: None of this works, as this is not an issue (as of last patch) with your computer. League is dropping CPU / GPU ussage randomly due to some spaghetti code somewhere. 1080ti / i7 8700k overclocked here. It used to be better just a patch ago.
If it was caused by spaghetti code then every single PC would have same issues, no? I have gtx 980 and i7-8700k too (not oc) and i get at least 200 fps every game no matter how massive team fights i get.
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: FPS Issues after April Windows update 1803
Try [this](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/iEzKgUw9-fps-drop-tiny-guide-windows-10) , it helped me out. Been having same fps problems after updated windows 1709 to 1803.
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: Constant FPS Drops since minipatch
[This](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/iEzKgUw9-fps-drop-tiny-guide-windows-10) might help out. Worked like a charm for me
: Trying something new
Hello! For example, few days ago my brother decided for a first time to play the champion that he always hated by all it's nature - Fizz. He never had interest in him but recently he got back to playing league after a 2 months pause and he was like "I wanna main that fish". He knew that if he would get flamed that he is bad at playing Fizz on mid and this would take his interest down, that's why I started teaching him playing Fizz in practice tool, teaching him all the tricks that I know myself. After he understood what Fizz is capable of we started playing 1VS1 with bots. While playing I would explain him the weak sides of champions that he was playing against and when he should use his E or that he should wait until his W passive would end charging and then hit W and auto attack to deal the most damage. We've been playing for 3 days now, somewhere around 12 games in customs in total, with each game I would pick more harder champion that I mained better and at some point he would start countering me pretty nicely. But he still sometimes misses his ult :P Yesterday we had our first game in Draft Pick versus real players, for someone who plays Fizz for only 12 games he finished the game 7/0 without dying once, now we will try playing more against players and maybe after few rounds he will be able to play without my tips :P So yeah, I would suggest learning the jungle route in practice, making sure that you know all possible tricks of the desired character to clear jungle without loosing much health and just remembering when you can gank the lanes (Like after first back taking raptors and then trying to gank mid if possible)


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