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: LF players to create a TEAM!
added some people, looking for more players who want to join!
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temp1st (EUW)
: Team for silver, bronze , gold players
Age: 18 Do you have skype: Yes Can you shout call?: No (What is this?) do you have any experience playing as a team five members?: Yes Strenghts: Teamfights, Snowballing Weakness: Laning in early game What do you bring to the team?: A top laner who plays a lot of champions who can win teamfights. Lane: Toplane {{champion:39}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:76}} Rank this season: Gold V
Bloodie14 (EUW)
: Recruiting for ranked team.
Hello, I am pretty sure that my 2 friends and I want to play in a ranked team. We have already a good synergy together and I think that will help! Fire mine: Name: golfboy Age: 18 Main Role: Actually everywhere but pref Mid the most Champion pool for ur role:{{champion:76}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:238}} Skype/Teamspeak: Only Skype My first friend (actually my brother): Name: prosnow3 Age: 16 Main Role: everywhere Champion pool for ur role: Don't really know this one.. Because he plays every lane. Skype/Teamspeak: Only Skype My second friend Name: Snowwolf007 Age: 17 Main Role: Top Champion pool for ur role: {{champion:62}} {{champion:75}} Skype/Teamspeak: Only skype
: Gold IV Jungler, In Search for a serious ranked team!
I saw that you were making a team... So Role: mid or sup Champions: Mid - Nidalee, Zed, Ahri, Yasuo and Syndra Sup - Thresh, Nami, Annie and Janna From: Netherlands, can speak eglish Age: 18 Division: Gold V
Arkable (EUW)
: LF jungler mid and top laner/ silver/gold for ranked team
Summoners Name: Golfboy Age: 18 Role/Position: Mid Division: Gold V
: Daydream Insomnia (Gold +) Looking for members!
Role: Mid / Support Rank: Gold V Age: 18 Language: English and Dutch Motivation: Want to play in a team so we can all make progress. Time you can play: everyday from 7 to 10 PM (Saturday will be 3 to 10 PM and Sunday the whole day)

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