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: Ziggs
The problem with Ziggs is that he suffers from many problem not related to his power curve itself. The problem comes from how his kit is ballanced arround the sieging concept from the first few seasons. Ziggs is an Artillery Mage that was a champion that had both good waveclear, had a relative safe laning fase and did scale really well into the lategame. He was basicly a great champion but than the waveclear changes hit the rift. This made it more difficult for Ziggs to stall out the game. His W recieved the sieging buff but honnestly it never really felt he needed it or could use it since where you manage to group for a tower you will kill the tower anyway. The W buff only made sure you could do it a second faster. Since it also was his escape I can argue it's not even smart to randomly use it. Because the waveclear issue Ziggs couldn't stall games hard enouge. It's not like Ziggs isn't a good pick. The issue is that other champions from the same class just outshine him. {{champion:161}} has more cc & a stronger earlygame, {{champion:101}} has more range & damage. He can kill a tower 1 second faster, great let's use it. --- #What needs to change In my opinion the W need a change a bit: ##Satchel Charge * **STRUCTURE EXPLOSION (change):** Ziggs abilities & passive can demolish turrets & inhibs below a percentile health threshold. 15 / 17.5 / 20 / 22.5 / 25% of turret's/inhibs maximum health In my opinion this would enchance Ziggs siege ability enouge to make him worth picking up again. Q'ing a tower, ulting a tower, auto'ing a tower, it would just give him so much more options to work with. He might not be the forever stall type of champion anymore. If you need a champion that can assist the splitpusher you have your guy. A splitpusher for example could get the tower low and than Ziggs ults the wave with the tower to finish it off while the splitpusher moves to safety.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: ornn adc with a mage support also works against low mobility bot lanes tanks can get through the lane effectiveness afterwards is sketchy but if you can get early 1-2 kills you can repeatedly tower dive so you can snowball like a monster
Actually with the extended lanes the tank carry should already have 3 items (armor, mr & boots). What's better than a toplane tank that probally still is working on his second item. Enemy champions don't go for penetration items besides {{item:3071}} till their 4th or 5th item. Even when they get it as their 3th item what is unlikely. The tank still can tank damage the duration of the midgame.
: Interesting. Imo, such composition works against specific composition and it is difficult against some composition like {{champion:51}} {{champion:99}} or {{champion:202}} {{champion:25}} (just giving examples from my experience). Because even with adc like {{champion:145}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:67}} ,I find it difficult as {{champion:143}} against these composition as they can literally stand far away and poke a lot; tanks for bot role is more like tanks for supp, rely heavily on the all-ins and if opponents play safe(which I expected in your game :P), gets behind in cs. It maybe a good alternative for the auto-filled adcs, to actually play a tank or a mage against certain compositions than playing adcs and die easily.
The stars have to be align to get this to work. The enemy botlane really did their best and so did their jungler. Whe where pressured many times but it really felt a lot of the pressure was on the support. I had to match trades, lucky enouge the malphite slow made it so I could sneak in some extra auto attacks and when they turned on me I had malphite to slow their attackspeed making the trade even more in our favor. This will indeed not work on marksmen that have a stronger trade patern. I even struggle against {{champion:145}} sometimes. It's just crazy that a marksmen is allowed to trade like that. {{champion:119}} forces you to poke more with your abilities but it's alright so long you don't push him in. It could be a difficult matchup with a tank carry but I think it can be managed since later on it will be harder for Draven to kill tanks compaired to something like {{champion:145}} {{champion:67}}. As far {{champion:67}} goes, well her laning fase suppose to be weaker. So long their support isn't to laning focussed it should be ok. {{champion:202}} is even without an tank carry a really anoying matchup during his long range safethy & trading patern that only has 3 openings (when his passive is full you can go for a short trade, when he's on the last shot of his passive you can go for a long trade & when his granate is down you can go for a short trade if your health isn't low. Jhin can really punish you with his ult when your pressuring. You really need to have a decent jungler if you want a fun lane.
: Ever since I got this crital error I get this on startup:
Can someone answer me if it's safe to just recreate this? I assume riot client did something with this and this alternation will let my anti-virus (AVG) think it's a virus so he deleted it. Should this be safe todo? > reg add “HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon” /v “Shell” /t REG_SZ /d “explorer.exe” /f > reg add “HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon” /v “Userinit” /t REG_SZ /d “C:\Windows\System32\userinit.exe,” /f > reg add “HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon” /v “Shell” /t REG_SZ /d “explorer.exe” /f Source:
BlackJoke (EUNE)
: Critical ERROR THX RITO ( Rankeds not turned off / no notification )
Update your drivers: * cmd > devmgmt.msc * Find your screen drivers (for example Gforce) and check for updates automaticly. * Restart just in case If it's still giving problems. Disable your anti-virus, AVG caused some problems this patch.
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: I just got this error as well. What the hell did you guys do {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Ever since I got this crital error I get this on startup:
CIique (EUNE)
: Critical Error
I just got this error as well. What the hell did you guys do {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: 9.14 will go into league history as the disaster patch.
Some champions are litterly unplayable right now during their unpredictable nature. Guess it's time to expand my champion pool -_-
: Also you get bugsplat when a windows popup apears when the pc restores from sleeping modus (wasn't a hard drive battery safe issue because this is turned off).
One more update on the Zyra bug: Despite the ult is suppose to be on cooldown when you ping the cooldown (or an ally pings or checks if her ult is up) it will show her ult is ready. This bug exist more than 2 patches now!!
: Zyra ultimate that doesn't deal damage nor cc her target * Ingame her ult doesn't apear and just goes on cd. * In replay her ult is visible and even knockups enemies but no cc (stun) is aplied to the target.
Also you get bugsplat when a windows popup apears when the pc restores from sleeping modus (wasn't a hard drive battery safe issue because this is turned off).
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
Zyra ultimate that doesn't deal damage nor cc her target * Ingame her ult doesn't apear and just goes on cd. * In replay her ult is visible and even knockups enemies but no cc (stun) is aplied to the target.
: Tank items=low gold efficiency
Their are a few issues with tank items: * Tank stats general benefit all champions in the game. Their is litterly not a single champion in the game that wouldn't benefit from tank stats. What is worse some tank stats even provide damage or allow champions to pull off a more damage oriënted combo that otherwise would be to risky. * Tank items are already cost efficiënt and are limited to their cost. If a full tank item would cost more than 3000 gold a non tanky champion would litterly be capable of turning into a tank with a single item. * Tank items are to weak when they can be shredded but to strong when they cannot. This is a problem for a long time. You litterly cannot win the game when you can't kill the frontline and this has been the basis of tanks problem. It doesn't matter how hard you buff tank item or make it more difficult to stack tankness. Whatever side manages to get tank shredding items first wins the game. It's litterly even that bad right now that selfhealing is a stronger tank stat than armor, mr & health. It's just crazy.
: Teemo's State
They did try to rework him some time ago but just failed horribly.
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Kerwints (EUW)
: I am fairly sure the baron thing only happens in Spectate, by the way. I have never seen it on live, but maybe that's just me. You can also see this happen when you watch LCS
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: They focus more on high elo, not low elo. In low elo I can take Malphite support (with {{item:3003}} and {{item:3110}}) to solo carry the games and all will gonna say that he is broken af, but in high elo he has one of the lowest winrates.
This is not true, in fact they nerfed champions many times because their strong presents in lower MMR. They did it for {{champion:55}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:19}} it eventually generates problems. One of the most familiar cases was the nerf to {{champion:32}} where he was nerfed for his winrate in iron/bronze. They really should stop doing nerfs like this since it can compleetly remove a champion from the game. Why would you main a champion that is unplayable as soon you start to get good add the game.
SmB Koji (EUW)
: Assassins are broken and are a design failure.
Assassins aren't really the design failure. The design failure is having Tanks & Assassins in the same game. Tanks want to be able to soak damage & assassins want to kill people. It really doesn't work well together. Yesterday whe had a discussion ingame when {{champion:141}} wanted to go into his assassin form. The discussion was that they had to many tanks and he won't be able to deal damage. He said, don't worry this champion has so much %health damage in his kit he would even murder tanks with it. The fact this was even a discussion worries me {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: {{champion:412}} can be tanky too; hard to learn and master, probably best overall supp.
Early he's kinda squishy without Aftershock tho.
: When will this annoying damage support meta end?
Despite it's true that the amount of viable damage oriënted supports have been increased. It's far from a problem right now: {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:99}} (AP build) are the true damage supports that exist right now. And so far none of them are actually add the top of the foodchain right now. They maintain to have a solid presence in the tier list but they are far from a problem right now and they are not the ones that are currently dominating the meta. What's dominating the meta right now are pick that have a hugh earlygame powerspike and useally replace damage with utility towards the midgame like: {{champion:43}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:99}} (support build) The reason why this is happening is {{item:3174}} is a really strong item right now and it put's these enchanters over the top. This is also a reason why picks like {{champion:37}} & {{champion:40}} have been getting increased winrates lately. Nautilus is popping with these guys is because he's tanky enouge to survive their early damage and provide great utility towards the midgame. He kinda overshadows {{champion:89}} right now because he can basicly do her job but from a safer distance. So in general terms the meta picks are champions picks like {{champion:111}} {{champion:43}} & {{champion:99}} (support build). The {{item:3285}} {{item:3165}} variant is only really stronger in lower MMR. I rather play against that than having to face a Lux with {{item:3174}} {{item:3107}}. {{champion:555}} is more of a popular pick that currently see's massive play. The guy sitting add a 48.53% winrate with a high pickrate (litterly the wet dream for riot). He's gonna stay their.
Qetynaa (EUNE)
I doubt that's the only reason why your banned. If not, contact support but I doubt it.
: "I don't care, this is my smurf account"
I don't think smurfs are the problem here. The issue is that they act incorrectly on this smurf without their main account getting effected. If you would be forced to create a connection between your main & smurf account a lot of this incorrect behaviour wouldn't be aplied in those situations. People flame, int and troll on their smurf accounts without recieving punishment. Since it's not the end of the world of that account get banned. They just hop to their next account and continue their bad actions. What should happen is that you can create accounts from your own account that can play in different mmr's. The skins could be linked together so you don't have to repurchase on those account so I believe many would smurf in a system like this. By doing this their behaviour wouldn't change since whatever action they are doing on that smurf account would aply on their main account. For competive players this would also help since riot could just give them an lcs account from within their own account. They don't need a new username or remember a new password. They can just switch from within their own login. Things like resetting an account would also be possible like this. Let's say someone practice a new role. Rather than doing the trouble of creating a new account and building it up. They can reset one of their smurf account (like to level 30 with resetted mmr) and play their role like this. This would benefit new players since they won't be effected anymore by ranked high elo players that are leveling an account. And when these new players get to their placements their is a higher chance they will start in an mmr suited for them rather than an mmr where they get on a 20 games losing streak to get to the rank they belong. #More details * You are allowed to create up to 2 smurf accounts (exception on lcs accounts) * Options: * Lcs account (competive/lcs only, default hidden) * Level 1 account * Level 30 account with enouge champions unlocked to play ranked (require your main to be Gold or higher) * Options on this smurf account: * Delete account * Account hard reset (similar like creating an level 1 account) * Account ranked reset (cost RP, you mmr & rank is reset but you will keep your owned champions, cannot be reset more than ones every 6 months)
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JustClone (EUNE)
: Man. I do not know what to say, really :) 47% win rate ... but is ok... Teemo-%%%in-support has better success rate... but is ok... Literally, only 3 champions are bigger trash than yuumi in the league... but is ok... Also from the graph of win rate by game length, I see: Win rate at 20 - 45% Win rate at 30 - 49.5% Win rate at 40 - 45% So her performance is as bad at short games, as long games. Only kinda works in games with medium duration. I do not know where your logic comes from, and if it logic at all... or just plain personal feelings towards the champion. Because statistic does not support your claims.
For starters Yuumi has a 10% playrate. When that many bad players play her you would expect her winrate to be lower than normal. Her banrate as a support is still the highest as well. In terms of 40+ statistics. Most games doesn't last that long above Gold (hell I would say even mid silver). The sample of 40+ games is so low you can't get good data out of it. Her overal placement is also the highest and she has the least deaths because you known why. You can see a similar trent of this statistics on her winrate by playstyle. Their are not many players that have more than 100 ranked games on Yuumi yet. So her winrate drops rather than rises the more you play her.
: Athenes literally is what makes yuumi broken in the first place because she can perma poke people for free stacking full athenes in 1 Q and burst healing 700 health every second health. Athenes just heals way too much hp
Athene's gives a powerspike to some champions that shouldn't be their in the first place. It's not just Yuumi but also champions like {{champion:43}} that suppose to get a winrate drop after 6 till later stages of the game. Athene's recovers this drop way to quickly. Some examples with taking {{champion:143}} as her matchup: * {{champion:37}} used to get soft countered by her. Ever since {{item:3174}} became popular on her AP supports are no longer that great against her. Now it's more of a skillmatchup with the advantage on Sona (it's almost a compleet reverse how the matchup used to go). * {{champion:43}} used to be a skill matchup with the edge to Karma. Now it's basicly a soft (almost hard) counter for her. Don't let the counterpick site fool you. Zyra's winrate against Karma is 50%. Lane bullies suppose to have a higher winrate during the nature of games that go without relevance of the matchup. Karma scales harder into the lategame making this winrate really unfair for a game length that should be in favor of Zyra. I'm still waiting on te numbers for the {{champion:117}} vs {{champion:143}} matchup when Lulu builds {{item:3174}}. This used to be a skill matchup with a edge to Lulu before she was gutted. The edge seem to go into Zyra's favor right now. Since the winrate of the matchup is sitting on 50% (when the athene's build is extreemly unpopular on her) it will provide some usefull information ones Lulu adapts her buildpath. If the winrate goes above 51% vs Zyra in the next few patches we have our answer.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: there was a change to athene recently? because afaik it works like this for at least 2 seasons now
Athene's was never indirectly touched, it's more indirectly by rune, stats & champion changes that made it sleeper OP. It's been more than a year now that it's in this state. 2 years ago it was reworked and the numbers where done back than what made the changes questionable. Now a lot has changed but the problem remains their. I actually have more examples on midlane {{champion:43}} & sololane {{champion:37}} that both used this item. I also remember some sololane {{champion:16}} some time ago. Even {{champion:61}} & solo lane {{champion:25}} was building it a lot of games. I have no problem with the item but when it's start messing with champion powerspikes you known their is something wrong with it.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Yes, the trash win rate of Yuumi, is absolute proof that this item is overpowered... No wait...its the opposite.
I will revert your statement, Yuumi start into an ok (relative weak state) and after her hotfix when players start to build her properly she became broken. She's nerfed after this and her winrate seem to be ok now with 47.25%. This is fine for a champion that has that much scaling going on and has a weak earlygame. This trend in winrate is more clear when you see what champions are near her position with timebombs like {{champion:201}} & yeah even {{champion:45}} support. Yuumi is a champion that get's stronger the longer the game goes on. Yuumi might be in a ok spot right now. Athene's was part of the reason why they had to nerf her as hard as they did.
: my fps suddenly dropped
Here's some tips that might be able to solve part of the problem: # In League * Turn "Wait for Vertical Sync" off * Turn "Character Inking" off * Turn 'Anti-Alasing" off # In Windows * Change power settings: It's possible some are not set on the highest performance when playing without a power cable * Also check advanced setting for the power on the hard disk that Windows likes to put into powersafe * I forgot how it's named but the gaming bar can cause problems with FPS, it can be solved by checking the options of the league task and turn off screen optimize. It has to be reset every patch tho.
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: Kai'sa is a perfect example of overloaded design.
What annoys me the most about Kai'sa is the fact she able to outtrade against most lane bully supports just by saving up her Q. It's hard to end trading with her because of her E. If you compaired this so Vayne she has to use her dash after a trade to make up for the damage she has recieved. But for Kai'sa you already start with an even ground before she even use her dash. It feels really strange she has such an strong lane fase for an hypercarry. Secondly her W hitbox is kinda busted. Good lord it's on a high cooldown or else it would been Nidalee spears 2.0.
: It's a cool concept, how would it interact with turrets, minions and neutral monsters though?
I would limit it to champion damage so you are really forced to soak damage.
: {{champion:412}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:54}}
{{champion:412}} is a catcher {{champion:106}} & {{champion:82}} are juggernauts {{champion:54}} is indeed a tank but I wouldn't pick him up in the support role right now. His passive aggressive playstyle doesn't really fit the meta and he feels like needed more AP to succeed right now. He might need some love in the future. edit: Mb thought he asked for just tanks Than he can add {{champion:48}} to the mix as well.
: what is a good tanky support?
In the current meta {{champion:111}} is your best bet. Your backup could be {{champion:89}}. {{champion:12}} seems to be ok right now. My only fear is that he will get nerfed again as soon he see's pro play again. Basicly a similar situation you have with {{champion:201}} & {{champion:223}}. Both {{champion:98}} & {{champion:78}} are a questionmark to me right now. The last Poppy changes where intressting for her support position. But I never put it into testing myself. Shen seems to be a better toplaner right now. {{champion:154}} is another questionmark. The ult changes looked intressting. But again I didn't test it yet. {{champion:14}} used to be an OP support. No idea how good he is their add the moment.
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: I meant online dating but in irl its almost the same. If you aren't handsome or very charismatic then you won't get a gf. And when I say handsome I mean, really %%%%ing handsome, Antonio Banderas type of handsome. Otherwise you need to be charismatic like me, which sucks balls coz u have to tryhard irl xd For man its more like if a girl is average looking then she is good enough and we date her, but woman go after man that are not even interested in them. Then they suffer and claim that man are pigs. Then they understand what they did and eventually go for that average man. Eventually. Not because he is a good person but because he was her last stand. The last choice she had. I hate such woman. I despise them. At least woman I've met were not all like that. I was hurt by woman but there were some good woman as well. The mindset of modern woman is %%%%ed up. Man too, they go for every chick that exists. At least have some pride and go for pretty ones. And what the %%%% is with watching Twitch %%%%s and paying them for doing nothing. Absolutelly nothing. If I had to pay money to woman then I would expect her at least to suck my %%%% but those horny idiots pay for watching ... something that they can do for free. What a waste of money. And when those %%%%s dance they are horrible. They really suck at it.
Online dating indeed has some bad qualities and in my opinion almost everyone that is doing it is very inmature, has a depression or doesn't take it serious and that's about 5% of the playerbase. The other 95% are a combination of bots & fake account mostly used for entertaiment, advertising or cams. But don't get me wrong, it can have it's positives sides. I have met the women of my life through an dating app. However it was in combination of having mutual friends that triggered it. So in my opinion online dating can only benefit you if you have a good social life next to it. Anyone that see's online dating as a miracle service your better off with working on yourself and let the ones that finally mature come to you.
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MagicTS (EUW)
: Is it advisable for new players to level to 30 before going draft/ranked?
In my opinion you should play add least 100 normal games before you start going ranked. The league placement system places you higher than your current skill level as a new player. So ones you have done your placements you will start dropping in rank. Some smurfs might let you maintain your rank a bit but this will only severe the blow when you do start to drop (since it won't feel like your improving).
: If adc is the worst role, and support is the 2nd worst role. How about being the %%%%ing jungler trying to get ur %%%%ing red and ur toplaner already pinging you for a %%%%ing gank ? Like wtf ? ADC isn't the worst role at all. I lose most of my games because of botlane. I help all the team and try to counter gank and invade enemy jungle and protect lanes while they are roaming but no result ? You never felt being a jungler as Kayn and try to power farm and ur mid is dead. JUNGLE IS THE WORST ROLE WRYYYYYY
Junglers only gain problems when both solo laners don't perform well. This are moments when the enemy is allowed to freely walk into your jungle making it harder for you to play the game. You have to focus all your attention on botlane but it's still a better scenario than playing botlane yourself. They litterly have the exact same problem as the jungle does but they actually need the jungler to snowball leads from that point on. The game is basicly in a jungler hands add that point. So that's why botlane is much worse in lower elo since low elo junglers aren't going to rotate to botlane. They are just going to try to get a kill in a solo lane that's already losing making it even worse and the best part is that the jungler useally in start the snowball in one of the solo lanes. So basicly you have a lot of controle as a jungler in the lower brackets. Even in the worse case scenario you could just AFK farm and blow up their carries as {{champion:28}} and win the game out of it.
Careful (EUW)
: Why do promotion series exist?
I think the discussion should be more about if their should be promo's between divisions. Between tiers it's fine in my opinion.
Salron88 (EUW)
: gated im ok with but not given a gold 4 adc to gate me. give me the plat guys or high gold i deserve. a difference of plat 4 to gold 4 its disturbing. even more when the gold 4 is the adc. support can only do so much to carry lane even as a sona.
From experience from previous seasons it can be worse. Supporting below high gold used to be a nightmare. It was tryhard every game. I didn't felt that same pressure when I got higher. You will still have games where your team feed, from every role perspective it can happen. But from the support position it just was so much worse. I had games where I did the most damage on the team as Nami. It was mindblowing my physical damage to champions was higher than my adc (when building full support items) when that was about 30% of my total damage to champions...
iaapvper (EUW)
: When will RIOT ZEPHYR be fired?
Riot Zephyr should be fine since the ban wasn't technically invalid as well. Like mentioned before it's a similar case than when the Support Singed got banned. However this times it's even more extreem since the player actually when support summoners as well. The only unofficial rule that he violated is this: > Taking away resources outside the boundries of your own respective role Examples of this: * Taking cs that the nearby non-support will last hit as the support. So what the Teemo player violated was: * Against the midlaner * Taking away the resource exp from a exp depended solo carry champion. * Against the botlaner * Taking away potentional resources * Kills * Zoned by cs * Zoning enemy cs * Dragon Priority This is however a really borderline reason since by supporting you actually provide him with potentional resources by taking away resources. This is however not the case for the Dragon Objective and the only resources where everyone loses out. It's funny since giving away Dragon Priority alone wasn't the case with the singed support. So the only shared reason was: > Taking away the resource exp from a exp depended solo carry champion. So only the midlaner should be able to report what this Teemo did. Riot really going to have a field day if they are going to make potentional resources bannable as well. Every time they ban someone for this their reasoning becomes thinner & thinner by the second. & the worst part of this is that they can't do this for when he's going toplane since laneswamps exists. The only rule riot can figure out right now is that a shift of potentional resources need to be communicated. ---- #TL;DR RIOT updated unofficial rules * Taking away resources outside the boundries of your own respective role * Shifting potentional resources outside the standards has to be communicated to your teammates The Teemo strat should by these rules still be allowed when informing the team first. But should be impossible to ban out this strat by a players that aren't effected by this. It's basicly an agrement between the support, mid & bottom to trade resources since that's what actually happends when aplying this strat.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Why increase gold on Essence Reaver?
{{item:3508}} has been sleeper OP for a while now. It's been a while I bought it on MF as well.
: Why are people hating on Nightblue3?
Nightblue would be fine if he just had reported him on contact riot without: * Typing he's going todo it: Report harassment is a form of bullying & is a reportable offence. * Targetting an individual in chat: People get banned all the time for this. He should be no exception But it get worse: * Abusing his public status to assault someone (their are lawsuits based on this behaviour) * He's a public figure & so a role model. What he did was very unmature. If I would ever have a child and he has a rolemodel like this I would probally block the url to his stream.
: What to do when Mordekaiser ults you?
* Take the summoning spell: {{summoner:1}} * Build items like {{item:3140}} * Soft counter: {{item:3157}} {{item:3026}} * Take a champion with hard cc, you can interrupt him ult during the channel Other tips: Without {{item:3116}} he can't stick to you. If he misses his E he will most likely not be able to kill you in the duration of his ult.
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