: mute removes emote sounds. problem solved.
Thanks, But...It doesn't really bother me :V
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: Nautilus bugs
Q might be a bug, but pretty sure passive is just a snare
Solash (EUW)
: I made Headhunter Jhin
: Feels like advertising but I just had to share this
Lmao Underpowered, needs more coolness regen
: In spite of all the whining about the "not new" ammunition system...
_An ally has been slain_ {{champion:89}}: Cait wtf y u no attack {{champion:51}}: Sorry, had to reload {{champion:89}}: Wtf i thought this was LoL not COD{{item:3070}}
: dodge every snowball and your friend gets hit by one. you see them flying over, your team is low, prepare yourself... you see who hit the snowball. {{champion:55}} 'Ready for trouble?'
: Looking for people who would be interested in joining a "Youtubish team"!!
I would love to join, but ain't got no mic but furthermore, i think i meet all requirements
: Who has the best laugh in LoL?
{{champion:72}} Hueharharharhar
: Well, none of his skins have particles based on the theme. So this pictures do make justice I believe.
I do believe they all have unique floating swords tho
Noice I knew buying yellow jacket and frozen was a good idea Also, i hope warlord still has them unique attack animations
DireXcon (EUNE)
: Deep Dark Hate Thread.
{{champion:64}} {{champion:35}} I'm trying to do red buff ffs leave me alone {{champion:105}} How do i hit him when his E has a 4 second cooldown {{champion:7}} Please stop throwing those sigils and chains at me {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} Can i please not get zoned from my farm ty {{champion:67}} Please, just stop chasing me {{champion:114}} Why can she hit me even though i'm completely invisible {{champion:89}} Crap forgot my sunglasses
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Happy Christmas everyone
Merry critmas {{item:3031}}
: Usually, TT features champions with AoE, and Dominion has ones that "gotta go fast". The most successful champion setup on TT that I know of is a tank jungle, control mage top, and AD bruiser (that has AoE, like Wukong or Renekton) bottom. I'll often see people trying champions that are considered OP on the Rift fail miserably on TT; Jax and Yi are not what I'd call good picks, in most cases. I was actually reported once for picking Urgot on dominion once, because he has no speed boosts, which is ridiculous. (Urgot actually has one of the highest winrates on dominion)
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: MAJOR GAME BREAKING BUG IN BASE!!! You can leave the Map summoners Rift through the base!!
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: What the hell are you supposed to do against Rengar?
Just try to stick near allies as soon as laning phase ends If you stay grouped with one or two allies, Rengar can still ult and jump on you, But will most likely be punished hard by getting killed quickly afterwards, Or forced to burn his flash. In teamfights you can just throw down a pink, And if he tries to sneak up on you, He'll be revealed and turned into food for your team
: what are Brand pants made of?
Because they're a special brand I'll let myself out now
bs17 (EUNE)
: Need a good name for Brand main
Takeoff (EUW)
: Skarner Icon and Splash art outdated
Although i would agree, I think there are champions in bigger need of visual updates. Also, Pls no change skarner splash, I love dat face {{champion:72}}
Eveninn (EUW)
: How to make your jungler love you
I rarely have jungler's doing this for me, But if they do, I always thank them ALOT I sometimes do this too, Burning a flash to save, Or secure a kill for a laner, When i'm the jungler. And it's almost ALWAYS wurf <3
: >but he'll most likely get kited or bursted down And Kindred doesn't, because shes a tan...oh no wait, she isn't...
She might not be a tank, But her ult is a great way to prevent assassins like {{champion:7}}, {{champion:238}}, And {{champion:107}} from bursting her (Or any of her allies) down _instantly_, If she sees them coming.
Almighty (EUNE)
: Stop saying "EZ"! It's disrespectful!
I don't really mind if someone says ''Easy'' ''Izi'' or ''EZ''. Ofcourse, it's disrespectful, And makes me sigh, But i just move on with my life, Knowing that guy will get his {{champion:43}} sooner or later. Personally, I don't do it, As i see no reason to.
: When I hear "potiential to deal sick HP% damage" I usually think about tree {{champion:57}}. Why? Well, he packs a MAX HP% damage on relatively low cooldown with nasty root... The kicker though? It scales 3x (!!!) better (0.03 AP) than your average magical max HP% damage. And I still haven't heard about it being broken even though you could probably hit 40% max HP with current AP items...
Good point. But hey, Maokai can build full AP, but he'll most likely get kited or bursted down before he gets close enough to use his W, Unless you manage to hit your E first. I would love to try that, though.
: Kindred Passive deals Physical % CURRENT health damage, not maximum health.
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M4nhunt66 (EUNE)
: So, the Harrowing is coming soon, tell me what sp00ky skins would you like to see.
I would love to see an Underworld {{champion:107}} aswell, Although that maybe very unlikely, Since he got that SSW skin not too long ago. For other skins i would love to see: Necromancer/Ravenborn/Reaper {{champion:268}} (Zombie soldiers n' stuff, Or mummies) Pretty princess {{champion:14}} (Pretty pink shield, And his ult could leave a terrific trail of flowers?) Underworld {{champion:157}} (Spooky green winds) Some spooky skin for {{champion:111}} (No ideas) Maybe something like Zombie {{champion:27}} (A farting zombie, Maybe?) And that's pretty much everything i got :I
: If you met your main...
Hey {{champion:111}} ! Can i ask you something? :o {{champion:111}} :_Suuuuuuure_ Why does your anchor hit like it's made of plastic, And how can you throw it around so easily? {{champion:111}} :_That is becaaauuuse it's made of cardboard_ But...How does it not fall apart when it gets wet? :s {{champion:111}} :_That is...Uhh...Errrr... BYE, LA-DA-DEE LA-DA-DOO_
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Game of TB anyone?
I would love to play with a Rioter :o Pls invite me? ;D
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: B-b-but you main Udyr x'D Why a pantheon skin? :O
I already have my two favorite skins for udyr :< i'd like a panth skin rather then black belt or primal udyr Dx
: Things that scare us ingame
When you walk near a bush and suddenly 2 to 3 sand soldiers charge at you {{champion:268}} Suddenly you get hit by a beam of moonlight and know what's gonna happen next {{champion:131}} Seeing the 6/0 {{champion:120}} teleport to a turret you're near, while you have no boots, and he has boots of swiftness+Homeguard Walking around low when suddenly you see a demacian flag of impending doom {{champion:59}} Seeing that red line/circle appear as you're low {{champion:101}} And last but not least, hearing that ''Haha'', when a {{champion:238}} flies outta nowhere from the fog of war while you're low.
: Monthly Skin Giveaway Round 3 - July!
I'd love to participate aswell, if it is not too late yet^^ Let me tell the story of...Full metal pantheon! After a fierce battle on mount targon, More specifically, the rakkor village, Pantheon was fatally injured while fending off noxian threats that attempted to desperately raid the village of their artefacts. He was lying amidst several other, dead, warriors, and was wondering if he had to consider himself lucky or unfortunate. He quickly passed away, As leona kneeled next to him, desperately trying to keep pantheon awake, and most importantly, alive. Just as she thought Pantheon was about to take his last breath, She heard a strange, even robotic, voice behind her. As she turned around, She saw a human-machine hybrid. Leona knew who he was, As she heard the rumours of a zaunite scientist, Who would be capable of even reviving the dead. She begged the scientist to help Pantheon. She even offered him all the gold she owned, But the scientist refused to take the gold, and instead offered her to ''Heal'' pantheon without any costs. Though leona was overflowing with gratitude and joy, Little did she know about the scientist's, ''Viktor's'', true intentions. Months passed quickly, As leona did not hear back from the scientist known as Viktor. Just as she was losing hope, She received a letter from zaun, Specifically from the scientist, stating that her ''Friend is in great condition, and returning to targon very soon''. The day Pantheon returned, Was the same as noxian forces invaded rakkor again. As there were much less warriors then previously, The rakkor warriors were struggling, And were almost outclassed. That is, until a warrior clad in metal, and armed with an iron spear arrived. The warrior swiftly tore through the forces of noxus, While simply ignoring all the attacks thrown at him. After the troops of noxus had been defeated once again, Leona walked up to the warrior, Knowing it was Pantheon. ''You saved us... Again.'' Leona said. ''How do you feel, Pantheon?'' Pantheon only replied; ''I feel...Nothing.'' And that's all i could come up with atm^^ hopefully i'm not too late with participating
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: This is kinda weird, as my main champion up the top lane doesn't really have any issues with Yi... She got a speed boost and an ult with a slowing aura. She even got a shield and a hard disable. I have had quite a few car chas...ehm, I mean running competitions with Yi, and I've won most of them. It's all a question of sufficient sustain to survive his first...ehm, is it Q? I dunno, I don't own Yi myself - and then avoid him keep on hitting on you by running away until his ult duration has worn off.. This ain't a cartoon, you know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K70HmwbUxco https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQhvCwwRk8M&feature=youtu.be&t=61 ...it's a battle of survival. And when the Yi's come, you gotta know how to keep him at a distance. Or just play dirty, and ult him in the face!
Is your main top Lulu? .-. If so, Didn't knew she could still be top in the meta. Perhaps i should give her a try, But i mostly prefer gangplank and shen for top :c Also, His Q is the ''2fast4u'' blink Also, Also, Does turning Yi into a squirrel while he just ulted still make him run at lightspeed? that would be funny to see tbh.
: I dont understand all these downvotes... Personally i really would like more active items in this game, even with hard cc like a root or something. It would give you more paths to go with the champion you like. Of course you have to balance them, but hey, that is always the case ;) JollySalmon
A root would seem more appropiate for an item active, Now that i think of it. Imo, they could tweak it so it wouldn't give many, Or {{champion:1}} beneficial stats to champions with already alot CC, like mao, Sej etc.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: "I'm tired of playing a champion without hard CC"...well, imagine this: then play a champion _with_ hard CC. And no, an item with those properties would completely mess up the balance, in as much balance as there is in this game. Also, there's always the option to ban Yi...
Honestly, I understand that it _could_ mess up balance. But what the hell do i do as a champion with no stuns whatsoever, When i _happen_ to bump into Yi, and he immediatley presses R and relentlessly chases after me? It's near impossible to outrun him, Unless you're Skarner or Udyr. It's also near impossible to simply survive until you've reached a friendly turret, Since his E, a last whisper, And a ghostblade cleave through any armor you have. So basically, An item that would allow you to stun an enemy for like, a mere second, Could give you a great chance of survival against him. The only champions i think it could be problematic on are the ones with already a ton of CC, Like nautilus, Sejuani, and maokai. But even then, It could be tweaked and given stats that would not be any good for the likes of those, So they have to sacrifice a slot for an item that wouldn't benefit them as much as another one, or Not at all.
: You could just run Exhaust. Its not a stun, but it will shut down champions like Master Yi.
The thing is though, Yi's ult ignores both movespeed and attackspeed debuffs. So only the 40% dmg reduction would work on him, Which doesn't reduce his true damage :/
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: If you could remake a champion, which one would that be?
I always had this little idea for a new kit for Udyr. His passive would the same, Maybe with a small buff to the attack speed bonus. (15% per stack=45% attack speed at 3 stacks?) I would make Q's bonus damage scale with attack speed instead, And as long as he stays in tiger stance, He gets a permanent attack speed bonus(Too OP?). Activation effect would be a small movement burst, Because hey, Tigers are nimble and quick creatures, right? W would probably have an Armor and magic resist bonus, which would last 3 to 5 seconds after switching a stance(?), With the activation effect either being him getting a lifesteal bonus, Or the shield. Having both sounds kind of OP. E would grant Udyr a permanent AD increase (Like Fiora's and Zed's W) as long as he stays in that stance, And make his attacks maul his enemies with less force (Slow, instead of a stun?). Not sure what his activation effect could be, Was thinking of something like an increase in tenacity, or perhaps a free short-range dash for the duration.(About the range of an elise spider Q, perhaps?) And R. Honestly, I think R is alright as it is now, And i haven't got any ideas for a different one. Not sure if this would be a crazy idea, But i would love to be able to utilize two stances for combat (Tiger and phoenix) instead of only one of them. Also, i'd rather have a stance that increases my AD rather then give me bonus damage on attacks, Since it would work better with crits, hydra etc. Call me crazy, But i'd like to see how this would work out.
: I sent you a friend request. It's easier helping you that way. Your build is fine, although I wouldn't use it, because of personal preferences.
Btw, Add me again if u can^^ Accidently declined ur request :/
: Newbie Nocturne player looking for some advice
Ayy, Thanks for ur replies^^ Really appreciate it ;)
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