: Lets talk banner of command and ZZ'rot and Specialists
Both {{item:3060}} as {{item:3512}} where never in a bad spot: {{item:3060}} originally was introduced as supportive AP item. Than changed to a Siege Item for mages and eventually slowly redefined as an supportive AP until compleetly was redesigned into a real support item again. The item was concidered weak. More like situational, however unlike most other items when the situation did aply it was the best item in the game. It's still one of the strongest items in the game when the enemy decide they want to take a team that's heavy on AP. I do admit I liked the previous version of banner of command where with it's ability power. Their is litterly no reason why the item couldn't keep it's {{item:3105}} + {{item:3108}} buildpath. The reason it doesn't get build often right now is because the situation has to represent itself while stat wise the item just isn't as attractive than it used to be. Right now they just try to force the item as an cheaper siege option compaired to {{item:3512}}. {{item:3512}} was often even in a straight up overpowered spot. The item was so strong even supports that couldn't affort it bought it. It's nerfed so many times and even now it's still in a ok spot. ---- Both items are fine right now. They where never intended to have a massive bought rate than it originally had. If they really feel that banner is underused add some point they just can give it it's AP recipe back {{item:3105}} + {{item:3108}}. Other than that, I doubt that's really needed right now.
: Yasuo's most unhealthy mechanic
These are the issue's with Yasuo: Originally was designed as an Assasin to kill squishies. Later changed to a Skirmisher. This combination became problematic because he's not only good vs squishies. He's one of the best tank shredders as well. Probally the best tank killer for the toplane right now. Just from a design perspective that's really not ok. Things like Yi that has a less overloaded kit is good against squishies & good on 1v1 even against tanks. Yasuo goes a step further than that by even doing so in 1v2, 1v3, 1v4 & 1v5 situations. Additionally he has a much stronger earlygame than Yi. Yasuo need a direction, something what he currently doesn't have: * {{champion:41}} outscales almost everyone and even is good against tanks because his barrels can ignore armor. However to compensate his early & midgame is rather weak. It takes until level 14 till he can setup his barrels without counterplay. * {{champion:114}} is probally the best champion 1v1 even against tanks. However to compensate her early game is rather weak. Yasuo is a champion is a champion that should design wise have a weak early game. He just has to much abilities in his kit to survive it. The problem was that he's rather item depending with his crit scaling. So his earlygame needed to be buffed to get enouge gold for the midgame. That's why Yi is better in the jungle & that's why GP doesn't have that problem with his gold generation while Fiora isn't that item depended. Their are enouge youtube video's the show that his passive is not really the problem in his kit. In my opinion it's his ult armor penetration that is the real issue. Right now he's already strong against tanks with his crit and unless they are going for a randuin's they are pretty much screwed already. But than comes the armor penetration on his ult what just provides zero counterplay when he uses it. ##Suggestion Remove the armor penetration he gains from his ult. However when he activates his ult this time he gains the following benefits: * Critical strike bonus damage increase by 50%* / 65%* / 80%* * Number (*) that probally need tweaking Since his Q already can crit this would be a hugh powerup. Randiun's would be a better item against him & he probally will have to get a {{item:3035}} in the later stages of the game. He will do a lot more damage in the later stages of the game but it will take more items to eventually get their. He has to decide now how he's going to build. Will he building more towards killing tanks or will he focus more arround killing squishies. He will probally try to focus more on crit because of his new ult offcourse. I think this would be the best way to ballance Yasuo. Force him into the crit build he was designed for in the first place. If it's still not enouge we can give his E the ability to crit during the ult duration but that would probally be overkill.
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ZartarUK (EUW)
: Why are bronze/silver players obsessed with grouping mid?
It's easy, because they have no idea how to play the game and every attempt they do on doing the right call useally backfires because someone screwed up by lack of experience. I give an good example with lane swamps. When botlane useally get the first tower they can do 4 things after dragon is down: * Rotate mid if your midlaner has low waveclear. * Lane Swamp with the midlaner when they midlaner want to splitpush (zed, fizz for example) * Lane Swamp with the toplaner * Pushing out for the botlane tier 2 while having jungle support Useally the best call is to lane swamp with the toplaner because it gives you more pressure on the rift herald. The problem is that the toplaner useally doesn't known how to laneswamp properly in that elo. He doesn't known how to prep the wave and he doesn't known to rotate bot the moment the call is made. He will just stick arround thinking he can be off some use so you eventually end up trading towers with an cs & exp disadvantage in best case scenario. So it's kinda logical this elo just rotates mid because it's the most simplistic strategy that doesn't require that much experience to pull off.
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wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: I have no idea what kind of black box you are talkin about :I
Basicly some compiled code they bought to introduce some features for the boards. So they randomly generate bugs because they have no idea what's in the code.
JamenFar (EUNE)
: Zekes
{{champion:412}} will be good with it. You trap enemies with a slow than only for a slow to follow.
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: Rito what have you done to my summ icon :I
Looks like someone in riot HQ is toying with another black box.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: I get to d3 with Soraka top/mid last season. I play jungle this season because of current meta and preseason nerfs to Soraka. Its best role right now. I don't play support since s6 from one reason - even with same champion I have much less impact on game result. This impact is actually biggest in jungle over all roles because I can get them ahead and I can prevent them from being ganked with wards+pings. Check my match history, so many loses as Janna/Nami/Lulu even Soraka in support, warded more than enemy supp, usually won lane or just not fed, had 30+ assists, even some dragon steals. Yet I still lost because when its you in teamfight who survive last you can only watch enemy team bashing your nexus unable to do anything. Which is something that happens to me constantly when I play support (by force of autofill right now). Its really frustrating too when you see ppls lose easy matchups when I know I could be there playing even stupid Teemo and perform better than them. Support are this season in really bad spot. As a support and doesn't matter if If you are in losing team, you can rarely influence anything even if you play 100% perfect. You hook enemy ad carry as Thesh and still not enough. You are Janna use Q to counter Zac jump then use perfect ult and its still not enough. You play Soraka, you heal (W) your adc 4 times + ult + locket+redemption and its still not enough. When playing support role, you climb purely by luck nothing else.
I think you issue is more about the playing you have to play Soraka in the support role. A typical Soraka support goes goes like this: * You start Q * You spam your Q on the minion wave (preferable the caster minions). This creates a hugh zone for the enemy adc since he will often get hit by his if he want to last hit minions. You don't even have to aim it on him. You already won the lane when the lane is pushed in. * Ones in plat this push strategy becomes a little bit harder but it's still Soraka's generally course of action to carry a game in the support role. This time you have to communicate with your jungle & midlane. So long you can force a 3v3 or 4v4 you will auto win that lane. * You generally max like this: Q > W > E > Q > W > W > ... With two points in your Q you can hit the minion wave without killing them. With 3 points that early it might be a little bit harder so useally people start to max W after two points in Q. * As far itematisation goes just go {{item:3504}} and if you really noticed your team is that hopeless just get a {{item:3092}} but will rarely come to that. {{item:2301}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} will be your final build almost every game.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: This is why I can't win as support.
Jezus christ how did you manage to get to plat playing jungle, top & mid Soraka. I don't get why you just play Soraka in the support role as well since your biggest strength is clearly the champion mastery over that champion. You would probally climb much higher just by playing Soraka only. However I do recommand you start to add some meta picks to your champion pool because add some point it will be harder to get away with this.
l MrD l (EUW)
: Thoughts on the athenes changes?
It's a support item now. It was never intented to be abused by karma in the midlane. It's a good change. Useally enchanters go for {{item:3504}} {{item:3158}} {{item:2301}} {{item:3107}}. Now with {{item:3174}} they can start {{item:3117}} to max out the cdr.
din1812 (EUW)
: zeke harbinger REWORK in PBE 7.12
I guess you don't understand why they changed zeke's in the first place. They changed it up because despite zeke aimed to buff out all existing carries it still limited to a very small group and that where crit users and on-hit hybrids. When the item was strong it was forced into the itematisation and it create a big disadvantage when the support wasn't in time to finish it for his adc. The change towards it was more than welcome. The change to the item created two gaps: * An item to be able to buff AP users (what is actually questionable if it's really is a gap to begin with, maybe Ziggs adc get hit by it) * Support itematisation that has a combination of armor & ability power what's a big hit for some untraditional supports What I would like to see is something like this: {{item:3024}} + {{item:3113}} and introduce it as an catcher item. It could do something like marking a target & AP damage does bonus damage or something.
Tawheed10 (EUW)
: Tank supports are beast, but whos the best?
It depends on how you define tank support. If you want a true tank support than {{champion:223}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:12}} are the pretty much the only primary wardens out their. For Vanguard you have {{champion:89}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:57}} and for catchers you have {{champion:53}} & {{champion:412}} as far semi tanky goes. As far {{champion:44}} goes, he more like a enchanter & secondary Warden but is actually still relative tanky.
: From ADC to assassin
{{champion:84}} is relative easy to pickup.
XpEll1 (EUW)
: Riot's Instant Feedback
I agrea, ones your above plat having a smurf is just needed if you want to expand your champion pool on a competive level. We don't care smashing low levels. We just want to level that shit so we can play ranked (got leveling is awfull). We useally are getting quick to the mmr (useally higher) from playing roles & champions we don't play on our main account. Mechanically we useally are in a disadvantage since we don't play those champions very often. We have more game knowledges that useally get ignored by the team so we don't care sharing it.
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: Playing support will make your win rate gravitate towards 50%
In low elo I can 100% agrea playing support holds you down. However I disagrea with everything else you said in your post.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: 97.5% Get your made up facts right
98.5% your just a percentage off mate
: I mainly support, I know that feel.
{{champion:16}} building full support just did most damage on the team. I known I should have gone {{item:3089}} that game.
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DeathMaf (EUNE)
: Now 20 champions needed for Ranked instead of 16.
I wonder what happends if their comes a situation where 19 of his champions are picked or bannend and he's stuck playing the 20th one. That's pretty much the reason they increased it.
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hitted (EUNE)
: Rengar re - rework proposal!
I think the abilities to jump out of bushes should be implemented into his R and let it utilize more like on max ferocity stacks you are able to jump without needing a bush
GPet (EUW)
: "Yasuo will be banned every game, yada yada"
They don't ban him if they want to play him. If both teams want to play him than both team won't ban them. They also missed a ban so that would probally be the yasuo. Also if the enemy team doesn't have Yasuo you can't ban Yasuo.
sej twen (EUNE)
: i think this sounds like a nice change to give her more utillity, at the same time, having free wards on a low cooldown that can turn into a high dps zoning tool seems a bit too strong, it would be cool if they switched her power around a bit to give her more utillity, then again, i've only played her like once or twice, so i dont know the situation from both sides
I'm a Zyra main myself and every time I play her I known I have to stomp the early game even if my own team is holding me back. Originally was Zyra a champions that had two powerspikes: One in the early game and one in the lategame that she could speedup by getting her core items earlyier (similar to how caitlyn works). This is no longer the case anymore tho. Her earlygame got buffed massively and her core items where made cheaper to make her midgame stronger (despite it's still weak compaired to other supports). But in return they nerfed her lategame damage and gave every champion scaling mr while also nerfing her utility. Not to mentioned they introduced more & better mr items to the rift what offcourse gives out results we have today. Before her rework seeds gave vision over the entire bush and was a valid strategy used in both competive as solo Q for those who mained Zyra.
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: riot support will be able to help you, in maybe a week your game should be running again, the guys at riot support are great^^ https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us there is also a repair button under client, options, you should try using that first
I assumed this was an global error again since it happends after the big windows 10 update.
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: Windows 10 Creators Update - Mouse side macro buttons - Cannot assign/remap in game settings anymore
Corsair has this issue as well. It fixed for me after I start my client yesterday.
: Riot should create items/champions with possibility of 1v9. Items is the better idea
wubbuffet (EUW)
: support main
* Try to watch the mini-map add least every 2 seconds * Keep track of the enemy jungler * Rush level 2 (you get their after killing the 3 melee's from the 2th wave) * Use auto attacks (using attackmove can help with this) * Don't trade in cannon minion waves * Don't overstay. If the enemy backs and you stay in lane their is a big chance you will be in a disadvantage since you have no wards, they have more items and you useally have no information where the enemy jungler is * Use your wards correctly. You don't need to ward the river if you just saw the enemy jungler bot unless you notice your midlane is losing. * Get controle wards * After you won lane you rotate: * Prioritize the remaining outer turrets & other objectives * If both top & mid turret are still up. Go top unless you have a midlaner with low waveclear * When a turret is down get deep vision by warding the enemy jungle. Good luck
: As someone that is D4 with and watched a lot of LS(lastshadow) a coach that does tier lists. He does a list for every single rank(bronze,silver,gold etc). I rarely hear people talking about X champion is god in low elo unless they specify later down the conversation by saying X champion is good if you want to escape silver and get into gold(just an example) But yeah I see where you are coming from. However I can see a flaw in your logic too(not saying Low/high elo is any better). Casual for me is plat, while for a silver player casual maybe is bronze or something. My point is that "casual" is a pretty broad word the same way "low" is. So doing a tier list based on the actual tiers and not some made up terms like high,low,casual,serious etc would be a lot clearer( as LS is doing in his youtube videos)
Casual is actually a large term that is not defined by a percentage nor gives it an indicator based on rank. Overal the casual players is often used in the game industrie as the average person that plays a game and often is determed by the skill level of that average person and how difficult the game is. Casual covers a large width than low since low is based on a percentage unlike the term casual. Generally casual is low elo plus the above average group. But I agrea that it's hard to determ the rank it need to cover. I never said the list I brought up was design by facts. I actually based it on my own opinion based on the behaviour is a typical gamer. I took the term Serious because that would be the group that follows a patern where he's improving by for example playing and x amount of hours every day with the intention to improve while the casual player would probally just get drunk and playing AP blitz or just play competively but doesn't play sufficient to improve on a faster rate to catchup to the serious group. The thing just is if you behave as someone in the serious group you will eventually get their. I known this from my own experience. Add some point I made a schedule for myself where I would play 7 ranked games every week useally on a specific time. In the morning I watch a replay of those games. After that I did this for a month I reached plat in no time. The serious group is basicly a term in gaming you are doing something extra than the average person.
: I totally agree. There are a lot of people I play with who say "high elo starts at dia 2+", everything else is low elo. But I like yours more. "Casual" sounds a lot less condescending than "low" :)
Casual is been a competive term for a while. I actually based it from that: * Casual Player * Serious Player * Pro Player It just give a way better representation of the group you are currently in.
Doomley (EUW)
: I get where you are coming from but low elo doesn't mean 40% of the ranked players and neither does high. High elo is top 5% of players (around plat 4 atm) and everything else is low elo. It's just to clarify where the competition starts.
Actually most tierlist have a specific split between champion picks starting from Diamond II. So even that statement can be taken with a grain of salt. This doesn't prevent the fact that low & high are used incorrectly. Since that 5% is just the definition based on your own opinion. The mathematic term of low & high is 40%. In a different context this can be 33.33.. % when talking in middle as 3th classification or 50% when you specify their is no middle group. The one thing they all have in common is that the value that is taken is equal vs eachother.
: Play Annie rush sight stone and protobelt then Rylais. Pick more AP along the way, preferably Rabbadons and Void staff or go utility with Redemtion + Locket. ggs
{{item:3151}} into {{item:3116}} works better in my opinion. You can basicly solo kill anyone of a wall with tibbers.
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Hamze2011 (EUW)
: An easy, strong support
{{champion:43}} is the most well rounded champion for both casual & serious elo. {{champion:16}} is the strongest casual elo enchanter and get's replace by {{champion:40}} in serious elo. {{champion:37}} is the strongest snowball enchanter in casual elo. In serious elo she's useally replaced by {{champion:267}} {{champion:117}} is really meta depended. She's fine in all elo's but it takes champion mastery to use her when out of the meta. {{champion:63}} is the strongest damaging support. This can be usefull for casual elo to climb you way up to serious elo. --- Casual Elo: ... - Gold III, Serious Elo: Gold II - Diamond III, Pro Elo: Diamond II - Challenger
Eodin (EUW)
: How are Newbies supposed to learn the Game without masteries and runes?
I have to agrea on this topic. The normal matchmaking is just crazy. I can understand that the enemy team is slightly better when I'm smurfing but when they start matching high diamonds on the enemy team when I need to work with 4 bronze player those game get a little difficult. I have no problem when my team would be gold or plat in those situations but if you get into a game you known one of your solo lanes will be 0-20 in the first 10 minutes just because of the skill differents in those matchups you just get a random match outcoming depending who got the most high elo players. The runes & masteries is indeed a big issue. Unless you play {{champion:19}} you are basicly screwed in the current jungle. Even with runes & masteries it's already a pain their is miscommunication in champion select you endup with a {{champion:1}} or {{champion:26}} that even with kiting the camps becomes a real nightmare (a skill new players doesn't have). I think riot really need to look into the jungle for low levels. Seriously I would even suggest something like a damage reduction buff for monsters effect for players than are below level 10. Than they would add least be able to jungle a little bit and start learning the role just like any other position.
: yeah i was thinking about this one late game item that my build did not include yet i was unable to name it. Because threre is a slot left in my example build. Frozen Heart is the one that finishes my build. Games just dont ever reach that point for me. And Murksphere just seems like a early game version of Face of the Mountain to me.
The original Murskphere functioned really strange ingame. It's overal still an item that doesn't give you any combat stats in the early game. Having the shield would be their only way of defending that early game. So it won't be as strong early as you might think. But it scales way better towards the lategame.
: I think it has more to do with the reworked Doran's Shield allowing ADC to easier survive mages in bot lane. If (when) it gets nerfed, i personally think the meta will kind of go back to poke mages again
It will depend on how much {{item:3800}} will be utilized. The removal of the AOE speedbuff was hugh. However it still has an AOE slow so hard engages would still be alright. I'm not sure that poke mages will be in the botlane again. Add least for now. Marksmen have recieved a lot of sustain buffs to arm themself against poke mages so it's really not that oppressive than it ones was. A tank doesn't need to win lane to be effective since he naturally outscales in the midgame. To be exact poke mages are the ones that actually got a hit with all these changes. For example the {{item:3050}} rework the removes their cheap option for a armor/ability power item in the lategame and ever since the mr/level changes they really are stuck with {{item:3135}} in their build. It pretty much limits a lot of their lategame power in the support role.
: Well i was looking rather at Naut when i said weak toplaners went Support. And regarding CDR. My normal Tank Sup Build is {{item:3401}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3117}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3109}} so i agree with the lack of CDR yet i never felt limited. Maybe in prolonged fights but it almost never came to this. And one final thing towards the coin line: Riot said they will most likely pull the changes and think of something different.
{{item:3109}} is actually pretty bad for the lategame. Statistics have proven that the highest winrate for this item is when it's bought before 30 minutes. Lategame it seems their are plenty other items that scale better. Useally lategame those tanks go {{item:3110}} to cap their cdr. On this point they basicly have no real option to not remove this item. I think this would be a good opportunity to think about replacing the coin line with the Murksphere line (a black market brawlers item): http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Globe_of_Trust Offcourse they could make some changes towards it: * Murksphere line active is now changed to a passive. The shield will regenerate from time to time. Changing it into an item you actually want to trade with your enemy. The passive is disabled for a while when you kill a minion to prevent abuse by solo lanes. * Murksphere line gold rewards is 5% damage reduction when the shield is active * Murksphere grants you 5% cdr. While the upgraded Swindler's Orb will give you 10% cdr. * Globe of Trust should recipe wise give you 20% cdr. However it will only give you 15% while extending the cdr cap with 5% * New Item Eye of the Luminary (sightstone merge version) * Globe of Trust is the AOE shield skillshot. However the gold rewards with 5% damage reduction will also be aplied to this. {{item:3069}} offcourse need to be reintroduced as an item. Something like {{item:3105}} + {{item:3114}} would be nice.
: While i like tank supports in general it´s also a sad thing that many of the champions that will be and are currently played as supports are actually tanks struggling with top lane too much to be played there. Also a lot of % Health Regeneration will be lost on some items, which seems rather bad imo. Sure there is a tradeoff and getting CDR on Tank Supports is rather nice, yet lowering the amount of items with health regen is meh. And {{item:3301}} Rework looks wonky. Mana was no problem with the new passive and the coin drops. Rest is kinda fine imo.
I doubt the lost of health regen be have a hugh impact. The only thing that health regen did for tank support was been able to get bullied less hard in the lane fase. The problem was that they still got bullied hard despite having all this regen and it was only good when they where winning the lane what only happends when the jungler or botlane made a hugh mistake that shouldn't have happend in the first place. It was actually even so bad if a tank support wins lane it was actually a negative experience for the game itself since during how powerless the lane would play out. But despite all that enchanters had way better itematisation options so the managed to catchup in the mid to lategame purely by item synergy and naturally outscaling in the very lategame. Making the tank support not that great when the factor of winning purely depended on their midgame powerspike they had to obtain by outplay and abuse of enemy mistakes. Tank supports have enouge support in the lane fase now. They have the relic line sustain & two keystones that both give them great sustain & trading options. Their was actually nothing wrong with tank supports or their kit. Their issue was entirely involved arround getting outclassed by itematisation & build options depending on how the situation goes. It's still not perfect but compaired to how it is now. It's a massive differents as for outclassing in the area goes. That those untraditional tank supports struggle in the toplane actually has nothing todo with when they are played support. Actually useally when they are strong in the toplane they are strong in the toplane as well. To be fair {{champion:48}} & {{champion:78}} are still really powerfull toplaners. {{champion:48}} has been on the rise for a while now but got pushed back to the ballanced tier when things like AD {{champion:85}}, {{champion:157}} & {{champion:114}} start to apear that we all known are going to get nerfed add some point. Tank supports generally struggle really hard to max out their cdr right now. They useally can't risk to go {{item:3158}} for the needed cdr and most of the health items that grants them reliable tankness are often to expensive or to situational to buy like {{item:3401}}, {{item:2303}}, {{item:3083}}, {{item:3065}}, {{item:3001}} (current version), {{item:3194}}. This was one of the reasons why {{item:3107}} was so popular on them. I agrea that the {{item:3301}} line is still really strange even after all of this. It's clear they are trying to push this item line to catchers (a new class riot came up with). I have a feeling with the extra mana it won't be that bad for {{champion:53}} now. That's probally their goal with these changes. I still think this won't be the last change made towards this item.
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Loonstaa (EUW)
: Jungler's that don't gank.
The jungle was and still is a intensive resources area. You can gank all you want, if you get behind in exp it's all over when playing against an experienced jungler. To many times riot has tried to adjust this but every single time one group of junglers is going to abuse the system. Farming is an important aspect of league and even it might not seem as static as in a lane. It's still their. Their is a reason why not all champions can jungle. Some wrong runes or masteries can screw over an entire champion that is farming the jungle. It start with an level behind and they are forced to farm their way in order to keep up. Than if they try to gank but it failed their suddenly yet another level behind. The reason why their is so many flame on those junglers is because the lanes doesn't known how to play arround the jungler. If the jungle is behind and needs to farm you need to respect that. Offcourse they go 0-7 for been greedy and offcourse they refuse to invest into vision to cover up a weak flank. That's the differents between low & high elo after all.
: Completely tilting me
The system is pretty broken. It get's worse on higher levels. Currently level 26 on my smurfing playing against diamonds. And than you just hope it's not a 4v5 what actually happends so much lately. Seriously just got a 10 game 4v5 streak. Than the 11th game you play against 2 diamond 2 smurfs. Those normals are so ballanced.
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: Wit's end/ohmwrecker rework
I think {{item:3091}} is in a intressting spot. It does still work decent on champions like {{champion:19}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:10}}. The real issue is the onhit itematisation on it's own. On paper it's actually a good idea and it's really cheap. The biggest issue is that their are just so many better attackspeed items that can do the job way better. I think they should rather promote this items more into the tank direction like {{item:3211}} + {{item:1043}} could be really intressting. What I also was thinking about how about we fuse {{item:3091}} with {{item:3137}} As far Ohmwrecker goes. I think you would like this idea if you like that diver direction: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/689hrf/sug_ohmwrecker_rework/
Rismosch (EUW)
: What's up with Support these days?
In my experience it's often the reversed scenario from marcro factors that the adc makes that prevents the support from doing his job. I give a good example: {{champion:498}} {{champion:16}} vs {{champion:21}} {{champion:53}} The first key element to win this matchup is to have the push advantage. With the push advantage you can prevent Miss Fortune Q zoning that naturally gives Blitz the Q zone advantage since you already get zoned by the MF Q from standing behind you minions as natural counter against the Blitz. The first thing that happend in lane when I played Soraka is that I got flamed by Xayah for pushing the wave while having full awareness where the enemy jungler was located while having our jungler on bot side. Basicly we had full controle over the lane. Yet the lack of experience by the marksmen indirectly made the lane difficult for not implementing the most obvious strategy. His actions and his flame typing in chat litterly made him lose like 30-40 vs and prevent the enemy from losing 20 more cs. Basicly if he would be aware of marcro he would have had a 80 cs lead in that game. And not only 20. This happends in a lot of games and that's just one example. Over extending is second most problematic issue. The adc flames the support for not been with him when he's pushing for a tier 2 while the support is helping top for taking that outer. Marksmen really screw things up in the basics pretty often. In the end those passive supports are forced to win the game with slow pushes (and just hope they don't break by a greeding sololaner) or just play an full AP to cover the damage the others lost from feeding. Back the matchup. In the scenario where you don't have the lane controle you will naturally lose this matchup. Our team had a {{champion:24}} jungle and their team had a {{champion:35}}. Basicly the lane would been an auto lose if we didn't had that early lane controle and the focus would be outscaling from that perspective. Actually whe would have lost that game with the performance of our other lanes. Still I'm pretty sure the MF would be start feeding. You have to give up a lot of cs against a MF/Blitz with the push advantage with how powerfull the zoning and the slow/hook combination is. I would be a freeze on tier 2 while the support is roaming scenario. And I fear that would results into more flame from the adc since he proballly doesn't knonw how to freeze and giving up cs to stay safe is probally the same issue. Overal a lot of adc perform when having the advantage but ones they have to rely on macro they useally faulter in the ground.
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: lol who downvoted you,its true they dont care about afk/trolls
Pretty much the ones that are going AFK intentionally. The problem is bigger than expected.
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