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: Bad, really bad. I need to get my s@@t together and get a hold on my life, because i'm running out of time. I'm not even talking about league. League is going well...even tho, so far, i failed to drop to silver with my gold account (but i won't be able to make it to Plat either, of course). Guess i will have to live with that bad {{champion:266}} skin. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
At least you realized that things are not going well. I assume you've already started getting your sh*t together and focusing on your life? That skin's not good, yeah, but I guess the thought of reaching gold is a pretty good gift itself.
: So and so. Been ill a lot lately, really far behind on dissertation work, friend is in a severely rough place and worried for him... but on the plus side I actually got the first good night sleep in quite a while and my mental health has improved... so guess can’t complain. League wise... realised I really love lucien his playstyle is really nice for me, then realised I’ve got no idea how to play him late game I’m too used to trist, had a long hiatus with internet issues so I’m extremly rusty, and need to get gold for that aatrox skin soon (silver 1 12lp... but losing 8 gaining 21 so just need to get back onto the swing of things). Oh yeah got honour 5 yesterday after being worried I wouldn’t get it this season
I'm glad to hear that your mental health is getting better. I meet so many people around me, struggling with depression and constant anxiety, good to see that some people are climbing out of the misery.
: Eh, why the heck not. Had a pretty good week, all things considered. Wasn't as productive as I'd have liked, but after getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed at once on monday I really wasn't in a work kind of mood. But G2 getting to finals and the new she-ra season dropping really helped through the pain, so yeah, pretty good all in all.
Damn, I'm even afraid getting one of my wisdom teeth removed, not even all 4 of them. :O
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