: Do you think context SHOULD be considered when judging to punish a player for undesirable behavior?
I don't think their is really a point for adding the context to it. When someone punch you & you punch back. Your still both add fault. It's true that someone started it but what's the point of you both commited the same crime.
Jomos1000 (EUW)
: Remove tanks from game
The fact the example you just mentioned aren't even tanks really ends the discussion on it's own: * {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} are Juggernauts, and they really aren't in the best suitable stop right now * {{champion:19}} is a Diver, probally one of the only viable ones that are left. Bruisers (with the exception of the new and recent full scale reworked ones) in general are weak right now. Let me give you a proper list: * Warden: {{champion:201}} ({{champion:3}}) {{champion:20}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:223}} * Vanguard: {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:154}} * Unique Playstyle:{{champion:31}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:27}} * Juggernaut: {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:83}} * Catcher: {{champion:53}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:412}} * Diver: {{champion:164}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:131}} ({{champion:60}}) {{champion:120}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:58}} ({{champion:107}}) {{champion:72}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}}
Knorx (EUW)
: Not sure how you can sit there and say towers dont deal enough damage lol. In early game most champions die to 3 shots. Exceptions to this are tanks, which should be dedicated divers imo. Sej has her armor passive for example to make dives a possibility early on. What I would agree with though is that a Maokai shouldnt be able to tank 30 towershots while fighting two people in lategame. If anything I would change the way towers scale into lategame. On the other hand, since minions are so easily cleared towers are good as they are atm imho. Imagine towers being stronger AND minion waves being unable to survive for 3 seconds lategame. The only way you could push is with a frontliner to tank turret or a baron buff...so basically the way it currently is, but more extreme.
I never pointed out __when __towers don't deal enouge damage. In terms of the earlygame and in terms of raw damage (especially vs minions) the damage is just fine. The issue with towers right now vs champions is more regarding the Warming Up mechanic If they are buffed in damage it would be how damage Warming Up damage and how this scales into the lategame. This is how it currently works: > **Unique Passive - Warming Up:** Turrets gain 40% damage each time they strike a champion (Max 120% bonus damage). _Warming Up passive no longer partially resets when turrets switch targets._ The max bonus damage should scaling better into the lategame. It could for example get a 10% increased gap every 5 minutes. So in a 60 minute game the limit would be 240% after 6 tower shots. The limit would basicly works like this: * ** Start ingame:** 120%, limit reached after 3 tower shots * ** 5:00+ ingame:** 130%, limit reached after 4 tower shots * ** 10:00+ ingame:** 140%, limit reached after 4 tower shots * ** 15:00+ ingame:** 150%, limit reached after 4 tower shots * ** 20:00+ ingame:** 160%, limit reached after 4 tower shots * ** 25:00+ ingame:** 170%, limit reached after 5 tower shots * ** 30:00+ ingame:** 180%, limit reached after 5 tower shots * ** 35:00+ ingame:** 190%, limit reached after 5 tower shots * ** 40:00+ ingame:** 200%, limit reached after 5 tower shots * ** 45:00+ ingame:** 210%, limit reached after 6 tower shots * ** 50:00+ ingame:** 220%, limit reached after 6 tower shots * ** 55:00+ ingame:** 230%, limit reached after 6 tower shots * ** 60:00+ ingame:** 240%, limit reached after 6 tower shots * etc... A change like this could perfectly be implemented right now. However it still would be a nerf for the wrong champions. Moderns champions like {{champion:164}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:39}} wouldn't be effected by this that much. On the other hand champions like {{champion:75}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:24}} it does.
: > Unique Active: Dashes out of tower range, when you have tower agro you will block the tower shot that is traveling towards you. [40 seconds cooldown] Why do you want to make everyone a pantheon?
Pantheon's passive blocks 4 turret shots, not just one. That's a big differents, the turret shot block mechanic is just their to reward aggression. You are already doomed when your hard cc'd. It would really just to get finished off by a tower shot when you dash out of it's range. Even when you dash out of range. When you have agro, the tower projectile will still follow you. The mechanic also allows the divers to become the primary engage rather than waiting for the tank to go in. The block towershot can be utilized in some situations but it's basicly just a weaker {{item:3056}} in that regard.
: I don't think it's a good idea, towers are already pretty weak making it easy to cheese on your laner with early dives after first blood Making the process easier would just be frustrating to deal with
Yes and No, Towers indeed deal not enouge damage to champions. But implementing more items that help with diving would actually help. It might be enouge to finally buff towers again. Towers are nerfed so much because it slowdowns games. So by reducing this, it would allow them to buff them again.
: I like it, but maybe it'd be better to add a little change from it being abused a bit too much by laners: Make it meele only/make it have some sort of charges system that'd direct it more twoards junglers. All in all it's a pretty wholesome design. I wonder what the design team would think.
Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing regarding the melee only concept. Still sad for {{champion:6}} tho.
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: It's time for a NEW healer support :/
I think it's time for a tanky healer for the game. A champion build arround the concept where he heals his allies by using his own body. I'm talking about abilities like Alistars passive, Rakan's Q, Fiora's R, (Nami W) or even straight out new concepts that provides a mix between combat and healing. Think about an Aatrox that rather than draining health for himself he transfers it to his allies. The reason why this would work so great is that most healers are often very squishy and having a tanky replacement would make it a more secure pick. The counterplay however like grievious wounds would be much stronger on them what make certain poke support and other {{item:3165}} users very effective against them. So the typical type I would give him is Enchanter/Warden similar to {{champion:44}} or Warden/Enchanter where the champion is more on the frontline.
: Player reaching out for advice to reform
How about disabling the chat by editing the game files. That would prevent you from using it when your in the game. Another tip I could give you is to swimp that box to the left so you can't see the chat add all. The last tip would be watching your own replays. You will be less frustrated about others when you see your own mistakes. This is also a way to improve.
: The thing is, right now, building either one of those items, would be completely worhtless with the ones we have now. As a tank you can buy a knights vow to protect an adc or someone else, like a locket, buying the knockback item would not work because it doesnt offer much to do, think about it like this, you buy that item that shields the turret, or deals true damage to a turret, and does the little knockback thingy. Shielding a turret right now does very little , janna shield can be used on turrets but most of the time they prefer to shield a carry. And for dealing damage to turrets we already have zz'rot which scales with bonus hp for damage on turrets, im pretty sure you wouldnt want trick2g to get a boner and build zzrot , your item and have earth drake and take that turret down in 2 seconds. I agree that some items could have a bit of a mechanic to them to make it interesting. And as for your death timer reducing item, there was a reason why no one took the "less time spent dead" runes back in the day, it wasnt worth it, also there was the summoner spell "revive" which literally all it did was bring you back to life without a death timer. Your first item could be a cool little rune for the inspiration page, you start the game with one or two charges of that item and then you can decide if you want to use it on your turret, or the enemy. It isnt that good to be a standalone item, but a fun concept i suppose.
I honnestly don't think that true add all. Whenever an new item is released people will always find a way to use it. Even {{item:3056}} despite been litterly the worsed item in the game right now. Still is cost efficient enouge to make it a somewhere viable item. Even when the situation where it's actually a viable purchase is less than 0.1%. As far the first item goes. I'm actually very surprised that you would mark it as UP. In terms of stats it will basicly be Ohmwrecker with an actual active that has a decent amount of chance to be purchased in certain situations. It's true that {{item:3109}} for Warden like {{champion:223}} & {{champion:201}} is simply the best item out their. But that's not the group I want to aim add. The group of supports I want the item for is Vanguards like {{champion:89}} and Catchers like {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} and maybe even {{champion:497}}. It's true that Knights Vow still remain the primary defensive option. But league wouldn't be league if their where no offensive alternatives. In the perfect pre-nerfed world Blitz was actually really good with Righteous Glory. And many people still try to build it sometimes. The true catcher builds is something that I really want to push foward. And currently those options are very limited. While {{item:2065}} will make you just to squishy as a bold rush. RG recipe cost just isn't what a support wants. And when you finally got to the two your really stuck with defensive options because you already hit your limit. With how many unique ways I have seen people utilize the blast cones (hell they even got nerfed add some point). It can actually be really strong in the hands of and with mechanical players. I give an example: You have heavy melee team like {{champion:266}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:22}}. Whenever you clear the wave, only Ashe can actually hit the tower. You are add a point where your frontline can't force yet. Than this item can come in handly. Your melee's can get tower range and when something happends the knockback can help with the disengage. 10 minutes later your in the same scenario but now your frontline is strong enouge. Now those melee's can form a wall in front of the tower. If the enemy team tries to force something you can use the knockback offensively. This is just one example. And I'm really sure a lot of toplaners will smile when they read this. Their are so many applications that can make it a viable purchase. Actually {{item:3512}} was build a lot pre-nerf offcourse. Mostly on vanguards like {{champion:89}}. It's still ok and in let's say 5% of the games it's still a legit item to buy. I do think it's overnerfed tho.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] High Mobility Support
Basicly a combination of Bard, Rakan & Zoe. Ok, I like the concept but not the kit. It just doesn't add anything new to the roaster and it will basicly be a Rakan that works differently. Let me give some suggestions: * Character: Basicly a cross between Zoe (thematicly) and Rakan (voicestyle) * Passive: Ram Pressure: When ? moves in a linair direction he buildups movementspeed. When ? reaches a certain amount of movementspeed he will start glowing dealing magic damage arround him. * Q: "You fit well together": A linair skillshot that can be fired two times. When you hit a champion with it they will be slowed. When you hit a second one on the same champion he will be stunned. When you hit the second on another enemy champion or terrain they will be pulled together. * W: "O boy": Active: Links yourself with an ally. You gain movementspeed when walking towards him. This movementspeed buff is amplified the further away you are from him. When the linked ally is below 30% of his max health he will gain x armor & magic resistance for 6 seconds and your movementspeed while moving towards him is further amplyfied. "O shit, he's in trouble", "He's feeding again". * E: "Star Protection": Summons a star on the ground. Allies that step on it gain a shield that last a few seconds. When an ally pickups the star ? gains a movementspeed buff for x seconds. * R: "Can't Slow Down": ? becomes unstoppable destroying any terrain that he comes in contact with (only when ram pressure is buildup, terrain will recover after a few seconds) (terrain does slow him down). When he comes in contain with an enemy champion it knocks them back dealing massive magic damage and stunning himself for 1 second.
Caswell (EUNE)
: Silver division is killing me!
To carry silver you have to play differently than when you are playing in high gold or higher. You win early or lose by getting outscaled with unskilled carries or even worse when your team just never groups. Players litteraly jump their winrate with 10% ones their out of that hell hole.
yknurD (EUW)
: Boots Balance/Small Variety/League of Tabis Vs Mercs
How about removing boots all together. It's basicly a mandory item upgrade and rather than giving just 25-60 movementspeed as scaling depending on champion. As far hunter goes, it could be changed to an item that upgrades into some item that detach himself with certain items like {{item:3147}} {{item:3071}} etc... Than roaming, catching, engage items etc could be improved, buffed or altered. Some example of new items: * #**Flow of Water:** * {{item:3028}} (800) + {{item:3113}} * 40 Magic Resist, 40 Ability Power, 6% movementspeed (850) + 450 [=2100] * **Unique Passive - Mobility:** +40 out of combat movementspeed, increased to 80 when on the river. * **Harmony** * {{item:3142}} Now list as: * **Unique Passive - Mobility:** +40 out of combat movementspeed~~, becomes combat movementspeed for 3 seconds after a kill/assist. * etc...
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mAdhAt (EUNE)
: well, not much you can do, you did your part, so... RIOT standards. :D unlucky for ever makes me sad. I'm one of the players that deserve much higher rank and I'm unlucky for long time now since I hardstuck and even tho every game seems pretty much easy, I carry but I can't win.. for instance today I lost 2 games with my main jungler 20/9 the one I had afk(classic one), and 17/8 the other one(my team was uncarriable). So thank you riot that you f**k me up :D no offense, but it's all about luck
It could be worse, I had one game when I finally had a somewhat decent jungle and add least our mid wasn't feeding. So the game was an auto win. Than our jungle went afk... We still won that 4v5 hard. But after that win I realised my mmr was already f*ckup for this to be even possible...
archerno1 (EUNE)
: So if you know where he is going to be, why arent you there to counter it?
I played support, not much I can do about that on 2 minutes ingame
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: Any reason why promo games are rigged with trolls?
This placements 6 games with an AFK. You get used to it when it happends every year.
: > [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jLVYAHp6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-09T08:36:06.464+0000) > > I don't think it's fair to call it tank meta just because tanks are viable. Do you watch LCS and the professional scene? In almost every game, both teams that are playing have between 2 and 3 tanks : Top, Jungle and Support. I rarely see Dmg junglers, like Khazix or Nidalee, it is most of the time {{champion:113}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:72}}, supports such as {{champion:201}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:223}} and toplaners are always {{champion:14}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:27}}. So overall it is a Tank meta
Kinda sure it's because tanks deal to much damage. I still remember tanks disengage after their carries died. Now it's like they all going ham when that happends. Before you litteraly needed an item to deal some form of damage.
: I did that like 3 months ago, and it’s still disabled. With uncapped FPS I start with 160 FPS, but at 10 mins they’re already at 80 and at 20 mins 45. And even with the starting 160FPS I experience that annoying stuttering.
Than their is something wrong with your settings. It just turned on the patch from 2 days ago.
: First daily reminder that some players have FPS drops since 7.22
Just don't forget to check the setting daily: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/89wmax/reminder_to_disable_fullscreen_optimizations_if/
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: Update wards {Concept ideea}
Some wards have infinity duration and it doesn't exactly promote defending it. What I would rather see is that it's vision radius gets reduced while damaged and it recovers when it heals back up.
ThuIani (EUW)
: Item idea
Belongs to the meme board buddy
Youpwned (EUW)
: Disabling zoom without editing configuration files
Their are some good mouses out their with really triggy mouse wheels when not enough extra weight added to it. T'is was a problem for the recommended Logitech mouse when you didn't include the additional weight. You really don't need to touch it to make it trigger.
Rismosch (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CoolKnightST,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=sAUIK2me,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-08T19:27:27.299+0000) > > However other players will recieve an indication when one of their ally/enemies is chat restricted or banned. I guess you didn't read your own post. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Indication of a chat restriction doesn't reveal the flag. It's clear that someone that has chat restrictions will be flagged. Player don't known the chat restrictions are just from a chat restriction with a orange flag or a red flag. Black flag can in theory be detected with the full chat ban but it doesn't have to.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Bad ideas. People will start harrassing people who are "flagged" naturally. That's the reason why we can't see tihe other player honor levels actually. Putting the finger on people and shaming them doesn't help, it only makes everything worse.
> A flag is only visible by the player himself
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cFive (EUW)
: Should crits get removed/reworked?
With all those attempts to make the botlane more diverse. I think it's time to look into marksmen and how they deal with tanks: * A group that deals with tanks by dealing true damage * A group that deals with tanks by dealing mixed damage * A group that deals with tanks with mobility & attackspeed * A group that deals with tanks by dealing % health damage * A group that deals with tanks by shredding their armor & resistances I strongly believe riot needs to look into marksmen and introduce them as tank killers and not primary as carries that takes over the teamfights. They should be able to handle tanks even when they are behind. But in return they shouldn't be able to explode like they generally do now. Crit need to be reworked as an option that allows them to deal damage based on the target's bonus health. Additional they will gain some kind of mechanic (like mixed, true, %health, etc) that scales with AD and/or Attackspeed. Since marksmen generally get their hands on raw AD. They would be decent against squishies and when behind they wouldn't be able to deal with squishies but can still kill tanks in teamfights.
Pandeonor (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CoolKnightST,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4O5s061g,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-04-07T09:23:52.316+0000).... > * Be the guy that tells your teammates exactly what's going to happen. Just tell it them like a bot would do. Just give them the information, nothing more & nothing less. Eventually after 10-20 minutes they start to realize their is some truth behind the messenges and you finally would be able to controle them in the right direction. > > TL;DR: Winning is lower mmr is basicly building up trust in form of you having a massive high kda and giving information without been salty about it.... I think there is truth in this. I have some of the problems of the thread-opener. Even I managed to get from bronze1 to silver3 within 120 matches. But I fail to ping and write them what they have to do (or better what they should not do). Even. My adc´s are rarely willing to play safe at beginning even I ask them to do so. And the macroplay is sometimes really bad.
You can start small with things like: * Blitz on the enemy team: "Enemy might invade", "Care invade" * Shaco on the enemy team: "Care Shaco Cheese" * Twitch jungle: "Twitch might gank bot/mid on level 2", (2:00+, no gank yet) "Twitch might gank top" * Enemy full AD: "Enemy Full AD" * Enemy better Lategame: "We might get outscaled, we need to win early", "We have better early, they better late tho", funny this help so much sometimes; it can prevent your team for stalling because they think they are so far ahead. Knowning it's simply because we are stronger early might give a little bit more respect towards the enemy team so they don't throw the game all together. * Etc...
Antenora (EUW)
: Supports shouldn't be buying Morellonomicon. It's not designed for them.
It doesn't matter, since it's still a very key item for Zyra now when the situation in required. It's even a recommanded item for her. It's not like outside the role it's that great. Rushing it is basicly a noobtrap for most sololaners.
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: Vel'koz is begging for a new skin
I think chroma's with vx recolor (like maokai) would be a better start. Like this: https://i.imgur.com/CbIEVDU.png
: Is yasuo support a off-meta pick ?
It's perfectly fine to play any champion in any role you want. You probally remember the singed support incident where riot really came up with a different reason to ban him just because he played Singed support. The new ruling is as follows: * Players are able to pick any champion in the support role. * Players are allowed to build anything they want on the champion (however, additional Singed support ruling requires that have build or planning to eventually build sightstone later on in the game, with sightstone I mean the tier 2 support income item) * Players are allowed todo anything in the game as long their strategy has a supportive goal in mind (sort of a strange rule they came up with to ban the smite singed support). This basicly still means they are allowed todo anything so long it doesn't effects the win condition. For example if a Singed support proxy a wave in a game it's fine. But if he does this repeatedly every game on the same wave and that strategy results into a negative win condition than it's bannable (basicly something that can't be punished for 1 game). * An additional point to the previous rule and kinda is a rule on it's own. Any role isn't allowed to take over another role that endups effecting the other role in terms of winrate. This rule was added to prevent players taken over a role when they don't get it. TL;DR He's allowed to play {{champion:157}} support so long he doesn't take {{summoner:11}} and plays jungle.
HdtvSK (EUW)
: Tanks are not supposed to be low risk high reward
* Tanks are the counter for Assasins, that's perfectly normal. * Carries are the counter for Tanks * Assasins are the counter for Carries **Category 1:** M... > Vanguards > Assasins > Marksmen > T... **Category 2:** Wardens, Enchanters **Category 3:** Catchers **Categroy 4:** (Mages), (Fighters) The issue with tanks right now is simple: * Assasins counter Marksmen not hard enouge * Vanguards counter Assasins not hard enouge * Marksmen counter Vanguards not hard enouge. * Wardens are to mobile and deal to much damage. * Fighters generally need a rework * Mages itself don't need tweaks if fighters become a proper treat again.
walle01235 (EUNE)
: Low elo is impossible to be carrieed
It's possible to carry a game in lower MMR. However it doesn't happen on the normal way. You have to play beyond the limits of the champion in order to pull it off like: * Disrespecting matchup trading, knowning the enemy team doesn't known how to react on it properly. * Overstaying in lane, knowning you won't get punished for it * Focus part of your effort to set the enemy team behind to a point they are no longer able to kill your teammates (while you still babysit them when they does try to make a play on them). * Be the guy that tells your teammates exactly what's going to happen. Just tell it them like a bot would do. Just give them the information, nothing more & nothing less. Eventually after 10-20 minutes they start to realize their is some truth behind the messenges and you finally would be able to controle them in the right direction. TL;DR: Winning is lower mmr is basicly building up trust in form of you having a massive high kda and giving information without been salty about it. ---- I do agrea it can be hard. A few games ago I had a game vs a full sustain enemy team. So I snowballed with 8-0 kda with a {{item:3165}} rush. With an Vayne adc that I managed to get fed with 6-1 kda. Whe had a Zed winning midlane and he started to roam top to help our top. So basicly this should been a victory. Yet we lost. Our Adc never joined the teamfights (litterly never). I managed to 1v3 for a while but eventually we lost because that Vayne grind for cs and eventually died for it over & over again. The game ended with Vayne dealing 20k damage to enemy champions. Our Zed dit 40k, and the remaining two did less than 20k. I litterly dealed more damage to enemy champions than the entire team together as support. Ok it was Zyra. But really so much... I did about 120k damage to enemy champions that game... When situations like this happen I really bother on the state of the game.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Saving towers, longer sieges, more passive gameplay.
It won't drasticly increase the saving towers part. To safe a tower you need clear what basicly it limited by solo laners, shiv adc's and ap supports. If a 600 gold item can do that. It should be worth the tradeoff. This is only the case when nobody has used the item. People always think this will lead to passive gameplay. But the reality is that this is only the case when the tradeoff is not high enouge. Exactly the same with stopwatch. I actually think it will even promote more aggression and the ballance factor is easy depending how cost effective the tp item is.
Djo Bannana (EUNE)
: there is already a summoner spell for that no point in making it an item that will only slow down the game even more
Care to explane why exactly this would slowdown the game.
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: How do you counter Kai'Sa?
How do you counter a Vayne. You kill her early.
: To be a lone wolf or a babysitter (Jungle discussion)
In lower mmr generally the jungler that can gank the most and has high clearspeed is the best one. Generally Warwick is the most universal pick while. He's decent in teamfights as well. The second would be Vii. Getting out the adc out of the picture is a great strategy. The 3rth option I would take Zac as your team oriented pick.
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: How can I step up my play vs THRESH in lane?
Thresh is very squishy earlygame. Maybe you can exploit that. The second tip I want to give you is to win the level 2 and 6 rush. Also push them in. Any hook champion will have less chance to land a hook when they don't have lane control. This van be difficult sometimes however depending on the jungle and midlane matchup and it does require some communication.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: He is going to get another rework at some point yes. Just not any time soon.
It's a rather easy fit actually. If they just change it so champions can no longer travel with him in his ult and give him a mana shield upon arrival he will be so much better in solo. I do think that the current Ryze ult should be in the game, but not for Ryze.
Rioter Comments
Fajerk (EUW)
: That whole post actually cleans up confusion around the topic. Riot NaKyle stayed following: * report calling on it's own is not punished Obviously if it's connected to different types of offensive behaviour, then yes it could be considered as offensive, but again it's based on context. While it is hard to define "X" as definitive answer, just "REPORT XY" is not punishable offence.
This is exactly why we need a seperate option for it. It's indeed true you can't be banned for just this behavior. However it still effects the level and moment of punishment when an reportable offense does appear. So reporting this behavior does endup having effect on them. And frequent reported for this can flag their account what in the long run will increase their chance of getting banned when the violate another offense. If their is an option people would be more aware this is not acceptable behavior and again bring league a step closer to a less toxic environment.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: I think you should make it change to: "Untargetable by monsters." I think having a Untargetable DPS be a little broken for things like tank junglers. However, you could skip making it it's own smite; and change it into a greater rune. Like the domination version of Aery.
Forgot to mention that he becomes targetable when he takes on a physical form.
Cheini (EUNE)
: make dark harvest manifest as a wolf? iiiidk.. it would be cool and i like having a pet with me in the jungle, however only one strike... and, if it is untargetable, it will be way too much abused by tank junglers - i am okay with a cosmetic effect though!
Actually the idea is when he takes on a physical form he can be damaged by champions. He can also not attack enemy champions when he's in his spirit form.
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