" items, because they make the best out of their situation and adapt to it. There is no such thing as "bad luck" over a big enough sample size.
Lleajy (EUW)
: If it's flawless then why hide it. What's the logic of sending you stronger opponent if you keep winning in your div. Why do i have to play with silver against golds in a silver div match ? That's basically trying to up on gold match in silver. How isn't that beyond %%%%%%ed. I had like 12 win in a row, game in which I played a role, i was not carried, lucky. Instead of sending worst teammate they should just allow me to raise faster. Which they aren't doing. I was at a point where i won 20 and lose 20 lp on game where 1/4 i have a disconnected and the rest are poor team that i have to tryhard to keep them from falling apart. I don't know, that's not what this game should be about. I feel that I'm more playing against MY team than theirs. I know you can't win all the games, but without trolls and disconnecters/rageqer I would be above 50% winrate and gold already I swear it. SoloQ shouldn't mean solo game. I've played with and against enough gold to say that their level is not different from silvers that play good. Too many people got carried by their diam/plat friends. I don't think I'm that good, I don't see myself plat for example but I just want to reach gold, and stop this game once and for all. That's a goal I fixed to myself.
There are quite a few things wrong with your post though. Elo gain/loss is mmr based. Noone "decides" that you get +20 or -5lp for a game. If the game mmr is higher than your own, you gain more and lose less and vice versa. Therefore, if Riot thinks you deserve to be gold elo (because your mmr says so), it matches you against gold opponents, even while you're silver. That's a good thing, because it means your lp gain/loss will favor you even with a 50% winrate. The second thing is your belief, that trolls/afks/rqers hold you back. In fact, they help you, just do the math. Here are some statistics: For silver, there's an afk in your game in roughly 6% of cases. So that's a 0.6% chance per player (6% / 10). If you never afk, that means the enemy has an afk rate of 3% total while your team is at 2.4% total. Doesn't seem like much, but it means that the afk is in the enemy team in 25% more cases. Even if I made a mistake here with the exact math, the afk is always more likely to be in the enemy team if you dont afk. Better yet, you can increase that margin if you don't actively flame at people so they dont turn into trolls because of you. If you want to get gold, watch LS' coaching videos (time doesnt matter, video could be from 3 years ago, itll still be relevant) and the leaguecraft101 series on YouTube.
Kioshek (EUNE)
: How do you know, I called out a bug?? Did you thaught about the fact, it can be intentional? And again... do you think that if I didn't see, that it really doesn't proc DH I would write about it? I watched it several times in NB that the boxes don't proc DH/comet but his E does. How would 1 game in practice tool make you believe me more, if you already don't believe me, when I said I played several games of other modes?
I verified it myself now, so it's pretty likely a bug. DH works on Teemo Shrooms and Zyra plants, but it doesn't work on Heimer turrets and Shaco boxes. They changed DH pretty recently, so it's pretty safe to say they just forgot to include damage sources that are coded differently. Teemo Shroom also isnt technically Teemo himself, same for Zyra. Testing Heimer, Shaco and Zyra took me 10 minutes combined. All we're saying is that you could have figured it out by yourself to put this in the correct subforum. Also, your language was relatively aggressive as soon as anyone mentioned that. Less rhetorical questions and more calm explaining would make it sound a lot nicer, just saying. Ty for no emotes this time though.
: why do we lose LP after 4v5?
If you prevent LP loss from the losing team, you'd also have to prevent LP gain for the winning team, otherwise you'd be creating LP out of thin air. At the same time, 4 ppl losing LP isn't as bad morally as 5 ppl not winning LP. Also, given that you can choose to not go afk pretty much guaranteed, the afk will be in the enemy team at like 55% chance (if there even is one), meaning the system actually works in your favor as well. Sure, in the moment it sucks, but it all makes sense.
Kioshek (EUNE)
: 1. I tested it??? Hello? Why you thing it would work in practice tool and not in Nexus Blitz? Can you read my god? 2. I never called it a bug... I just asked why it is like that... you really can't read can you? It's in a gameplay section not a bug reports section... {{sticker:sg-lulu}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Seriously dude, you basically called out a bug because if your statement is true, then it would be one. At the same time, you declare your statement as true, because you "played 10 games of Nexus blitz". That's a very small sample size AND there's a low chance you'll have DH off CD and proc DH with a box AND monitor the box at the same time. Furthermore, you don't do anything to prove your statement. Go into a practice tool and try it, it takes like 5 minutes. Instead, you make hasty forum posts with undescriptive titles in possibly the wrong section while spamming emotes and questionmarks at anyone responding.
Lleajy (EUW)
: There's a button to update. Use it. And yes NO SITE gives you an accurate MMR. Because Riot's formula is bullshit and they don't want us to know that. If it works then playing to get the max of point, knowing the formula, from it should lead to better matches. But Riot system doesn't work yes, just the fact they match unranked with silver instead bronze... TBH I'd rather play with silver I & II than the low gold trashes, these people have ego high like mountains and are so bad... %%%%ing boosted noobs.
I might be biased given that I'm plat-diamond depending on my role, but imo, riot's MMR system is almost flawless. Whenever I was stuck somewhere, I knew immediately that my drive to improve was off, often before it was fully off. No idea how good the placement system from preseason is, but I'm sure they'll fix it with s9.
24011967 (EUW)
: So, i've made it from Iron 4 to Silver 4
Merry Christmas from Germany! As for your question: "higher leagues like silver" kind of sounds like an oxymoron even though it's technically higher than bronze and iron. Nonetheless, bronze to low platinum is basically all the same. You don't have to "pick the right champions" or "find the one strategy". All you have to do is learn the game. **Champion pool:** Championwise, it really doesn't matter as long as you avoid some obvious ones (no zed, yasuo, azir, cassiopeia, that's basically it). Pick a champion that you enjoy. If that's Annie, good for you you can skip mechanics all together. **Mechanics:** Mechanics can't really be "learned", but luckily they aren't important anyway. **Game knowledge:** This is basically the only thing that matters, and there's lots you can do about it. Here's a list: * Improve map awareness (search YouTube for map awareness excercise and set it to 0.5 at the beginning, then weekly +0.25 speed until it's at 2. Do that for a 20+ days and it should become a habit). The goal is just to get information, you'll learn what to do with it later, don't worry. * Watch Dong Huap's video on wave management. It's from season 4 or smth but more relevant than ever. Watch this until you **really** understood it and know what you can do with it. * Watch these two of LS' videos: * [vocal lesson A]( * [vocal lesson B]( * Watch LS' coaching videos. Pick according to elo and role, champ doesn't matter. If you're silver, I'd suggest gold to platinum. You can also watch a challenger session for motivation to see what's possible. Here's a Nasus one for Gold: [Link]( * Watch the leaguecraft101 series and try to understand all of the concepts. Watch all of it at once and then go through and rewatch + practice each one for a week * Find some d1+ mains on KR server via leaderboards for your champions. Whenever you lose a matchup find a replay with the same matchup and look at the following: Movement within lane, ward spots, warding times vs the enemy jungler, trade execution, does he trade at all, lane position at all times, when does he push, what is he doing in the mid game, item choices etc. You can blindly mirror most of it, even if you don't understand it. Even things that aren't so obvious at first. Example: You can let the enemy hit you once within the wave without trading back to make it push towards you with the help of minion aggro. **Mentally:** Yes, there's more! However, this isn't about not flaming and being a %%%%, that should be a given (hopefully). This is about learning how to improve. The most important thing is the following: **IGNORE YOUR ELO** Seriously, I can't stress this enough. Improve first, elo comes automatically. If you chase wins, you won't improve. Therefore, chase improvement at all costs. Don't play normals to learn concepts, use ranked for that. Go feed your ass off to see what a champion is capable of. Sure, some random scrubs will report you because they're mad, but like, what's going to happen? You drop to bronze 4? So what? Again, it's all the same. Oh and don't even worry about getting banned for inting. As long as you don't actually int, you'll have a really hard time getting banned for that. Then again, what's going to happen.. **Tools:** Here's a template that I made to improve. I know, filling it out will be a hassle, but whenever I used, I climbed a whole league within a month or so (plat to diamond with Irelia pre rework, this season with the same with Shaco). [Template]( Would be cool if you could set yourself a reminder with this thread to let everyone know how you're doing (in a month or so and another one in two months). Good luck!
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=CiriousJoker,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=bx9zpYzH,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-17T14:32:08.763+0000) > > Of course, Asia is a completely different kind of beast with the massive internet cafe culture, but they could implement it on EUW to see how it goes. > > All I'm suggesting is lowering the barrier to getting banned if you use the same PC as a person who's constantly getting banned. However, since only valid reports get you banned, for the average nice player, it doesn't make much of a difference how low the punish-barrier is Well, then it's discrimination and special treatment, SJW will demolish riot's HQ.
How could I forget about those guys...
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=CiriousJoker,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=bx9zpYzH,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-17T12:23:46.866+0000) > > From a technical standpoint it's quite easy and if they put it in their privacy policy, it shouldn't be a legal problem as well and Microsoft doesn't have to be involved at all. > > I imagine bypassing smth like this pretty hard. Given that so much relies on the hardware configuration, you can't just change the hardware names within windows without any side effects. Then again, I'm sure they will find a way eventually, but until then, I think my "solution" mentioned above should be somewhat ok Technical standpoint yes. But it would create more problems than solving. Remember league isn't an unknown game played by a couple of hundreds, it is played by millions, and there are dedicated internet cafe's in Asia. Your suggetion will end up with a great ammount of players being unable to play, business loss etc. I don't think anything can be done honestly, unless riot wants to establish some kind of dictatorship.
Of course, Asia is a completely different kind of beast with the massive internet cafe culture, but they could implement it on EUW to see how it goes. All I'm suggesting is lowering the barrier to getting banned if you use the same PC as a person who's constantly getting banned. However, since only valid reports get you banned, for the average nice player, it doesn't make much of a difference how low the punish-barrier is
Sarokh (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CiriousJoker,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=bx9zpYzH,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-17T03:20:38.549+0000) > > Afaik, there are permabans, but Humpelstilzche said, that it's incredibly difficult to actually implement them, because ip bans don't work properly. > > So, why don't you generate a token based on the user's hardware configuration (like the windows licensing system). > > I'm sure you guys @riot have thought about it, but I don't think it's implemented. > > Why is that? I guess this is why: they would need to work with Microsoft to do that. And then, the company needs to talk about this with all the possible countries (about copyright, rights, laws etc) Too much work needs to be done I guess? OR: players will get smarter at computer stuff and they will find other ways to pass the block. This, we all do not want to happen ??
From a technical standpoint it's quite easy and if they put it in their privacy policy, it shouldn't be a legal problem as well and Microsoft doesn't have to be involved at all. I imagine bypassing smth like this pretty hard. Given that so much relies on the hardware configuration, you can't just change the hardware names within windows without any side effects. Then again, I'm sure they will find a way eventually, but until then, I think my "solution" mentioned above should be somewhat ok
Hansiman (EUW)
: Sorta the same reasoning as with IP bans: You'll ban a lot of innocent players. Not everyone has their own computer that they play from. Think of siblings that share a common computer, internet cafés, etc. So if one player gets hardware banned on that computer, everyone else using that computer should be banned as well?
True, I forgot about siblings... Dang it. However, what if they made it easier for siblings to get banned? Like, the computer gets a soft ban (with 3 levels or so) and whenever they get reported, depending on the level, punishing steps are skipped. Permabans should still be just as hard to reach, but stuff like 14 day ban should be easier. I only got banned once for 14 days because I played at night as a kid and had to shut off my PC immediately as soon as someone woke up, so I imagine it's quite hard for the average player to get banned. Also, siblings could talk about the issue to not piss each other off. Internet Cafe's could make some notices for players so they don't flame there. Also, Cafe's could register at riot games to have a constant level of 0 so it doesn't affect them. I don't know how big the internet cafe culture is in Europe, but in Germany, I think it's quite small anyway.
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Moonspired (EUNE)
: I'm a newbie in a 9-year-old game.
Watch LeagueCraft 101 on YouTube and Dong Huap's video on wave management. Also, SkillCapped has some good free videos. Skillcapped itself is (in my opinion) worth it, so if you have a spare 18€ for the 6 month deal, that'll help you a lot. They also have a free trial and the 6 month deal can be cancelled anytime & refunded for no reason afaik. LS on YouTube has some good coaching videos from a while ago. The new coaching lessons are mostly high elo, so for you, I guess the bronze - gold coaching sessions will help you the most. They're a little old sometimes (1-2 years), but they're still as relevant as ever. There are also free coaches on Also, many people always complain about the game. Please just ignore them. Sure, *some* things have gotten worse, but there's a LOT of stuff that people just "forget" about when talking about the good ol' days. (Permainvis evelynn with Sunfire, Stacking black cleavers, supports being ward bots because there were no trinkets, NONE of the 1000 quality of life changes, no runes but masteries which sucked in comparison and so on). This game has gotten better, that's a fact. People might just not like it anyway, because it also changed.
: Thinking of uninstall
I have no idea how good the normal MMR system is, but the ranked MMR system is almost flawless in my opinion. Honestly, the system detects a drop in play quality often before me and is almost always an exact representation of how good I am (the 5th division excluded). However, I'm Dia V to III, so I might be biased
HH Robin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
CifiousJoker Hey, I'd be really happy about the Cosmic Reaver Kassadin (1350). That's the only one, if I win, just pick another winner as well
: agreed, but well, With fundamentals I meant stuff like having consistently good cs, knowing what items to buy and when, consistently looking at your map, warding frequently, knowing your powerspikes and damage outputs etc.
Sure, but anything below 10cs/min (esp. in the later stages) isn't good, it might just be good in comparison to the other players. Same goes for the other things. If you're gold you might think there is not much that challenger players do differently, but in reality, it's as if you were blind. I still feel like this even if I'm diamond.
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The Cow (EUW)
: New player looking for other new players to learn and play with
Honestly, if you want to improve asap, you shouldn't play bot games or even normal games. Just run straight into ranked and you'll feed your ass off for a bunch of games until you're bronze v. At that point, you're as low as it can get, but at least people are trying. If you're not 30 yet, normals will do, too. You gain nothing by winning against bots (no matter the difficulty) compared to losing against actual humans trying to win. Just '/mute all' at the start of each game and you can focus on your game play. Also, disable all chat in the interface settings, it's just distracting. If you're playing midlane (lux I noticed), you should watch korean challengers do it. There's a korean lux main I think (the only one though, the champ is trash in high elo). EUW or korean masters will do to. NA is pretty bad in comparison, so if you have the chance, avoid them. Just play a normal game and record your gameplay with the free "Open Broadcaster Studio" (it's pretty easy, setup will take like 10 minutes). Then find any korean game with the same matchup in midlane and watch the replays side by side. **Go over this checklist:** * Does he push the lane into this matchup? Yes? I'll do the same (reason doesn't matter for now). * When does he go for trades (usually, when the enemy is trying to lasthit)? * When does he go back (usually, when there's a cannon wave arriving so he doesn't lose many minions or after he killed his opponent or after he shoved a really big wave into his turret)? * Where does he ward? **Additionally, here are things to check out:** * Dong Huap's video on wave management * The leaguecraft 101 series on YouTube
: Pretty much everyone playing this game sucks. Except for the master tier+ elite, none of us really know what we're doing. And if we're being honest, most of us will never go beyond that point, because we don't have either the talent, the time or the discipline to really compete with the best. So don't be depressed if you feel like you're not playing great. As long as you enjoy the game itself it doesn't really matter how good you are at it. Which is also why I wouldn't play support if you don't actually enjoy it. Just play the other roles, find a champ you're comfortable with and spam them, and eventually you'll improve. Be patient with yourself, set incremental goals and play the game for the fun of it.
Same. Noone below at least D3 has any clue about what's going on. If you want to improve, pick a simple champion (Annie, Garen, Amumu, Warwick etc. come to mind). This lets you focus on the fundamentals instead of mechanical outplays. Additionally, playing something like Garen FORCES you to make good decisions, because there's no way you're gonna "outplay your way out of a bad situation". For the fundamentals, watch the Leaguecraft 101 series on YouTube. For minion control, watch Dong Huap's video on wave management. Then watch LS' coaching videos to see these fundamentals in action. Also, try to really avoid NA streamers. Their mentality is most often trash if you want to improve and streamers in general don't really explain what they're doing.
: Well, I wouldn't say you are bad seeing you only played 1-2 months. Because honestly, 1-2 months is probably not even enough to get a good grasp of the basics, not to mention more advanced mechanics or deeper game knowledge. Just play more, and learn more about the game and you'll eventually become better. If you become able to play ranked, you can play it if you want to see where you are standing. If you rank in Bronze or Silver, it's not terrible, it just means you still haven't mastered the basics of the game enough. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Beware though, it doesn't mean that you've "mastered the basics" once you're in Gold. It just means you know for example what champions _do_, but not how they _work_. Also, the fundamentals are far more than what you'll ever need to get by in Gold. Hell, I've made it to diamond III and I still have no clue about the fundamentals compared to say a master player. And it's not that much better than Platinum either. I just know how to play my champ in a way that wins me games against the people I play. So as soon as my enemies change, I have to change my strategy, which is pretty bad.
Arkadaos (EUNE)
: Thanks for your opinion. I think my wave management its good but i sometikes lose farm because i want to deal more damage to the enemy. I sometimes overextend and i get camped (im getting camped in 70% of my games but i think its just a coincidance) also after i kill someone i dont really know what to do so i push or is back, sometimes i help other lanes if im not too low.
Noone has an ok wave management below at least d3. For wave management in midlane, watch Dopa, for wave management on toplane, again, LS.
Arkadaos (EUNE)
: I stopped playing him a long time ago and even if I'm better at lol now I don't want to play him, in g3 I stopped because the enemies kept counterpicking and I couldn't do anything. My win rate was big about 73% but it started dropping.
There's a Garen onetrick in korean master. There's no way you "couldn't do anything because of counterpicks" in gold on eune. Anyway, if you want to improve, watch any of LS' coaching sessions on YouTube.
Kéemstar (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kéemstar,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=JAgEkk3Z,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-11-11T20:44:16.559+0000) > > I'll add you, I can take a game or two... Sorry man, im on EUNE
oh ok, then sorry. You're quite late with your attempt to make it to gold, but you can do it. **Here's the quickest route I found to climbing:** - Watch the LeagueCraft101 series on YouTube - Watch DongHuap's video on wave management (old, but still more relevant than ever) - Start a minimap sound video - Create a spreadsheet. Here's my template for that: [Template]( - Play a game - Fill in the template - Repeat while trying not to make the same mistake twice **Some Quicktips:** - Do not ever try to help your teammates if they are acting stupid. **JUST DON'T.** - Don't group mindlessly. In Gold, noone pays attention to pretty much anything, just keep splitpushing until your team outscales them in teamfights. If you just group for no reason, all of you share exp and don't get ahead. - Buy pink wards, lots of them, no matter the role - Ping **everything** (go ward here, be careful there, teamfight here, ward's there, lets baron/dragon + reason why and so on) **Good luck!**
Kéemstar (EUNE)
: How do i get from silver to gold... im really desperate
Yo, I could play duoq with you for a bunch of games if you want. Maybe two games today and another 2 tomorrow or so. Just add me, I'm online in the app atm.
: Yet here you are. This isn't the first post of mine that you have come to with your little attitude to try to play the wise guy. May I inquire as to why you bothered answering me if you already know I get "aggressive", as you call it? I personally view it as defending my viewpoint, with logic and sense. Yes, to me, it is not logical or reasonable that an adult will take time out of their day to coach others for free on a game. You can call me uncivil all you want, but no amount of ad hominem on your part is going to make my points illogical.
tbh, you did talk quite aggressively. I cant pinpoint exactly which line or anything, but the overall tone was relatively aggressive. Anyway, why is it a problem, if I ask others for help if I want to climb? Getting advice always speeds up the learning curve. Imo, I would be stupid not to take an offer to get coached for free. What do you gain by figuring out everything for yourself? Even if you get coached, you don't just magically skip your way to challenger, so its not like you're "giving up the learning journey" either. Also, you're assuming that all of these players offering coaching are adults without any spare time, which is simply not true. Furthermore, why can't you offer to coach people for free in order to get experience? Coaching is by far not as easy as just "hey you, hit me with questions", so if they plan on charging money for the coaching down the road, they better get experience fast. GEBBA made the point of comparing it to "normal" sports and I think thats a good point. There are so many volunteering football or tabletennis trainers, why shouldn't there be people for LoL, too, especially since this is the internet without any physical boundaries? Btw., if you're level 19, you're not quite in the position to shittalk these "random d5 players", as every single one of them (excluding boosted ones) have way more understanding of the game than you do. That is, unless this is a smurf account because your main account was banned (which wouldn't be surprising either, given your general attitude)
: Any tips for climbing
Play games until you're stuck for 50 games in a row and ask again. Right now it seems to be working for you.
: Bronze Smurf Looking to have fun!
So, you're basically promoting a (potentially) free boosting service? Not sure if that's in line with the TOS ;)
broelie (EUW)
: looking for someone who can help me get better
Check this out: [Adopt A Newbie]( They also have coachings (paid and free), but for your purposes, adopt a newbie should be perfect (not sure how well it works though, haven't tried it yet). Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the site in any way other than taking coaching occasionally.
Rookiesuo (EUW)
: How can i find my main ?
1. Play Shaco 2. Realize you're born to onetrick this champion 3. ??? 4. Profit!
: Bronze !!!!!!!!!!
Objectives > vision > cs > kills. Vision doesn't have to be wards alone. Vision can also be "oh, that Xin just ganked toplane, he wont be bot for a minute or two. If you do that alone, you're pretty much guaranteed to get to at least gold if not higher (assuming you suck at everything else). Aside from that, forget about supporting in bronze-gold, its harder to carry and painful to watch an incompetent adc.
: League feels the best its ever been at the minute?
: ***
I know that site, but I'm not looking for a coach, I'm looking for a player in my elo range that I can climb together with. I will, however, ask the lower elo coaches for something like that, maybe someone is interested :)
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: Game keeps crashing at 82% loading screen
This sometimes happen (or at least happened) when using custom skins and the skin was broken. Not sure if that's still a problem though especially after riot banned custom skins
Rioter Comments
: you can my profile if you want me as a support i have thresh, janna, braum, alistar, soraka and sona mastery level 7 and more as level 6 but the problem i am bronze :( because the support can't carry shit
He can carry, but in Bronze it's insanely hard and painful
: No one as long as you play like a low elo player. Everyone if you know how to play them. The elo boosting champion has nothing to do with climbing.Elo boosters are playing champions who can snowball hard but if they fail they are useless.They try to avoid teamfghts/long games because their goal is to win fast and not just to win (it's a lose for them if they win a game in 60 mins ). A low elo player will fail both.He will lose early sometimes and even if he has a huge lead at his lane like 5/0 he will throw at mid game because he will keep going for kills and not for towers(or objectives ).
> [{quoted}](name=Achates NamiXxX,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=j4u0VpmG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-09T03:45:45.884+0000) > ... even if he has a huge lead at his lane like 5/0 he will throw at mid game because he will keep going for kills and not for towers(or objectives ). That right there just opened my eyes as this was probably the reason why I was stuck in Plat II last season and paused the game for a year .. thx!
Loonstaa (EUW)
: How can I even learn the game?
Honestly, I would be grateful if I constantly played with and against Diamond players. Of course I would also get trashed a few times as I'm just Gold I atm, but that would get me back to Plat II and possibly Diamond in no time!
CLG Arrow (EUNE)
: Looking for a partner
it depends on what your goal is. If your goal is to be in the top 10% of the ranked players as fast as possible, I can surely help you with that. However, I will not waste my time if you just want someone to talk to while playing the game. In short, If you're dedicated to becoming a great player, just add me once you reached level 30 (or add me now and I'll add a note to your name so I don't forget you). Until then, you're better off trying to figure out things for yourself and to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. If you have any specific questions, I will answer them as soon as possible, just write me a message and I'll answer as soon as I read it. IGN: Fr0st Sh4dow Currently Platinum III / II (changes on a daily basis)
: Idea for a new RANKED placement system
The ranked system is insanely accurate. I am platinum II currently and I deserve to be exactly there. My lane knowledge is pretty good, but my decision making later into the game isn't yet at a diamond level. This also applies to silver, bronze, and every other elo. Of course, after 10 games you aren't placed exactly where you belong to, but the game isn't all about farming, it's knowing when to trade, when to roam, all WHILE farming. So if you just set a timer and tell the bronze player to get as many as possible because this affects his ranking, of course, he'll really try hard in these two games. Let's say he accomplishes to farm like the average diamond player at 10 minutes. Does this make him any better? No, it doesn't, because the diamond player also has to worry about not getting harassed for every cs and bullied out of the lane. Also, if the bronze player fcks up in both of these farming games and he just has to spam that play again button until he makes it, what's the point of having a challenge in the first place? Having an easy challenge with infinite trials is just a matter of time until everyone completes it. Having a player play every role in one game in the placement matches is also kind of weird. I made a smurf account for learning adc only and it is currently at Gold II. Notice the difference between my main account (top/supp main) and my smurf account is one whole division and that's not because I get bad teammates or anything. My skills as an adc simply aren't yet good enough for platinum. Let's say there's Bob. Bob mains adc at gold II elo, support at gold III, top at silver III, jungle at bronze (because he never played a single game in the jungle in his ranked career) and midlane at gold v. Now if this player were to complete these ten games on a fresh account, I'd probably go something like this. Game 1: win Game 2: win Game 3: loss Game 4: pass Game 5: pass Game 6 (jungle): loss Game 7 (top): loss Game 8 (mid): win Game 9 (adc): win Game 10 (support): loss Win/loss: 4/8 (the two farming tests don't count because every retard could get them after trying a million times) In the current system, he'd probably go 7/10 because he could just spam adc and support. In the current system, you can estimate he's around gold III elo while in your new system, you couldn't guess anything because you're trying to evaluate a player's overall skill by crunching different elos for each role manually instead of letting the player choose what role he's best at.
: My 3 suggestions!
#1: This shouldn't be a ban because you already get a loss and you just wasted 10 minutes of your teammates lifetime. Especially when the PC crashes, you could run into real trouble and get banned for 5 hours just because of Microsoft would be unfair. #2: The number of wins doesn't say ANYTHING about player skill. I could have 300 wins in the normal queue and still be platinum just because I spam ranked queue and never play normals. This would basically have no positive effect but instead, it would increase the queue time by A LOT. Like seriously, you can add like 5 minutes in every queue above Platinum. The ranked system is insanely well balanced and everyone deserves to be in the elo bracket he's currently in. I'm Platinum II and I'm Plat II because my decision making is not yet diamond. period. Why should riot rely on a useless number of wins to tell if someone should be matched with another one? This would especially be a problem for smurfers. If I smurf on a silver v account, I'll probably have like let's say 50 ranked wins because I simply don't play much on my smurf. Now I would get matched against newcomers and every game would be a total stomp just because I play against people who also didn't win much. The difference is, that they don't win because they aren't good enough. I just don't win because I don't play. #3 Riot does listen to player feedback, but they can't just release hexakill because some ppl want it. If you'd ask people if they want URF, probably 90% of the players would say yes. If you give them URF, at day 1, 90% would play URF. Day 2, only 50% are still playing it. Day 3 ... ... You see, people only play a "special" queue as long as its special. If URF was available 24/7, no one would play it simply because it becomes boring after a while. Also, a new meta would evolve and you can't just play URF to have fun but to win. But because URF is so imbalanced, you'd see Shaco etc. in every game and it wouldn't be fun anymore. This "meta building" has already happened and having a queue available for longer only amplify that effect. ___ In short, i don't think, you thought your suggestions through, sorry to say that.
: which 4800 jungler and/or toplaner is the best right now?
One top lane: Irelia Seriously, she's really strong right now
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