: But if they're left splitpushing, that means you can get an advantage in teamfights. It weakens his early game in more than one way as he has to choose what to do before he gets his strength, rather than farm for first item then roam
: Why do I lose every ranked game?
well just a litle tip Realy try hard to keep your deaths low i mean it is hard but just make litle steps like this game i try not to die more then 5 times and go down with that counter. when allways your bot loses just camp them.
: Idea to curb Yasuo's mid game ever so slightly
if you would do that i think many yaosu player would just completly tilt and gona start splitpushing till they have a high level to get the 100% fast
: Why do you play your champion.
well i think its just fun when i play yasou once a month and it is if u dash trough minionwaves. That s all just a fun champ i think ^^
: Ranked
u can call it the random effect if thats happens to me i just q up for normals a day and then go back to ranked :)
: Funny Zed Q bug
: What do you think about Zed?
hes a normal assasin im sure he can do lots of dmg if he plays well he may cann kill 2 to 3 ppl but he should have a team that follow up and finish the fight so jeah he cant solo carry but as long you have 1 or 2 cgood teamm8s its fine
: > If u are good enought 1promo lose doesnt matter at all Well then we know what his problem is right ;)
jeah but dont be mean to him ^^ Constantly playing is the key to win
: Can AD champions PLEASE get some form of weakness and drawback?
well think about it tanks have other scllings and ad champs(adc) are there hardcounter (late in the game). And that how it should be. Ap items are very stong right now. And i dont think there is a reasen to change that couse everthing except xayah is ballanced kind of rigth now
0kalister (EUW)
: I have a problem with the match making in normal game
It is normal couse the mmr of rankts and normals are difrent so you geting mtched iwith ppl that most of the time play equaly to u. MAy be you troll sometimes or lose many of your normal games so u got the low mmr in normals :)
EternalTilt (EUNE)
Nifatron (EUNE)
: HELP ME :)
i dont think ekko is weak right now. But as a typ for you try to lower your deaths :)
Mala Dvojka (EUNE)
: About Rakan and grades for him
It is again the sectet about the S in lol :D but if u lower your deaths place as much wards as u can and try allways to poke im sure you will get the S soon :)
Melro (EUW)
: What is the point of making a client heavier than the game ???
you have the option like @Blood Lotus showed you :) and also you have to know that the game has to evolve and also the client. im shure the map we had 3 years ago didnt need et so much as now
kpucata (EUW)
: About new client and spectating challenger's games
you stil can watch games form high elo player if u chack out the side op.gg and spectate them there :)
: Dear Riot (another low elo crybaby thread)
well if u can put the carry oants on then do that on the most usefull champs with a high pressure. like master yi or kata. They cant kill your m8s if they are dead ;)
: 20 min need wait.
if u allready get 20 min leaverbuster, that only means to me you left allready some games. And also leaving a game should be pannished even if its only a bot game. and im shure your team won that game but leaving a game is still against the rules and so you deserve to get pannished :)
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: 5 tips on improving your mentality in ranked games!
Téglagyár (EUNE)
: 2 accounts already permabanned on Boards, this one got the final warning - Still no regrets
its wierd that you cry on us but still say that the comunity(us) are not worth to be nice to...... So if you are realy that bad and already got 2 times band on the boards it will be deserved i think
Loonstaa (EUW)
: Full premades in blind queue vs 3 solo people queuing
but if they are premades sometimes one of them starts trolling to annoy his friends. and also you can ask your teamm8 to join a ts or Discord ;)
: Home plugs and I've never had an issue before. I can't work it out :(
well im afraid i cant help u but at least vote it up so may someone with more knowledge comes to help ya
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: What champion would you rework?
i would like to see an update for tryndamere.
Mangekyu (EUW)
: What do you guys evolve on Kha'Zix?
im going along with the Q-E-R. Ilike the playstyle with the passive in bushes :)
: I'll definitely give it a go but it seems like more of a connectivity problem. This is on the new and Legacy client :(
do you play with lan or wlan if wlan try it with a lan cable. Thats all i have for u :/ :)
: New client is disgusting
well i make everygame a new mastery page :) and that it is what its made to. You should look at what you will play against and then choose wisely which mastery you will need in that particular game :D
: FPS and Ping are fine but still getting lag?
try to cap the fpsin the settings. That may stops the fps from huge spikes :)
Bíbs (EUW)
: Is it reportable when someone bans your champ because (not enough space)
I think so. It is his rigth if you would show something strong like xayah and if you are last pick. but as long that isnt the fact i would report him too.
: Biggest Aurelion Sol Q EVER!?!
Like a biiiiig biggg cookie <3{{champion:19}}
Flickr (EUNE)
: I heard dragon types were weak against ice
thinking he's a dragon fire type with his skin so better play shyvana ;)


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