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: "low" FPS and low GPU/CPU usage
I recently upgraded to a new AMD RTX 5700 XT video card from my old 1060 - I get lower FPS in LoL and numerous micro-stutters. At one stage in a late game teamfight the FPS dropped (very, very briefly) to under 20 fps. With my GTX 1060 I get 180 fps pretty much solid and consistent with no issues at any point. Given I play LoL mainly, I decided to stick the 1060 back in, it's just offputting and annoying with the higher powered card. I don't know if this is an AMD driver issue or a League issue, but it's quite annoying - moreso that Ebuyer refuse to refund me for the card - it'll be a case of taking them to Court, or I'll have to sell it on Ebay if I can't be bothered (which is likely).
: How to shut down a fed enemy Early game.
Unfortunately it relies on the whole team knowing how to play around the fed champion, to limit their kills and not give them opportunity to continue snowballing. In Silver at least this is a problem - people just don't seem to undertsand this. I can't say for higher ranks what happens. It's just basic intelligence/understanding required which most players lack. *Interestingly, just played against an unplayable mid champ, 0 points in their champion (Diana). Wasn't missing a creep, clearly highly skilled, so I minimised my exposure to said champion, died once to them - but they just stayed off the map and roamed and absolutely destroyed everyone else on my team. Afterwards I asked if they were a smurf. 'Yes'. What rank? 'Diamond'. (And yet their smurf is in Bronze 2. Great fun for everyone they play against I'm sure..) Sadly there was no way I was going to stop a diamond smurf feeding off my team. I kept my distance as much as I could (tho they had the 10% movement boost item, so had to use my flash to escape if they just ran towards me..) and she ended up at 10 kills after 15 minutes. ( shows me as being a bad player in that game, but I feel I had no chance whatsoever to play, and I couldn't expect my team to deal with someone that skilled because, let's face it, at least 40% of silver players are total idiots, I assume the ratio of idiots drops approx 10% every rank). Anyhoo, off topic, just fancied a man. Smurfing is horribly unfair.
: I cant win games no matter what i do,plz help me
I am having similar issues - though I know why I've been losing so many games in the last week (and demoted) it's because my teammates are imbeciles! I've never known such a run of utterly terrible players - there comes a point where no matter how fed you are individually, if the rest of your team are incapable of understanding the game mechanics or indeed basic strategy, then you're pretty much doomed.
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: Matchmaking is essentially bad and will never get better
I play consistently well, but in solo queue it makes absolutely no difference how I play. I can crush my lane opponent, getting three kills on him in the first ten minutes, stopping him farm, I very rarely die in early to mid game even if I'm directly countered, I can even help top lane get a kill or two, but when it comes to end game it is of no consequence. Either my teammates have died 25 times between them, and then my 3-0 laning phase seems meaningless, or the team fights come down to a bunch of children throwing their toys out of the pram and acting like idiots. I've done nothing but attempt to improve my own play and enjoy the game. However, after a three year break and coming back, I am stuck in Iron I and cannot win a game in solo queue, it literally makes no difference if I dominate my opponent and go into late game without a death, "oh look enemy Vayne now has 22 kills, great".
:( +1 - I don't care if champions are better than others, that's what bans are for (but come on, Riot make their money from releasing OP champions then nerfing them a few months down the line after everyone's bought the skins. Sensible business practice really..). My problem is the level of flame and awfulness occurring, 75% of my games are being ruined, no matter how well I play (or try to play) you cannot fight against two players who are incredibly bad and blame everyone else for it, or trolls or ragequitters. Sigh.
: Made a post that I went on a 13 game losing streak and losing 18 of my last 20 games. Every game I do whatever I need to do and I carry games. But I get f-cked very hard because im the support or a tank jungler.
Hey I go mid and do well, I still can't carry my team of flaming idiots who feed massively then "flame and blame" for their own incompetence. 8 losses on the trot so far... getting pretty bloody depressing considering I think I am playing well and improving. (I had a long break from playing after child was born, thought I'd pick it up again, but this season seems terrible!)
: I think im done with ranked this season
I have to agree with your summation. I had a three year break for the birth of my son, getting back into it, got placed in Iron III (now Iron I) primarily due to not really playing for 3 years and going straight into ranked. However, 75% of games someone is either saying 'we can't win this' before we've even started, or swearing/trolling/flaming, it's worse than it was back when I played regularly (and was a decentish rank). Tried to get into it this season but it doesn't seem to matter how well I play, losing every game with absolute morons on my team flaming and talking shit (after going 0-6 in lane usually - flamers are always appalling players). Was it always this bad? I imagine because I'm in Iron this season due to losing all my ranking elo and being a bit shit in the promos that I'm now lumped in with the socially inept reprobates? I have improved my skill level massively in the last week, but my teammates are making it impossible to progress. (I realise this is often touted, it was 'how can I climb out of X league' all the time, but now it seems to be actually the case. 8 losses in a row. 3 of those I think were decent games and we lost due to late-game and fairness, the other 5 were appalling. (One game a guy even tricked me into picking Shaco for him, then refused to swap champion, (pretending he forgot what champ I said I wanted) - actually I found that very funny, I don't mind playing Shaco mid, was laughing all through the loading screen. However when he tower dived my opponent at lvl 2 and intentionally fed I wasn't so amused.. he then continued pretending to play but in teamfights (if he was there) he'd intentionally fire his skills off backwards so he wouldn't hit the opponents. Ultimate Troll. Anyhow, my two cents is - Jesus Christ I thought I missed this game over the last three year break period, but this Iron league seems to be filled with absolute arseholes who are not only totally shit, but make the game impossible to play for anyone else.
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: Please let us tag toxic players just for our own use.


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