SkeitasLT (EUNE)
: Wait you're not allowed to have smurf account? What if on different server or anything.. you need to re-start all league of legends launcher just to dsconnect and choose different server or account..
You are allowed to smurf, it's just Riot don't like it (or anyone else) as it unbalances the game.
: Only problem is armor pen doesn't help last hit those minions.
It's really not hard to last hit, it's definitely not worth taking bad runes just to cs better, if you can't do basic last hitting then you really need to improve.
: runes for early game champs
Pen is much better for early game because if you have like 8 armour pen and they have 32 armour then you are basically ignoring 25% of their armour but armour pen is weak lategame sometimes if people build lots of armour so I would definitely say armour pen is far better.
10962670 (EUW)
: How to deal with this situation?
You need to just defend your nexus turrets and wait for all your inhibs to respawn then defend them. If you let them take your inhibs for free then you will lose, when an inhib respawns you just need to defend it even if you are behind, if you win the team fight at the inhib then you can go and take dragon/baron or push lanes. But if you don't fight and let them take your inhibs then you will slowly lose. if you can't 5v5 them then try to pick someone off, then win the 5v4. It will be very hard but it's your best chance of winning.
C9 Snick (EUW)
: Are They Noob Champs? You Tell me Your oppinion.
You picked two relatively hard mid laners to talk about that both have skill shots??? People say point and click champions like Garen,Darius,Katarina,Akali,Swain are noob champions not Zed,Yasuo.
EvillHearT (EUNE)
: Help Plz
Trying sending a ticket to Riot support at and they can help you.
Declined (EUNE)
: Most champions can actually do it with an appropriate build.
I'm pretty sure every champ can if you build lots of lifesteal.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: R not activating on Thresh
Maybe that is because you are still casting your "E" when you press "R"
ArTanis4 (EUW)
: Something is clearly wrong with matchmaking
It's nothing to do with your rank, it's your MMR as rank is often not a good example of how good you are. Also, other than mid lane all other lanes were balanced.
: Ekko Builds?
Right now for top lane I would say the best build is {{item:3078}} into full tank as you will have really good damage for the whole game and be very tanky late/mid game. But if you want to focus more on damage then just go AP.
: Ekko Builds
Right now for top lane I would say the best build is {{item:3078}} into full tank as you will have really good damage for the whole game and be very tanky late/mid game.
kokatti76 (EUNE)
: Add a Titlepls nerf riven
Riven is balanced atm. If you lose to someone just admit you lost because you are bad and don't blame it on something else like the champion being OP.
: Solo Top in Intermediate Co-Op vs AI
If you are solo top then just focus on getting cs and xp and wait for a gank if you cannot 1v2 then once you are ahead you can win the lane 1v2. If you are 2v2 top and can't win vs bots then you just need to improve, it should always be really easy to beat bots. You don't need to play lots of bot games to learn champions, just go mid in a custom game to test all the abilities then do a normal game. You don't learn anything by stomping bots.
TyrionL (EUW)
: Should i craft project yasuo
I have played lots of games with project Yasuo and I love the skin. I have never had any problems with any bugs and he does not feel clunky or anything to me. Honestly, the skin is fine it's just a couple pro players said they did not like the animations now everyone is just copying them and complaining about the skin for no reason, so yes; I would craft the skin if you like playing Yasuo.
: The funniest reason someone reported me
I was playing with some friends and I carried on Cassiopeia then the whole of the enemy team reported me for playing Cassiopeia. I actually got a pop-up message saying "everyone has bad days but try to behave" or something from Riot because they all reported me.
: Don't take voli and darius top lane in normals into Darius
On your first kill on Volibear he had no items...
: Hello, my friends, about match history
To be honest I don't think that sending a ticket to Riot about matchmaking will do anything, they get hundreds of requests about matchmaking all the time.
: How to? Dont play Veigar against Malphite. He can engage and stick to you too much and you cannot burst him.
I don't know what your talking about, that lane is easy. Veigar can just free farm and malphite is forced to build MR. If Malphite uses his ult to engage then just E him and it's fine.
: how to counter malphite
Veigar vs Malphite is an easy match-up for Veigar. All you have to do with Veigar is just farm with you Q and E him if he tries to kill you. If he ults you just E then run and that's his only gap closer gone. I don't see how you could possibly die to him.
: Support is not viable in low elo?
{{champion:53}} and {{champion:412}} are very good because of their hooks so they can make a lot of picks which can win games. You may not be able to solo people but if you get a good hook it can result in a kill which can get your adc snowballing or be game changing lategame. Problem with protect/heal/peal supports is it's hard to make plays yourself but Thresh and Blitz are good at that.
: how do you counter jax being ashe?
It's a very hard 1v1 to win but if you want to win it then When he jump on you and stuns you then R him then walk back and aa+W him until he dies making sure you kite him a lot. His Q+E are on cooldown and he will be perma slowed so you can kite him out and win. Although if he is too far ahead it can sometimes be impossible. Jax Q does not have too much range so try not go in range of his Q to not get caught. If you sticks with your support/team you should be fine.
: Yasuo
If Yasuo is so OP then why don't you just play him every game and win every game? You are just salty because you got destroyed by a Yasuo. The worst thing about this complaint is the fact that you were playing Jax, which favours Jax a lot. Jax wins this match up almost all game and even if Yasuo is ahead Jax still wins the 1v1. and "got a bit of a lead" it does not matter if you have a lead or not if you Rush a Gunblade. If you had played it correctly, took the correct masteries and rushed a tri-force first you would have won this match-up easy. I have played it both ways many times and Jax wins it if you are good. You're just another salty, unskilled player who loses and can't admit that they are bad and just blames it on the enemy champion being OP.
: katarina op
Katarina is actually a trash champion if you play well against her, you're just salty cause you lost to one. If she is sooooo OP then just play her and get to challenger with her.
oeL (EUW)
: ***
Yes, it is still account sharing as his friend got him to bronze.
: Irellia
Irelia has no natural tankyness or damage reduction what so ever so it's nothing to do with her that she can tank a turret and an Ezreal. Any other champion in the game could tank Ezreal and the turret for the same length as her. Don't see what this has anything to do with Irelia.
Hangule (EUNE)
: Tips?
If you are stuck in an elo then random tips probably won't help that much. To gain elo you need to just get better at the game. Just keep playing a lot and watch YouTube videos/streams of people better than you and learn from your mistakes. Once you are better at the game you can gain elo easier and it's simple as that. Just make sure you play champions you are good with and you can carry with as in low-elo (and every other elo) your teammates can be trash and you can sometimes need to do all the work. To not get tilted just make sure you play for fun and don't care about the game too much, it's only a game after all.
BodyFatZero (EUNE)
: Balance
{{champion:45}} probably got movement speed from {{item:3285}} . ADC's have low movement speed because if they had too much mobility then they would be OP as getting caught is their only weakness. And if you think that Veigar's movement speed is the most OP thing in the game you really don't know anything. {{champion:72}} has no good gap closers so just cc him and the adc can dash away or whatever to escape him and he can be focused down. {{champion:54}} ult is hard to dodge but it's his only gap closers and other than being tanky the only reason he is picked. To be honest you are just one of the many players who can't admit that you are bad at the game. You die to a champion and can't accept you are bad or made a mistake so you just blame it on something such as the champion being OP. If Veigar, Malphite and Skarner are soooooo OP then why don't you just only play them and then get to challenger??? Before you call a champion OP just play them yourself and if you ever lose on them they are balanced.
bococro96 (EUNE)
: Dont be afraid of Taric's Ulti
I'm pretty sure that no one is scared of getting Taric ulted, it has no negative effects.
: Gold 1 smurf lf smurf to play with
Account sharing is a bannable offence, I would either not play on the account or delete this post ;) :3
Charibasa (EUW)
: How to play from behind as Yi?
If you can't 1v1 the person you are laning against then go do something else. Push the wave out and make a play bot/top or assassinate someone (usually an adc as yi is very good vs them). Or just wait for a gank so you can get ahead.
: iwant to zoom out more
Zooming out more would give you an unfair advantage against other players therefore it's not allowed.
Speedy59 (EUW)
: Teemo in botlane?
If you max blind on teemo then other than the blind burst you have barley any damage. He also does not have a lot of range. The real reason teemo is never played bot (or ever if people are trying) is because he is just a weak champion, he gets out damaged by lots of champions and other than having a blind he does not really do anything.
: About hecarim
Yeah, I would still buy him, even if he was to get nerfed due to his high mobility he will always be quite strong. He can also be played top/jun which is good. Even if he was not that strong he is very fun to play anyway.
einar43 (EUW)
: Riot please add report option for "selfish behaviour"
Just report them for negative attitude, no need for this to be added.
Poonther (EUW)
: Rate My Wukong Build
Problem is; this is literaly full damage, you would be so squishy and if you were behind you would get destroyed.
Pootis 5 (EUNE)
: Cho'Gath jungle?
I think it may be because cinderhulk was nerfed so he is not as strong but I'm not completely sure.
krypa99 (EUNE)
: Nerf Katarina
Katarina is one of the weakest champions at the moment, so loses lane very hard to almost anyone and she does nothing other than damage and she does not have much of it unless quite ahead. Just don't let her get snowballing and she is not that strong.
tavl0904 (EUW)
: Is there something wrong with ARAM games?
They are probably level bots, people put bots on accounts to level them up and it's usually done in aram games.
: when i started playing lol
Look for the email that you were sent upon creating your account. They won't tell you as it can be a recovery question.
: New game mode idea
This kind of thing does not and will never work, game modes just start getting ridiculous and random when you start making your own champion and getting random abilities.
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Instead of permabanning people, create a server only for permabanned people.
You think putting 10 toxic people in a game together will stop them from flaming? Something about that does not sound right.
Although everyone hates minion block it has to be added or things like Kassadin's passive,Fizz's passive, hecarim's E would not be as strong. Although I think it should be removed I do understand why Riot have it.
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: How harder i suppose to carry? ...
Often if you play really well you may lose because someone in the other team played better than you and carried more than you. Also Sion is a cc based tank who is not the best champion to pick if you want to hard carry a game as he lacks in the ability to make solo plays and is more teamfight based.
Reality LV (EUNE)
: If it dont cost mana and you can spam with it don`t makes you strong? :D
Your argument is so bad. Yes, that is correct having an ability that does not cost mana does not make you strong that is like saying kata,yasuo,zed,akali are all broken because they have low cd abilities without any mana costs, you are just salty because you got beat by a Lee Sin. If you play Lee you will know that he falls off quite hard lategame, he also needs to played really well for him to be played to his full potential and there are many junglers at the moment that are far stronger than him. Also Sejuani's Q can be used to disengage and it has cc. Rammus Q gives him lots of movement speed and it can cc and also it cannot miss. Please don't complain about a champion being OP just because you lost to them and actually put a little effort into your arguments instead of literally comparing the cooldown of 3 random abilities.
: Matchmaking in normal games
Maybe the Ahri was playing with one of her friends who is low elo so that brought their MMR down a little. Also, low gold and low silver is really not that far apart.
: What does talking to ur crush feel like for u? (In Champ abilities)
For me it's kind of like yorick rework... it never fucking happens. {{champion:83}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: I am so sad... :'(
Maybe Tibbers sunfire damage range is higher than his summon range? Also in the second clip can you not just press "R" to control him?
Reality LV (EUNE)
: Lee sin needs nerf!!!
You can't base how strong a champion is with nothing but the cooldown of their Q...
RoyalBeat (EUNE)
: Nerf Volibear
He lacks mobility because his Q is not the best gap closer but other than that I sort of agree that he is REALLY strong.
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: Hmm Darius ain't a counter at level 4/5 you can kill him he scales better late i admit that. Garen is medium matchup it's simply winnable with skills. Volibear and trundle are hard because they show the difference between bad or good Irelia. Cho gath is not a counter if you can dodge his Q which is relatively easy. Trynda is not difficult really. All those matchups mentioned up are not as hard as you think, just are skilled. Better one wins.
Read what I said "can all go at least even if played correctly" Garen fucks you after 6 and is usually too tank for you to kill and no matter how much you beat him early because he is Garen he is never weak, trundle and voli out duel you the whole game and are always too tanky for you. Although I'll admit a lot of people find this match-up easy so I may be wrong, I just hate Garen :P. Cho'gath can be won(for Irelia)but if he goes quite tanky it's hard to kill him and he can go even if he does not fall behind. Tryndamere can usually go evenish in trades and late game he just has more sustained damage than you and it's hard to kill him because of his ult. Yes, If the Irelia player is better than the other person she can destroy them but I'm saying if you play your champion really well and don't get solo killed you can beat her or go even. She is also a lot weaker than champions like malphite,zac,rumble in teamfights. And I'm not sure about Irelia beating Darius level 4/5, by then she is usually been harassed a lot and to be able to get a lot of W damage on him you often end up letting him get 5 passive stacks which is really bad.
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