Shamose (EUW)
: I still think that that's not gonna work. That'd just mean only champs that work without flash right now would take it. So shaco and maybe Hecarim. Flash is just too versatile compared to that item. Maybe a single use item like stopwatch would work for it.
Actually in the early seasons toplaners took Teleport & even Ghost over Flash so when these sums are strong enouge you would be able to take it. Ingame their are already a decent amount of champions that don't have to go flash like {{champion:35}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:11}}. I can see tank champion work with just Teleport when other items are adjuisted better to their needs.
Shamose (EUW)
: I'd like to see it back on ARAM. But on SR it'd be too much of a game changer. You'd have to balance a lot of assassins around the fact that they now have a safety device like this. Which wouldn't be benificial for anyone.
I think the only way it can be ballanced on SR is that you cannot take Backtrack & Flash add the same time. It would be an OK trade if they give up flash for it.
: It wasn’t that fun to play against... you can’t really do much about it and there wasn’t any clear indicator that it was about to go off so you’d end up with a severe lack of clarity. There’s certainly a niche for it but not in its current state
I can agrea on the indicator animation it was very unclear when the duration ended but I don't think that's something that can't be fixed.
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: I think Yasuo is missing something very important.
It would be nice if his base cooldowns where increased. They could ballance it out by letting his cooldowns decrease when using ult.
: Tank vs AP and AD the difference
Are we playing the same game?? Tanks are actually very decent against mages. This is during the nature of cooldowns. If a burst burns his entire combo to kill you than you basicly already won the teamfight. For AD is different because their damage output won't change from auto attacking you to dead.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: So why is it hard to solo carry as an ADC?
In my opinion you have two ways to carry the game as an adc in the earlygame # As a range adc example: {{champion:51}}, {{champion:18}}, {{champion:222}}, ... Ones you won botlane you rotate to top (or mid if your mid has bad waveclear or is losing hard). This process is repeated until you have all 3 outer turrets. # As a bully adc example: {{champion:119}} You soak pressure by moving up to the tier 2 tower. This gives you map pressure over dragon while also pressure towards rift herald. Your midlaner will be pressured less with the enemy mid rotating. Add this point you can almost 2v4 so useally a jungler or midlaner involved in a fight is enouge to win it. --------- The bully strategy only works well if you have a decent jungler/support & the range strategy is the safest but does require to have a toplaner with the brain to rotate lanes.
: you know oyu could report this bug in the client right i mean i know most of the time it doesn't help but hey maybe it will XD
I already reported this, but I doubt it's going to get fix without proof. It needs community pressure to bring this to their attention. Their are many bugs like this and they don't get fixed. It useally has todo with connection issues and that's the reason they won't get spotted easy from local testing. This is just an extreem case where a connection issue causes perma damage to the game.
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: Strongly disagree. Bard / Zilean definitely not. Udyr and Rammus - No. Singed - Yes. Allows to understand the role and climb. I would not recommend new players any supports outside of Annie and Morgana.
Bard actually has a very strong trading patern. You would be suprised how easy it is to auto attack trade against iron players. I'm kinda shocked his winrate is that high for iron. Maybe he's played in other roles but what I think happends is that players just follow him in his journey what allows them to win a lot of games. It's a little bit hard to find good picks for the support role out their since most iron players don't even play it. Even picks like Brand are strangely low for some odd reason. Zilean is an timebomb similar to champions like {{champion:201}}. The main differents is that Zilean has a better earlygame. You might been missing all the bombs you want out their. Just having the ult to revive the only decent player on the team is often enouge to get you out. You don't even need to hit the bomb on the enemy champion. Just waveclearing with it can get you far. If the game goes any longer than 25 minutes you autowin the game. Despite never played in Iron itself. I have seen the iron stream where these examples clearly are highlighted. Rammus actually is very good in lower mmr. It might not look that way but Rammus early ganks are deadly for players that never ward. He has a simple kit and his base mr actually is really high for an ad counter champion. He's also great against the only decent players on the enemy team that is capable of auto attacking. He's even that good he even works top decently well out their. Udyr strength comes more from the fact he has no ultimate. His base power is stronger. You can't fail using an ult properly if you have none.
: Riot, Im done. The game is not playable.
Ever concidered on hiding ally chat. Clearly your underperforming using & reading the chat. Your focus should be on your game & not on what player x told player y.
: Essentially list of champions for newbies.
I disagrea, mages aren't in a great spot right now. It's also worth to mention that Annie isn't even the best mage out their to play. She might have a simple kit. In this meta it takes mastery over the champion to succeed with her (what is show in the chart btw). If you take a better look to the list you will come to this conclusion: !! Don't go Nunu he's getting nerfed hard next path. * Top: {{champion:86}}, {{champion:27}} * Jungle: {{champion:33}}, {{champion:77}} * Mid: {{champion:38}} (vs AP), {{champion:134}} * Bot: {{champion:50}} {{champion:74}} * Support: {{champion:26}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:74}} If they decide to onetrick a champion you will get a different list tho. But these champion have the best base power in iron.
: Riot policy is an absolute SJW joke
Children respond, adults ignore, legends hide ally chat. Just think about what happends when you talk in chat: Depending on your finger level you will lose about 1.5 seconds of your concentration every time you use chat. Secondly you will lose out about 1 seconds of been able to respond on a macro play. The higher level you go the more important it is to be active on the map. If you keep talking you are losing time to be productive on the map. Basicly typing means you are drasticly decrease your chance on winning the game. So every time you are using chat you need to be aware that it's worth investing in it. Maybe it's to time a flash like "adc f 1720" or on lower mmr something like "Zed is missing" or "Zed roaming top". Most other things can be done with pings. So why would you spend your time to be proactive on the map to respond something meaningless to someone that loses you the game? Will that increases the chance of victory?? Hell No but maybe this will: to tilted ally midlaner: "don't worry dude, we carry" or "we got this bro". Every time a team is behind they are becoming so inactive. They don't macro the way they normally do. Instead of building up vision towards an objective they all walking arround like chickens thinking they can carry the game with a random faker play. Would it be nice when you see that Jax splitpush you ward for him. Or maybe you can inform your team dragon is going to spawn so maybe we can force or trade something for it. The reason why their are 40 minutes games where not a single enemy turret is fallen is a clearly example of these chicken dances.
SuperJunk (EUW)
: ARAM supports
I do agrea support items could use some changes in ARAM. In aram your an individual what basicly the opposite as a support.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: ok so you have absolutely no proof of the bug happening and every other source says it didn't happen i don't know man
So if the bank account shows your have 0 euros when just recieving your pay check you believe it. Anyone with just a basic understanding how coding works will be aware you shouldn't trust numbers just because you can load them from somewhere. If it's a local bug than the game won't show you this information when connecting to the server again.
: I think that I know what happened, but just because happened to me too a long time ago. You need to spawn in the base and buy an item exactly when you lose the connection for less than one second. The server don't receive any commands, but on your screen it shows that you buy that item. After you get back the connection your commands synchronize with the server and your item is removed from your inventory. And here is the unlucky part where you have that reflex that make you click one time on the 400g item and spam your clicks on the other item because you still get 2 of them no matter how many clicks you do.
Exactly my thought about it. But it's still gamebreaking when this happends in a competive match. Their are coding ways to prevent these errors. Imaging an lcs game where this happends.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: opgg says you got 3 pots replay would be nice
Replay doens't show it, the bug apears local. Have no ingame screen from it.
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: Lower division players in higher divisions
Based on the average rank you are matched with your MMR is relative low even before your getting this losing streak.
: U saying that while adc are the most broken role and everyone of them can go bot mid top or jungle because it works I think adc actually need nerfs not because they are too broken
The issue is when they ballance out marksmen you get other problems like: "Why would you pick a mechanical champion with a weak laning fase when you can just pick a lane dominant champion that is simple to play." So it's perfectly normal they are making marksmen overpowered because they else just wouldn't find play add all. Fanatic Reckless almost lost his job with that meta shift back in the day. Back than marksmen where ballanced despite everyone claimed they where weak. I have to say that marksmen are even stronger than they used to be right now. Their used to be a time support had more health pots & would outtrade marksmen early on. Right now things like {{champion:145}} can outtrade a fair amount of supports out their.
: Trynda support punishable in Ranked?
So long this guy is buying sightstone, lanes with you and doesn't take smite you should be fine. If this guy is a good Tryndamere player he's better off picking that champion than a random support he didn't play in more than 100 games. The real challenge is to adapt as an adc, perhaps picking up a adc with more early power or one with more peel. If your laning with someone that is autofilled you shouldn't expect that that guy would carry you.
appeltje (EUW)
: A critical error has occurred.
Has todo with the Framework update. Riot patched it now but unless you update the framework you will play with 10 FPS. Just do the framework update and your fine.
Salron88 (EUW)
: can we make the blue and red 3 monsters again so junglers waste more time in the jungle?
I disagrea on this, first of all this won't change anything about the clearspeed of a jungle since most fast clear jungler AOE camps down. And second that useally when a jungler is capable of ganking 6 times in 10 minutes it's because he's outclassing the other jungler. It's basicly the same when a Riven is 6-0 in the toplane. If both junglers where equally skilled, the other jungler would have covered or matched the play in another lane or created a cs advantage against the other jungler. In both of these 3 scenario's it would have been a trade. When the other jungler isn't capable of matching the play than he just isn't as good as the other jungler and you will have to soak up the pressure as the laner if you want to win this game. Laners can do this by controlling the wave better & waisting the enemy jungler time so in the midgame your team is strong enouge to contest them. This game is a good example of this: Despite the jungler was 6-0. They barely won that game. The enemy {{champion:266}} soak up the pressure & managed to stall it out to a point they would have lost if the jungler didn't got that {{item:3026}} in time. In fact they almost lost because of a solo Q play in the end. It's not like this is a jungle main, but the macro & mindset of the average jungler was their & it clearly indicates it's possible to come back from it.
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Soulrk (EUNE)
: How to support Ezreal players as Nami - seriously pls help.
I think they work ok together but you have to play slightly different. In my opinion you should trade more yourself & probally max E first. When you pressure them the Ezreal has an easyer time to hit his Q'd. The problem with this tho is that this won't work against hard engage so that's why it's so important to max E. The best part is when in a reengage situation it will be a lot more usefull to have this ezreal buffed with E than having point in W that won't reach the target.
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: What champion is your worst nightmare when extremely fed?
Probally would be {{champion:24}} or {{champion:28}}: Eve in solo Q because it's really hard to not get catched when you don't get cover of your teammates when you try to ward. I litterly have to ward brush to brush while having a pink or sweeper near every time. It's really exhausting since dropping a ward can mean dead and it's not like their is much counterplay besides getting a {{item:3102}}. It's worse than {{champion:107}} because having a {{item:3157}} is way more usefull & safe than having a spellshield that can be turned off by a single Q. Jax because he's really hard to kill when fed. His engage is solid & without a defensive item it's hard to survive. For Jax it's not really your life that feels in danger but more the teammate next to you that doesn't have a defensive item yet. Whatever you do, someone is going to die.
: Unskilled Report
The Unskilled Report brought nothing to the game. A guy can playing drunk, with one hand while watching Netflix all I care. This doesn't change the fact that a normal human being cannot perform on the same level every single game. Let's say you play 5 games. The first wakeup game gets a little bit sloppy but you recover & carry the game. The second game is tryhard but you carry hard. Even the 3th game you get a penta kill. Than you get to your 4th game. Your already burned out from the last 2 and you will notice a drop in performance. With the recent mvp & ranking players on every game in (still in béta tho) you can clearly notice how good a player is performing. If you notice your between played 5, 6 in your ranking and still win games your probally not performing that great today. So they should drop for today. However the reversed can be true as well. Let's say you just lost 2 games in a row but managed to be the ace scoring 2th place in both these games. It's safe to say you won't lose your 3th game if you keep performing like this. Have a check of the replay after that win & see what you did wrong in the first 2. Offcourse a player can still be reported for been unskilled when the account is under suspision of been boosted but you need proof of that and in order todo that a manual report is better suited for this. What I wouldn't mind tho is that this report option returns in higher mmr games (let's say diamond II & higher) to make it easyer to spot boosted account that ruin high competive matches. For lower mmr it just has a negative impact on the game so it shouldn't return.
: The Most Hated Role?
I think jungle but for different reasons that most people are saying. Jungle is a role where you get in one of the following scenario's: * If your competive equally skilled as the enemy jungler the game depends on the solo lane performance * If you are outmatched by the enemy jungler or the other way arround you can single handedly carry the game. What this basicly means if your a jungle main and the enemy jungler is autofilled you won the game in higher mmr. But it's a competive match your basicly the ring that supports the laners. I don't like that because this means that more competive my matchup is, the less impact I have over the game. While as laner I have to pray my jungler isn't autofilled or we insta lose the game.
APM Silence (EUNE)
: What is wrong with my MMR?
Jezus christ the average rank you play with & against is Gold II. You get high silver/low gold players in your games...
: The community is at its peak
I reported 20 people from my last 20 games. Haf of these people are perma banned now. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
JustClone (EUNE)
: Half of this list, wont work even in lowest elo... Why didn't you put every single champion here? Since you started ... fill the few gaps...
That's the reasoning behind the "OUT OF META" tag. This is a group of champion that can be played support but are currently not as strong right now, don't function that well against the meta champions or required really hard mastery over the champion to even make it viable. {{champion:1}} is a really good example of this. It's used to be good before the repeated nerfs she recieved. She used to be one of the best lol MMR champion to climb with. But this season it's exactly the opposite. So despite she isn't that viable anymore her position compaired to last year has been unchanged. Offcourse the meme that everthing that doesn't do damage doesn't work in lower mmr is true but this still doesn't mean you can't win games with it. Even with champion like W max Janna you can win games.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Thats a long post to just list every champion in the game, support is a role not a specific champion pool :P
New players often struggle to figure out what works in the support role outside the standard spectrum & recommanded support filter. They also seem to have trouble indicating the playstyle of a specific support. While this is just a list that sums that up. It should give enouge of an overview to figure out their playstyle & function in the game. This is the 3th year I do this list and it seems to reduce some questions in the boards regarding the topic.
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: Bot lane discussion: What kind of supports do adc players want in low elo?
Just keep playing {{champion:143}}, you will 1v5 add some point in time. I checked out your Zyra build and I figured out why you have problems: * Max E first, you need the extended root duration. I noticed you maxed Q in one of your games. The correct order is R > E > Q > W. You do start with Q in most situations and always start W second. Keep in mind when you start Q you need to push up the wave. Else hook champions can abuse this & land an easy hook. If you known you are going to get ganked before your 3 or they all-in you that you can't stop. Start E. * Place seeds behind the enemy. This increases your damage output against them. * Your E plants slows them Both your runes as your build seem to be OK. Keep in mind you have to go {{item:3165}} if your team needs it & your behind. If your behind and you don't need morello than build towards {{item:3151}} instead.
: Yes. Will buy and learn her, actually the wall in kit is good for someone like {{champion:67}} too-because most of the players playing her hardly catches opponents near wall to use E for stun in laning. Isn't {{item:3030}} also good for glacial builds? Or is {{item:3905}} preferred for range and finding opponents? Thanks.
The Glacial Hextech builds are starting to become popular and for the support role this is no exception. To give a good example, it's really popular on {{champion:432}} support & {{champion:34}} mid these days. In theorie it's really good but we need more time to figure out how strong it is in counter matchups. Their are a lot of champions that are good against these type of builds. The build is strong right now so feel free to use it right now.
MusicaroN (EUW)
They shouldn't remove promo's entirely, what they should do make it so you skipped promotions when your mmr is high enouge. Their is no reason to play promotion in a low division when your mmr clearly is tiers above your represented rank.
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: But... what about trying Kayle Support? As someone who played her as support, she is rather fine, but I'd probably wait until her PBE changes come live (ones which change the bonuses you get from your passive aswell as reduced CD on your ult).
I don't think Kayle is that good as a support right now. She scales better with attackspeed/ad right now and her early to midgame are very weak with the AP builds. Her numbers just aren't their yet to build her AP. As far the enchanter build goes. I think it's alright but still hard to pull off the build probally goes something like {{item:3174}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}}{{item:3165}} {{item:3102}} and only pick her against heavy AP comps as support. As far the catcher build goes that might work better for her with things like {{item:3030}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3905}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3157}} etc...
ijwerneer (EUW)
: Why people don't want to admit that ranked is not that well designed?
I have to agrea on this, climbing is in a really strange spot right now. I don't have much time to play ranked this year so I really hoped I could get near my previous division is less games. After an unlucky placements I was placed in Silver I. I won 1 games and got promoted to Gold IV without doing placements (is this a bug or a feature?). I starting to get 40-50 LP for a win and after 2 games I got towards placements. But than strange thing happend. Every games their was a ragequiter, a player that was running down mid and my best case so far a player on the enemy team that got boosted by a booster. I'm kinda shocked to say that in every game except in the one my router acting up (believe that where 2 games). Someone got perma banned by their actions. Even after 2 failed placements I finally skipped division to Gold II with still 25-30 LP for a win. My winrate really got hit by these events if you known I started with 64%. My recent games are alright, I believe two games ago I got flamed by a streamer. I watched his stream and reported him since he was flaming his team that entire time (we won that game). The mmr system is really strange, I get matched with and against players that are tiers higher than me (Plat, Diamond is often the case right now). I wouldn't mind since going back to plat is my goal right now. I'm not that ambitious since my original goal was just to play 25 games this year but after the placements where I got many players banned I realise I needed more to have a competive match again. We just mindblows me is that even after promotions it takes way to long to have your mmr be matched with your actual rank. I basicly have to grind myself towards the tier & division when I have proven time & time again I can beat a full team of these guys in my games.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Imo jungle should be less complicated... Not more complicated. Still idea of a ghost guarding your side of the map would be fun for lower elo players IF it would make invades harder and riskier.
I don't think the jungle is that complicated right now: * Krugs & Raptors (red jungle) gives the most exp, always make sure they are down * Scuttle gives a lot of exp, make sure you get one. Mid need to help contesting it sometimes * You take blue smite for ganks, red smite if you want to duel * Don't invade right now, in most cases it's not worth it. A countergank or free gank is better That's basicly jungle in a nutshell. Sure you have macro like advanced pathing, backtimers but laners have macro's specific for their roles as well. So I have to take the jungle is complex with a grain of salt.
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: Stop playing AP mages as supports
So long {{item:3165}} can be build by supports. AP supports will always be viable. Healing is so overtuned right now. Most bruisers have this build into their kit, most battle mages have healing & even a lot of marksmen have buildin sustain or build it. With so many healers & selfhealers running arround often result into grievious wounds been more effective than it should have been. You can single handed win a game by getting this item in time or lose a game by getting it to late. It's basicly a team version of voidstaff right now. You get it & win or you don't get it & lose. So it's not mistery AP supports are verry viable since they basicly exist to build it. {{item:3802}} into {{item:3165}}. This combined with the fact that {{item:3905}} is really strong right now in the eyes of teamcomps. Ever tried {{champion:34}} {{champion:432}}. It's nastly with {{item:3905}}. AP supports are fine, it's just because everything arround it sucks right now. Whenever {{champion:412}} popups in the meta it's a sign the remaining classes aren't in a great spot.
: Oh! {{champion:34}} support looks interesting too, time to learn her now. Thanks.
I wouldn't recommand it for ranked tho, a good Anivia player sure can make him work out their. But similar as Malzahar his early stats aren't that great in the support role. I did notice a high elo player managed to find a build that can make him work in more competive games: Runes: Glacial Augment + Domination + attackspeed runes Build: {{item:3098}} > {{item:3802}} {{item:3020}} > {{item:3003}} > {{item:3905}} | {{item:3165}} | {{item:3157}} | {{item:2065}} >>> {{item:3135}}
: Malzahar Support-Isn't it good?
He actually was a support a while back. Even was pick or ban in competive for a while. The issue with Malzahar support was that he became a better support than mid so he got changed. Now he's to itemdepended & his numbers aren't good enouge to be a toptier support. He's still OK tho but other supports with a similar playstyle just outclass them. You could say it's on the level of a {{champion:34}} support in terms of viability.
: Wukong's current state.
In my opinion his passive need to be changed: * His current passive Stone Skin needs to be moved to his ultimate. Currently the passive is kinda useless in the laning fase but really powerfull in teamfights. So just move it. His new passive could be something that helps him with sustain or cs'ing. Maybe even something that heals him when he attacks an target that is cc'd.
Akaillusion (EUNE)
: Yes Im gonna definitely watch 6hours stream of person I see first time.
I actually refer to what happens between 13m27s & 15m. Valkrin was an educational streamer that turned Coach. Currently he's a Coach for Misfits in EUW LEC. >### *The WW dc'd & fully reconnected on 2:59. Than he 1v2 on level 2 giving up first blood (for some reason he still got both buffs). The the Camile that got the first blood ints against Valkrin giving him the double buffs. Than a few seconds later the Warwick kills the level 6 Diana on level 3. It's Diamond elo btw*
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