gyxari (EUW)
: "pls kill ur self"
AFAIK this kind of time is taken fairly seriously, so long as players are actually reporting this behavior. Punishments are not usually as instant as people would like them to be, but this kind of behavior usually catches up to them and results in a 14 day / perma ban.
: What happened to LoL?!
Unfortunately 3vs3 is mostly abandoned by regular players and is used by bots to level accounts to 30 to be sold. Normal 5vs5's and ARAM's should be (mostly) fine though.
CjLoft (EUW)
: First time placements on an account
That is definitely unusual. Though this season especially has been notorious for punching Diamond ranked players down to Silver or Low-Gold. So perhaps its considered acceptable for this season. Though I wouldn't worry about it. You seem like a decent player, so you will have no problem climbing and gaining lots of easy MMR.
: The game is not competitive
People have been saying the same things since the start of S2. Personally I feel like League has only gotten better over the years. Though I'm a support main and the support role always feels better every season. I don't miss the days of only being allowed to have T1 boots + a Philostone and just being a ward bot.
Megumìn (EUW)
: How to climb when afk troll in your team 99% of games ?
By playing well consistently. Even if we assume that there is a troll in your team in "99% of games." It means the same applies to your opponents. Remember, its 10 players split into 2 teams. Assuming you play well every game / in most games, that means there is only 4 slots for trolls on your team. The enemy team has 5 slots for trolls. Statistically, you should win more than you lose, assuming you are a consistently decent player who deserves to climb. If you are not out performing the players at your current Elo/MMR/Tier/Whatever consistently however, then it means you are at the rating you belong. You'll simply have to improve as a player to see an improvement in your rating.
: Did Riot Really Have to Permaban me?
Terms of service are pretty clear on the use of third party aps. So yes, they did have to Permaban you. There isn't anything to be said or done about it.
mhkiler (EUNE)
: is darius noob champ?
**Short Answer:** No. No champions are _"Noob Champions"_. Its just a insult/complaint that bad players use to protect their egos. **Less Short Answer:** Yes. All champions are _"Noob Champions"_ **if you lose against them,** because its not your fault that you lost, its because the champion is a noob champion and you are to good to play noob champions like it, only high skill champions. More Yasuo. Build crit-tank. AA them to death. Quick spam E through creeps for the outplay. So skilled. Not Noob. Yasuo is a noob champion if you lose to one though. What was I saying? Uhh...
: thats my entire point, those people shouldnt be playing support. I know that i suck terrible as jungle. Just no idea wtf im doing. Why would i sit there wiith the attitude of being NEVER wrong, pickup a role i can barley function on, and troll the shit out of everyone? its not FORCED, you urself choose to be main or secondary support. And we all know that fill gives u 99% support regardless. And im not talking aboutt hose people that have like 2-5 games on support and just tried it out. They have like fucking 200 games on those.. like wtf? And i know that sometimes people feel like trolling and or not trying but thats not the case either, those people will be dead serious and flame the jungler for not ganking while im sitting knowing why. => No wards, perma pushed, 0/4 in lane.. Its obvious that its bad for the other side if its bad for me because we literally share the lane. But the argument doesnt make much sense if the lane gets worse and worse by the supports actions. Its literally me pinging them to stop pushing and using spells on minions and they literally go on a menstruation cycle how every adc is toxic and that pinging is toxic aswell (mutliple pings because not listening)
> its not FORCED, you urself choose to be main or secondary support. You can get Auto-Filled into Support. > Why would i sit there wiith the attitude of being NEVER wrong, pickup a role i can barley function on, and troll the shit out of everyone? Very common mindset in LoL and the Internet in general. No one wants to admit they're wrong or in the wrong. Their Ego's shield them from their own flaws and they can easily identify the flaws of others. A lot of these people genuinely think they're in the 100% right and you are wrong. Don't get angry about it, feel sorry for them, mute them, report them if its needed and move on with your life.
: Is varus bad in an adc role
Hes not great as an ADC. Though he is very comfortable as a Midlaner. Max Armor Pen, CDR and a Tear -> Manamune for Mana and he does crazy poke damage with his Q on a tiny CD. Provides some CC/Utility to the team also. Though he isn't a substitute for a solid ADC like Ashe or Jinx and many others - He just doesn't have the DPS to keep up with them in a fight without being very ahead. I would recommend you avoid taking him Botlane and just use a better AD. -- He isn't terrible, there are just better options.
: enough is enough supports
Sound like non-Support mains being forced into the Support role. As a Support main, I could easily rant and vent about ADC's in a similar vein. If its bad for you, its probably bad for the other side too.
: having a troll
Heh. I had the exact same experience. Someone told us to ban Yasuo. We didn't ban Yasuo. The guy went "Okay, I troll" and took Clarity-Heal Cassiopeia Mid and just ran into the enemy turret over and over. I have no idea what brings out this behavior in people, its pretty pathetic. Sadly, all you can do is just report them. If its a persistent behavior, they will get punished for it.
: Riot, why are you doing this for me
KDA isn't all that matters when it comes to Ranks. This is so certain roles or class-types (Assassin/Carries) aren't the only ones who can get S ranks. Things like your over all Kill Participation. Your CS and Gold. Objectives you helped take (Dragon, Baron, Towers, Inhibitors) and likely a dozen or so other metrics and how they stack up to the game duration - Then compared to everyone else playing the same champion in the same role in your region. So however well you played Ekko in that game, your score, along with all those other stats were definitely good, enough to get an A, but as good as others are playing him. So its a sign that you just need to get better and do more in a game. For example, Sub-200 CS at 40+ minutes on a Top or Midlaner is pretty poor. I don't personally have any trouble getting S ranks in my core roles. Jungle and Support. My advice would be to play harder for Objectives and closing the game out faster.
: Alistar support
Personally I think Leona is by far the best choice. Though unfortunately, yes you will have bad AD's who don't follow up. Try ping more in advance to show your intentions, tell them when you want to go in. Leona does extremely well vs most other Supports in the game. Alistar has some good play making, hes extremely good at keeping people alive by peeling for them. If you want a Support to "Carry" out of Low Elo. IMO learn something like Zyra, Brand, Velkoz, Annie. Someone who can win the lane by themselves and not need the AD's help. Get fed, roam a lot, take CS from empty lanes. Become stronger than your Midlaner.
zeromix (EUW)
: Trolls in LOL
Nothing. Just report them. If you were reported for Flaming/Harassment but you did neither - That will be reflected in the chatlog. A report isn't taken at face value. A report needs evidence to support it, so if you did not flame, there is no evidence so the report does nothing to you. You playing badly 1 game isn't going to get you punished either. Everyone has bad games. You have nothing to worry about so long as you didn't do anything report worthy.
Blizak (EUW)
Sounds pretty justified, if your behavior continues, you will likely get a two week ban and then a permanent ban. This is an acceptable response as there is never a good reason to flame/insult anyone and perpetuate that negative atmosphere. No one forces you to type out hateful things. If someone is being rude or saying disgusting things - Mute them and report them at the end of the game, if you stoop to their level to "Defend Yourself" (This isn't defending yourself, its Retaliation.) Then you are no better than they are.
: Prevent players which have been punished by riot from reporting other players.
Players do not get punished for no reason. An invalid report does nothing.
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: full tank = highest damage
Single Target DPS vs AoE DPS. This is why Supports like Brand, Zyra and Velkoz (When played as Supports with Support Builds) can top the Damage Dealt to Champions charts because they're consistently hitting 2-5 champions. A huge DPS Assassin like Zed is usually only hitting 1 target at a time. His damage is huge, but in the grand scheme of things, its less than the damage of someone attacking 5 targets at once with their abilities. Rammus on the other hand is constantly in their team. Dealing damage with his Ultimate, Thornmail, his W, his Q, his Sunfire/Cinderhulk. All this damage when applied to 5 targets adds up very quickly.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: "Wtf killed me" bug - Death recap
The Death recap has been broken for years.
ZeDeadliest (EUNE)
: Is Riot too harsh?
> What i mean is,that everyone is reporting each other and the other person is actually punished for no reason False reports do nothing. Riot is actually pretty lenient. They give most people a slap on the wrist. The only people who get banned are players who constantly get justified reports against them. No one wants these people in their games.
: is any chance to unbanned my acc?
: What is you're option about low elo matchmaking
Because when people make complaints about Match Making, generally - They have no idea what they're talking about. Match Making isn't super transparent. People look at things like... Oh, we have 3 Unranked and they have 3 Gold Players in a Silver Game and go 'THIS ISN'T BALANCED!' But, that information is 100% irrelevant to match making. Someone goes 0 / 8 and seems really bad and the enemy team seems much better, 'MATCH MAKING IS BROKEN!' - No, someone doing badly in your game is not a result of faulty Match Making. Players - at low Elo ESPECIALLY - have a lot of misconceptions about what makes a good or bad player. They think you need good scores, but LoL isn't about pulling impressive looking KDA's or S ranks in "Champion Mastery". Its a team game with objectives and those stats do not accurately represent who is really doing work or pulling their weight in the team. Elo Hell doesn't exist. Players who are actually good at the game climb to Gold, Platinum and Diamond no matter how unlucky they are with teams. Everyone else simply doesn't, they end up in Bronze or Silver where they belong and are usually too ignorant of their own flaws as a player to accept that they belong where they are. Virtually every player in this game can sit back and spot the mistakes of their allies and think "Wow, I'm so much better than my team, I don't make those mistakes! I Wouldn't have fed that guy or messed up those skills!" But these same people are usually unable to identify the good and subtle plays and mechanics people use or are just blind to their own mistakes. Match Making isn't perfect. No way, there is no way it can be perfect and sometimes - Yes, you will lose games purely because Match Making fucks you over. This is an undeniable fact and there is no way to fix it because of how the game and match making is structured. -- But, the majority of the time, Match Making is doing its job just fine and is mostly just used as an excuse for why people lose games so they can dodge the fact that they need to improve as a player. 'Ah. Of course I'm still in Silver. Its Match Making thats broken. I'm not bad, it just puts me with terrible people. If only Riot fixed it, I would be Gold or Higher easily!' - If you think this way, you are probably where you deserve to be already.
: permabanned for 1 game which wasnt even that offensive
> permabanned for 1 game which wasnt even that offensive Unfortunately, no one is Permanently Banned for **1 game**. The chatlog they provide is just the most recent offence. A permanent ban comes from an extensive audit of your account where a large amount of reported chatlogs are reviewed. No, this chatlog isn't especially offensive, but its rude and generally unpleasant. On its own, it doesn't mean anything, but stacked with a history of negative reported behavior, it all adds up to a permanent ban. If you feel like its unjustified, contact Riot Support.
D Roasted (EUW)
: The magnificent Twisted Fate - Really a legendary ???
He was one of the original Legendary Skins, back when most skins were essentially Chroma Skins. Yes, its not worth the price tag in the slightest, though its a Legacy Skin you cannot normally purchase anymore. The fact that you got it from a Mystery Gift was a rare find.
mybest (EUNE)
: Project Ashe Arrow animation!
You are not the only person, no. The skin is banned in competitive matches for this reason.
: dodging premades
> The overall skill lvl off premades is just 100 times worse than solo players. This has no basis in reality. Premades are no more or less skilled than the Soloplayers you get matched with.
AlexGG24 (EUNE)
: chat restrirected for what?
I don't see a problem here.
: Reduce's Gangplank's E armor reduction to 20%
Nice argument. Will those be on top of the significant nerfs hes getting in the coming patch?
Trinity (EUW)
: Is Zhonya's hourglass good on Aurelio Sol?
Hourglass is good on any AP Champion as it can completely shut down certain powerful abilities (Zed ult is a prime example) or save you if you're getting dived while waiting out your CDs. If you just want some Armor, then yes, it is a good pick up for a Mage.
: Runes/Upcoming Patch
It could never happen. They're a core function in the game. Besides, since you can buy Rune Pages with RP, there would be huge RP and IP refunds. Not to mention annoyed players who struggled for months and years to complete rune sets and get where they are today.
: MMR Rise on lossstreak
Websites like can only **attempt** to calculate your MMR. Riot does not actually make this information readily available to anyone. So the answer to your question is - The website was likely incorrect.
: Any tips to countering Swain?
Hes immobile so strong Mobility/Slows can make it difficult for him to stay on a target or escape. It also makes him vulnerable to Ganks. Grievous Wounds impacts his sustain pretty significantly. The biggest is to bait out his Bird Form. After it goes on CD, you have 20 seconds where he cant use it again to force a fight/trade. Best advice: Ban him.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: though a portion of what you mention may be true starting your sentence with "iIts already confirmed" sounds kinda inaccurate for a theory based on riots surveys.
It was confirmed by Riot Ghostcrawler that we will be getting a different ranked system in S7. Speculation on the kind of system is based on the surveys.
: Can we start banning people for...
I just don't hover champions. It can suck if someone bans something purely because they don't want you to play it. Like hovering an off-meta support and someone bans it to prevent you from using it. Though mostly when I see people ban champions others are 'Hovering' on, its champions that are usually banned regardless, they don't want to risk the enemy team getting them or don't want to play with them. There isn't anything wrong with that.
yoniame (EUNE)
: Support role still hated
Its not something that will ever change. Support isn't seen as a premier 'Carry Role!' and most Soloque players think that they need to carry their team. Support basically Carries their Carries, enabling them to do their thing safely and usually don't get recognition for it. Its rare you see highlights for amazing support play, instead that highlight is "Caitlyn Main gets a sick Quadra botlane!" when all they really did was get carried and fed kills by the support. Support as a role has come a LONG way since Season 1/2. Back when all we could buy was a Philo Stone, T1 Boots and endlessly grab 5 Green Wards over and over. - These days I can sometimes get a full 6 item build and have a huge impact with my Utility, its a very fun and rewarding role, especially those rare few times when your team - or the enemy team recognizes your contribution. All Riot can do is try provide more incentives to play Support over other roles. Like giving bonus IP, or higher chances at Key Fragments.
: Remove Surrend option
While I can understand your sentiment, I hate it when people cry and give up the moment the game starts to look a little bad. Some times there are good reasons to just end a game rather than spend another 20+ minutes playing a losing game because the enemy sucks are closing out their advantage. "Never give up!" can work as a mindset. Though playing League, ranked or normals should be about fun primarily and there isn't anything fun (for most players) about grinding out a 45 minute game you knew was lost at the 10 minute mark.
: Riot is slowly Olaf-ing Rek'sai
It can't be helped. Competitive LoL is a big deal and is what Riot is focused on. Reksai is just too good at the competitive level, especially with Worlds coming up, they want her nerfed to open up other Junglers for more diversity. She'll likely get buffed again in the preseason when it doesn't matter as much. Kalista and Azir are basically in the same state for the same reason.
: Suggestion to permanently add doom bots of doom! Or at least test them out ingame
I believe it was already confirmed to be in development. They want new champions, which means coding new AI, this takes time.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
Its already confirmed S7 will have a different system. There is a lot of speculation about the system we'll have already based on surveys Riot is putting out. Dynamic Que will function as it does now. Only people who play with 3+ will get different ranks compared to Solo/Duo. Copper, Iron, Etc. They won't get a Diamond equivalent though, you can only get Diamond through Solo/Duo. The Solo/Duo ranks will count for slightly more than the Dynamic Ranks and may even yield different End of Season rewards. Masters/Challenger is 100% Solo only to fix the issue Dynamic Que has in high elo. ^ Speculation based on the surveys, but it sounds like a good system. Ranked 5's will work similarly as they do now, where the Que is open during set hours for better que times.
: Is Frozen Mallet too strong?
Personally, I think it should be Melee Only and buffed a little. Aside that, its unlikely to be Nerfed since its a niche item that few champions use currently due to its non-cost effective stats, its hardly the all-purpose super item that Rylai's is for example. Gnar's strength with the item isn't because the item is strong. Its because Gnar has always been a little overtuned.
einar43 (EUW)
: Getting annoyed by players who take loading forever
I had always thought that the game should allow people to load into the game when they hit 100% - But they can't leave the fountain until all 10 players have connected. This would at least mean that you can buy your items or chat with your team while you wait for slow loaders.
Zanader (EUW)
: tank today..
I don't have this problem. Perhaps you're doing something wrong? I've also played since Season 1 and I don't remember a time when simply having Warmogs meant you were unkillable.
: Higher then average MMR gives me bad teams 2 drop my elo
Riot isn't doing anything. The game doesn't know if someone will AFK or if someone is a Troll. A common story is that players get a string of good teams in a row thanks to goodluck, shoot up in rank suddenly and then their luck runs out and they get the kinds of teams they've been beating, with irate players or potential AFKers. It sucks, but most players go through this in Soloque. I've had days where I've been put with solid teams several games in a row and won ever game. Then other days where I had 4vs5 games + a game where someone got angry and trolled. Unfortunately, while personal Skill does matter in League of Legends over all - Luck is also a big factor on how easy you can climb. The only thing you can do is focus on becoming a better player and don't let some defeats that you couldn't help set you back. Identify your own faults as a player and keep grinding out games. Statistically, if you are always a Solid/Good player, you will win more games than you lose and thus climb.
: Gankplank need Nerf!!!!
PBE Currently: > Gangplank > > Stats > Base health reduced to 540 from 580. > > Remove Scurvy > Mana cost increased to 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 from 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100. > > Cannon Barrage > Cooldown increased to 180 / 160 / 140 seconds from 160 / 150 / 140. > Damage per wave reduced to 35 / 60 / 85 from 50 / 70 / 90.
Kusluk (EUW)
: Can we get a ranked solo queue? Has this experiment ended?
Premades don't ruin games. Any idiot with a stick shoved up their ass can ruin a game. Considering Premades generally don't want to ruin/spoil the game for their friends, its arguably more likely that Soloplayers ruin more games than Premades ever did. That isn't to say all premades are perfect, they're not. Would be nice to have Solo/Duo Que back again though.
: Leaver buster warning too aggressive?
The game has no way to tell if you intentionally DC'd or accidentally DC'd, since an "Accidental" DC can be easily faked. Its basically just a warning that asserts that you understand AFKing/Leaving isn't tolerated, so that if it continues in the future, you'll know why you got punished. Its not really aggressive, its actually pretty straightforward.
Dessem (EUW)
: Before Hextech, I spent €20 on this game after 1 year. After Hextech, it's €140. I need help.
The Hextech Crafting seems a little predatory to me. Its very flashy and tempts you in with things you can't normally buy. I watched some youtubers sink 500 dollars into Hextech Chests+Keys and only barely even get Hextech Annie. The keys are just frustrating enough to get through random wins, that players with extra income will just say 'Fuck it' and buy the keys and probably an extra chest+key or two with the leftover RP. If I hadn't been through RNG-lockboxs on older MMO's years ago, this kind of system could have easily sucked me in and made me spend way more than I should. Don't brutally restrict yourself. If there is a skin you really, really want. Get it for yourself, its a good way to support the game you like to play for free and get something awesome out of it. Just don't go crazy. Try avoid buying Keys+Chests unless you're just getting rid of excess RP.
: Will there be rewards at the end of this Season ??
Kariel (EUW)
: I have been -permenantly banned- and I highly dispute the chat log in which I was banned.
If you've been 14 day banned in the past, then this is pretty normal. Essentially a 14 day ban is the 'Last Straw' and you're on thin ice after it for quite a while. Even a minor offense will get you permanently banned. When it comes to chat logs, the actions/words of others are irrelevant as far as Riot is concerned. You're responsible for your own behavior and no excuses about what others said to you will hold up. I get that some players will say provocative things that can instantly cause a sudden burst of adrenaline and get you angry and make you want to say something back. The way to snap yourself out of that is to consider the reality of the situation. The person insulting/flaming is a harmless brat who is hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. Nothing they have to say has any value or meaning, its just garbage they're puking up with the sole intention of trying to get you to respond to them. If you consider yourself mature or even an adult, the correct response is to simply ignore it and utilize the mute function, then report them for harassment at the end of the game. No words need exchanging, why would you waste your time on someone who cannot express themselves like a normal Human being? ^ At least, that is the mindset that works for me and I imagine it actually works for a lot of people. This sudden need to rush up and defend yourself against others just isn't needed when you're dealing with strangers who are mostly children/young teenagers. Anyway. The unfortunate reality about your chat log is that its needlessly negative and contains harassment in a few forms, most apparent being report-begging which is something people get in trouble for. If you were not 14 day banned at some point prior to this perma ban, then its definitely worth trying to contact Riot Support. Otherwise, outlook is probably bleak. Unfortunately the amount of money you've invested in your account doesn't buy you lenience with Riot, after all, they own your account and everything on it anyway, so its theres to take away if they want too. Still, I wish you luck in contacting Riot and I hope they give you a second chance. Peace.
shaunika (EUW)
: is the holy trinity of tank items gonna get nerfed?
There will probably be some kind of change. It does seem a bit silly that you can play virtually any champion with this build + Grasp of the Undying and make it work great. I guess Riot will try to identify what they think the problem is.
Allisrem2 (EUW)
: Premade Limiter what the hell riot?
Your Plat friends only need to get to Plat 2 to play with the Diamond V. They may still tweak this in the future, I feel like it should only apply to like Diamond III and higher.
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