: Tft Loading Late On Low-Spec pcs after 9.19
same issue here. dont get me wrong im playing on an old laptop atm as PC is away for fixing. used to just miss the first carousel but now i dont get into game until halfway through 2nd round of minions XD
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Alicite (EUW)
: TFT. I don't see imps or nobles anymore.
noble has always been a risky comp to look for and kind of just falls into place. ive ran it a few times and i think its still very strong. especially of you can mix in 4 knights with it. imperial i do agree with you completely. but this is what happens throughout patches. the early champs given out through boxes can be very silly i agree with you. and in some cases that determines my composition from the start. Im diamond and still struggling to get to grips with the changes. so just keep playing and adapting i guess would be my best advice!
: [TFT] Still fighting the same player 2 or 3 times in a row...
I have had this also with the new patch going live. I seem t find it append before and after the carousel. Very annoying but hopefully riot fix the bug XD
: How to get tons of items in TFT from the start?
its all luck. and some people int from the start as you dont lose that much hp and get first pick at the carousel. as for decent champions thats all down to luck if you can upgrade early and if you manage to get a noble comp out with 1 or 2 of them lvl 2 then your pretty much set for the next few rounds again. personally im happy with 2 items and some extra gold. but thats a personal preference i guess
kriegnes (EUW)
: [TFT] How do you play into noble?
I tend not to think about noble comp until fairly late game. i like the 3 noble buff to get me through with a decent carry like Lucian. then IF my econ is good enough i push 8 early and sell as mucha s i can to hyper roll for kayle as your chances are better at 8 than 7. The only time i try and force nobles is when i high roll a kayle early level 6 and have one or 2 nobles on the bench or in the comp already. Like has already been said dont go into a game with a set comp as that will cost you so much gold trying to find it and often wont get 4th place. and finally i agree, a TFT section would be good!
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Rezempe (EUW)
: what is this? pls tell me.
possibly something to do with the new eternals being released?
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Everything is beatable. Yes there are certain compositions that work well and items that are very good on champs. But think outside the box and try something different. I would prefer item drops to be more consistent and not have a combined item in the carousel. And as far as I know redemption goes off when the unit is below 25% health??
: Watch & Earn level 1 bugged
also had the same issue. have watched games all day today and nothing has counted towards the team missions
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