Vonyalo (EUW)
: People are not getting punished for inting or staying afk and you want them to be banned for passing a surrender vote? That's very optimistic.
Only in clear cases the vote is abused by premades. It was clear that the adc & jungle Q'd together. The adc played bad but had a good score and the jungle actually did decently well. The toplaner was the highest rank & he had a bad game. The enemy team bullied him for it in chat (we report them after offcourse). I'm 95% sure the midlaner was a premade as well. But Ididn't check yet (the other two had the same club).
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Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CoolKnightST,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zGYtwJEE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-21T09:22:37.402+0000) > > * As a marksmen you are now able to pick {{summoner:1}} while Yuumi takes {{summoner:7}} & {{summoner:3}}. This way you save about 1300 gold of needing an QSS. Sure but if the enemy picks {{champion:72}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:6}} then you're gonna need a qss regardless.
It's more than just these picks. Even against picks like {{champion:412}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:111}} it's not bad to have. CC is the only thing that is holding you back in a all-in fight with Yuumi inside of you so if you take that out of the picture your can play a lot more towards & take more risks than you useally do.
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: Please ban/report more toxic Egyptian players to send a clear message
To be honnest they should stop censoring words because it can give a lot of problems in conversations. Their a dozen of normal dutch words that are censored causing misinterpretation in phrases leading to toxicity that shouldn't be their in the first place. I had this with a duo ones that basicly ruined the gaming relation because I told him something like he did his best. And one word scenored like "your ****". I had this with a few conversations with my real life friends as well. Add some point we stopped using it and just used discord instead.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Yuumi Builds? How do you play?
haven't played her yet but based on her numbers she seems to be very AP depended. The flat heal numbers where kinda underwelming prehotfixed. So I assume she would be building items like {{item:3174}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3165}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3905}}. What I theorisch is that you start {{item:3303}} with {{summoner:14}} & {{summoner:3}}. Than you rush {{item:2065}} or {{item:3504}} depending on the matchup. The second item would probally be {{item:3174}} or {{item:3905}}. I assume {{item:3165}} is your last item. In terms of boots I think {{item:3173}} but you probally don't need to prioritize them.
: i think her numbers are just too weak. but id rather have a weak release then an overpowerd release. Her Q needs some buffs
I would be carefull on buffing her Q since the damage numbers are still their. I have a feeling their is more an issue with the mana cost on it. Also the empowered effect really is strange in when it triggers. Maybe they need to lower the travel speed on decrease the empowered conversion to 0.75 seconds. The slow is also really strange. It starts with 30% up to 80%. That's just to much of a differents just to make sure they would max it first.
Mártir (EUW)
: Can you please buy Grievous Wounds/Anti heals, vs Soraka and company, please?
{{item:3165}} became the new {{item:3135}} of the rift. Your %%%%ed when they don't want to build it early.
: I think everything you’ve just said screams chogath... which is bad as he ain’t a tank. This is what happened with stoneplate... doubles tankiness and takes out damage, an item just for tanks... fighters still abused it, and then it got nerfed... Fighters are made to operate on one damage item, sometimes two... that damage item is also defensive so it’s making them tanky, so any item with gives tanks something based on their stats is going to work outright better on fighters than tanks, because they get the same stats as well as damage. We’ve been down this road too many times, adding tank items will always buff fighters just as much, then as fighters didn’t need it the item gets nerfed to oblivion, and then tanks are in a worse state than before. We need to stop looking at tank items and start looking at anti tank and fighter items, in the end it’s them causing the issues not tanks.
I can't really agrea that the issue is regarding anti-tanks since it's clear that tank have no proper items to begin with. The tank class as a whole has 2 subclasses (Wardens & Vanguards), 4 scaling types (Armor, Magic resistance, Hp & Mix) & yet only a handfull items that barely cover the situational standards of tank themself. We barely have the diversity for items for Wall tanks (tank that are capable of holding lane against an individual), teamfight items & rotation items (objective focussed) and don't get me started about shielding themself against true damage.
: cc in this game can be obnoxious
{{summoner:1}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3111}}
: Tank items really suck hard.
I honnestly believe we need more anti cc items for tanks that can't be abused by other roles. A good example of this would be an item that grants tenacity based on their tankness. For example: Grant 1% tenacity for every 500 Health above 1500 Max Health and grants 1% Tenacity for every 100 total Armor/Mr. When 3 or more enemy champions are arround and your below 25% of your max health this effect is dubbled. Or some after dead items: When you recieve fatal damage you summon a ghost that roots the enemy champion that killed you. Another one When you recieve fatal damage you detonate yourself dealing magic damage based on your max health. This could have a delay depending how strong is it. Or When you recieve fatal damage you turn into stone/tree/object that acts as terrain. Someone like Vayne would probally love this.
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: I have no problem win game's, game's are very easy to win if was matched with players of the same level of skill which is very very rare. Most time's one team is going to have a weak link making the game one sided to the point you're just stopping the enemy team or being stomped. Carry a game is very easy also if people would actually listen to your calls instead of doing what they wanted. Most game's are lost because people just refuse to listen to game winning calls then complain when it goes wrong they loss.
You can't expect people to listen. Useally when a player isn't performing well he useally tries to play his own game. From my experience it's the little things that help like making small plays with them so they eventually follow you arround. When a player is doing well and you tell them something they will useally listen so long none of your previous calls backfired. You actually don't have to talk with them add all if they are really trigger happy with the flame. Just ping when objectives like dragon/baron spawn. Ping towers and use assist ping for plays. You have to lead them into a rotation or try to involve them in a plan. For example let's say one of them is splitpushing top and you are sure he's going to die. Sure no problem. Let him pull the enemies towards them and take an objective across the map. Just a few words in chat and the question he want to try this on bot side. Now you just pressure the baron and you have succesfully create a play. The next time he will probally join you now since indirectly you made his gameplan yours.
: There needs to be an item that reduces shield power/shielding.
{{item:3024}} + {{item:1031}} **Unique Passive:** Abilities will mark enemy champions. Allies that hit them will consume the mark dealing magic damage (+10% increased damage when that enemy has a shield).
: Yummi and leaverbuster
Probally it will count as moving, I'm wondering if scripters are going to abuse this {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Improve your bloody ban system
From my own experience the report system works when you factor in what is reportable and what is not: For starters trolling & inting is a wide area to cover with and some cases can't be punishedt when this apears only in 1 or two games. Their are other factors involved how a player can be soft inting like: * Game related factors: * When a players main champion is banned * Get's autofilled * First game of the day/session * Matchmaking * Teamcomp * Counterpick * Unfamiliar champion * He's just bad * Personal factors: * Off-day * ill * Hangover * Drunk (please not in ranked but some special cases perform better) * Bad focus * Technical factors: * Internet problems * Performance problems * Rust problems (old laptop, etc) This is what we call the gray zone a place where about 80% of the players in your games will be located in. That Lux support could be autofilled, that Veigar could have lost his focus, that toplaner got counterpicked in a matchup he's not familiar with, etc... This is just standard stuff that will happen in solo Q and the one that handles (or flames) the least will win that game (add least for lower mmr). It's actually rare to see someone be punished with this type of behavior since he doesn't really break the rules. However that guy that tried to bring down the flaming & raging the guy will eventually be banned for 3 reasons: * He brings negative moral to the team (chance that guy will even feed worse because of it) * He doens't focus on his own game (every second he's typing and focussing on the feeder is a second less cs, objective controle, rotation, mapawareness etc..). Basicly your letting yourself lose the game * He's attacking a player Their are offcourse cases like T1 wannabees that indeed intentionally feed & troll but those are really rare cases. I'm not going to look into your match history but I can guess what happend: 1. The matchmaking is designed to match you in a team against a team that has an equal amount of total MMR so in theorie you should win 50% of your games. Al wins above that are bonus. 2. Champion select can be a big deciding factor, if you have a team comp that is so bad not even faker can carry it. I still remember that game where I had a teamcomp full of earlygame paired together with some support champions where it was 0-10 on the first 5 minutes. I should have dodged when I heared the Kalista was autofilled. 3. Focus on your win condition. Let's say you have 2 lane bullies and strong early jungler. Don't stall the game out for 30 minutes because you are going to get outscaled no matter how big your lead was. If you don't have a tank make sure you have the gameplay to still get you the victory when the game get's stalled out. That's it and that's all
: After getting banned I decided to fix my attitude, Ive gone from Bronze to Gold 4 (with Udyr).
They say every rage word is a cs, a kill or a gold disadvantage. Ones someone stop flaming the game get's easy.
: Mage items nerf suggestions
Mages items are fine, AD items are broken and their counter is soldly ballanced on grievous wounds and than you have tank items that is just a mess ({{item:3082}} line, {{item:3056}}, ...) I strongly believe that mage items are the best item class ballanced so far.
: every skill shot is edge to edge most point and clicks are center to center and some are edge to edge most hooks have a radius at the tip that is larger than the width of the skill shot thats how you get the hooks behind minions work (it's a mechanic that takes skill to utilize "high risk high reward") there is also Low and High Ground you should look up how that works too how about you guys educate yourselves on how the game functions before you complain? also some spells don't have the correct visual effects that represent their hitboxes Great example with that would be Velkoz W on one of his skins it's completely telegraphed while on his base it's not Thats why you also sometimes get the memes pay to win skin and pay to lose skin if a skin hides a particle or has a misleading vfx or just punch (bloodlord vlad)
I'm aware of the math behind it. I have programmed games before and that's exactly why I let my voice hear. Some RNG in these parts especially hooks are perfectly fine for the game since they are designed to catch people and have weaknesses like hit dependance like Blitz or slow travel speed like Thresh (it's even that slow on him it doesn't have proper animation, I kinda sure adding correct animation to it would let him drop a tier or two). This said tho, their are other forms of abilities where this form of hitbox aren't really needed. They often already have fast enouge travel speed to land (like Kayn) or are not depended for that ability to be hit in the first place. In terms of different visuals with skins goes, their is a reason why certain skins are banned for competive. Their is a differents between good RNG visuals and bad RNG visuals like I have explaned above. It's cool that experience can bring you far in this game. I have been in high plat a few seasons ago and I have my share of experience with those hitboxes but I takes a really really long time to experience them for every single champion. It was been 200 games (more than 6 months) I believe I have had a Kayn in the enemy team. This was a game where the Kayn made a mistake that I could punish. But because the lack of info about the indicator I flash E a Teemo to late. Playing league is already a hugh time investment and these type of RNG elements make you feel like you should invest your time elsewhere. Their is only so much free time you can make for this game ones you get older and it's not like this information is that visually highlight for every champion. Back when I was in plat I even considered it to add this to the wikia because how important this can be in your games. It just shocks me they even got worse add it over the years since they never where as bad on this on less hit depended abilities.
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: neeko and zoe have no mobility just mvt speed boost unless you consider zoe picking random flashes a reliable source of mobility in one of your last games you dealt more damage than your midlaner as a zyra support and you think she doesn't scale well? bro shes the queen of late game mages I'd argue her early is the worst cause no mana and late is slightly bad because of all-ins on her but still strong af because those plants damage is nasty
Dashes are a form of mobility too. Maybe Zoe was a bit overboard since you can't use it that well defensively but it was just a point I tried to make. I suggest you play Zyra support or poke champions in general a little bit to have a better indication on your own agruments. Their is no point in discussing this when without real experience on these type of champions but I will try: First off all it's a terrible idea to judge a champion on one specific game's damage mainly with not factoring the following points: 1. I main the champion, so I will generally do better with a lead the someone who would just play this champion from time to time 2. This was a normal game where people troll, feed, drink or play on public wifi jumping on one leg. 3. I'm not sure what game you where reffering to but was it a game where I was the only form of magic damage on the team? Generally when your the only form of magic or physical damage on someone's team you will score better in the damage charts. 4. I played a range poke champion. Generally poke champions will have higher total damage than their non poke and melee counterparts 5. I played a lane bully, a lane bully typically has higher damage early on where it slowly decays over time. 6. Gold lead can sometimes be a good indicator if this was an even game or not. I don't think this game was that even and can be used as an example. Second let's talk about Zyra as a champion: Zyra's is a catcher (former burst & dot mage). Her main point of strength was her utility & damage she brought to a team. She was a popular support with with how great the synergy between items and abilities was and was beside Brand the only real support back than that could cover the lack of magic damage on a team from that role. Back than we didn't had champions like {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:1}} that where capable of providing this with the itematisation we had in the day. An average Zyra support will top the damage charts. Especially in situations she's the only form of magic damage in the team. This is simply because how much consistant poke damage she has in her kit. On top of that she has very high base damage on these abilities. One of the reason why she scales so hard with magic peneration. For this reason her early damage is off the charts. So long a champion magic resistance is low enouge Zyra's will deal a lot of damage. However ones base mr from level & bonus mr from level are added to a champion she will loses more of her damage compaired to other champions.
: Uhm. Does {{champion:516}} count as a CC god then?
He comes close actually, in terms of hard cc 4 of his abilities have hard cc. He would probally be on the list together with the likes of {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:12}} etc... I'm not sure he would score a higher vision score than the others on the list tho.
: Zac mains, the day we have waited for 2 years for finally arrives!
I'm not sure reverting the ult is a good idea. To be honnest this wasn't really the problem in his new kit. The only thing I known now that he's going to surpass {{champion:111}} as the cc king {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Bloodiko (EUW)
: Sona too strong ?
Sona feels like giving the enemy 3 kills, than group and you win the game {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: zyra doesn't scale hard??? {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3165}} and watch enemy team melt
Not as hard compaired to other midlaners. Zyra has a lot of consistant damage and early-mid burst damage but lacks the consistant burst damage, defense and mobility to back it up. Zyra is a champion that is add her stronger in the midgame. The longer the game goes after that, other champions will just outscale her. Zyra is also very depended on her offensive items to deal damage. If she's forced to get an defensive item like {{item:3157}} early she loses out on a lot of her burst damage. In the midgame this get's even worse when their is a chance you need {{item:3285}} early and don't get me started over {{item:3135}}. Her greatest weakness compaired to a lot of other midlaners is self defense where Zyra has litterly non of that. {{champion:61}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:43}} have selfpeel, {{champion:142}}{{champion:7}} {{champion:103}}{{champion:518}} have the mobility, {{champion:134}}{{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:45}} have that all-in potentional, than we have the last group with {{champion:4}} {{champion:517}} that doesn't really fit in the other categories. That all-in category was where {{champion:143}} pre-rework was originally placed before she was reworked to a real catcher. So right now she's kinda haf all-in haf something else. She doesn't have the damage to match other all-in burst midlaners and she doesn't have the mobility or selfpeel to match the other burst midlaners. So in terms of lategame. All other champions with a similar role as her in the lategame scale better as her. So yeah she doesn't scale as other midlaners.
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: which champions do you want to see for the next reworks
It's funny because I really liked how Annie has been for the last few years but lately (mostly because the repeaded nerfs and champion releases) it feels like she's no longer that champion you can pick in certain situations. It takes so much effort to get everything out of her kit compaired to other champions that do a similar job. She might have an easy kit. The combination between certain items & keystones for her to succeed is often not worth it. I actually think Annie can be a great support pick in competive right now during the nature of her kit. But it would take so much mastery just to pull off one strategy that also has many risks you are better off picking something similar that takes less time to master and gains you similar benefits. This all said tho, we might need to wait till riot looks into Burst Mages since she's not the only one that performs very poorly when you think about it. So far only the new, overloaded or overbuffed ones are actually performing {{champion:142}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:518}}. How long is it been we saw a {{champion:4}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:103}} even {{champion:61}} {{champion:63}} aren't performing that well anymore and {{champion:7}} is finally ballanced for some odd reason.
: is zyra mid viable?
I believe she can be an intressting situational pick against certain champion for certain strategies. Whenever a Zyra goes mid you have to play a little different than the usual midlane. The reason for this is that Zyra doesn't scale that hard compaired to other midlaners and you really need to exploit your earlygame to make it worth pick her. #Benefits * Strong lane fase against certain matchups * Great siege potension * Great gank setup * Great objective controle #Coins * Fall off harder when behind compaired to other champions * Has little to no waveclear and you run out of mana quickly. Often you are forced to build {{item:3285}} early to keep up the pressure. Only when you are snowballing really hard you can get away with skipping this. Waveclear is basicly all or nothing on Zyra. Ones your behind enouge it doesn't even matter if you have the regen to clear since you wouldn't have the damage to keepup. * Weak against ganks * Is very team depended midgame
: Why do the trouble to make the support role popular when you ruined it with 1 tempory hotfix
Since it takes them so long to find a solution. Here's another hotfix: * Quest to upgrade to sightstone no longer requires gold and now is on a fixed gametime (let's say 9 minutes & 30 seconds with a timer start on 30seonds so support players will get the sightstone on 10 minutes ingame. This would solve add least the vision issue.
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ASorrowZ (EUW)
: NEW Aram - Feedback and Discussion
The bans are fine and it wouldn't increase the ban rates to be honnest. People will dodge when they don't like the random champion they recieve. If they start dodging because a champion is banned where they have 5% chance on playing it you should ask yourself what the hell you are doing with your life. For some reason I strongly disagrea with this post. I see ARAM games as the solution to play a quick 15 minute game before dinner. I don't want to see it as a 30 minute turtle game. If you lose the game, fine play another one in 15 minutes and even the odds. I'm not so sure about this poke damage nerf. I agrea with it a little bit but they might need to drop the reduction in the later stages of the game since poke team comps useally fall off lategame. Other things are fine
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: I need some advice (soloq)
Just follow these 5 rules: * If someone spread's negative attitude: Mute them & report them after the game. * If you lose 3 games in a row: Quick playing for the day (or some hours). * Always take a small break between each game. Take a little bit longer if you lose the game. * Focus on your own game, not theirs * Expect that everyone of your team is useless, braindead and never expect anything from them (think this, not type this btw) Respect these 5 rules and you will have a great time in ranked. Even if you lose a game, if you performed well it doesn't really matter if you win or lose the game. Some games simply can't be won and you actually will have fun if it's a 1v5 and you still play decent despite this pressure.
: When these champs recieve a rework the game will be at a much better place
Only Vayne needs a nerf from these 3, but none of them actually deserve a rework. The reason why Vayne is so problematic right now is simply because riot kept buff her %health damage to a point her base damage became stronger than originally intended. This buffed her midgame drasticly and how she is in terms of damage numbers so shouldn't be concidered a hypercarry anymore with how riot has been shifting her recently. It feels like Vayne start to gain the same problems Tristana had but created with different intensions. They need to be clear what champion they want her to become.
: %%%% riot games boys
> Specialist AGN: wtf > Specialist AGN: did u actually > Specialist AGN: just ban that > Specialist AGN: why wud u ban lee? -> Negative Attitude (unsportmanship) > Specialist AGN: hes not even trolling? -> Negative Attitude (unsportmanship, harassment) > Specialist AGN: wtf > Specialist AGN: gstar > Specialist AGN: what u doing mate -> Negative Attitude (unsportmanship, harassment) > Specialist AGN: fizz not much better > Specialist AGN: reset fizz > Specialist AGN: ill come once ur back > Specialist AGN: fizz > Specialist AGN: get out my game > Specialist AGN: ffs > Specialist AGN: not ganking mid boys -> Negative Attitude (unsportmanship, harassment, giving up, bullying) > Specialist AGN: can someone tell me > Specialist AGN: what fizz is building > Specialist AGN: why u trolling fizz > Specialist AGN: shutup -> Negative Attitude (unsportmanship, harassment, bullying) > Specialist AGN: hes trolling > Specialist AGN: i cbf > Specialist AGN: jax is losing vs riven > Specialist AGN: dafuq -> Negative Attitude (unsportmanship, harassment, giving up, bullying) > Etc... >Specialist AGN: report fizz gg wp >Specialist AGN: trolled te whole game -> Negative Attitude (bullying) Asking to report someone is a form of bullying and is a reportable offence!! --- Jup your deserved the ban {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Am I the only one who's scared to write anything in the chat?
Riot has to take this as serious as it can be else the toxicity will only get worse. It's really not fun to play a game after 3 all-nighters and having your ass flamed in a normal urf game. I smiled when I recieved feedback that they where punished.
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: So when are tank stats actually getting buffed?
They should start off by buffing base defensive stats for tanks and introduce some base % armor & mr. Items like {{item:3082}} would be one of these items that could benefit from a chance like this: * **Stats:** +80% base armor To give an example an Nautilus with a base armor stat of (35.5 – 99.2) will benefit more from this version after 6 where he will recieve more than 40 bonus armor from the item. Riven on the other hand will need to be level 8 to gain more than 40 bonus armor. While an squishy Ashe needs level 10 to even surpass the 40 bonus armor. This way squishy champions won't be able to benefit from tank stats as hard. I do have to say that we still need flat armor items and a lot of the existing tank items should remain in play. I do think however their is an opportunity here to ballance out a class more by addressing it's base stats. In general you can push certain tank items more towards the early or lategame opening up the item diverity for that role. Just like their are early & late offensive items for each stat. Tank will now have that same option.
: How to win in High Silver?
Not sure this aplies to you but generally Silver players often struggle when it comes to objective controle & vision controle.
: So when are tank stats actually getting buffed?
They need to buff base tank stats of tanks. I agrea it's very strange how this all worked out. I still remember the game I was 2 shotted as a full tank and it took them 3 shots to kill the squishy adc. Their is clearly something wrong here...
: Anyone else unable to login since the last windows update?
Turn off windows update server would probably solve haf of your problems
: Positional ranks have been cancelled globally
I'm so happy I didn't had any time to play ranked this season. I do think their is place for positional ranks but without taking a base rank into the calculation it would just be flat out outrageous like proven in practice. What should have happend is that you would have two different type of ranks: * Rank * Positional rank: Split into the 5 different roles. Positional rank should no longer effect your mmr. However positional rank will effect your LP. The higher your positional rank the higher your LP would get. Positional rank works with a seperate mmr system taking your rank mmr into it's calculation. Positional rank also work with a straight representation of the mmr rather than a promotion system. An example: Let's your your Gold IV, with positional ranks of (silver top, silver jungle, bronze mid, plat support, silver adc). Having this info will give your an understanding your an support main. Let's say your auto filled to mid and you lose the game because of it. You will still lose the same MMR like you used to be. However because your positional rank is lower than your actual rank you will lose less LP. This system will replace promotion helper where you gain a free win on promotions. Since you would still lose the same MMR as before it will be hard to abuse by players that want to downgrade the position in order to lose less LP. It's the mmr that counts. I do think it will help a lot when your are trying to climb with 1 specific role. It can feel really bad when you suddenly get autofilled. A second system that could be in place is the free win that we now have under gold. Let's say your positional rank is so much higher than your current rank you could recieve a free win in promotions to help you. Maybe we could even let it effect skipping divisions in some way.
Kian987 (EUW)
: Shen (8th attempt in 3 years)
It feels to me he just needs another rework. I always felt like the previous one was a hugh flaire. The blade mechanic didn't work out and what he suppose todo is all over the place. Als a rework I would start with building him from the ground up while only keeping his R. Some suggestions: * Twilight Assault becomes his passive: Shen doesn't really use his blades to cut enemies anymore. Rather than that Shen use the halter of his sword to hit them dropping that sword on the ground (one left on the first and one right on the second). He will do this every auto attack. So after 2 auto's both sword are on the ground. Swords will disapear after x seconds and will drasticly disapear faster after when out off a certain range. * Q: Depends on how much swords are in it's range (swords in it's range will be picked up): * No sword: Slows * 1 sword: Slashes dealing maximum health as magic damage and slowing the target * 2 swords: Cross slash dealing maxium health as magic damage and deals more damage on lower health targets (no longer slows) * W Spirit's Refuge: Activates when both swords in the map. Creates a dodge zone between the two swords. If no swords are on the map shen will only have the dodge effect on himself. When their is 1 sword on the map shen creates a dodge zone between him and the sword (keep in mind this range is limited, when shen is out of range of his sword only he will recieve the dodge effect) * E remains a dash, now dashing through a sword will give him a shield
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