: Riots recent decisions cause general dissatisfaction within the community
: Delete: _%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Riot Games\Riot Client_ (Should be in the same folder the game is installed in) _%LocalAppData%\Riot Games\Riot Client_ _%ProgramData%\Riot Games_
Lelóuch (EUNE)
: Neeko top is broken
: Why shouldn't we abuse bugs?
Maybe people thought it was a gift from Riot x)
Agrippa18 (EUNE)
: Hey how was your day today did you won some games or did u found a girlfriend?
TTG Crown (EUW)
: Lissandra Montage "Best Lissandra Plays" | League of Legends - 2018
We have waited so long for this day, we have been so patient. Now, my children, my Frostguard, it is our time. I have seen the future, and it is cold. The Watchers return and they are so pleased with you. They will take away your hunger. They will take away your pain. You will be reborn; like me, you will become Iceborn. We will take back what is ours. The other tribes won't be able to stop us, they are but snowflakes. And we are an avalanche. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aPWBep5Sso
: why the euw most attractive for players
Because less MS (pings) for west European players x)
: Game Down For Euw?
https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/AjscFahM-euneeuw-08-02-18-platform-issues 45 minutes
: Windows 10 Low FPS (welp me..)
Welcome to windows 10 where each update bring problems :). I test w10 3 times and always come back to windows 8.1. I think it is better to wait Windows 11, because Windows 10 is a shame.
FireDwarf57 (EUNE)
: Any nice mid assassins?
As a "main" mid i hate to face all assassin (like 90% of midlaner) but Diana is also a good choice.
jasd13 (EUW)
: Malzahar W Twisted Treeline Bug
Yes i saw this too ^^
: LOLClient is really buggy
Bring back old Client !
: Windows 10 and 60 fps yet visible that its not 60
If you did a save, maybe the best solution is to return on Windows 8.1.
: Lux can go to Challenger! Or How to solve her problems in High ELO
Hey, i thought about one thing : I have an idea, we could make if her shield hits an enemy it can proc her passive as an aa or the ultimate. With this lux will need choose between protect her allies or proc her passive (or do both). Sorry i am not English ^^'
: Which champ do you miss the most?
Bring back AP Sion :'(


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