: Ezreal wasnt strong in competitive play for 2 years. He got picked jungle few times only because for early team comps and strats and cheese ganks. Twitch and many other champs can cheese with more success due to either stealth or cc or mobility.he is strong with klepto but not overpowered
Has was never a bad pick in competive. He was picked very often for certain situations consistently. It's basicly Zyra between her nerfs and the ardent meta.
: That'd be a little more weird, given how they are all sort of anotropomorphic versions of creatures that actually exist, but sure why not. I mean, when was the last time you've had someone do Linnean systematics for all the wonedrufl kinds of dragons, wyverns, wurms and others that we can see in nature?
Ok from now on riot introduce the cancer species that contains the following champions: {{champion:17}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:92}}
: It's Riot's universe, they can decide whatever they want about what is a dragon, wyvern, drake, lindwurm or whatever. Yeah, there are some traditional distinctions, but seeing how we are talking about fictional creatures in different fictional universes there's no reason to treat those as anything more than guidelines. You could just as well complain about how mages don't have wands and don't chant their spells and everyone knows that this is how magic actually works...
So let's call Warwick a cat, Voli a potato and Alistar a chicken with that logic.
TTekkers (EUW)
: When Klepto Ez seems REAAALY broken
* Klepto is straight up overpowered. Their is litterly no agrument that can be used to justify it's not. * Ezreal is strong right now. But broken is a agrument that can't be justified. What I can say is that Ezreal already was kinda strong in competive play. And with the lastest {{item:3004}} buffs he's actually a solid tier 1 pick. So Ezreal + Klepto = Broken, mainly because Klepto. It's similar to why {{champion:89}} with Aftershock is so overpowered right now.
Rioter Comments
: Runes Reforged: What about masterypages?
You known you can edit runepages in champion select right. I do agrea it's bad coded tho. The delays to edite them is flat out stupid.
: So riot is scamming new players and no one is sayig any thing
Their system just isn't finished yet. It's just flat out stupid how they managed to release it in this state: * The champion shards are a good idea however: * Currently their is no reason for players to use the try out option. Using it will just burn out it's usage for essences or essences discounts. * They need to change it so you will recieve a perma discount (let's say 10-15-30%) in the shop for that champion when you tried him out. * Other forms of discounts need to be implemented: * Like champion level for champions you don't own will give you an 2% discount for every level. This means that if you manage to get honnor level 5 with the champion with playing him on free rotations & trying him out 3 times you will have a total discount of 40% on the discount and a total of 80% you if you use a 4th champion shard. So basicly players get rewarded for playing the champions they like. The more they play him the easyier it will be for them to buy them in the shop. I give an example: Let's say a player tries out {{champion:412}} (6300 essences) in free rotations. The player likes him and gets to level 1 with him (6174 essences). The rotation ends and the player can't play Thresh anymore. But a few weeks later he get's a Thresh shard. He checks the discount but even with that discount the player isn't able to buy him. So the player decides to use the chart to try him out again (5544 essences). This time the player reaches level 2 champion mastery (5418 essences). A few weeks later the player recieves yet another Thresh champion shard. This time he has enouge essences to buy him with the discount that the shard provides. So the player will be able to buy Thesh for 2898 essences compaired to the 3780 essences in the old system. #**HOWEVER** Even with all this discount it's still not worth to use the Champion shard to try the champion out and here is why: * (6300 - 40% 2th champion shard) - 1260 sold champion shard = 2520 essences!!! * So you are still losing 378 ip even if the champion shard would get all these benefits!!!
goodboy2 (EUW)
: AD Snowball ITEM plz
It was called [Sword of the Occult](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Sword_of_the_Occult) and it was removed for that exact reason. Why would you bring something back that was broken and caused inballance in the game. Besides that, lethality items like {{item:3134}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3142}} already do enouge snowballing. Especially with the armor reduction that was lost on the removal of runes. Lethality is stronger than ever now.
ArTanis4 (EUW)
: He already got reworked and he is fun to play now. But the titanic hydra bug isn't that important since you usually don't build it on Morde. Unless it is because of this bug that you don't do it.....{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
His rework was a bigger failure than the 3 versions of Ryze all together.
: Why is it called the "imobilizer" if it makes u more mobile?
I used the name "imobilizer" in the term "starting blocks". It's a tools that is used in sprinting. It's a funny reversed interpretation for it: https://www.wikihow.com/images/7/78/Use-Starting-Blocks-Step-14.jpg
Altiverse (EUNE)
: [Runes Reforged] Tanky supps build, 65% Item CDR!
It seems legit for tank supports that want to go into a defensive playstyle. Right now most tanks go Aftershock or Electrocute right now since Guardian is a little bit underwelming add this point in time. {{item:3401}} {{item:3047}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3110}} would probally be the build.
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Aramanser (EUW)
: Yorick's Q Buff needs to get reverted.
She does this mean Yorick surpassed {{champion:266}}. Intressting, still need proof from the pro's tho.
Nexusflip (EUW)
: Flat magic penetration, lethality and other specific stats runes issues
I thought it would be a problem add first however: * Armor & Mr runes are removed as well (that basicly nullied armor & magic peneration) * Only tanks recieved massive armor & mr compensation So this means you don't really need the mpen anymore. I still hurts a little bit but now these earlygame champions scale better in the lategame. So it kinda makes up for it. The lack of lethality & mpen will only become a issue if carries get armor/mr buffs to their base stats. I actually like how they ballanced things: * Carries are actually squishy now * Tanks are actually tanky now This is how it should be boys.
elin990 (EUW)
: When is someone a good support?
It varies depending on the support & matchup you are playing. But generally a good support does the following things: * **Controles vision:** A good support almost never runs out of wards, he calculates his back times to provide vision on the areas that need to be pressured. He knowns when and how todo this. * Useally a good support also covers the lack of vision controle teammates provide like when they forgot warding herald. * **Pressure:** This varries for every support. Useally this can vary in the following ways: * **Lane Pressure:** Having the trade advantage over the enemy botlane (like Zyra, Nami, Sona, ...) * **Map Pressure:** Having the all-in or engage advantage over the enemy botlane (like Leona, Annie, Blitz, Thresh, ...) * **Controle:** Having the sustain or disengage advantage against the enemy botlane (Soraka, Braum, Tahm, Janna, Morgana, ...) A good support knowns how to pressure these points even if it's not their main strength from their champion. They also are good add exploiting the pressure weaknesses of their counterpart. * **Use of actives:** A good support knowns how, when he needs to build & use an active item. He's capable of managing more than one depends on what the team needs. * **Knowns his tankness:** A good support knowns how long he's able to soak damage before he needs to disengage. He also knowns when he needs to make him the focus so his carry can deal damage. That are the main points I guess.
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Hakkiman (EUW)
: Enough is enough, Nerf Tristana
I honnest must agrea (despite your own reason totally doesn't make any sence). Tristana issues comes from her design and how she's been reworked over the years: Orignally Tristana was introduced as an hyper carry. An AOE damage monsters that killed her foes with her resets. This designed worked very well for a long time mainly during her amount of safety. However the weakness in lane controle made it very difficult to play her from behind. Than the rework happend. With additional strengths to her sieging. Her go forward playstyle became more rewarding. Combined with her range, this made her one of the best Artillery marksmen in the entire game. Rivalling marksmen like {{champion:222}} {{champion:236}}, {{champion:81}} & {{champion:51}}. Than it start to become a problem. Riot decided with the marksmen class update that she needed to become a midgame champion. So they buffed the hell out of her early & midgame. This change was barely noticable since she didn't lose a lot of her lategame with it. But than something really f*ckup happend: The marksmen itematisation buffs. This made every marksmen reach their midgame faster. So what happend as a result: Tristana became a massive powerhouse. With the following strengths: * One of the best hyper carries lategame * One of the best midgame champions * One of the best Artillery marksmen in the game * An marksmen with assasin strength (resets) * A champions with ok duel potentional **TL;DR Riot overloaded her** * Decent earlygame * Strong early-midgame * Broken midgame * Broken lategame Currently Tristana is a champion that is ballanced arround her limitation to freeze a wave. It requires a broken kit & remaining strength to ballance out this.
: The best Support champs?
Everything that builds {{item:3504}}. Used to rush it before sightstone you build it after the nerfs after sightstone: * **Controle:** {{champion:40}} ({{champion:44}}) ({{champion:497}}) * **Lane Bully:** {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:37}} Map Pressure supports counters Lane Bully Enchanter Supports, basicly means: * **Map Pressure Vanguard:** {{champion:89}} * **Map Pressure Catchers:** {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} * **Controle Catchers:** {{champion:497}} As a result the meta will be {{champion:412}} {{champion:497}} Counter for this: {{champion:223}} {{champion:201}} **TL;DR:** {{champion:40}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:201}}
{{item:3301}} edite: Old {{item:3301}} pre V7.8
l MrD l (EUW)
: i think i saw somewhere that its getting removed.... but id liek to see it reworked into an anti siege item sort of like a banshee/zzrot counter item
Riot still hasn't figure out that one yet. Reworking to this extended is basicly removing it if you think about it. An anti-siege item would be nice but I don't think Ohmwrecker is the right name for it. Example: #Amelio Thurible * **Cost:** 2100 gold * **Stats:** 40 Magic Resist, 30 Armor, 300 Mana, 10% Cooldown Reduction * **Unique Passive:** Harmony * **Unique Active:** Transforms your turret into a laser turret for 90 seconds. (120 second cooldown) (1200 range). * **Recipe:** {{item:3028}} + {{item:3024}} + 400 #Palladium * **Cost:** 2200 gold * **Stats:** 50 Armor, 30 Ability Power, 150% Base Health Regen, 10% Cooldown Reduction * **Unique Passive:** Point Runner * **Unique Active:** Shields a turret for 6 seconds. The turret heals from part of the damage he deals (120 second cooldown) (1200 range). * **Recipe:** {{item:2053}} + {{item:3108}} + 400
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: I'm not sure why people don't build this. I build it alot and abuse it's active and the {{item:2053}} movement speed it makes a 2 v 2 tower dive easy as hell and it gives you CDR !. I think the problem people have with this item is people need to have synergy with each other lets say I ({{champion:412}} ) am going to dive under tower and flay them to my adc. even if I spam IGI IGI IGI if the ADC doesn't know what this item does they will think i'm crazy to dive and they might not follow. I'm a little disapointed at the pro players for not building this at worlds there could be epic tower dives but as we know LCS stoped being fun a while ago so ... yeah
Ohmwrecker still works on paper, while he item is very cost efficiënt. The issue is the situational use of the item. The situational aplication is simply way to small. You need the item to early to make use of it's dive potentional since when it's getting late you are already tanky enouge to pull off a dive. It's basicly a situational into a situational item right now. If you would play over 100.000 games. Their might be one where the item would be intressting to buy (in an competive situation). The situation is as situational as buying {{item:3089}} on a support.
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Fłayboy (EUW)
: Support summoner name ideas?
* Salvum (Latin for to rescue, only NA & Oceania claimed the name for now)
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: I looked at your mach history and i see that you dont ward. You had 25 wards in nearly 50 min game, as support with sightstone and not upgraded ward at lvl 9. You had a pontencial for having 137 wards in your games (more if you buy red wards), witch is kind of not realisticly, but having only 5 wards more than your laner, mid laner and jg, would mean, that you only placed 5 wards from sightstone in 50 min game. You cry about adc not going mid lane, but this is actually not his job, if his support usnt good enough to secure a kill on mid laner, so they can push turret in 20 seconds or so. With bad supports, it often happens, that bot lane comes to mid, and farm there for 10 min, becouse enemy bot lane get there in time. (if you aren't using sightstone, don't buy it. ) there is a lot you can do as support beter and i know that when i was 6/6/54 at 38 min in game on my smurf (this is my smurf), and i had no wards placed, so my adc died becouse of enemy mid laner/jungler going bot. Adc job is to farm up, not to go farm mid lane at 7 min, if he gets his bot turret very fast. There is a lot more wrong with your post, and your play style, but i think i told you what you should improve, and why are you loosing games.
The fact these are normals, this is not the only account I play on & we just came from an ardent meta where sightstone rush wasn't an option. You clearly have no idea what your talking about. My ward numbers are fine. Useally I have 3-4 times the amount of wards placed vs the enemy support, this same number goes for clearing & controle wards. Vision is not the reason why those games are lost.
Rioter Comments
: I was not having fun, so the question is how much can his fun impact other peoples fun? And I never played drunk, why would I?
Because it's fun {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
LoSeRnAmE23 (EUNE)
: Flaming supports for their scores
Just takes the kills. The faster you get {{item:3504}} the faster you win the game.
Neid (EUNE)
: Stuck in honor lvl 2
Stop typing in chat. That should help I guess
: Is feeding drunk toxic?
In ranked I would say report. In normals I would say he/she is just having fun. A lot of feeders play better when they are drunk so I would call it an advantage in most of the cases. It's useally the ones that are gettng sober that start feeding. And let's be honnest, how many of you where actually guilty ones from playing league in a drunk state. Just to repeat myself: * If they feed in ranked no matter if they are drunk or not this behaviour should be punished. * If they flame no matter if they are drunk or not this behaviour should be punished. * If they feed with the intention to feed this should be punished * If they feed in normals while drunk & trying. This behaviour should **not** be punished. Their is a different between feeding by giving up and feeding by trying. Been drunk is a factor that isn't a reason on it's own.
: yea i wasn't really looking for others they were just some examples i came up with on the spot what most bugged me was putting rakan in the offencive part of the tree. while true rakan can make some huge engages it's much better for the team if he keeps close to the adc and plays more defencivly with all the healing and shielding. but i can also se why oyu put him in the offencive part rakan is sorta wierd from begining to mid and late game he kinda shifts roles like at the begining true you want to be agressive and throughout the mid game you're kind of a mix but in the late game rakan is much better played as a defencive supp true it's good to engage if you see a golden oprutunity but unless it's really good then it's etter to just stay back even if you waste your ult on just keeping the jax of your adc (can you tell i hate jax :( dumb malee hypercarry) anyway that's what my main trouble was "There is much to learn about this world." - {{champion:161}}
Offensive & Defensive are determed by their subclass. Vanguards & Catchers are offensive and Wardens & Enchanters are defensive. Playing defensive lategame is something that is often standard for every support that reaches that point and even than that factors depends on what kind of peel your teammates can provide. Even something like Leona has to play like a peel bot sometimes if no other peel is available. Another good example is Nautilus that can be a great engage tools but what's even better add is to prevent that fed Yasuo getting to your carries. He's basicly a living wall that hold everything that is near him. I never said this list is flawless. The playstyle of a support can be changed over the course of the game like you mentioned with Rakan. His defensively nature clearly comes from his strength in Controle.
: rakan really shoudn't be in any he can be played in a lot of differant ways he can be played like you said right or you can play him as a healer with a ton of cc same goes for braum he can be a huge lane bully and there are a lot more champions that can be played in the support role like galio poppy shen and other mages like lux and vaigar "I require a closer look." - {{champion:161}}
Every champion has a sort of Lane Bully, Control & Map Pressure. But often they excel in only one area. This is the category where I put them. Take {{champion:223}} for example. Clearly he has Map Pressure strengths with his ultimate. Yet he's still better add controlling the game by prevent any single target damage bursting down one of his carries. This makes him better add Controle than Map Pressure. Knowing this strength is very important for knowning your primary win condition with every support. I can argue that Rakan is close to be better add Controle than Map Pressure. He very slippery and can peel for his carries. Before the nerfs it was clear that Map Pressure was his thing and probally still is. Yet we never known what the future will bring. I had this discussion on reddit before. A lane bully requires to excel in trading during the lane fase. Braum clearly can be strong add that. However it's not his main strength and I must say he's not that strong in trade compaired to other lane bullies & his trade moments are very cooldown depended to be a lane bully. Additionally compaired with other melee's like Tahm for example. Tahm clearly wins that scenario. Braum scales really well towards the lategame and can shield projectiles while been tanky himself. That's clearly not something you want to fight when your behind. I didn't include the lower tier supports for the list. If I would place them somewhere than it would be Map Pressure for Galio & Shen, Controle for Poppy, Lane Bully for Lux. Veigar support is a support difficult to place. I would say Controle because of his winrate spike after 20 minutes in the role. Before it's actually pretty bad.
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LazySlav (EUNE)
: Make remake possible in ARAM!!!
Most aram games only last 10 minutes so an 10 minutes surrender would make more sence.
Eratos (EUW)
: Dude {{champion:111}} was support was bot..i was mid i won mid i got 2 lv ahead of enemy bot.I got first tower my nidalee jgl got feed too.When we fight we were 3v3 enemy bot and jgl vs me jgl and top. We atacked we killed ad easy peasy and then when we atacked nautilus that was with only {{item:3401}} {{item:3116}} +{{item:1001}} that guy couldnt die.. And i was 3 items nida too +2 lv ahead..This is the point i tell you.
That your bot screwed-up hard or got camped. Since that lane would be free. It's not always a good idea to gank a losing lane.
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Porumbar (EUNE)
: Elo and support role
You can carry in the support role. Saidly in this ardent meta it isn't as easy. This is how you do it: * **Pick an Ardent Enchanters with lane strengths:** {{champion:117}} {{champion:37}}, you can use {{champion:43}} {{champion:267}} but their ardent powerspike doesn't scale as hard as the first two. * **Pick an Roaming Support:** {{champion:53}} {{champion:89}} should do the trick * **Pick an Lane Bully AP Support:** {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:161}} Good luck
Eratos (EUW)
: Dude..he was tanky as hell with full runes ap..even if i was 2 lv ahead and smashing all skils on him.And yes his first build was {{item:3116}} Wtf you want me to say more.
I'm going to ask you some questions: * Why are you focussing the champion with the higher base health of the two. An tank champion generally start with about 580 base health while most marksmen start with 500. This means that it requires two more auto attack to kill him what is a lot early game. Additionally what skill did nautilus start. Did he start W because that means he would have about 58 health more (or almost 2 more auto attacks to kill him). You can say it's about a differents of 4 seconds between killing Nautilus & his adc. And that's without calculating the base armor differents and runes that might be their. * Did you look what items yourself & your marksmen started? {{item:1055}} will always win against {{item:1083}}, {{item:1054}} or {{item:3302}} adcs in a typical all-in. Additionally {{item:3303}} {{item:3302}} support starts will win against {{item:3301}}. * What sums where used, {{summoner:14}} will win over {{summoner:3}}. * What where the adcs, did they have a lane bully adc like {{champion:119}} * !! How many minions did you both have? Minions are OP early game. The minions deal about haf the damage as champions and cannon basicly can be counted as another champion. So if let's say two casters & 1 cannon minion is attacking you. Than you basicly are playing a 2v4. Never all-in in a cannon minion wave early game. * Did you use {{item:2003}}/ during the all-in? , how much potions did you both have before the all-in. How much health did you both start It are the little things that can screw over a 2v2. Replay your earlygame on 0.5 speed & watch closely to these points. I'm 99% sure you will discover what screwed over the all-in.
Phrase (EUW)
: When to pick which support
In a ballance meta you could indeed adjust your pick towards the situation. Saidly this isn't always the case in the ardent meta we have right now. This said tho their are some situations and factors you can use to decide for yourself. I give an example with the supports you mentioned: * {{champion:40}} is a champion that provides you with an early & lategame powerspike. The useally powerspike requires you to be ahead in the midgame what can make it a risky pick in some situations where the earlygame is very important. However with the state Janna is in right now her earlygame & ardent compensates for her midgame. Their are really not many situations where she would be a bad pick. Janna excels against hard engage comps. If the enemy team has a lot of melee champions picking her would be their worst nightmare. She's also very strong in situations where your marksmen benefits a lot from AD like {{champion:18}} {{champion:119}} that powerup a specific thing they can do in their kit. * {{champion:16}} is a champion that provides a lot of lane controle during the lane fase. Her poke allows you to pressure a lane very hard while ones 6 her ult can effects other lanes as well. Similar to Janna she's a great pick when ahead but Soraka does this globally. If one lane goes even her ult can make the differents. Her silence is also a great sieging tool what makes her great for champions that want to siege or poke. The only downsite with Soraka is that besides your silence your disengage is very weak what can make her a very risky pick against hard engage comps. You can describe Soraka as a mobile hospital that slowly recovers your teammates. She's a great pick with marksmen like {{champion:21}} {{champion:67}}. Both of these guys prefer to stay in lane as long as possible. MF like it because of the synergie between their Q's while Vayne likes it because it covers one of her biggest weaknesses. * {{champion:25}} is the catcher on the list. Personally she feels very situational, her E is basicly a free {{item:3222}} what can be very usefull against heavy cc comps. Unlike most enchanters her midgame is actually very strong while her earlygame is more of a setup tool. It's hard to judge her in the meta with the ardent sensor meta but it doesn't look good right now. She very different depending on how you are building her. This is a strength however, similar to Karma she can adjust her build towards the situation. Will it be the carry catchers or the enchanter that peels for your carry. * {{champion:267}} is one of the more lane dominated enchanters. A good Nami can basicly win your any earlygame. Her midgame is decent as well but her lategame isn't as strong compaired to other enchanters on the list. She still strong even in the ardent meta and will spike up again ones ardent is ballance and her midgame powerspike becomes more relevant again. **VS Poke comps:** Useally you pick hard engage against poke comps. So with the champions you mentioned {{champion:267}} would be the best pick. Alternative that are not mentioned would be {{champion:43}} (provides engage & poke), {{champion:37}}. You can pick {{champion:16}} but be carefull for Grievious Wounds Stacking. **OP Adc Synergie:** {{champion:40}} - {{champion:119}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:16}} - {{champion:67}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:25}} - {{champion:222}} {{champion:267}} - {{champion:29}} {{champion:117}} - {{champion:96}} {{champion:143}} - {{champion:22}} {{champion:43}} - {{champion:51}} Keep in mind that most adc & support work with eachother and it's mainly a different in playstyle depending with who you are playing. **Intressting counter matchups:** {{champion:201}} vs things like {{champion:267}} {{champion:202}}
Eratos (EUW)
: Meta tanks not over yet...next season?
Are you sure we are playing the same game. {{champion:111}} support has about 46.74% winrate in plat+, even in bronze this guy barely gets away with 50% winrate. OK he's building {{item:3116}}, did you known slows doesn't stack. His W will still slow but his E don't since that slow is stronger and will override the rylai's slow. So what he build was a pure luxery item. The fact that he got away with full AP in lane is really something. Did your adc auto attack him since with no armor I don't see him winning many trades. I have more a feeling you didn't known how to play against him and the really really didn't matter add that point. As far the new runes goes. I have test a bit on the pbe but I already known the tank meta is going to stick. I do believe it's possible we will see a lot of different picks.
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: Well, they are pretty heavily nerfing Ardent next patch. So, that might be the end of it.
And almost sure that wouldn't be the right direction for the item. Nerfing it over & over again until their is nothing left is a terrible design flaw. I believe they reduced it from 20 to 5 or something...
Rioter Comments
Kyuhn (EUW)
: I actually main Taliyah and play a fair bit of Aurelion too and I don't see a problem with their itemization. Additionally, I don't see a problem with Yasuo's current state. Point it out to me if I am missing it.
Yasuo is: * A lane bully * One of the best tank shredders in the best late-game right now * Kit that is designed to counter range matchups * A duelist * An assassin * One of the stronger midgame champions because of the armor pen and crit He's a very problematic champion for the following reasons: * His defensive tools are very level depended. As a result his earlygame can't be as weak as intented because how hard his earlygame could be exploited by counters. * Yasuo is a skirmisher this means a duelist that scales harder & harder the longer the game goes. Currently this scaling doesn't happen linairy. His crit makes for one difficult midgame ballance while the marksmen midgame buffs made his midgame way stronger than intended. This combined with the armor pen that already grants you a massive powerspike midgame. * Yasuo teamfight is not the best because of his assasin nature. It's still way stronger (in both damage as utility) than your typical assasin & skirmisher what's really strange actually since both roles are intended to be bad on teamfights. This guardian angel buffs just made it worse. Additionally riot is continuously buffing his strength against range matchups. So they really want him to succeed against them. Fixing Yasuo can go in many different directions but none of them would really fix him entirely. This is what I would do: * **Passive:** Get rid of the resolve passive: Think about it as a {{champion:80}} passive. It's a very problematic ability when trading against melee matchups. Buff his defensive stats to compensate for this. This would make his melee matchups a lot less onesided. * **Q:** Base damage lowered * **W: Wind Wall** This depends how hard passive & Q nerf is. If weak enouge the cooldown of this ability can be buffed. * **E: Sweeping Blade:** Now does physical damage but can crit now * **R:** Is now flat armor penetration, he also gains a shield now when the ult is activated He should be builded exactly like an marksmen with things like {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3035}} etc....
Kyuhn (EUW)
: Is there any new information about the next Mage?
Shouldn't the {{champion:157}} rework have more priority... Last mages that where released where {{champion:163}} & {{champion:136}} and both still seems to feel unfinished if you ask me. Maybe not with their kit, I have more the feeling their itematisation is the issue and I think riot should look to it again before attempting anything new in the AP category. Thinking about {{item:3070}}.
Vonyalo (EUW)
: Hope one day riot employee encounter only smurfs in their games
In my opinion the experience is only bad if the smurf interacts with the new players on an incorrect way by expecting the new players to perform on his own level by flame or unsportmanship towards his teammates and enemy players.
Renold (EUNE)
: The problem is that plat is higher elo then gold so its in a better spot still people here rage quit for simple thinks.Its just so stupid.They throw games harder then silvers and evryone wanna do 1v5.For real they act like real bots.
Ik don't think they throw harder than silvers. It just get exploited more if they make a silver mistake so it's much more noticeable. Than in silver where they have no idea the mistake is even happening in the first place.
: But in lower ranks, Caitlyn shouldn't be too hard: you can punish enemy champions by using AA if they want to farm. Soraka/Lulu is good for the Ardent build
Most of Caitlyn strengths come from controlling the wave and taking advantage of her long range. In bronze/silver and even gold most adc's aren't aware how todo this properly. Their is a reason why she only has a 48.26% average winrate right now.
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