Croffins (EUW)
: Oh wow now that really is simple, and appliable by everyone xd. All you need to do to beat funneling is being a jungler, counterpicking yi so you beat him 1v1 and leaving him behind. Now imagine a scenario where you picked before the yi, so the counterpick is gone, you also are not a jungler but a toplaner, so the being a jungler option is gone too, and with that even the leaving him behind option is gone because you gotta manage your own lane and can't invade and steal camps. Also having TARZANED vision of the game might help, and everyone can do it, not like he's one of the top challengers junglers at all, nope, he's your average no one, and every gold/plat/dia but why not, even silver and bronze player can reapply what he did right there. Definitely gonna try that, ty for the amazing guide (if you detect sarcasm you're probably wrong btw xd).
Oh average rank on that game was diamond 2 while he's a top challenger, so we can add that another reliable strategy to beat funneling is to smurf, again totally easy to apply, why would you want to play on your main account and rank when you can create a smurf go play 2 leagues below yours just so you can beat a funneling when you encounter it? I'm truly petrified by the weaknesses of this strat, how do people even manage to win? Xd.
Wolity (EUW)
Oh wow now that really is simple, and appliable by everyone xd. All you need to do to beat funneling is being a jungler, counterpicking yi so you beat him 1v1 and leaving him behind. Now imagine a scenario where you picked before the yi, so the counterpick is gone, you also are not a jungler but a toplaner, so the being a jungler option is gone too, and with that even the leaving him behind option is gone because you gotta manage your own lane and can't invade and steal camps. Also having TARZANED vision of the game might help, and everyone can do it, not like he's one of the top challengers junglers at all, nope, he's your average no one, and every gold/plat/dia but why not, even silver and bronze player can reapply what he did right there. Definitely gonna try that, ty for the amazing guide (if you detect sarcasm you're probably wrong btw xd).
bartvader (EUW)
: Amount of smurfs in ranked is way over the roof, take a break for a few weeks.
Not like rito is gonna ever solve this problem of ppl shittalking and leaving games because they don't care about those accounts, accounts that they BOUGHT, and since the price is cheap they can now flame without a concern of getting banned because they can buy all they want and start again without consequences. Yeah really important, sure, but now let's focus for a moment on our real objective for this 2020, putting out 120+ skins, so all of you can enjoy them while getting sht on and permaflamed into oblivion.
Wolity (EUW)
: Its super eazy to counter tho. And if you counter it , the game is almost a 100% win.
Yes, it is theoretically, but in an actual game my teammates totally and completely ignore what i have to say, and the result is a frustrating game where i can do nothing, just walking around wasting my time till they win. I still remember that one time i told my midlane "man it's twitch jgl he's gonna gank you after red", i had bought a pink lvl 1 because i was ornn, put it in the lower mid bush (we were red side hence twitch came from below), twitch got spotted by the ward, my guy didn't see him, but even if he didn't see him, he was playing aggressively when i told him a twitch with redbuff was coming for his ass, and he died. Teammates are not reliable and as it is now the funneling strategy even tho super easy to counter by higher elo players is a massive disgusting and unfair strat which can make a lot of players not enjoy their time, especially if you're the one player matching the support of the funneling strategy, because YOU'RE GONNA GET RAN OVER BY DIVES AGAIN AND AGAIN, and without your jungler helping there's nothing you can do most of the times (spoiler alert: your jungler isn't gonna help you most of the times, based on my personal experience). I tried even rushing zhonyas to stop the dives but yi can just reset the aggro on minions. I mean, why would a free win strat be allowed anyway? You're not gonna get challenger, for sure, but a good portion of the ladder is at risk of finding this strat and having a hellish game. Maybe there's an even worse aspect to this, the BM, players who play disgusting champions or strats and have a really high winrate think they're godlike or something, and proceed to start throwing sht at you, whenever they get fed (most of the times) they start insulting you and telling you how sht you are at this game, and while this should lead to some kind of punishment and get them fkin banned, what angers me is that they think they're good when they just play something brokenly reta***d, and the boast about it to make themselves feel better. How fkin sad can this get? It goes beyond "competitive BS" it's straight hate speech because it's the same as calling you a ret**d, and they enjoy it so much. They actually play the game to get fed sht on others and insult them for being so bad at the game, this is their kind of fun, but behavioural issues aside, playing against unfair things is boring, and you can either play broken things yourself or keep getting sht on most of the times, even if you do well. That's my thought, hope the funneling will receive some SERIOUS nerfs, because monster hunter is clearly not enough if it keeps working.
Rioter Comments
: - to be honest - I think the game is in the most balanced state I've ever seen it in!! here you go this is the definition found on a riot survey read out loud by T1T1T1T1T1T1T1T1T1: "Game balance is the goal of making sure that games are fair and that all of our champions have distinct strenghts and weaknesses, such that no one champion is stronger than all others" and i'll be honest here, when i'm thresh, and i try to save my adc from an high mobility assassin, being impossible to hit my spells against him and refraining him from destroying my backline, i see too many strenghts and too few weaknesses, because he gets to do exactly what he wants and i can't counter that. Am i being unreasonable? : >
Câstiél (EUW)
: > You got like the worst champions poppin out of nowhere and killing you without counterplay Can you give me an example of a champ like that? Because right now, most have a lot of counterplay. Akali is quite weak right now and not really a candidate who will towerdive you when she is alone and not ahead. Akalis winrate is at 48% in plat+, while it goes down to 41% in masters+. That seems unbalanced to me, but not in the "too strong" direction. Qiyana on the other hand is quite balanced (allthoug she wont towerdive you either). Ryze is a mess right now. His wr in plat+ is at 43%, with a pick rate of 8%. Yeah... completely broken, way too much damage. If you mean broken in terms of either too weak or too strong, I agree. But that's honestly just ryze, his whole concept is just a nightmare to balance and should be reworked entirely, with a whole new kit. > the same champions picked OVER AND OVER It's always been like that, since in MOBAs, you have a meta. And there's no way around that. Or do you have a solution to get rid of meta?
Uhhh, you talk a lot about winrates, i'm talking about in game experience, i don't know why the general stats work like that, assuming that they are correctly gathered, i just see champions, not fed champions, or even behind champions, completely annihilating you. Yes, akali usually doesn't tower dive alone, wanna know why? Because once she hits 6 she usually kills you so fast you don't even manage to walk to tower. There is a meta in MOBAs ok, but i don't think that some champions should represent the 100% of the pickrate, while some others aren't even played at all, what's the point of having 150 champions, if you only can play like 40? (I'm making random numbers here) Also what's the point of creating new champions if you already can't manage what is in your hands right now? Meta exists, it is a fact, and play out of meta is harder, ok, but here the situation is different, offmeta picks most of the times are not harder, they're just straight up free lose, and you get considered a troll just for not sticking to the meta, and i'm not talking about exotic strats like idk evelynn adc or random shit, i'm talking about champions who don't even appear in the role they were meant to cover. Last time i saw a trundle top? When they added sanguine blade because trick2g fans were emulating him, before that? Was trundle even played in s9 soloQ at all? Mundo? Mundo is a toplaner but he gets destroyed so hard in that lane that no one plays him, and for good reasons, he turned out to be an ok jungler tho so we saw him a lot jgl for a short period, and now he's gone. Wanna come to copy and paste some numbers into my face when i'm talking about real in game experience? Ok let's assume i'm wrong here, then i'm simply unlucky to get every single enemy akali who is too good to play in my elo and goes 12/3, or katarina snowballing. Their winrate might be average or even low, maybe they can't carry their team, but i can assure most of the times champions like those get an advantage so huge that if their team wasn't so behind it would be impossible to achieve something, and sometimes it still is.
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: - to be honest - I think the game is in the most balanced state I've ever seen it in!!
You got like the worst champions poppin out of nowhere and killing you without counterplay, towers don't even matter to them because you die so fast you that not you or your tower can react in time (see qiyana akali just to show some examples), the 4th rework ryze still broken and cassio being a gatling gun etc etc, the same champions picked OVER AND OVER while there is like a good 70% of the entire pool played only by onetrick because if you pick offmeta you LOSE AUTOMATICALLY IN CHAMP SELECT, dragons souls being broken af and always going without contest to some team because the other is so behind they can't even get close to the fkin drake pit. Does this seem balanced to you?
: This game is so frustrating
Upvote this, he is right, and i think a lot of users are realizing by now that the game sucked for a long time, the last period tho was plain disgusting, champs are broken and users are toxic af, there's 0 respect in the rift, and champions like brokali or brokiven or broklaf or bryzoken still freely playing 1v9, just to cite some examples. Counterplay is nope and community is trash, smurfs everywhere leisurely going afk because they don't care about their 17 smurfs accounts, and just leave the game if they don't like it or you don't listen to them. RIOT. FIX. THE. GAME.
Rinart73 (EUW)
: Aphelios has no place in this game. At least not with his current kit
I agree latest champion are truly overloaded and unfun to play against, but it's not just them, there's yi playin 1v4 after he got his items if there's no lulu to polymorph him since ever, there's fkin vladimir havin 3k hp and oneshotting you while doing 40k damage and 61k healing per game, while also giving you the choice between ignoring him and die or focus him and waste your cooldowns on W+Zhonyas and 3k healing, then there's zoe who got nerfed repeatedly but still oneshots you, fkin evelynn popping out of nowhere and denying your MR till it reaches 0, katarina jumping everywhere getting another quadrakill and snowballing till 22/3, aphelios doing random sht that 90% of the players don't even know how to counter because his kit is too long and complex to remember, then there's the ""NERFED"" funneling strategy which still works at least until D3, and ppl abuse it to grind fast, then there's zyra with no items dealing more damage than his adc and midlaner combined, akali hitting 6 and you can either giveup all cs or die because you're never gonna survive her full combo, NEVER, btw 8% less damage to minions so while you giveup all of them maybe she'll lose 1 or 2 that's a pretty solid nerf, but wait there's more, qiyana with 60cs at 23 minutes because she can ignore farm and go roam all game since everytime she encounters some1 she got a free kill, missing champions but hitting walls with the ult and still chopping off half hp from everyone who gets hit by the shockwave, ryze building catalyst and tear and pissing on your grave at minute 5 but hey he's a late game champion so wait until he scales and maybe you'll get oneshot with a 3.8k damage E Q, khazix killing you for the 6th time at minute 10 with E Q aa and 1300 damage, kaisa still being the strongest adc since she came out, dashing and shielding herself and going invisible after so you can miss all of your skills, while also having as much burst damage as an assassin with her Q and so on. This game is a fkin mess lol and here i am trying to play some aatrox just to get smashed without counterplay and even camped by the enemy jgl, just to get 0/8 and receive all the hate my team has to offer. But i wonder why they should stop making new broken champions and try to fix the actual problems, there are more skins being released in a single patch (fkin 13, for a total of afkintonofRP) than meaningful balance changes in an entire season, maybe even 2 or 3. I'm disgusted :|
: Game lag and FPS drops
That is absolutely true, but not just from the last to patches, game is waaay heavier than it was 1 year ago, i used to easily play on a low end pc in a range from 100 fps to 40 when there were huge teamfights with the worst possible particles, to 90 fps before minions spawn, around 70-75 in lane phase randomly dropping at 50, 20-30 fps if there's a drake in my screen, even 5-10 or complete freeze if we 5v5 around drake pit while drake is up. Please guys we should upvote this and make riot notice that there are a lot of users playing on low-end pc who're not having a good time at all, and before some1 comments with "can't you just buy a new computer?", you really think i wouldn't like to be able to buy a new one xd????????? Jokes aside, really, upvote this because it's true hell in game and losing just because the fps drop or freeze at the wrong moment isn't enjoyable at all. Ty.
ºShiroº (EUW)
: How long have you been waiting, as i said it keeps me hostage for over half an hour by now
I was lucky, ten minutes of scouting at most then all was gone.
: Bug: Cant Open Mastery Page/Change Masteries
Apparently my rune pages got deleted, all of them, maybe an issue related to clash exploding and bugging everything in the client :> GG <3 Riot {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
ºShiroº (EUW)
: Stuck in Clash lobby
Give it some minutes, you'll be automatically thrown out of clash after it retries to start the game few times, at least this is how it worked for me. I'm happy that at least the ticket was free, but hey, clash has gone down the drain once again, great job riot.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: The nature of League is 5v5 competitive. People focus too much on one single game, but the true way to take League is over hundreds of games. You only need 51%+ winrate to climb. So those people that cant stand losing even though its inevitable always throw random blames and insults at each other to cover up their own mistakes. The worst thing you can do is react to it :) just wish them a nice day and ignore them for the rest of the game. In the end they will stay where they are, and you will climb up. I think that's what matters.
They're in every elo, you're bound to meet them, it's not like there's an elo that is like a gate for flamers.
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: What about girls that aren't egirls?
Ofc i was joking there, all normal girls are welcome too <3
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: Dog Shit Ryze Changes
I think they know they're uncapable of balancing ryze and wanna get him out of the competitive scene but since they can't just disable the champ shiet nerfs incoming. I'm sorry for you i know what it feels like when your main gets destroyed, but trust me when i tell it was vexing to play vs ryze, once i got deleted in lane phase by a lethal tempo ryze with a tear, not the best experience i've had in toplane honestly. They'll eventually buff him back after whatever they gotta do in esports now or maybe come up with another rework in the meantime.
Chrysies (EUW)
: To use the typical comment, guess you reached your skill level since you couldn't carry the lobby.. Hope you get teams good enough to do all the hard work, so you just have to lean back and last hit.., this game needs more of your kind.. One or both may be sarcasm, go figure.
: For Nasus I have a feeling his R (Fury of the Sands) should recieve a little rework. His ult could for starters give him a min amount of stacks (let's say 100 for every rank). If he already has this amount of stacks the amount of stats that overflow are added as bonus health to him while keeping his existing stacks offcourse. When nasus kills a enemy champion nasus gains let's say 50 tempory stacks and his Q cooldown is refreshed. If it's a minion only his cooldown is refreshed. Another thing they could try todo is giving nasus the tempory increase to the minimum threshhold as permament stacks if he sucesfully killed his target. This could reward nasus to teamfight.
I'm not sure what could happen with a change like this, but i will try to make a predict here. I think nasus would still be a coinflip champ, they should totally rethink his laning phase and teamfight, changing the stacks gain and interactions will still see him useless if he can't get them, and with that kit he's getting either too big or too useless, a total champ rework should happen, it's not even a problem of the actual meta, he was like that since he came out, rito pls :\
: What i hate the most in thos lol era is early vs late champs difference... if u pick an early champ u are oblidged to end the game at 25-30 mins max... if u don't, the champ falls way WAY too behind which results in changing playstyle into going tanky so at least u can be a meat shield for your adc/mage. As for the late game champs... i hate every damn thing about late game... how a 0/10 champ (yes looking at u Kog,Twitch,Vayne,Yi,Kayle,Veigar,Vlad) will be useless whole game but after 30 mins u know u can't get close to him no matter how fed u are.. and to conpensate u have 50 secs death timers... so no matter how hard they get nerfed if they have a team that can hold their own for 30 mins its a guaranteed win...
Generally the early champions are gonna win most of the games, since this season is all about who gets an advantage first, also late game champs like veigar often get so sht on they won't ever even comeback, having like 3 items when they should've 4.5. The best solution is ofc picking champions that are strong in every phase of the game (Riven, jax, irelia, etc.) but i think that even going for an early and mid game champ should be a good choice. Yi vlad vayne and twitch don't even have to wait for late, they need to wait level 6, but they can still go last hit a few kills and become huge (yi and twitch jgl especially). I am, well, was a veigar player, and trust me, i played to get to that late game, and while i tried to be as safe as possible, i often got 0/5 camped by enemy jgl while 70 vs 130 cs almost every single game, other lanes also usually lost, so i gave up on the "farm till late" strategy, it was just too risky, maybe if you're full premade you can try tho. The champion difference tho is pretty frustrating in a solo lane, when you get that jungler that no matters what just won't gank you and i admit that being a toplaner that is pretty frustrating, because you're isolated versus a pick that does better than you in every situation, and you know you'll lose, so lose some cs to avoid dying, lose even the tower, than that guy is fed because he could get perfect farm and you get flamed by your team because you're useless. I think that this is the kind of blame that should get punished the most actually, because it often happens, and you get flamed for something that's not even your fault, the reason? As some of the comments you can see below, they accused me of "crying", and while you could call "crying" making a complaint with no valid reason or any real proofs to support your opinion. Since i'm complaining about some problems that should be obvious to most of the community who has just a bit of capability in observing, while even explaining why, to call of this "crying" you must be affect by a really severe desease, as for the guys who don't help a losing lane and then complain about the poor player being useless, and that is IGNORANCE, ignorance due to lack of awareness. Their obliviousness is what makes the community so hard to talk to, they think they're right and won't even try to listen, while they didn't even bother to understand what's happening, truly truly disappointing.
: Well, they did nerf rageblade just this patch and it was a problem in soloq (still is on select few champs like yi). It wasn't really even used in pro play outside of neeko. They do balance things for soloq as well but it usually takes a lot longer time than for pro play. They have clearly focused a lot more (overall, not comparing it to game balance) on money recently though. There have been a lot of passes since the first kda (worlds) pass. There have been like 6 different passes since last worlds.
Another bad thing about balance, they nerf the items and/or runes and not the champions. Guys with a stacked guinsoo vayne can deal 28% of your max health in true damage with only 4 basic attacks. Let's nerf guinsoo. Did it work? Vayne crit became stronger than the on hit version, also considering that there are few tanks in meta, she got a broken ad scaling on Q and she's perma invisible, thx to different buffs she's received. Master yi is still disgusting because he didn't even need guinsoo to start snowball, just red sword berserker and his ultimate. Now they nerfed conqueror and ppl saying "Noo now riven is even weaker after the nerf", too bad that she usually killed you so fast with her ultimate that her conqueror was fully stacked when you were already dead. I fail to realize why they're so focused on the wrong things, i mean: mr. Bob your weight is 250 lb and you risk a heart attack because of the high cholesterol, but instead of starting to train and eat better, why don't you buy lighter clothes? That way you can eliminate some excess weight. Just xd idk. My car can't walk because the wheels are squares, but instead of getting round wheels i try to lubricate them with some oil. Are we unable to identify the problem here?
Croffins (EUW)
: Riot got a minute?
I forgot to mention one important thing, the broken champions who offer little to none counterplay are also the favourite champions for the toxic players, because they learn the champ, than sht on you with all they've got, which they'll do, especially if your pick is weak or if they smurf to have fun on "low elo dogs" as they like to call everyone below their main account elo, and then they start insulting and tilting you. The game after not only you'll hate that champion, but you'll also be tilted due to their insults and taunts, you know, the classic mastery spam and "ty for tutorial" "u trash at this game", which could potentially lead you to flame the next guy who doesn't play to your liking, making the lack of balance in the game an addition the the already overflowing toxicity of the community. Just wanted to put this point in evidence, that's all for now <3.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > and 15000 RP bundles" (15000 RP = 100 euros, are we serious here?) You realise every company offers a massively overpriced package right? Its to entice the whales, very few people actually buy it but you'll normally find a £99 package in any free to play game, its there for the people who really do have boatloads of money to burn though
I'm not saying is wrong, but if you play since 2-3 years, you should've noticed that in last year there were a LOT more bundles, and tons of skins, new skins NEVER cost less than 1350, there are prestige skins and all, and i'm not saying it's wrong, but they're focusing more on that than the actual game. They buff a champ and now you gotta play that champion because he's strong, but the basic skin is meh so you buy some skins, maybe the new one because it's really cool, but then maybe the champion gets a bit "overtuned" as they like to say, because that buff had no reason to be done in the first place and was just a bait to bring ppl to that champ, to advertise the new skin, maybe this champ gets nerfed then, and while you spent time to learn and money for the skin, you are left with a "not so strong anymore" champ and they can pass on the next one. The balance should be the main thing here, because it influences the gameplay, it shouldn't be subordinated to their money-making business. Also, while games often are full of bundles, i don't think there is a shop which costs in real money the same as lol shops, because there are 144 or so champions, and let's say there's just 1 epic skin for all of them thats 1350 RP (5€) x 144 = 194400 or 720€ BUT there ain't only a skin for every champion, some of them have 3 some 6 and lux 10, and while the old ones cost is really low the new ones is disgustingly high, which shouldn't be justified by their higher graphic quality, that should be a given since the game graphic also evolved with time, or are we gonna make new champions cost more because they have feet and mordekaiser doesn't? Nosense. If we think about all the legendary and supreme skins, plus the gimme 100€ bundles, plus the gemstone skins, plus the prestige, plus the new events, that differently from the old ones have a (listen here) SEASON PASS, a goddamn season pass xd, plus all the icons and wards skins and the new emote thing i think 10000€ aren't enough to buy all of this, if some1 got enough patience i'd like to know the full price of the shop, but i think we're going overboard here. There are games that costs 60-70€ plus full dlc you can go 110-120€ but have the full unlocked experience, and there's a free to play which can cost you 10000€, fine i'd say, but since i'm not gonna buy all of that let me buy what i'm interested in, the skins for the champions i play, and that can be achieved by balancing the fkin game instead of leading people from champ to champ to extort them money. Tell me if i'm wrong tho.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: i am surprised that you haven't talk about irelia gameplay.. ,easy farming + high movement , stunn on high distance.. , so many dashes and R slow + attack disable + she have a skill who reflect damage etc... ,is kind of much after me how she got changed , now she not stunn a single person as she used too ,now she can stun multiple targets... . Smurfers usually abuse her and play her on high farm and roams and getting kills ,is really difficult to play against her expecially as adc and mage , even junglers have problems.
Well i couldn't mention all the problems in the game, the post would be 10 times longer or even more, just for the champions.
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: that doesnt mean they are always winning... currently i see ppl complaining about riven, i had in my games, going for 20+ kills and only a few deaths, but still not able to win the game, because every single time we found a way to deal with her, so my original reply still stands: dunno why ppl whine about champs that need teamwork in order to win with them, look at ivern, he cant do much unless you have a team with you, and at that point he is pretty strong
So it's fine for raidbosses to exist and win 1v4 unless the enemy team is perfectly coordinated? Is it a 5v5 or a 4v1 like evolve? Because yes if you're alone vs 4 being as strong as 1 of them would be stupid, but having to deal with a raidboss plus other 4 guys is even more stupid. Summoners rift 5v9 xd. No it's not fine, and the only way to deal with em is often to ban or pick something as strong and stupid as the champ they get, making the meta revolve around the same shit champs, having 13% of the toplaners maining riven, and vayne with a 70% banrate, or hecarim officially with 52% or so winrate, but in game always fed, the typical hecarim score is fkin 13/4. So i think that teamwork is ok, but champs aren't.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: half of those are not even played, and none of them have high winrate
Don't look the winrate, look the gameplay and pay close attention to the counterplay, there are a lot of situations in which the only thing you can do is flash away, and that may not even be enough to save you.
: Ryze 42% win rate! Don't you think he need a rework or a serious buff?
Idk about the stats, i think they don't reflect the actual state of things, because sure twitch is the weakest jgl that there is, by stats at least, but twitch jgl abuser climb easily to diamond with a 70 to 90% winrate. Also ryze may have a low winrate, but every ryze i get as an enemy is a fkin pain to deal with, i played the champ once recently and got surprised by how funny it is to play, because yes i had fun, but also by his disgusting dps, and i'm not even a decent ryze, he's just insane and the shield and movement speed are just free trades for him. I think he should get a nerf instead.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: wow in a team game there are champs that need a TEAM to work? what do they smoke at RIOT? they should make a champ that when picked gives you a win, you dont even have to get to the loading screen, just lock in and bam you won the game...
{{champion:84}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:10}} (lvl 16) {{champion:141}} (both forms) {{champion:121}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:11}} ("funneling doesn't work anymore") {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:83}} did i forget anything?
Salron88 (EUW)
: ornn sion darius its skill ill take it but gnar urogt and mundo? new urgot destroys me with perma machine gun...i q into him he rotates me and takes 60% of my health before im out of his stun. gnar literally counters my qw so well with his jump and out poked me later. as for mundo its 4 q and im dead.
And here you told me you would explain the various matchups, yikes. Well then let ME explain to you what it means to play vs jax. Generic matchup, giving a kill to jax means you have 90% chance of losing every 1v1 from the point you gave him 1 single kill, and this includes the times he dives you, because his damage and tankiness along with mobility and stun are total bullshit, but now let's go into specifics matchups. Gnar: jax can Q aa W you easily, at most you can jump out which won't evade the Q damage to dodge his aa W, a good jax will adapt and W Q you, he can just walk away with his E after, you got out traded, he repeats few times and you're zoned from the farm. Late game there's no hope to win 1v1. Darius: jax can walk up to you and trade with aa W, keeping his Q up means he can easily disengage after, you can't grab him on his Q unless u grab and he has the bad luck to Q in the meantime, you lost the trade, also he can use Q to come closer and dodge your Q blade meaning you won't heal, and you'll lose the trade, he can just keep running at you with E on if he wants to go for the kill or a bigger trade. Late game there's no hope to win 1v1. Urgot: your Q costs a lot and has low damage meaning you can use it to trade, but only few times and with scarce results, your main tool the W gets completely annihilated by jax E, which lasts 2.5s on your 3s W, you lose a good portion of the damage while jax can still attack you face to face, you'll lose twice what you'll deal, maybe even more, his classic trade is avoidable with a good E but it's really difficult to land it. after 6 he just got too much damage for you to wait the E to run out, you'll die 1v1. Late game there's no hope to win 1v1. Mundo: you're weak early and unless jax is so stupid to walk out of minions you won't be able to hit your Q, even if you do tho it does less and less damage, meaning you'll have to close up with basic to get the kill, which won't happen because the Q health cost and jax basic and Q W trades will make you unable even to get close to the minion wave, unless you wanna die, you can just safe farm and hope you won't miss too many CS. Lvl 6 your ult is a heal scattered over 12s, which costs 20% of your current health, jax won't let you live 12s, plus he got the resistances and passive damage from his ultimate, a big part of your kit, the bonus ad from E gets nullified by his E, and as you can imagine he scales better than you. Late game there's no hope to win 1v1. Ornn: jax can out trade you with the Q aa W trade, you can either try to W aa him, which you won't be able to do since you're slower than him, or just run away giving him free trades, also you can try and counter his stun with your W, but you'll still get out damaged. If you use the skills to trade you won't be able to use them to farm, and you can either lose CS because he pushes better or because you can't get closer to the wave due to no HP left. Late game there's no hope to win 1v1, which is quite obvious as you're a CC tank. Gangplank: you got nowhere near his damage, you can try and harass him with q grasp, but if he's a little attentive and takes second wind you'll end your mana before he goes out of hp, over all his trade is really powerful and if he dodges your passive empowered basic you're going to lose the trade. Also barrels are a no-go because jax can jump on them and shot them before u can even notice he started the jump, your E is useless your Q costs a lot and you gotta manage the harassing and the farming part, if you manage to play well you can outplay him, but after 6 he can just run straight to your face with the bonus R passive damage. If you're too far from the tower you die, he scales better than you and if gets the minimum bare advantage your chance to win trades is gone. Grasp is a must have and if you pick klepto you're going to get shit on, which means you'll scale slower, and he'll outscale you already at the first item. Late game there's no hope to win 1v1, like none at all, don't even try, your barrel full crit will at max deal around 700, he got 3k hp and 1.2k dps, better luck next game. I think i explained it all, i main top and everytime i play vs jax there are 2 ways to win lane, you can either pull off the greatest outplay of history, which ofc won't happen everytime, or he can play as dogsheet because he doesn't have experience or enough skill with the champ, in any case, be it won or lost lane, he goes into late and it's all the same: ultimate with spear of shojin winning 1v4, and it's truly infuriating that unless you got some bs champ like vayne or fiora or riven you can't even do anything to stop him. I see you're gold 3, if you master this champion, the way to trade, the matchups you wanna avoid going ham, the playstyle in general, if you learn to farm better while you trade and deny CS to the enemy when possible, i assure you that you'll get out of gold, but you won't stop there, you'll go all the way up to diamond, depending on how good you are, because jax is one of the strongest champion in the game, and it's one of those champion that can make you go up to challenger if you're skilled enough. I really hope they nerf him or give him something that lets ppl play against him without being a 100% lose if they don't have the correct champions, even making him unable to attack while his E is active and lowering the stun duration would be good, but he even got too much tankiness and damage, he should be nerfed in that regard, also shojin has to be deleted. This is what i think about your champion.
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: ok give me 1 matchup and ill explain it to you from jax side. do you even know how hard it is to make a q aa w with him this patch? pre 6 by the time i do that im dead his auto is on a 0.6 per second and 3 seconds are a long long time in a fight. go jax and try trading with 90% of the top laners and you will see what i mean. he has 0 sustain and low health which im fine with if its the jax from the start of this season with the old conqueror but this joke? hes not even playable anymore. the only way i can hope for a lane win is if the enemy laner screws up on my E and literally does not move for me to do 3 autos while in it. past silver players like that are hard to find
Sure. Ornn, sion, darius, gnar, urgot, mundo, gp.
Salron88 (EUW)
: Please buff jax ealry game already.
Jax level 2 Q aa W you lost half hp, he only loses the counter matchups (that's why they're called counter) and wins literally every other lane, with no space for the enemy to win or go even in trades. In early mid and late he overwhelms the fkin opponent while he's disgustingly oppressive and shojin is ridiculous. I really hope this post is a troll.
: Another Topic that is exacly the same as hundred before this one.
: Report system. All that matters is CHAT. If you don't swear in chat, you can TROLL all you want.
Idk why so many of you downvoted this thread, he's basically right, unless ppl are too obvious (in which case they get punished) soft inting goes unscathed too many times, and i've seen many players going troll just because "u didn't give me blue buff" or "i was ganking and you didn't follow" and it doesn't matter how many times you try to explain "it was the first blue i am the jungler" or "i had 20 cs ahead of me and was half hp, minion would've killed me", they just don't give a F and int your game, free lose, that's the way it is. As i said before they can start running under enemies tower dying 10 times and get banned, or they can just pretend to tryhard going around the map farming as much as they can, stealing your farm in the meantime to tilt you, then doing some "unfortunate" mistakes in teamfight, like missing the skills on purpose and losing it. Will they get banned? No. Did they int your game anyway? Yes. And why is it that they don't deserve a punishment? They do, they just don't receive it. Just because you see some players getting banned doesn't mean that everyone is getting the deserved treatment, and some measures should be introduced in this aspect of the game, such as a system to identify soft inting, for example comparing the game you did with that champion with previous games with that champion, it's just an idea idk. And stop opening this kind of threads to answer "No trust me it's not like that 100% of toxic players get banned it's true trust me feel free to delete the thread xd", because if a player is THIS tilted it means that something or some1 made him like that, in which case there's a problem in the game. The ones of you who answer based on something you've heard from others without analyzing the situation first, along with the idiots who write "some1's mad xd" to have a laugh at the expenses of the guys opening threads, not only make pointless comments, but you make the whole forum thing pointless, i'd really like fo you to quit since there's no utility in the trash you write, ty.
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: Loading screen 0% (CANT ALT TAB, ALT F4, TASK MANAGER ETC)
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: So is Riot gonna stop shitting on eve players?
The real question is: are eve players gonna stop shitting on everyone else in ranked and will the champ get a nerf already? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}


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