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Toxic and %%%%%%ed community what can i say
Cohlien (EUW)
: Why this game has a lots of griefers and abusive guys
OKA this is last post for me thanks for comments today i m frustarated once again in ranked dude this game lots of bad griefers toxic trolls and abusive ppl in games i m done with it worst community i have ever met in my life before %%%% this game and riot for taking this game to this place
: Congratulation, you have broken me
shit communiy zero fun shit game
: League is bad for my mental health
dude lots of cancer guys in this game community is %%%%%%ed cus of no punishments easy troll easy grief i have 4 month experince in this game ( PLAYED 3 years Hereoes of Newerth ) shit communiy shit game waste of time quit
campp (EUW)
: Trolling
i m new player all i experienced in 4month lots of trolls in this game if i played 400 match 300's has trolls griefers This community is %%%%%%ed %%%% this game and all of them
: > force to be better player Wrong. Everybody has the right to be bad, as long as it isnt intentional. And lets face it, 90% of the playerbase play really poorly so why exactly would you force them all to train to get better or ban them? It just doesnt make any sense.
Ofc i dont want anyone to get ban because lots of people has spend their time in game to earn heroes otherwise it s a waste . i mean riot can give a little punishments like when u dc from game u are getting 20 min wait time or if u abusive chat 9 game only 5 message restriction so what about griefers ?
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