: When the shop starts working, you can refund Sett in Shop > Account > Purchase History . After that, if you have refunds remaining (which you should, since Riot reseted the refunds), you can choose the option to refund Sett. And that's it!
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: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us On that website you can open a ticket
Yeah, but that is just the thing. I have done that 2 times, and on both tickets it says "solved" where it used to say "Open", yet i still cant log into my account Do you want me to submit another one?
: Open a ticket, when your account is locked is cause security problems or chargeback, since you said your name changed probably system detected that and ip suspicious and blocked your account for security on that cases you need open a ticket to riot unblock your account
But what do you mean by opening a ticket? I have never had any issues before, so i am very new to this
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