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: Amazing idea! I really want to see a TCG based on League since we have for WoW and Dota. Just one tip, don't copy the entire yu-gi-oh. Don't copy the polymerisation and ritual summoning for example try to make it a little different. And choose in what your game needs to be centred. For example in the old yu-gi-oh or Duel Links right now its all about board control. In the new one its all about making huge first turn. In Pokemon its all about buff one , maximum 2 cards. Heartstone is a different story but again mainly board control.
Thanks for the comment ! Yeah we took for base yu gi oh, actually we are thinking about new rules. For the center of the game, actually the decks are build around factions (Demacia, Noxus etc.). For exemple, Basic Garen boost the other Demacian. But all can be different, we are working on different possibility.
: u can do the higher the cost of the skin the more power the card has :'D {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
ahah, we have a lot of ideas, but actually we think about a skin need to be summon with the sacrifice of the normal
: Will there be cards such as a champion's spells or a summoner spell? Will the damage taken work exactly as Yu-gi-oh or will minions/champions die in a fight? You could add field cards,trap cards,normal spells. For example you can make nocturne's ulti a field card and give bonuses to specific cards. Use blitzcrank's Q as a spell to take control of an enemy minion/champion (whatever you are calling them). Anivia's passive could be used as a spell card to revive a chosen minion/champion after a turn or two. The specific card "Olaf" could have more damage the lower your health is (as the summoner).Not accurate since that works with attack speed but whatever floats your boat. The card "Rammus" forces you to attack this minion/champion. Twisted fate's ultimate enables you to see your opponents hand. Jarvan's ultimate:No minions/champions can enter the battlefield. Jarvan's E could be a field card that increases ATK/DEF.
Thanks for the huge comment guy ! For the moment, they are magic and trap card only, but a lot more will come. Actually yeah it's like Yu Gi Oh totally (except for the level that is a easier form, 1 for basic, 2 need to be summon by sacrifice etc.) Actually champion's spells are fused with the monster himself, the effect of a card correspond to someone the original champions do. The more of your ideas are already on our minds but you helped us a lot ! For exemple, if sion is in the graveyard, you can discard one card to summon him again etc. etc. The main mechanic actually is the origin of the champions, demacia champion's boost the others etc.
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