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Kalvix (EUW)
: Why do people always copy pros badly....
It's simple, because players don't known the game. It takes a long time to be capable of figuring the meta out for yourself. So they just copy them brainlessly thinking it's OP.
RageBond (EUW)
: Should I buy Taliyah or Malzahar?
It depends on how much time you want to invest in the character. Overal I think Malzahar would be more suitable in term of picking him up as a champion. The point click ult is also very reliable. Taliyah is more still intensive but has some flex option in mid & jungle. If you want to climb than I recommand Malzahar for the simple fact that his kit is more reliable to use compaired to Taliyah's.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: What? Control wards do not reveal shaco or teemo. The oracle's lens reveals both of their positions but doesn't make them visible.
I don't think your not arround long enouge. They used to reveal them. Now I remember that shaco recieved another mini-rework after his stealth changes where reverted again. Shaco actually had camouflage with his first stealth rework. With all this messing arround we got this poorly produced champion as a result. I believe the somewhat unofficial statement of riot was that they ragequit working on the project..
: Teemo has stealth detection? When?
{{item:3364}} and the removed sweeping lens where capable to reveal and disable Teemo's trap. Now they only reveal them, sweeping lens is removed and oracle is now available from level 1. The fact they changed oracle to level 1 makes me question if that was the answer of counter they used to solve this specific issue.
Smerk (EUW)
: What do you mean? Their stealth works absolutely identically right now and in fact always did
Nop, stealth originally worked so it would reveal them with true sight like {{item:2055}}
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: You probably had few unlucky games. Like 2 days ago I had game with afk, and 2 inters (3 games) in a row or was it 3 out of 4 can't remember. Now it's all back to the usual.
Well school did end in June. And that's probally the cause of it. Maybe some festival has dragged them out of Q for some time.
: Tanks deal more damage than actual ADCs
1. Mundo is a Juggernaut 2. Mundo has an old kit 3. Mundo has counterplay {{item:3076}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3165}} 4. Mundo is weak early 5. Mundo can be dived easy 6. Mundo is picked because you pick to much AP 7. Mundo is an lcs overhyped wannabe 8. Mundo is easy to play 9. Mundo will eventually get nerfed or be weaker with meta shifts {{champion:36}} also will eventually get reworked and the more you complain the more you are killing Mundo in a bad way. Mundo is also wondering what you you expect when lethality suppose to be weak against armor that obviously Mundo is buying.
: How to Addapt to every Team with two words :
I can do it in two as well "/mute all"
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: if the game hasn't ended by 30-40 minutes, something went horribly horribly wrong
It useally happends when the gap between the best and the worst player of the team is to massive. Whenever I endup losing right now I just hold the waves endlessly till another 20 minutes are over. It's really the worse state you could have in the game right now because with all those bruisers your the only one with waveclear and because your forced to waveclear you don't have time enouge to buildup and recontrole vision to contest all objectives and the best part is that the enemy team hasn't have the brain to take them. So what useally happends is that I eventually get vision controle out their and they are back from square one where everything resets after your teammates suicide again.
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: Warmog is disabled in the training tool when you pick soraka
It should be disabled, to many Soraka players still rush this god dam thing for an autolose.
: These champions need a nerf Hotfix
{{champion:74}} has been nerfed enouge. The reason why he feels strong is simply because players aren't used to play against him. It's litterly like Singed where the fact is that he only needed a little bit of nerf to ballance it out again. {{champion:133}} is a difficult case, on the one end people don't respect her strong lane fase and as a result they get punished for it. The second reason is that quin is one of the only marksmen left that scales realtively well while also been very strong in the early and midgame so it's no mistery the meta suits her when their are little to no other marksmen options left. {{champion:142}} problem is just her kit. She's currently one of the better support picks out their. And that's strange for a champion that suppose to be scaling into the lategame. Her base kit is really reliable compaired to a lot of other champions. This doesn't make her exactly strong tho. It's just reliable.
Fryderman (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Add option to sort champions by difficulty
The issue with this is that the difficulty system is that it doesn't exactly shows how easy the champion is to play and it's more like how easy to the champion is to play when you start from 0. I give an example: * #Diffculty 1 * Low skill floor | High skill ceiling {{champion:43}} {{champion:16}} * Low skill floor | Very High skill ceiling/limited ceiling {{champion:53}} {{champion:1}} * #Diffculty 2 * Average skill floor | Average skill ceiling {{champion:61}} {{champion:143}} * Low skill floor | High skill ceiling {{champion:3}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:4}} * #Diffculty 3 * High skill floor | Average skill ceiling {{champion:157}} * Average skill floor | High skill ceiling {{champion:238}} * High skill floor | High skill ceiling {{champion:268}}
: Players of Different Elos
Bronze: They can't play the game Silver: They don't known the game Gold: They don't known the game and they know it Plat: They think they known the game Diamond: They should known the game, but they don't. Master: They hope they known the game Challenger: They known the game
: I have one opinion about this: **Don't make the Q a skillshot**
I actually prefer the Q as a targettable ability myself. The problem is that riot isn't going to keep it as a non-skillshot for similar reasons why {{champion:80}} Q isn't going to be a skillshot in his rework. Not been a skillshot also makes it very strange in his current auto attack based style of kit where it would make more sence to change it into an onhit ability or skillshot. Depending on the style of rework this is how it's probally is going to be. An 3th option it would be added as an passive but I have a feeling this is going to create the same lanefase problems he currently has in his kit.
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: Yes i think it will be better because Supports will have more gold income and they will buy more items then normal. Because if you think about it - Support dont get minions they only get additional gold through these items -{{item:3301}} {{item:3098}} But they dont give you enough gold. When you fall behind its impossible to get back as a Support
That's exactly it, than they are capable of nerfing these items without hurting supports to much
: You do realize that with increasing gold/min you increase the snowball effect - making champs that are ahead get to 2 items faster, hence ending the match even faster - right?
That statement is false honnestly. Their are a lot of champions like marksmen for example that need a combination of multiplay items to gain their powerspike while earlygame champions tend to benefit more without or with one specific item. An combination of items still makes them stronger but lategame champions tend to benefit more from it. Also when someone is snowballing they tend to build items to prevent the enemy from doing damage (armor stacking for example). Someone that is behind can't affort items like {{item:3035}} to solve this because they have no items to benefit from the damage increase. The increase snowball effect is only aplied when you are snowballing the game with lategame champions. But in general, naturally you shouldn't get this lead when your laning against earlygame champions.
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: Why are Trolls protected so much ?
It depends what you understand under trolling: That disco {{champion:20}} running arround with teleport and ghost running down mid. or The one one-trick {{champion:19}} support that tries to win the game every game. or hey let's ban {{champion:27}} with {{summoner:11}} Their is a big differents between each of these 3 situations. The first case is straight out reportable with "Intentionally feeding" and their should be no discussion what so ever. The 2 different cases are a lot different and aren't and shouldn't even be reportable. However their are limits to this and those are much harder to determ since their is indeed no real report option for them. Their are two things that in theory could be an reportable offence: * **Griefing: Taking away resources outside the limitations of your role. / Griefing: Role outsourcing** * The issue with this report option is that it will probally be abused while the issue can't always be determed by straight numbers. An marksmen for example will probally use this feature every game because a random support pressed attackmove in the wrong direction and killed 1 cs. The advantage of this report option is that it's so general it can even be used to report role stealing but the differents between an small and large offence just seems to big to get enouge value out of it. * **Role Stealing:** Basicly the first one but now limited to just stealing the role.
: Maybe he's better in numbers, but... you see, when when we talk about Darius, we should remember that although a bit slower in numbers, he's got a way to keep an enemy where he wants. Hook, slow, and then a great AoE heal when that enemy tries to run. Darius makes his enemy immobile instead of running faster. Also in case of Aatrox you can't move while you're airborne for Q. You can E, but otherwise you stay in one place for the whole duration of animation. It is a weakness that compensates his dash ability. As I see it, at least.
Yeah maybe his Q need to be changed so you can move. I assume it's for trying to prevent him building {{item:3044}}. But it's still a lame excuse. What they could do is make it so the dash will also give him movement back. This way you can tune down the power curve.
Carrimi (EUW)
: Pirates of the Caribbean Fans, anyone agree? Garen vs Darius Analogy.
Garen already has a pirate skin. So it probally won't happend
: > They need to restructure their game ballance team and adjust their ballance priorities from silver players to higher mmr again. as you know 90% of all players are in why you want balancing for higher players? they already have the competitive balancing-team, so I don't see the priority for their team change. When you want to balance, you want to catch the most players as you can....And silver isn't stupid. It's just a diffenrence in skill-level not intelligence.
A champion will be picked no matter how bad he is in soloQ so long it has seen in the lcs. 90% of the playerbase just doesn't known any better and just copy what works in the lcs no matter when it's OP or UP in soloQ. We have reached a game state where becomming better as a player is no longer rewarded. You could be a challenger player playing in silver playing Katarina as a casual champion and you would probally lose or be burned out after playing that game out. Just think about how pre-buffed Zed was like. Pro players litterly outplayed someone really hard and used everything on that target only to realise it was still allive despite doing a entire faker showdown arround them. Add that point it just wasn't worth playing the champion anymore just because a silver player is to lazy to use his summoning spells or just uses them to flash against a wall. The point is that we now have the worsed end of the two ends. They ballance for silver players but yet they are forced to nerf {{champion:3}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:112}} all because of lcs. So did that ballance for silver priority really help them? I don't think so. They only thing what it did was making more champions worse add the game like {{champion:64}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:9}} (jungle) {{champion:45}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:122}} (now OP, but is going to get overnerfed with their mindset) {{champion:16}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:37}} and so on. Champions with a simple kit or one powerfull ability just can't be played (or are harder to play) in higher mmr. {{champion:37}} is probally the key example of this. She used to be a really strong fill pick that could even get away with building AP. Now you probally wouldn't get away with this anymore.
: Riot Has Lost It
Riot clearly has issues right now but you can't really blame them for everything. They just screw up big time when it comes to planning. They are really good add making creative decisions but fail miserably when it comes to execution. They only try to solve problems the moment they apear and that's a really childish but also naive mindset to have. It's clear that not everyone add riot has this mindset but as a result their focus is really split and that's why they only try to focus on the fun things they can do without thinking about the long term consequences. A good example is the spaghetti code that not only delays their projects but also adds some serious limitations to them. Every new mechanic introduced right now results into massive performance issue that can't even be fixed by having a better pc. They actually started to work on a new missle system just because they wanted to release a certain champion and that's exactly my point. They should have done that a long time ago and as soon their work was done just they ignored the rest. Hello Morde should probally be moved in the recordbook with all his unsolved bugs. {{champion:98}} was litterally reworked because an unfixable bug in his ult litterly crashed the game. Riot has made a lot of mistakes and they shift priority the moment something goes wrong. Saidly one the year is over they seem to move back to their old habbits and that's so painfull to watch. Right now their biggest issues are: * Their source coding causing performance issues and bugs * They need to restructure there champion rework team with priority on the communication between the voice department, lore team and the lead designer. * They need to restructure their game ballance team and adjust their ballance priorities from silver players to higher mmr again. * They also need more competent players on those teams. If the average plat player can predict that mages and bruisers wil be showing up as botlane carry from day 1. I shouldn't be hard to predict this. * They need to set more priority on recruiting new players for this game with primary focus on starting out new tutorial projects, involving the community and finally get some competent people working on their site and communication. * They need to reevaluate their teams better so high priority projects doesn't get iceboxed whatever they get lazy (death recap rip..)
: His jungle clear is very good. Q deals ton of damage and E passive grants sustain. But I can't agree with this "mobility" you mention. New Aatrox has got very little mobility. His short dashes only compensate the distance he can't walk while doing Q, that's all. Ulti is his only source of speed.
I should try him out to see the differents but number wise he seems to be more mobile than a average juggernaut like Darius. He has 345 base momentspeed compaired to most juggernauts that has 340. He got a slow, a ms boost and increased attackrange. Only his abilities seem to have a slight shorter range.
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: [Aatrox rework] What is the idea behind hew Aatrox?
Gameplay wise I think he's in an intressting spot. He's a juggernaut that actually has a decent amount of mobility (for a juggernaut). I wonder how good his clear is. He might be a better jungler than laner in terms of his kit. I think gameplay wise this one fits better with the champion and all the hate should be spared for his new voice and lore that riot kinda screwed up again. I know replacing someone voice is hard. But it doesn't feel like they put enouge effort for it. They could add least tweak the voice in a editor so it looks more like the old one. {{champion:57}} is really the perfect example for this.
: Any off-meta picks suggested?
#Ranked Viable {{champion:101}} support is intressting and even viable in this meta. {{champion:33}} in any role is fun, with so many AD arround he just comes every game. {{champion:9}} support, now god tier in this meta Mid {{champion:143}}, it's not really that untraditional but with the new {{item:1056}} it works {{champion:7}} support, for some reasons legit right now {{champion:25}} top #Viable AD top {{champion:53}} is intressting Tank Top {{champion:43}} {{champion:29}} jungle #Just for fun AP support {{champion:79}} is funny Enchanter support {{champion:76}} {{champion:17}} jungle {{champion:68}} jungle {{champion:45}} support (I recommand to not play this still the games last longer, it will be viable again) AP adaptive {{champion:110}} jungle (might even be viable right now) Good luck ;)
Rismosch (EUW)
: How did Aatrox became so hated?
It just happend that he become broken just before his rework and turned into UP on release. It kinda makes sence that people react this way.
Rumkatten (EUW)
: I love Ziggs, but I dont have the temper for playing mid. It might be a good solution to focus on playing him bot :D
He's just great. {{item:3285}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3165}}{{item:3089}} build is kinda straight fowards
Rumkatten (EUW)
: I have been considering focusing on ziggs/heimer bot. But I guess the meta will shift and I will be back to square one again.
I'm not sure about heimer remaining viable but as far {{champion:115}} goes. Until games last longer again he will remain a god tier pick. Even before al this many forgot that Ziggs apc was still a really good botlane carry. Before all of this a marksmen was required for two reasons: * Consistent damage, mostly for dealing with tanks * Artillery, long range damage in order to siege turrets (zoning & hitting the tower) By the nature an Artillery Mage has the tools to siege towers (it's litterly in the name) and for that reason he will remain a viable pick.
Rumkatten (EUW)
: What are you playing atm and how are you coping with the rapid changes?
The meta is kinda easy to understand only you are aware why the meta shift happend. To give an example for botlane: * Bruisers are buffed * Marksmen are ballanced * Games are shorter This means: * Early pressure is important * Their is no lategame * Less room for tanks in the game now bruisers beat them in lane (means less peel) With by asking yourself these quests you already have your answer: * You need something that has lane pressence early * A marksmen isn't really required in a meta that doesn't have tanks * Skirmishers are strong and cover up for the damage lost of not having a marksmen * The game is really important so you need to play arround your AP damage despite they are extreemly weak in lane * This force yourself into picking a safe midlaner mage, A mage in the jungle or A mage in the botlane. So this give you an overview of the meta: * Mage: * **Top:** Not recommanded, unless you have no magic damage. Recommand picks would be a battlemage like {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}} by their are better alternatives like {{champion:27}}, {{champion:36}} or even a tank if the matchup is right. * **Mid:** Limited to safe picks like {{champion:142}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:34}} when your against an Assasin like {{champion:105}} {{champion:238}}. Else you have some room for other picks. If you already have enouge AP damage than your better off with an skirmisher like {{champion:157}} * **Jungle:** {{champion:163}} is basicly the only viable mage in the jungle right now. Your better off sticking with an AP assassin if you need AP damage like {{champion:28}}. Else {{champion:102}} could be a good alternative. * **Botlane:** The meta right now is basicly telling you to pick what has the strongest earlygame. Taking {{champion:74}} {{champion:9}}, {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}}, {{champion:115}} {{champion:101}}. This strategy is extreemly popular right now since it covers the magic damage issue that else has to be filled in other lanes. This does provide much pressure on the botlane and for that reason it doesn't really is the set and stone meta right now. What most people do right now is taking something is between like {{champion:8}} {{champion:50}} carry and an catcher like {{champion:143}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:412}} to back them up. Basicly the meta is entirely build arround where do I need to put the mage this match. Many of you forgot that mages where (nerfed) ballanced out a few patches before the marksmen (nerfs) ballancing. Ones you understand that than knowning the meta is really easy. To give some examples. If bruisers are getting nerfed than toplane will just recieve mage mages again. If assasins are getting nerfed than you will see more mages in mid and when mages are nerfed again for some odd reason you will see a perma picked mage in the support role or even an higher set priority as a botlane carry pick.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Why are you upgrading the support item?!?!?!?!?!?
Your right, both {{item:3092}} {{item:3069}} should probally not be upgraded from their tier 2 version till you are full build. As far {{item:3401}} goes, it's nice to have as a 3th or 4th item because of the added cdr powerspike that others already gain on their tier 1 or 2 powerspike. In most games you would probally only have something like: {{item:3020}} {{item:3098}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3165}} before the game has ended. I just always include the full build because their could be soloQ moments where it for some reason is needed.
King Lego (EUNE)
: Should rank matter?
I doubt having a consistant high mmr is really worth it right now. The game changes all the time and you really need to play daily to keep ahead of the meta. When you are getting more experienced it's easyer to get a grisp of it but overal is it really worth your time? I have played this game from a lot of different angles. I started this game of as a normal only type of guy. Than I litterly did the opposite and moved to ranked only and safed normals for drunking team Q's what where a lot of fun. I reached plat with that mindset just by playing like this for 100 games when I combined it with work. The year after I when back to school and I couldn't find a stable time to play the game anymore. So I after 50 games of ranked to get a few of my accounts to gold 1 I just moved to more normals. Right now my accounts still are arround gold II - I right now with most of them barely finished the amount of games to get my placements (since remakes counts, most of them where done in about 7 ranked games and they count as a lose. O boy). I didn't really bother to invest the time again to climb with them again. I recently started with one again but I realised the mmr of these games are so low it's not that easy to win these games that traditionally. I aways have high vision scores when I play the game. But right now those doesn't really matter so it's just boring to start of with {{item:3041}} every game. Ranked aways felt like the one that played the most ammount of games or the one that is most commited on climbing. With the ranked mindset you can easy reach plat/diamond in about 100 games when you start out with silver mmr but any higher would just be impossible to achieve with just one season (add least from a soloQ perspective). As a duo It's possible but than comes the question you really if you really deserve that rank. I have played with a lot of players I would swear they are bronze on a bought account and I have seen players I wonder why they are still in that mmr after that amount of games they played (even when they are smurfs). I would be nice to have something like a dubble LP/MMR weekend or something where ranked games count dubble but you can't duoQ or something. I would be a nice way to get some of these smurf accounts to the proper mmr they should be so players actually can have some decent practice in.
: >Whe can't build anything that stalls out the game and we need something to adress this {{item:3512}} ?
zz-rot used to work back when it was cheaper. Now it's just to expensive to get the job done for that functionality.
Thaaboom (EUW)
: no, they should just fix it not compensate with items.. that way every team would need to build it every game and what if u dont have a tank comp? build it on a squishy?? honestly the meta is just not right atm.
I agrea that their is something wrong with the meta right now. But when you remove the option to end the game early entirely. You just create the same problem like it was some patches ago where you are holding hostage in games for like 50 minutes where everyone is playing a lategame carry. I think stalling the game items could help because players can stll win the game early but also still lose the chance of doing so when the enemy is building properly. Right now you don't really have items like that. It would be nice for example that {{item:3087}} is build for delaying the game and not primary for it's AOE damage. And god knowns where was the time you could actually stall the game by rushing the pre-nerfed cheaper {{item:3512}}.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: {{item:3056}} - give its active some defensive properties as well. Two birds with one stone - towers wouldn't fall as quickly and Ohmwrecker could become viable.
I don't think Ohmwrecker would work for the following reasons: * That stats the current Ohmwrecker provide are not universal for all classes. Healing and shielding does, even for tanks since it would synergies nicely with {{item:3107}} * Ohmwreker is current design from a point where the item is really expensive and one of the reasons why the current Ohmwrecker doesn't work out * There are way better directions Ohmwrecker can be taken. Personally would love to see it reworked into an armor/ad item for divers. A class that actually would be able to use the active.
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iSneez (EUNE)
: Very nice guide, nice to read. Good luck to finish it and make it more in deep. A problem since its in new players advices sesion is that they being placed in low elo, silver gold even bronze, it should come with a WARNING more down they go from the base typical support more they will get flamed for picking that support by their team. This community follow influence stuff, and they can't think by themself. They are 100% ok with a champ in a support role because they see it played by some influential streamers/lcs/hyped guides, and 100% think other champ as support is a troll pick because they didn't see it in that role, even it do similar things like the one they accept. So it's hard to play fun strong supports, for example Galio, because you are flamed to dead even he does more and better things then Shen, but they accept Shen because they saw it played more. It's acceptable to play brand or annie support because they see them played, but if you play Syndra they flame you to dead, when she does pretty same things like annie. Same as some years ago pantheon was very strong champ, and people accepted zed mid, talon mid, yasuo mid, but if you tried pantheon mid witch back then kinda beat those guys, also ganked more easy with ult on side lanes, they say OMG NOOB TROLL TAKE AP MID, with 0 logic that they accept those others 3 which are not ap. So pantheon being not ap was nothing to do with their rage but the fact they can't think of reason why he was not good, just they don't accepted it because they did not see it mid.
Thx, In lower mmr it doesn't really matter what kind of support you pick so long you have mastery over that champion. We have moved to a more skilled environment than it was back a few seasons ago and that's why we did reach some limitations as far winrate is concerned. If 60-100 of the 141 champion pick are be capable of playing the support role with a stable winrate than I think it's a nice number to be capable to stick with that limitation. To give an example, I like to play {{champion:115}} support and I actually can win a decent amount of normals with it. If I would play it in ranked I would probally get to gold (probally plat in this meta) with it. But after that I would probally get problems with the limitation of the champion. I wouldn't get enouge resources to make the playstyle work without stealing resources from my team and my impact will drop more and more as I would play against players that would known how to play against me. I would starting winning games because I'm the better player and not because I have the better champion. That's a nice way to play league but eventually you will reach a limit. If the limits of the champion in holding you down you wouldn't be capable of reaching the division you belong in. Their is a big differents between playing picks because you want to have fun or playing a game that you want to play competive. Many players don't like off-meta picks because they think they will steal their resources in order for you to play the game effectively. To give an example, recently I had an TF support. He started spellthiefs but I noticed he start to take cs intentionally (not just hitting cs I would mis, litterly taking out entire waves next to me). He stole about haf of my resources and that prevented me from playing the game properly from my role perspective a few minutes later he even sold his spellthiefs and we litterly lost that game because I didnt had enouge gold to waveclear effectively anymore. And the best part was that we would have won that game if the TF would have sticked with his role and not trying to hold the team back. Stream picks can indeed be a problem sometimes because they smurf in lower mmr and win the game because they are the better player and mask the limits of the champion they are playing. You would probally have seen some {{champion:238}} supports recently and it just fails when a random player tries it out. Lcs picks are a little bit different since those picks often can work. The problem is that most of the picks are played in a specific teamcomp with a specific strategy with a specific build that probally wouldn't give the same results in soloQ. Players that copy something from the lcs don't known the reason why it was picked and build like that in that specific game and this can effect the winrate of that specific champion. I remember for a fact that someone played {{champion:60}} support in competive and it worked out great for that specific game. Elise was really strong that patch (she was broken) and was really effective against their team comp. She was also picked to take away her from the enemy team as a jungle pick. So forcing the enemy team to pick a tier 2 jungle so giving them jungle priority. She also had great synergy with her adc. The one that picked her was also a great Elise player. This all combined in one situation made Elise a decent pick for that game. Soon after that Elise support was spammed in soloQ and her winrate dropped with like 2% (just because she was OP else it would be worse). Than Elise got nerfed and her winrate dropped with like 8% (probally because the backlash and the way she played in other roles because of her state). I believe someone even managed to get challenger with her and I do think that guy deserved it they way he handled her limitations as a player. But I don't think he got higher than diamond after the ballancing tho). {{champion:3}} is still alright in the support role. The problem right now is that you need to known in what situation you would be able to play him. If you would play him consistently than you would probally have a lower winrate than when you had played another support. The thing is that you would probally still have an above 50% winrate in lower mmr because champion mastery and player skill does effect it. Galio is currently classed as an UP pick in terms of champion strength and as a meta pick (holding a 47.42% winrate & 0.73% pickrate). With and against certain teamcomp it still can be an effective pick in the support role. The thing is as far this patch goes it will be harder to excuted in his overnerfed state and not exactly because he's not viable for the role as a champion. If he get's buffed again he would probally get better results. {{champion:98}} was always an effective support that shifted in and out of the meta. As a support he was actually always really viable and his limitations just came from his strength as a champion and the lack of tank itematisation. It's good that it's finally accepted and it will only rise since in terms of champion strength it's possible he will get a buff in the future only moving him up further in the tierlist. It took a while before {{champion:63}} was accepted and even now it's still concered untraditional. {{champion:1}} was better recieved because she was introduced in the lcs as a ballanced pick (she was build full tank). And it's often when their is no damage involved it's seem so that people are easyier to accept it. And your right {{champion:134}} is indeed on the same level as Annie. The problem was her was that she was never able to reach the main stage because riot was trying to keep her in check. Their was a patch where she was really strong and she was even played in the academie stage and many players wanted to learn her after seen the performance. The problem was that most of them dropped it because everyone was already aware that she would get nerfed again and their was no use into investing time for a strategy that wouldn't work anymore the next patch. Syndra is yet again another champion that is overnerfed because of lcs (just like Galio) and it's sad that this is the reason why these picks probally wouldn't be as powerfull in the support role despite that they are as a champion. {{champion:80}} is still broken tho. That champion has litterly the most broken lane fase in the entire game. He's a champion that litterly can win every single matchup when played correctly. The reason why he isn't played very often is because he falls off late (not like their is a lategame now in this meta but whatever). But it's true, people just stick with the meta and just follow it blindly. They don't known the reason why a certain champion is played and that's why the don't understand when someone plays something that's not on their list. With the meta shift I played a lot of {{champion:115}} adc (apc) from day one. People find it strange I picked it every game. I was lucky that Ziggs apc is an sleeping meta pick for a while now so it was easyier to get it accepted but I still go strange comments about it just because it wasn't discoverd for the new meta yet. Now it's basicly one of the top tier picks right now but funny enouge it took another patch before people even realised it.
: nice post. only covers about 30% of "everything" u should know when picking/playing a support but really a good checklist for a starting playing. the only problem atm is that the support role is totally "messed up" with the bruiser adc's in bot lane. basicly the only supports u see r mages wich makes me sad.
The thing with a making a compleet guide is that it takes a lot of time to build from scratch that would probally only be usefull for a small pool of players that will or will not read it. I strongly believe that overviews rather than flat text will provide much more information regarding understanding the role. When a new player wants to learn the role their is to much information for them to process. Players need to start understanding why a champion can be played in the role rather than is that champion on the meta list right now. By providing them a list of a champions that can be played in the role seperate by playstyle they might get a better insight what they can play with the limited amount of champions they currently own. And from that concept I want to continue with adding information when it's well recieved. Your right it's more of a list. I kinda wanted to make it as a list but that would prevent me from expanding it with information. So I think making the list and than expanding it to a guide is a better way to start things is. Even when the guide is never finished or limited. The core information will still be their to help out players rather than spending hours on one only to have it outdated over one patch. Actually the role isn't that shaken up as many of you believe. In terms of picks the support role is mostly unchanged. The only thing that happend was a metashift that pushed enchanters/wardens down and catchers/vanguards up. Mage supports became stronger but not because of the botlane meta. They became stronger because of the overal mage nerfs that made it harder for a mage to play the game. Many players compain about marksmen been weaker but most of them forgot that this exact same thing happened to mages just a few patches before that. Now bruisers became more viable and assasins got buffed again their is simply no room for mages in solo lanes anymore with the exception of mobile-assasin-like-burstmages like Zoe and LeBlanc. This results into lack of AP damage in team comps and that's why Mages in the support role became so effective and crucial since their is nobody building mr. This is also why mages are suddenly showing up in the botlane position. When their is probally only 1 champion that deals AP damage, you kinda will have to protect that champion to make sure their damage remains reliable over the duration of the game. So no it's not only mages that play the botlane. Currently the meta is: * Catchers: {{champion:25}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:555}} * Vanguards: {{champion:89}} {{champion:12}} * Burst Mages: {{champion:63}} * Earlygame Enchanters: {{champion:267}} {{champion:37}} * OP picks: {{champion:44}} * Specialists: {{champion:9}} So it's more like an catcher patch than an mage one.
: You mean K I'll stop. sry.
In lower mmr probally, in higher mmr it's more like: * {{item:3092}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3285}} * {{item:3092}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3905}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3165}} * {{item:3092}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} * {{item:3092}} {{item:3111}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3285}} for {{champion:99}} for {{champion:101}} it's kinda standard in all elo's: * {{item:3092}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}}
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