: Your sample is highly biased: a) Only forum and reddit guys and b) Ppl who paid something or went into active contact with the freemium shop and stuff are way more likely to answer your survey c) ppl have to step forward to you instead of you asking them. ppl who are interested are more likely to answer Only way to make it nonbiased is to email the different accounts based on a randomized data set from Riot or notice players at the start of the client but you will never get that I am afraid.
See some of the answers above. A) i know that even wrote it in the post. B) That is not true, people did not know what the survey was about. C) This only happens in the perfect world. I see your points, but since i don't work with riot it is impossible to do what you suggest.
: To put it bluntly, I think your sample size is so small that it can't even be brought close to making an estimate on how many players are converted. And that's before taking the bias into consideration
In the perfect world i would interview all players. - but you can't do that, so there is alot of measures to secure the reliablity of your sample size, i used this and it is within the academic error margin.
: Your sample size is too small.
You're a hard man to discuss this topic against.
: You are the guy from reddit, right? I remember the discussion about the sampling bias. I am aware that you mentioned it yourself here, but I think this can't be emphasized enough. 90% is definetely far away from LoLs actual conversion rate, which is why it's dangerous to compare it with other conversion rates that are NOT affected by the sampling bias. I love your infographic (very well made and super interesting), but the graph about the conversation rate is extremely misleading if you are not aware how this study was made. The conversion rate you measured was the the conversion rate of active /leaugeoflegends (and dota) reddit users, not of the LoL/dota community. But your infographic only says "players", which is simply not correct. Sorry for being so annyoing about this, but I think it's rather important because false information have a tendency to be repeated for all eternity if they are part of a beautiful infographic. Except for this one detail I really love what you did there. Extremely interesting, especially considering that it's about a topic I am normally not really that interested in.
Upvoted because this is important to note. Yeah me from reddit, but i promised to post it here also (feeling like a spammer, tho). Yeah, im with you 100%, there obviously their conversion rate isn't 90%. But if we look at highly engaged players (players watch twitch, play a lot every day, use helpsites. ). I think im right if we look at players that play more than 10 games a week. Also i measured players frequency and play time, but i have no numbers to hold it up against, so in fact I'm not even able to tell that my respondents are "highly engaged" from riots point of view.
: 700? Nice idea and well done but... your sample size is minuscule as you know so your results don't really do much.
Well as stated in the post That gives 5% error margin, at 99% confidential level. - Don't you think that is fair? a 5% error margin, if we want to be 99% sure?
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Frozen379 (EUNE)
: And stupid me thought that 15 year old is different from 11-12. Omg, it is actually almost 2 years since I met her (we were together for 1.5 years). I am 17, even though it doesn't matter but I still love and can't forget about her, well fuck my life, time to go back to bronze and flame like I always do (Kappa, just won bronze game by making stupid memes and jokes that I even got called meme king.)
Dude, at this point I'm not sure if you're trolling me or not.
ZartarUK (EUW)
: wanted to do it on esports and league of legends but my tutor didnt understand esports at all so had to change sadly ended up doing it on the effect new technology has had on fan engagement within football
Damn man, lucky my supervisor understand this. - But we started on Esport and moved to this subject. - I would have loved to write about how Rito got esports going in such a short time.
Frozen379 (EUNE)
: I had a girlfriend who wanted Blackfrost anivia, we met before in real life and kinda did all that normal couple things... Well except umm... We were, and still are just kinda, kids who are about to finish school (umm, long distance relationship). So I single handedly bought it. She later dumped me for some dumb reason(no she wasn't skin/money digger, I asked few times whether she wanted any skin, just randomly, not her birthday or anything else), never bought anything on internet since then. Annnnd this is why I don't buy anything anymore. EDIT: I completed the survey.
Oh man, we all been there mate. - I was in love with a girl i didn't even met, 12 years ago, when i didn't even had internet at home. luckily i didnt end up buying shit but was close, but she also broke up with me for no reason at all besides we were 11 and 12. Who knows, maybe some day they make a skin so good you have to buy it, and you will be trapped again. :D
Seichti (EUW)
: As for the skins question, reasons i don't buy skins: - i don't feel like it's worth it. I would definitely buy a few skins, if they were cheaper. Really only the 1800RP skins or in that price range seem worth money for me, but not 40€... what can i get for 40€, 10KFC meals, 1-2 relatively new pc games, 3months internet, spirit guardian udyr...uhhh, no thanks. - i would gift skins to friends, if i knew a skin they would dig mad and don't have it(i don't care if i think it's worth it, but that person surely liked it a lot) - i wouldn't buy "cheap" skins, because the visual differences of the original style are not that major...
1) As far as i understand the price for 1800 rp is around 12-13 Euro, atleast it was earlier in 2015 when i bought some skins. 2) Yeah, actuelly me and my friends had some fun with the mystery boxes. 3) I agree some of the cheap skins is basicly jsut another color, but skins like the spirit guardian udyr is pretty cool.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Done :D By the way, do the Emails that are interested in the results also participate in the gift cards giveaway? (I know this sounds stupid but it kinda lacks clarification :P)
Yeah they do, the other option is just if you don't want the result on your email, but want the prices.
Jamtag (EUW)
: I have answered the survey but I want to help you out and provide my personal reasons for buying skins 1. Since I play a lot of league anyway and enjoy it, I find buying skins fun and a way to 'enhance' my playing time by providing a nice aesthetic 2. Since I often play the same champions a lot because I like them or play them to win in ranked, I often get bored of the model and the skins are a way to rejuvenate the fun. 3. Specifically speaking about mystery gifts and the new crafting system. The idea of getting a cool new skin ,especially a rare legacy skin is appealing and adds to the appeal as the exclusiveness of a rare skin is fun and makes it cool to pick in a game. But equally even if you dont get a rare skin , most skins are beneficial and are more fun then the classic skin.
Thanks for the feedback! I don't have so much included with the new crafting as i would like, because as far as i can understand Dota dont do that, and want to keep it relevant for both games. I completely agree with you on 1 and 2, and i feel the same way.
: done, filling in surveys/quizzes and such are fun.
Nitrocean (EUW)
: Then, afterwards you have to do your PhD on how Tencent is taking over Riot and it's all a conspiracy!
Haha afterwards hopefully i can get a job, in the gaming industry! - That would be so cool!
ZartarUK (EUW)
: done it and good luck with it had to go through this recently with my dissertation
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