Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I guess i need to clear something and would need some clearing up from OP. By agressive supports i meant those mage "supports" especially with how people like to go "You need to carry so don't pick those regular supports and go with {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:90}} "
Actually only Zyra has this condition bound to it. {{champion:63}} & {{champion:90}} scale pretty well in the late with their percentage health damage. Zyra kinda falls off a bit when the enemy starts building magic resistance. Zyra actually has a 42% winrate right now in games that last longer than 40 minutes.
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Agressive supports got indirectly nerfed with exhaust nerf. Also if you're strugling against those supports go {{item:3301}} path
That's where you are wrong. They got buffed with this change but not as much as the adc's that where effected by this. It's pretty difficult right now to handle something like a fed {{champion:67}} now she's no longer get's the attackspeed slow while exhausted. Currently the meta support picks right now are enchanters that have some aggressive power in lane like {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}}{{champion:37}} . This is also the reason why tank supports slowly coming back. Not because they are OP but because they are the only class that is capable to overpower these picks in the midgame. They still have the disadvantage in the early game. However their 3v2 & 3v3 potentional is stronger. This also includes their all-in windows. Overal enchanters still outclass them individual.
Dude GirI (EUNE)
: My support is playing Lulu right now, last season he played Soraka, Karma and Zyra. He mainly plays the meta, I think meta is the best thing for climbing in general for every role.
Lulu is so abusive right now. You can pretty much carry harder with her than any tier 2 pick that you actually mastered. It's pretty sad actually.
Vekia (EUW)
: The issue with Galio is that almost every top-tier top laner completely smashes him. Galio can't be killed, but he can never trade and his gank setups as a top laner aren't as good as you think. Galio is almost always shoved under tower where he's forced to CS with his Q, putting the ability on cooldown. Tank Fizz, Poppy, Camille, Rengar, Nautilus, Maokai, etc. all out-farm, out-harass, and bring nearly just as much utility as Galio does (except Fizz/Rengar). There isn't much of a reason to pick him other than vs full mage comps, in which he excels. Unlike other reworked/new champs, I rarely feel the need to ban Galio, unlike Camille, Talon, and Rengar. On the brighter side, Galio is much healthier now, being a mid-tier flex pick [jungle/mid/top (maybe support)] with a decent amount of mechanical play to keep him interesting. Galio, aside from lore, has been a complete success in my opinion. > This is like 2 times stronger Poppy or Ekko top lane so it looks like you don't learn from your mistakes. Poppy was strong because of her W passive giving her amazing tanks stats along with targeted CC and %Q damage. Galio may seem to have the same things on paper, but he does everything Poppy does, but much worse. His E isn't targeted and easy to dodge. His W stats aren't up permanently like Poppy's are. His %Q damage does not slow and has a longer cooldown than Poppy's. I never understood the distaste for Tank Ekko, he was one of the most interesting and fun top laners to watch and play when it was viable. I find it really sad that that build variant was removed from the game.
Time for you to actually play the champion. Galio will be a top tier pick in lcs for a lot of reason: * **Q cooldown:** Not only is it his primary damage source. It's also on a 6 seconds cooldown on max rank. This is actually short enouge to repeat your Q after you did your combo. Basicly almost dubbling the damage than was intended. Trading longer will make it even worse since your passive will be back up. This combined with that fact that his mana cost actually are decent it's probally one of the most abusive toplane combo's right now. * **Semi-Global Ult:** You thought Ryze or TF where problematic in lcs. Just watch till someone masters Galio. * **His base stats:** Not only does this guy gets a lot of damage reduction. Actually he's still relative tanky even without it. Especially with some levels.
: I was spamming Galio is normals and had a lot of ridiculous minion block situations where the pathfinding couldn't make a clear decision and just made me look like a spastic. But Galio is quite a huge champion so maybe I noticed it because I played Galio and not because it got worse.
Actually I got creep blocked similar when I was playing {{champion:143}} so I doubt the model is the issue over here...
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: I think I agree with the losing streak thing. Back in season 6 my win rate went down to 32% before I picked it up to the 52% currently. From that point in my MMR was so screwed. I think this MMR carries through the seasons to screw me over. As for carry champs I had good time with Talon{{champion:91}} before he was reworked and now I simply can't play him. Annie{{champion:1}} support I like to do but get flamed 24 x 7 when picked so I usually pick Sion{{champion:14}} . I play Nasus {{champion:75}} top as well but I think he's not that good these days.
I have to be honnest. Every sort of feedback you recieve from a bronze player you always have to take with a grain of salt Just mute them when you play Annie support. Until low gold it's a pretty legit pick. Often their feedback in incompleet, incorrect or compleetly irrelevant. If they flame you for playing Annie support in bronze than you can asume they have no idea what they are talking about. Despite it's true that Annie support is not a top tier support right now. It work pretty well in the role in bronze for the following reasons: * In bronze their is generally less damage because people are building their champions wrong, have worse cs and pretty much waisting a lot of their damage output by doing their combo's wrong or just missing it entirely. * In bronze most adc's doesn't known how to orb walk (kiting). As a result teams struggle hard on killing the tanks. Basicly the lack of stable damage output is often something that is lacking arround that tier. You don't known if that team will deal 10.000 damage or 1.000 damage in that teamfight. That's why AP supports are so popular in lower elo because they can provide a sort of safethy net when your team is waisting their damage output again. You can play Annie support on much different ways. How I currently build is her like this: * **Masteries:** Deadfire, you can go thunderlords for more earlygame power but ever since the damage masteries nerf I notice Deadfire is just much better on her for lategame damage. * **Runes:** Standard AP bully support page (Flat AP Quins, Flat AP Glyphs, Flat Mpen marks, Flat Health seals) * **Build:** * **Start:** {{item:3303}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} >> * **Rush (without sightstone):** {{item:3092}} {{item:3020}} * **Rush (with sightstone):** {{item:2301}} {{item:3020}} * **2th Rush:** {{item:3136}} * **Core (without sightstone):** {{item:3092}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3151}} * **Core (with sightstone):** {{item:2301}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3151}} * Lategame item 1: * Winning: {{item:3116}} * Losing: {{item:3285}} * Lategame item 2: {{item:3135}}
Encrux (EUW)
: The cause actually isn't the problem here. Because there's only one solution to all of the problems related to "being stuck"; improving. Also, I agree with you. Sticking to one champ would be the best bet for OP.
Offcourse he needs to improve. However I doubt that's his only issue here. Something that you have to keep in mind with mmr is that the amount you get can increase & decreasing depending on winning & losing streaks. For example if you win 3 times in a row the mmr you gain for the wins after this will multiplays (it's unknown how much it multiplays but it's a lot what I have heared). The same scenario is when you have a losing streak. So basicly if you lose 4 games in a row that 4th game basicly screws over your mmr entirely.
Encrux (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Critical Realism,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=MhP9EHHT,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-27T07:52:24.194+0000) >Coz 52% means I win most of my games. Sorry to disappoint you there, but 52% means you win roughly every second game. With a larger sample size, let's say 500 games, You'd probably be silver by now with a 52% winrate. Unfortunately, you'll progress **very** slow with that WR, simply because your games are basically a coin toss.
I have a feeling his mmr is the bigger problem here. Generally your mmr gives you about 24 LP win & 14 LP on lose. He needs to fix his mmr in order to climb ones again. Playing only one champion is probally the best thing he can do right now. You have to be carefull on losing streaks right now. You seems to win lose of your toplane Sion games. As far support goes that seems to be a little bit harder to tell. But I suggest you just go Annie Support for now.
TheBoxTop (EUNE)
: Permanently banned for this.. really?
Calling for reports is a type of verbal abuse and can be punished. However it's true that not many known this. Their was a reason why it reached the top of reddit not even a week ago. People don't realise it because not many times someone actually banned for it while in reality it counts just as much as telling a player to kill himself. Yet I must agrea that riot didn't put much effort to communicate this to the playerbase. Like haf of community was informed about this thx to reddit about a week ago. Yet I can't remember a single official highlight riot post that even attempted this to communicate to the players on the official channels.
: Thing is, in season 2 people weren't pussies to get offended by simply "ur trash/%%%" etc., they were ignoring it or responding with the same, still playing the game, without reporting people.
The fact is that season 2 was a terrible example since those where patches where you still litterly could 1v5 the game and communication & macro didn't really exist back than.
: Nah, the real problem is that most of people in LoL became pussies and gets easily offended thus people who are easily tiltable gets banned for nothing.
More like the reversed scenario. The fact that you are saying this it's no suprise this community is so toxic. Their are 1000 ways you can say a teammate to kill himself. But only a few ways you can say it as a form of trashtalk that useally requires to have pre and after context to indicate the trashtalk. In league you should focus on the game. Not waisting your time by reading unneeded things in chat. It's not your teammates fault they indicate something toxic because they where focussing on the game instead. Communication is already terrible in league, you don't improve this by providing them with even more useless information.
Avenger28 (EUNE)
: Thing that riot forgot to put in new client
Chroma selection in the connection tab isn't available. This also includes the ip setting for chroma skins. That's probally the reason the sale was delayed.
Bobovich (EUW)
: Revert Leona's base damage nerfs.
Generally you can rush {{item:3107}} on basicly any support. This includes {{champion:89}}. It's actually one of her most common items that she builds. Generally it's: * {{item:3401}}{{item:2045}} / {{item:2303}} * {{item:3117}} / {{item:3047}} * {{item:3190}} * {{item:3107}} / {{item:3512}}
jonisen22 (EUW)
: new galio feels crazy broken :O
The Q is easy to dodge but it hits it kinda screws over your lane fase entirely. The fact is that it's on a 10-6 seconds cooldown what is actually pretty short for an ability that can easy deal haf of your health (because of the percentage damage). It's a bit like getting hit by an Xerath Q two times in a row. The big differents however is that poking is not the real strength of the ability. Trading however is really problematic since the Q can easy be landed between the treat of his passive and taunt that forces you to go into a linair direction and it's really hard to attempt a trade between those durations because how short of a cooldown his Q really is. He's tanky as well just with his base stats you really think about his trade patern: * Q on cooldown * You go for a trade on him * Galio uses his passive * Galio uses his W (charge 2 seconds = damage reduction) * Galio uses his Taunt 1.5 seconds * Galio uses his E (1 second if you take in the delay) After this 4.5 seconds have passed. Let's say you back off from the trade after this and it takes 2 seconds to go back into your safe zone. With about 10% cooldown reduction Galio would actually have his Q back up on level 3 while you are still moving into a fixed direction. On higher levels you don't even need cooldown reduction for this to work. I'm pretty sure the Q cooldown needs to be nerfed.
: 3 out of 7 games are 4v5
In silver/gold this is actually an really problematic problem. In high gold/plat it's ok but still happends now and than. In diamond useally they call open mid when this happends but any lower it just happends to frequently todo that
: Why is it so hard to play in Bronze?
actually ones you a bit higher in elo you useally notice the mid roaming before they even call ss
: Orianna shouldn't have 50%+ win rate.
Ori is indeed a problem right now but her winrate doesn't reflect that.
xtheannax (EUW)
: You can improve when you play with friends.
> [{quoted}](name=xtheannax,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ALE4cowy,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-24T19:26:05.249+0000) > > You can improve when you play with friends. You mean, you can ask for getting boosted and losing even more games after that.
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Pharcon (EUW)
: Why does ninja tabi exist when adcs are already garbage
It's not that adc's are in a weak position right now. One of my friends jumped from gold III to plat II in a week after the exhaust nerfs. Nerfing Ninja's would make an ballanced marksmen litterly broken right now. You want to give {{champion:104}} another buff isn't it.
Bard x Me (EUW)
: Support Main, LF Duo to get back to Platinum+
The ranked quality is what is the problem honnestly. That and you actually need to play a lot to climb right now. Their are way to many games that are out of your controle right now. Seriously, 10-0 or 0-10 is useally the score add 5 minutes. It's extreemly hard as a none snowball champion to get out of that. You can do a lot as a support but if it's a 2v5 botlane after the 7 first minutes than you might as well prepare for an 40+ minute game. Seriously the average time when I win a game as support right now is 20 minutes (useally wins between 16 & 25 minutes). But when I lost it's always a 40+ minute game. I known it's a team games but it doesn't feels like that the player quality is their yet. Also don't try to expand your champion pool before you have a stable amount of ranked games. Else it's litterly a nightmare for your mmr and so the teammates you get matched with. It's takes long for that mmr to recover when you only play a few ranked games/week.
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: An idea about Items:
If your games last 60 minutes than you are doing something wrong buddy. The chance that this happends in one of the trillion (one in the million for bronze).
monika99 (EUNE)
: who to play vs Annie
{{champion:127}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:115}}{{champion:101}} {{champion:34}}
: Ghost to lane should be banned.
Overal smurfing on itself cannot be banned. However their are a few ways it can be punished: * Account sharing (if this is not his own account) * Inting (their is no way a challenger player can be placed in bronze after his placements, however pre-season kinda made it possible now so it's hard to point this one out). * Boosting, again that's hard to judge and a lot of high elo's have been punished for it while they didn't deserve it. If a challenger player just want to play a game with his friends, you could agrue that they should play normals in that scenario but we all known the normal quality has become even worse now ever since the release of ranked flex so it's actually an really complex discussion what high elo players should be punished for it or not. An boosting service is much different and should be punished but some cases are really hard to judge without risking to abuse of any official privacy laws. He changed his name btw: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=fckriiotandme Banning this account won't be directly possible tho: * **Account sharing:** Their is no proof that the normals games that where played their where done by another player unless riot track the IP locations. It's perfectly possible to get an kda in normals (in normals litterly everything is possible right now...). * **Intentionally feeding:** None of the recorded games out their this happend yet. * **Boosting:** Only detects if this is done multiplay times with the same people over the course of multiplay games. Currently only 3 ranked games where played like this with an 66.6% winratio. That's not called boosting. ---- Besides Account sharing their is no way this account can be banned. For the other players with him is a different story tho since the rule of inting actually was aplied their. #Edite: Actually the account can be banned now. How stupid can you be with changing the name like that. >< * Inappropriate Name
: Brofresco faking games AGAIN
It's an entertainment channel, not a gameplay channel. That's like taking the videos of the guy that makes "the milk build" serious.
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: Is Riven a Juggernaut? YES or NO
How in the name do you think Riven is a juggernaut... Juggernaut are immobile tanky characters that deal a lot of physical damage over time. Riven is a skirmisher, that's the group where you find champions like {{champion:157}} {{champion:114}}
: I did not know that all. Thanks for the info! But these news... They sound unbelievable to me! Lissandra burst mage????! Really???? That positioning would require a great rework of her every skill. Complete rework, I'd even say! Whatever she is, she nothing close to someone "following up [...single target...] with a devastating barrage of damage from range". She's too short-ranged for that, and all this AoE of hers would be 5x more valuable when aplpied to 5 champions at once, not just single 1. Basic math... AoE damage to lock out and kill single target? BOOM! You hear that? That was my logic, overheated >..< > Get into the middle of the fray, seeking to wreak havoc upon the entire enemy team with their overwhelming sustained area damage. Yeah, That sounds quite like Lis. except that she hasn't got any kind of really *sustained* damage. Although, if I think again... every problem is an opportunity. She could probably take her place between battle mages and burst mages then? Taking good and bad from both classes.
Yeah the plan that Lissandra suppose to be a burst mage is strange for me to. But like I mentioned again I kinda understand why they placed her their. The amount of cc she has just makes her so problematic in a battle mage position. So really burst mage (hybrid battle mage) just has the best ring to her. If her passive would be more battle mage like and with an ult that is already a bit battle mages it I could see her work with that class typing. If it would be ballanced I have to say, got no: * Q: AOE slow * W: AOE snair * E: Gapcloser (diver like ability) * R: AOE slow/Single target stun/selfheal/selfstasis Something more on her E tho, she also has some diver class potentional similar to how Gankplank is a battle mage. Having that cc actually would make sence as well with a diver typing. On one thing i'm sure off and that's that Lissandra should be ballanced arround her toplane position.
: Maokai or Nautilus
{{champion:111}}, maokai has recieved his nerf already
: Extra attack speed in glyphs? Is it really worth?
It does make a lot differents in the earlygame. If you can hit one auto attack more every trade than you basicly won lane.
: Why am I bad at League of Legends?
1. **Limit your champion pool:** * Their many things you learn in a league game. One of the best ways to improve is to start working on your mistakes. What better way than limiting the new mechanics you have to learn every time you play a different champion. * By playing the same champion over & over again you generally get a better winrate as a result. So it's just a win/win situation. Eventually you will end up in a rank where players are slightly better than you, what again improves your learning curve. * Generally you want to play champion you like. However I do recommand to get away from high mechanical champions for the moment if your aim is really to improve. * In your offroles I highly recommand to take an less skill intensive champion. Some examples of this: * **Top:** {{champion:86}} * **Jungle:** {{champion:5}} * **Mid:** {{champion:1}} * **Adc:** It's a bit harder for this role. If your good with attackmove than try {{champion:22}}. Else take something like {{champion:236}} * **Support:** {{champion:40}}, if you want something with more carry potentional try {{champion:53}} or {{champion:63}} 2. **Find your main role:** * If you struggle to find your main role. You should think about what champions you like the most and have the best winrate on. In your case this seems to be rather difficult but I see your support winrate is decent. That's never a bad start since you will be forced to play some support games anyway. If you like the role than I actually suggest you try to master that one. * What I would suggest is that you try to list up your favorite 5 champions. Than decide your main role from their on. 3. **Watch replays of your own games:** * Mistakes are easyier to detect when you play it from a viewers standpoint. * When you watch replays of your own gameplay you will generally be less mad add your teammates when you see that you made some crucial mistakes yourself. It's impossible to have a perfect game. If you don't see what you did wrong ask someone else. Ignore the advice from reading guides and shit for now. I noticed you don't play the game that often so you really have to start limiting the champions you are playing. Hell I would even recommand to just play the same champion over & over again.
Leptyx (EUW)
: Suddenly I see people asking to rework Teemo, but do people judging Teemo actually play him ?
I think the issue with him right now is that his design just tries todo so many things add ones. You have people playing him mpen, you have people playing him cdr, you have people playing him bruiser, you have people playing him hybrid and you have people playing him onhit. With a rework only one of these builds will remain.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: You're probably thinking of Sakuya (formerly known as Remi of Renegades), who's the current substitute support for FlyQuest.
Officially I believe (s)he was still a guy add that point in time.
: We'll not really recent but i disliked most of the soraka rework since she was the first support i ever played and her ability to give mana was what made her unique to me since no other champion could do anything remotely like it. Other than that what I dislike in actual recent time isn't something Riot really has in control to it's fullest and that is the current bot lane meta with healing supports slowly disappearing. Nerfplz.com even declaring Malzahar the godtier support. Supports in general seem to orient more around massive damage now which simply displeases me, I've not seen this as much in ranked though normal games have increasingly become more frustrating because of the absolute kill lane bot lane has become
> Current bot lane meta with healing supports slowly disappearing Exactly the opposite, they never left in the first place and are becoming more & more problematic. Currently 3 of the 4 best solo Q supports in the game right now are enchanters (healing supports). The enchanter class is the only subclass that actually has an own stat designed for them {{item:3114}}. They are the only class with not only cheap but also a diverse amount of item available to them. Their basicly the only class that actually recieved decent effort from riot. The itematisation for Disruptor Supports, Warden Supports & Vanguard Support are still extreemly underwhelming.
: Does Riot give a damn about the smaller player bases?
And yet the 3 of the 4 strongest solo Q supports right now are Enchanters: {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} Their is a compleetly different reason why you still see so many ap supports. The main reason is solo Q (solo carry). In the support role it's already pretty hard to carry from a position that was to work with a lot less gold & experience this while depending on your adc performance for doing well in the game (add least so far the early game goes & their lategame performance). Basicly your adc can screw you over so many times in a game simply by thinking he can get a tripple or a penta off or worse like farming into placed he shouldn't be going in the first place. This is one of the main reasons why people tend to go for more damage oriënted picks when playing without a duo partner. It doesn't matter if these AP supports are not meta right now. They still would have more impact than having the best peel support in the game with an marksmen that thinks he's rambo or a midlaner that is 0-7 in the first 10 minutes (jup 0-7 is possible...). Their are just way more treats to deal with in soloQ. I think the best example is me, two seasons ago I didn't play much ranked add all. I was mid silver arround that time. Every time I played ranked I recieved one of two honors every game. My adc loved me while I was peeling for him. Yet I still ended only with a 51% winrate. Games always ended into a 50-60 minute game and games where won or lost by the team that misplayed (outscaling didn't really exist since it was silver anyway). It was an pretty anyoing experience since you where outperforming your role by a large amount with numbers like 1.2 ward/min vs 0.1 ward/min on the enemy support and 88% kill participation vs 18% on the enemy support. But even those numbers doesn't matter when a game last 60 minutes. It was just a pain to close out games since you known what you need todo to finish the game. But you role limited those actions. You tried to shotcall but like everyone knowns people just ignores you in silver when you have only 2 kills. Those 44 assist doesn't really count for them. Ones I was working I decided to take ranked more serious. I had less time to play ranked so I decided to limit my champion pool. I used one peel & one carry support. In the end I just kept playing the carry support because it had so much more impact. I useally won games in the first 20 minutes with it and I ended in plat IV that season with a 67% winrate on that carry champion. So that's the reason why you see so many AP supports. If you can't depend on a duo partner in solo Q than your winrate will never be as great even if you out performing your enemy. I'm pretty sure I can climb up to diamond just by playing a carry support. ---- Overal it's still better than it was back in the classic days where people got away with playing AP {{champion:105}} (support) in master or the classic {{champion:11}} support. Now you actually need to build sightstone what's already a hugh improvement. You still see things like {{champion:99}} {{champion:1}} support even in higher elo. While things like {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:143}} will as it is right now always remain legit add this point in time.
: Burst mage? I have always deemed her to be tanky utility mage. More so than burst. At least since I started to understand about roles and different builds. She definitely doesn't have that 100-0 ability like Veigar, Brand, Ahri, Orianna... and *all* her abilities have AoE damage. More to it, she's got quite some slow (Q) and root (W, R), and strong self-heal too on her R! Tanky kit, definitely, IMO. To me she seems quite like Maokai. Get in, lock target, survive while the actual beating occurs around you (add some damage of your own too). Nothing to kill, but plenty to be useful in a teamfight. PS: Hm... what if her passive let her deal increased damage in case her ability hits only a single target? Like Karthus Q. That would make her stronger 1vs1 at the same time leaving her quite the same in teamfights.
That's the problem to be honnest. Currently mages are defined into 3 categories: * **Artillery Mages:** Long range like {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:161}}. Clearly not something for lissandra * **Battle Mages:** Get into the middle of the fray, seeking to wreak havoc upon the entire enemy team with their overwhelming sustained area damage. If you think about it this kinda feels what lissandra does a bit. * **Burst Mages:** Burst Mages aim to single out vulnerable targets by locking them down and following up with a devastating barrage of damage from range. Doesn't really feels like lissandra but if you think about it again it does makes sence. She has a ult that can lock down a champion. While all her abilities have relative high cooldown with really high base damage bound to it. She might not deal as much damage as other burst mages. But she trades that damage for utility (cc) similar to how Ashe functions actually. For more details see the [dev blog](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/dev-blog-classes-subclasses). About a year ago Statikk made a [forum post](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/3A5uuBw7-champion-subclass-list) where he wants most champions endup in the future. In this post Lissandra was placed in the Burst Mage category. Despite this was a year ago and they could have changed their mind. Their current plan as it is today is to support Lissandra as a primary burst mage. So overal this passive could be really intressting for her. The only issue I see with this is that she will end up as primary toplaner again during her mana cost numbers finally can get buffed if her passive is replaced. Personally I have no problem with Lissandra becoming a primary toplaner (she currently is played like this anyway). Overal moving her to the toplane would actually be an healthy change since that would make her currently the only burst mage in that position. Offcourse they could still rework her into a battle mage but I have to be honnest. That would be a terrible idea. We all known how problematic a battlemage with a lot cc can be (hello {{champion:13}} & {{champion:90}}). I doubt riot want to break their heads on yet another one.
: More items RIOT.
The main problem with each of these items is that they where to abused on certain champions while the real fun items like Trickster's Glass where impossible to keep updated in the long run (something with model & animation adjustments for every new champion or champion tweak). Addtionally some of these items where actually implemented in the game after like {{item:3742}} & {{item:3802}} while some elements where implemented into existing items like the cdr on {{item:3301}} for example.
kruschen (EUW)
: How to Counter Nasus as Supp?
As far Thresh goes you need cdr. This allows you to disrupt him more with your abilities. The best suitable item for this is {{item:3110}}
V Hope2k (EUNE)
: Please support this, Korean Language on EUNE Server
It isn't difficult to aply the korea patch to this client. What I don't get is why riot doesn't add an option to install language packets to switch them. Offcourse the doesn't have to including everything like korea voices and so but the simple shop & texture can easy be replaced without must difficulty.
: [Suggestion] Lissandra passive: freeze Tower
I think the real discussion that has to be made first is in what direction they are planning to go with Lissandra. Currently she's defined as a Burst Mage what is kinda strange for a champion that has a frontline ultimate. I have a Battle Mage vibe arround her but she has to much cc to be placed in that category. So the best thing I can make from it is a Burst Mage (hybrid Battle Mage). Still like mentioned before it's extreemly hard to give a champion with that much burst the defensive tools to survive even more of this.
mmperial (EUW)
: This community is odd
What do you expect when 70% of the playerbase are kids that don't known any better and place them with 9 random people.
: I made a meme
{{champion:157}} I'm the most hated champion {{champion:17}} B>itch please...
: Same applies to any mechanical champion being played by a silver player... its a recipe for disaster
Yet the Yasuo ban rate in that division is actually extreemly high. Yet people ban it for compeetly different reasons: * **Group 1:** Ban it because they don't want their teammates to play it. The risk of toxicity, feeding & 1v5's is simply to great. Their is offcourse a chance you get a Yasuo smurf on your team. Yet it's simply not worth the 10% you actually have a chance to encounter it. * **Group 2:** Ban it because Yasuo is a popular smurf pick in silver. And Yasuo simply allows you to snowball a game extreemly hard. This was the main reason why it was banned last year because back than Yasuo was the only reliable snowball champion left (since Zed, Kata & Riven where not in a great spot back than). * **Group 3:** Ban it because how easy a Yasuo can get kills in silver. One of Yasuo main weaknesses is that he's useless when behind. The problem in silver is that he will never endup in that position. You ACE the enemy team. Moments later the enemy team ACE's you. That's how silver works. Even if that Yasuo is the most braindead on the enemy team. If your team does something even more stuppid than even a 0-7 yasuo can get a quadra that way. Overal the champion still is in a very unhealthy state (mainly power wise). I expect Yasuo top will become a problem yet again after the Tank Class rework. Tri-Force is also in a pretty abusive state right now so I fear it won't be long till we will see the {{item:3078}} {{item:3153}} thingy.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: So Riot is nerfing Red because he killed LCS player...
Just another attempt to bring back {{champion:9}} jungle... (don't get hope fiddle mains)
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Contesting the Dragon is out of the question. Since Rengar is already wandering around bot lane, Fiora can back off and head down to bot lane. A quick 4v2 gank should end with 2 kills for the losing team and no more than 1 for the winning team. During the fight Kha'Zix is going to show up for sure. In the ideal scenario he would be the one picking a kill, but at the expense of his own life. One for one. Poppy will most likely teleport to bot too, but due to the long channel time she might arrive too late. Katarina will also head down. Zilean could try to safely stall her for a moment. In any case Fiora and Rengar should have survived. If we assume Ezreal died to Kha'Zix and Zyra saved her ultimate the losing team still has an advantage. Even if Poppy and Katarina attack Zyra and Rengar they should be able to kill Katarina and then deal with Poppy. Or Poppy would just send them flying. During this whole time Zilean is actively pushing the mid turret and Fiora also Teleports to help him. There's nobody to stop them. Back on bot - either Katarina gets even more fed or she and Poppy die, resulting in, probably, the enemy bot turret getting destroyed too. That is, however, the ideal scenario IMO. There are too many IFs, however.
I doubt that Fiora can manage to rotate bot in time before the dragon is taken. I can see this go into two scenario's: * **She rotates bot:** On that moment you trade first turret for an attempt on a shutdown. Also I see no way for Fiora to get a flank off on bot without getting spotted by the enemy team. So she has to lanegank what's not really suitable for a Fiora unless Zyra pulls out her entire lockdown combo (E & Ult). * **She uses tp:** On that moment you trade first turret for an attempt on a shutdown. But even that can cause problems since their is no ward left to tp on that can set her up into a flank position (unless the adc has one left for some reason). I believe it's possible to TP on plants so that might be an option but the channel is way to long to keep the enemy their until fiora finished her tp (if this is not canceled by poppy)
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: I agree that contesting the drake would be a bad idea, I just wanted if theoreticaly you could leave them the drake, wait for them to back (as most people do after drake) and try for a fast push bot with 4ppl + TP from Fiora if need be. But since Poppy could follow I am not so sure of the plan anymore.
Yeah and I doubt their is enouge time for Fiora to walk to bot. The poppy could simply push the wave and take the first turret gold herself. Fiora TP is also not an option since poppy can easy cancel it, could follow with the tp or still take the first turret gold. I think toplane is trapped out their. The main problem is if poppy tp's their is no way Fiora can cancel it. I like these type of discussions. Ingame this call has to be made in a split second.
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: What is the state of TP on Poppy/Fiora?
Theoreticly both of them would be up or just down. But for the sake of this example let's say they are both up. Still I think it's questionable to contest the dragon. Mostly because arround 10 minutes everyone had backed already. So that means this kata is extreemly fed. Not to mentioned that the first blood turret gold is still up. So unless the tp is used as a tool to contest the first turret I can only see it go backwards if the trade doesn't involve a a shutdown of the two bounty targets. What is also worth to mention is that the team that is behind doesn't have a tank so that makes it even more risky to go for a dragon play with a kata involved. You basicly have to burst her down and that's not really an easy task when behind towards this point.
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