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: i got suspended for intentional feeding
In the future I wouldn't recommand to sell your items. It can be fun, but the game isn't over until it's over. If not everybody agrea'd to open. Than the game is not over yet.
: why is garen allowed to be in his current state?
Garen is a very strange champion. In terms of functionality you can kinda compair him with {{champion:122}} a little bit. Still it feels like the only thing you can compaire them with is an opposite standpoint on their lore. If he needs a buff I would go for his earlygame. He's a champion that similar like {{champion:122}} can go very well against specific type of matchups. He already has the villain mechanic for the lategame so I think he just needs some earlygame love. Maybe the Villain mechanic can need some tweaks tho. Maybe more champions can be marked as Villain or it could give extra benefits when you kill a Villain. Something nice would be that you gain gold when you assist with killing an Villain. One of the biggest issue I feel Garen has right now is that as a champion he's very item depended in order to function in the mid to lategame. He can easy get kited similar to many other Juggernauts. But the problem with him is that he also lacks the disruption compaired to other Juggernauts. An example: * Garen gains gold equal to 25% of the gold bounty gained from that champion where he scores an kill or assist with. An alternative idea would be: * Decisive Strike movementspeed will refresh when he assist with killing an target. All slows will be cleansed if he kills the target himself. * Alternative idea would be that Decisive Strike will stack so he can use it two times. * Basicly allowing him to keep the movementspeed durration without interuption. The movementspeed cleanse would force enemies to use hard cc on him
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: LF players who are level 15 or less.
Anyone else that is still below level 15. Kinda want the icon as well {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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: Release a new offensive support summoner spell or buff exhaust for supports only.
{{summoner:3}} is still a situational intressting pick. The fact is that the exhaust nerf actually brought some great diversity in the support options: * {{summoner:7}} when the adc takes {{summoner:21}} {{summoner:1}} or teleport * {{summoner:21}} for some high pressure & bait supports like {{champion:16}} {{champion:99}}. It's a great way to open up support picks that need to an setup & barrier is just perfect for them to stall to get those off. * {{summoner:14}} for lane aggression * {{summoner:12}} great for siege strats * {{summoner:3}} is still used vs certain comps Before it was always {{summoner:3}} or {{summoner:14}} having this changed up is so fun and rewarding. I would rather have a new summoning spell for botlane carries. I still that would be a more healthy direction rather than overbuffing heal to a point you have to take it. In terms of counterplay / countersummoners exhaust has a way less healthy patern than heal will ever have.
: Please Add These Items on the New Upcoming Gamemode
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: First blood determines the outcome of the game. See the proof here.
I think the problem with Bronze elo is that mistakes are easy to exploit. The problem is that it doesn't matter that you can exploit them when a team is 10k gold behind. In diamond it's exactly the same problem but it's generally because in normal situations we won't throw out a lead. I think in bronze it's still hard to come back but it won't be fixed by one play and it will require to exploit multiplay mistakes of the enemy team to get back in that game.
: GTA League of Legends
You forgot an icon bro:
: Damn, our experiences are so different. I dont think I've ever gotten that report feedback in the 2+ years I play this game.
It might be possible they put me on low report value mode because of how much valid reports I had. Could explain why their are so much toxicity left over.
Mada (EUW)
: I recently became a big fan of disabling all chat. Don't worry about missing the opportunity to report someone. When you keep reporting the guys who keep standing around doing nothing, you'll get that juicy report feedback anyway :-D
I have a feeling they reduced the chance that player get punished. I used to get that message daily...
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: can we get rid of that delay in the minimap?
So it's really a bug. Jezus... I have this issue for a few patches now...
: Best Supports right now
{{champion:9}} probally for the following reasons: * With an Mage in the botlane. The silence is actually very effective to ruin their last hitting (think about Teemo laning feeling as a mages) * The E bounce is really broken (litterly bugged, if you ask me). It can easy sustain the utility tree what doesn't really make any sence when you think about it. * The silence is actually a real cock blocker for using your active items. * Broken synergy with a good {{champion:74}} * Botlane is all about who has the strongest early. If you have to support an marksmen for some reason and the enemy has a mage botlane carry than you would automaticly tell your laning fase goodby.
: Darius vs Garen. Who did you choose?
Darius, got the Garen skin for some reason tho. I feel like riot is trolling me {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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: New Botlane META is disgusting. BUFF CRIT.
Not even going to read this, since just a bunch of words where bullshit. Still going to give an answer tho: * Introduce a rune or item buff that will grant you benefits from overcapping crit: * V1: * {{item:3031}}: Additional true damage for overcapped crit * {{item:3072}}: Additional lifesteal for overcapping crit * {{item:3508}}: Cooldown reduction for overcapping crit * V2: Rune * Rune 1: True damage for overcapping crit * Rune 2: Movementspeed for overcapping crit * Rune 3: Cdr for overcapping crit, crit for overcapping cdr * Rune 4: Bonus Armor Peneration for overcapping crit * Rune 5: Crit damage reduction for overcapping crit etc...
: Gathered your feedback and sent it to the live gameplay team. Thanks everyone.
Next patch {{item:3056}} is going to removed isn't it. Try to change the buildpath one more time to {{item:2053}} + {{item:3133}} introducing it as a diver item and build upon active improvements from their on.
Shiro IV (EUW)
: Whats going on at Riot? (Akali Rework)
The proble with that designer is that he just places to much power of base damage. What worse is that the entire kit is ballanced arround it.
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Kalvix (EUW)
: Why do people always copy pros badly....
It's simple, because players don't known the game. It takes a long time to be capable of figuring the meta out for yourself. So they just copy them brainlessly thinking it's OP.
RageBond (EUW)
: Should I buy Taliyah or Malzahar?
It depends on how much time you want to invest in the character. Overal I think Malzahar would be more suitable in term of picking him up as a champion. The point click ult is also very reliable. Taliyah is more still intensive but has some flex option in mid & jungle. If you want to climb than I recommand Malzahar for the simple fact that his kit is more reliable to use compaired to Taliyah's.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: What? Control wards do not reveal shaco or teemo. The oracle's lens reveals both of their positions but doesn't make them visible.
I don't think your not arround long enouge. They used to reveal them. Now I remember that shaco recieved another mini-rework after his stealth changes where reverted again. Shaco actually had camouflage with his first stealth rework. With all this messing arround we got this poorly produced champion as a result. I believe the somewhat unofficial statement of riot was that they ragequit working on the project..
: Teemo has stealth detection? When?
{{item:3364}} and the removed sweeping lens where capable to reveal and disable Teemo's trap. Now they only reveal them, sweeping lens is removed and oracle is now available from level 1. The fact they changed oracle to level 1 makes me question if that was the answer of counter they used to solve this specific issue.
Smerk (EUW)
: What do you mean? Their stealth works absolutely identically right now and in fact always did
Nop, stealth originally worked so it would reveal them with true sight like {{item:2055}}
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: You probably had few unlucky games. Like 2 days ago I had game with afk, and 2 inters (3 games) in a row or was it 3 out of 4 can't remember. Now it's all back to the usual.
Well school did end in June. And that's probally the cause of it. Maybe some festival has dragged them out of Q for some time.
: Tanks deal more damage than actual ADCs
1. Mundo is a Juggernaut 2. Mundo has an old kit 3. Mundo has counterplay {{item:3076}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3165}} 4. Mundo is weak early 5. Mundo can be dived easy 6. Mundo is picked because you pick to much AP 7. Mundo is an lcs overhyped wannabe 8. Mundo is easy to play 9. Mundo will eventually get nerfed or be weaker with meta shifts {{champion:36}} also will eventually get reworked and the more you complain the more you are killing Mundo in a bad way. Mundo is also wondering what you you expect when lethality suppose to be weak against armor that obviously Mundo is buying.
: How to Addapt to every Team with two words :
I can do it in two as well "/mute all"
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: if the game hasn't ended by 30-40 minutes, something went horribly horribly wrong
It useally happends when the gap between the best and the worst player of the team is to massive. Whenever I endup losing right now I just hold the waves endlessly till another 20 minutes are over. It's really the worse state you could have in the game right now because with all those bruisers your the only one with waveclear and because your forced to waveclear you don't have time enouge to buildup and recontrole vision to contest all objectives and the best part is that the enemy team hasn't have the brain to take them. So what useally happends is that I eventually get vision controle out their and they are back from square one where everything resets after your teammates suicide again.
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: Warmog is disabled in the training tool when you pick soraka
It should be disabled, to many Soraka players still rush this god dam thing for an autolose.
: These champions need a nerf Hotfix
{{champion:74}} has been nerfed enouge. The reason why he feels strong is simply because players aren't used to play against him. It's litterly like Singed where the fact is that he only needed a little bit of nerf to ballance it out again. {{champion:133}} is a difficult case, on the one end people don't respect her strong lane fase and as a result they get punished for it. The second reason is that quin is one of the only marksmen left that scales realtively well while also been very strong in the early and midgame so it's no mistery the meta suits her when their are little to no other marksmen options left. {{champion:142}} problem is just her kit. She's currently one of the better support picks out their. And that's strange for a champion that suppose to be scaling into the lategame. Her base kit is really reliable compaired to a lot of other champions. This doesn't make her exactly strong tho. It's just reliable.
Fryderman (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Add option to sort champions by difficulty
The issue with this is that the difficulty system is that it doesn't exactly shows how easy the champion is to play and it's more like how easy to the champion is to play when you start from 0. I give an example: * #Diffculty 1 * Low skill floor | High skill ceiling {{champion:43}} {{champion:16}} * Low skill floor | Very High skill ceiling/limited ceiling {{champion:53}} {{champion:1}} * #Diffculty 2 * Average skill floor | Average skill ceiling {{champion:61}} {{champion:143}} * Low skill floor | High skill ceiling {{champion:3}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:4}} * #Diffculty 3 * High skill floor | Average skill ceiling {{champion:157}} * Average skill floor | High skill ceiling {{champion:238}} * High skill floor | High skill ceiling {{champion:268}}
: Players of Different Elos
Bronze: They can't play the game Silver: They don't known the game Gold: They don't known the game and they know it Plat: They think they known the game Diamond: They should known the game, but they don't. Master: They hope they known the game Challenger: They known the game
: I have one opinion about this: **Don't make the Q a skillshot**
I actually prefer the Q as a targettable ability myself. The problem is that riot isn't going to keep it as a non-skillshot for similar reasons why {{champion:80}} Q isn't going to be a skillshot in his rework. Not been a skillshot also makes it very strange in his current auto attack based style of kit where it would make more sence to change it into an onhit ability or skillshot. Depending on the style of rework this is how it's probally is going to be. An 3th option it would be added as an passive but I have a feeling this is going to create the same lanefase problems he currently has in his kit.
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: Yes i think it will be better because Supports will have more gold income and they will buy more items then normal. Because if you think about it - Support dont get minions they only get additional gold through these items -{{item:3301}} {{item:3098}} But they dont give you enough gold. When you fall behind its impossible to get back as a Support
That's exactly it, than they are capable of nerfing these items without hurting supports to much
: You do realize that with increasing gold/min you increase the snowball effect - making champs that are ahead get to 2 items faster, hence ending the match even faster - right?
That statement is false honnestly. Their are a lot of champions like marksmen for example that need a combination of multiplay items to gain their powerspike while earlygame champions tend to benefit more without or with one specific item. An combination of items still makes them stronger but lategame champions tend to benefit more from it. Also when someone is snowballing they tend to build items to prevent the enemy from doing damage (armor stacking for example). Someone that is behind can't affort items like {{item:3035}} to solve this because they have no items to benefit from the damage increase. The increase snowball effect is only aplied when you are snowballing the game with lategame champions. But in general, naturally you shouldn't get this lead when your laning against earlygame champions.
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