: Borders are part of your ranked award, so you will get them now during preseason already.
okay thank you very much for the reply enjoy your day !
Eambo (EUW)
: [COMPLETE] Ranked Rewards are distributing!
hi i have a question are the borders rolling out in preseason as well or are they for season 8?
: Older players berating newer players
ChrisKayMan (EUNE)
: Victorious Graves Skin arrival
it takes up to a month for the rewards to arrive onto your account, as you gotten gold v in 3v3, you will get graves (if you dont own him) and a 3v3 chroma for graves.
: Is it just me or am I the only one where I can't select anything when I enter draft?
noisiVehT (EUW)
: Client is laggy af
i just had super lag in champ select couldnt pick or ban a champion
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: Had the same problem. I noticed after a couple of restarts that if you go on the loot page first time after you login, the page is not loaded and you're supposed to get the error message. If you're not patient to wait for the message and go on another page(store/profile and so on) before getting the error then you won't be able to use anything in the loot system. So until they find the issue you can just go to loot and wait for the error message and check if it's working like this. For me it did.
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: I've taken a look at your SoloQ match history, and yeah, you seem to have a lot of silver players on both sides in your games. Some were even S3. I don't know if that's enough of a MMR mismatch to warrant a tier demotion, though. However, if you don't play, you'll stay at G5 0LP. Are you okay with that? As for flex, you can play the best you can and hope for the best. A lot of players aren't taking it as serious as soloq, so you might get some leeway there.
Yeah Gold V is pretty much all I wanted as I wanna have a gold border/rewards. My current play because I am a pretty unlucky in solo duo and don't want to risk demoting so I am trying to get Gold in flex,then carry on in flex,but its pretty hard at the moment {{item:3070}}
: Try soloQ or get yourself two other players to play flex with you. Flex is not on equal footing with Soloq, as most people play Solo, and jump into Flex when they have more that one friend they'd like to hang out with. This makes Flex much more casual, and also very unbalanced. You might end up being Silver in Flex, but have a B3 (SoloQ) on your team, or a G1 (Solo) on the enemy team. Or vice versa. Because the queue has a separate MMR from Soloq, and it's player base is so infrequent, games in Flex can often feel like lottery.
Yes i get what you are trying to telling me however in Solo Duo I am about 1 loss from demotion to Silver from Gold, so therefore I am focusing more on flex as of now. But other than playing with friends are there any other tips to rank up in flex or is just pure luck as you said?
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Wex0r (EUW)
: first thing i noticed is you have 1 build the order changes but you dont change the build to meet the requirements of game. Such as if there are tanks or tanky fighters you need atleest 1 armour pen or lethality item otherwise ur dmg is gonna be nulified. Also your magic res go to item isnt the best you should try {{item:3156}} its the best in terms of adc magic res. a second item {{item:3814}} and has lethality. gl dude you should also check out some guides on youtube and mombafire can really help with the champion specific stuff like runes and masteries.
Hmm ok thats interesting never really thought of buying anything different, ill try to change my build accordingly to counter ap or cc as you said. I also started watching some videos on youtube as well as you said. Thanks for the reply ^^.
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: Looking to join a ranked team
also interested,add me if u want
CizzCool (EUW)
: Which champion will fit my playstyle?
Thanks for all the replies,bought {{champion:420}} and currently loving her.
Doomley (EUW)
: well if it's one of those 3, illaoi is the closest one to your play style. Rumble isn't that tanky and riven even less so. All of them are pretty bad options for the current meta tho. I would suggest jax, irelia, fiora, garen, yorick or poppy.
I have pretty much all of those champs that you listed,just looking for new ones to play which I dont currently own ^^. Ty for reply.
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