: **First of all, don't play Vayne unless you get to plat. ** Low elo Vayne is trash because players lacks mechanics and base understanding of that champion and the game itself. I know, those gossu montages on YouTube looks awesome and you wanna be as cool kid as him.. but let's be real. You're low elo, stick to that boring Caitlyn, Ashe, Jinx or MF. Or Twitch, for all I care. Just skip Vayne :-)))) **Maybe you are tired** Happens to me from time to time. All is well and dandy and then BOOM - all loses, I play like %%%%%%ed potatoe, lose early game, tilt myself because I know I can play better that this sht... then do more silly mistakes and throw a game.... everythign I do I either fck up or do so badly it kills me or my team. As if I was on drugs or had an autism... usually it means I should take a break from League, play some other games and then slowly come back to it. **Too many ADCs** You play way too many ADCs. Stick to 2 of them and learn to play those 2 well. **CSing issues** As long as you are not on Lucian, you get down on CS rate by 20+ CS per 10 min. I guess you last hit well with Lucian only because of his double tap passive. That means you should practice CSing, I am sure you know the drill (now you can do it in practice tool with locked leveling) so start hitting the virtual muscle memory gym and learn to CS with that other ADC you will be playing. Can't hurt. **Too many deaths** You die a lot. With ADC that means you position wrong. Always stay BEHIND your team mates. Doesn't matter if they are tank or squishy mage/assassin always stand BEHIND them. Use them as a meat shields and damage soaking sponges. Only engage on the closest target of opportunity that you can hit without them retaliating. Usually its enemy's frontline. Fck those who say "gg ez idiot adc focusing tank" they know jack about ADC so their input is invalid. Like their skill *badum tsss*. So stay behind your team, let them eat the damage, safely shoot whoever you can (_ofc if enemy is %%%%%%ed and their squishy stands right next to their tank, you focus the squishy. But if they position correctly as well, you focus tank_). **Mindset** Realize you are not in the game to do flashy plays. Leave that to pro scene. You are here to win those LPs. Rather than focusing on "outplaying"L the enemy and "flashy plays for my Plays.tv montage", think about SURVIVING. ADC is supposed to do DPS = Damage Per** Second**. Now how much damage per second you deal when dead? Yep, 0. None. Nada. So fck flashy outplays, stay the hell away from assassins and enemy engagers, let them waste their abilities on someone else, then get in and mop up that clown fiesta. Another reason why to survive is, that you have constant damage. Not burst like assassin or mage. That means your role is not to get the kills, but to take down objectives. You are the best suited person on your team to get down towers, dragons and barons. So do your job, survive and then take them down. Also that is the reason why you have to learn to CS well. because you will not get the kills. Not in the soloQ where ever low elo dumbo is chasing "the best KDA evar". Be grateful for lucky kills, say THANK YOU if yourr team mate lets you get the kill, but never expect to get it. Farm and assists are your main source of income, so do that. Unless you have good support who serves you kills on bot lane early, but gl with that in low elo :-D Its hard to tell you what is wrong without seeing some examples. But I hope these tips helps ;-) GLHF {{champion:119}}
You opened my mistakes like a book man, i will now focus even more now. Thanks a lot!
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: Don't think about outplays/flashy moves to outsmart your opponent. Get the basics nailed, can you cs properly? Can you trade effectively? Do you know how lane match ups go? Are you watching the map and keeping track of the junglers etc. etc. The outplays etc will come with the basic knowledge.
i used to play waaaay better in season 6, i had perfect cs mostly, could trade lot better but now i dont know whats wrong with me
: Post a replay or YouTube, I could go over it. You can transform a replay into a format fit for YouTube by recording inside the replay. You can find the recorded file in the same directory as the replay under "C:(or the letter of the HDD you use)/User/Documents/League of Legends/Highlights.
i will play a game right now and when i will finish i will post it on youtube
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: "Support: LET HIM ADC OR I WILL TROLL Me:I DARE U Support: Okay little kid noob Me:WHO THE FCK DO U THINK U ARE THREATENING ME LIKE THAT U LITTLE TWAT (i went overboard i know)" Just a little bit... Just a... Little.... Never challenge a troll :P Also your reaction wasnt the best one...
but.... atleast i laughed my ass off
: Id stay calm at this, wouldnt write anything, just pick my stuff, watch them argue and report them after game
but i had fun watching them flame after i added some ''spiciness''
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