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: Artists needed!
heya, im a fairly descent artist. mind if i hear your story and see if i like it? i mean im kinda busy at the moment but i can make time.
Jubeliuus (EUW)
: elementary lux (spiritual) suggestion
i like it,has a shadow isles feel to it
: Star Guardians | League of Legends
from an artist point of view rito the janna splashart could use some work is is quite uninteresting and rather boring to look at. unless you are trying to emulate the design of the old janna skins (where should just stand on the right side of the screen flat on doing nothing) then it is a poor design choice and doesn't bring the type of energy i associate with the star guardian roster. I'm no pro artist and i don't claim to understand to know why your splashart depart made the decisions they made but i wanted to let this be known as the actual in game model is quite amazing but the splash art lets it down quite a bit.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Hey there, That is pretty much looking like video card error rather than a game one sadly.
almighty it never happened again after the initial install so i assumed it might have been something like that.
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