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ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: > Is it just me or does it feel almost impossible to win in this preseason? I'm 100% sure there's a winner in each game (not counting remakes). Therefore: No, it's not impossible to win this preseason. Actually everytime you lose someone wins. ---- You have a 50% winrate in your past 20 games, which is fine. The new preseason is very special and the game changed alot, therefore many players, including myself, can't keep their old winrate. It will take some time to adapt to everything new but as soon as you're there everything will be just like before.
Ye it might have actually stabilized just that my mmr is so bad that i loose 25lp and win 13 xD so it feels like I just loose
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: If you can't move your fingers, how do you mastrubate?
if you don't have enough imagination for that I feel bad for you xD
: i was like : oke oke.. OMFG HE IS acualy good 2 i hope to come across u in soloq ;) ur a legend!
Dont think im crazy good but definetly trying to learn ^^ haha yeah I'll tingle your balls in soloq ;)
: nothing new. 90% of my ranked teammates are disabled
You sir, I like you xD {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Sz3wa (EUW)
: Hello mate, It's really nice to see people care about others and trying to help them out, I lost feeling in my left arm (two nerves elbow and middle are gone) when I was 18yo and I also adapt my play style ( using only thumb on keyboard ). Anyway good job and keep up! If you wanna play sometime just add me. All the best in the new year !
I actually only have feeling in half my arm, between the middle finger and thumb basically, nice to know you still can play :D Ye definetly will. you too mate!!
: Once you hear someone saying good yob instead of good job you know it's Sweden XD
hahaha ye we have a funny dialect
: aa lugnt om jag lägger till dig?
: Recognized the accent, but I was unsure. Riktigt roligt att du göra det du tycker om trots funktionsnedsättningarna!
Tack :D måste ju spendera fritiden på något haha :P
Νichirin (EUNE)
: My god dude i feel so bad for you going trough all that flame and also practicing so much to play like that , it would take me a lot of years and eventually i'd just give up of how hard it is ._.
Well I mean, I play it to climb like everyone else so if I play bad I deserve flame lol. I ain't no special snowflake haha but like everybody knows, 90% of the flame is because the player is more toxic than Chernobyl.{{summoner:3}}
kullehh (EUW)
: keep up dude , you are inspiration
Thanks for the support {{champion:412}}
SeekerK (EUNE)
: You have a amazing will to do what you like to do! Awesome! Keep at it!!
Thanks, just really liked lol and needed something to spend my free time on :P
: o-o This guy is amazing.
meh just silver/gold {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Rodenskov (EUW)
: Prob using a mouse with buttons on the side of it.. My friend doesnt use keyboard at all when playing league. Only mouse.
haha , he be like lol is too easy, who needs a keyboard{{summoner:1}}
: But how are you able to type this thread then.
watch the video, you'll see me type =)
: One-handed gamer here, cheers mate.
: Cool! Got one question though, where are you from?
: isn't that beautiful to see someone with disabilities playing games normally?
Never thought of it as anything special, but there are definitely people out there that could have a much happier life if they could enjoy some games like the rest of us ^_^
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: Well, there goes that excuse now...nubs be like <damn! *sadface*> Keep up the great job, mate! Enjoy the game!
hahaha yeah, and next time someone calls you a handicap in game, know that some people might be ;)
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: The stories behind the Worlds x Zedd Music Video
If you actually read about the moments and thus understand the animatin HOLY SHIT does the song and video become 1000x better{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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