Mykat (EUW)
: I hate league of legends
Play a singleplayer game or another multiplayer game of a completely different genre for at least a week or (preferably) more. I would recommend Crypt of the Necrodancer, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Berseria, Undertale, Deltarune, and Cuphead for singleplayer, and Starcraft 2, Warcraft 3, Tekken 7, Overwatch, Titanfall 2, and Modern Warfare for multiplayer (Modern warfare has an amazing campaign too). I spent a good number of months in Season 8 just NOT playing League at all, had it completely uninstalled, after Aatrox got reworked, can't remember how long exactly, but I was playing Tekken, Starcraft 2, and Minecraft instead having fun there. By the time I started hearing about League again close to Season 9, I got ridiculously excited to play again and picked it back up like it was (mostly) nothing. My CS might not have been totally on point but I was landing hooks left and right and enjoying it again. I'm still playing a year later and enjoying it despite the amount of negativity you typically see with this game. I wasn't playing ranked but am gonna start that again for Season 10. tl;dr go play Minecraft or something for a while until you stop wanting to play League, then when you feel like it might be fun and it's by your own desire not any addiction, go start up League again.
: Well but its still annoying to fight yasuo adc and master yi support
I have to know, what on Earth did Master Yi support do?
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: Who?
I chuckled. ...I still love you Aatrox... {{item:3070}} {{champion:266}} {{item:3070}}
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IndigoFenix (EUNE)
: Off meta builds against Camille
No, because Riot said that Camille actually calculates whether a champion is AD or AP through how much damage they've done during the game. So building AD Ahri and doing majority AD damage means she'll get a physical shield. Though, I do think having hybrid damage means that at least a good chunk of your damage ignores the shield. Here's the post from RiotJag
: Missing the old team builder, where to train champs ?
I want team builder back so bad, and I was heartbroken when they said Dynamic Queue would replace TB. But, to play devil's advocate, they probably won't reintroduce it as another queue because it'll split the queues further, if that makes sense, making each queue smaller, and harder to get a game in. They're already having trouble with queue time in dynamic queue, thus the 'auto-fill' thing, which I dislike as well. Personally though, hell yes I want team builder back. It really should replace blind pick, and blind pick is such a bad way for new players to start as well, since it instantly shows them all the toxic "I MID FIRST" players, and when people instalock, and new players can't play their favourite champion... It really just makes sense for Team Builder to replace it. The only reason not to is because it would "enforce the meta". Well they have to learn somehow, don't they? As opposed to just waiting till they get flamed in pvp. tl;dr yes pls give team builder back. :s
: this is that kind of "technically right" that i cant stand. its like some dude is in court because he shot a child to death or some shit and go goes "that kid could of grew up to be like the next hitler I have saved potentially millions of lives by killing that kid im a hero" and its just like... yeah he could be the next hitler... now lets come back to fucking reality. like the first 2nd level being "effective tactics" and then go "ad thresh top" ... hey that exists as a champion but is actually decent.. its called {{champion:240}}. By ad thresh i think you mean like bruiser? if your going pure ad thresh then jesus lord please don`t get on my team in ranked every thank you. as for ad kennen... ok so your playing around a 80% ad steroid every 4 autos... i wounder who does that but better. oh yeah {{champion:51}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:119}} and lets be real your not gonna use adc kennen cc that effectively. you gonna run in try 5 man ult without a {{item:3152}} and {{item:3157}} ? good luck with that. and so since your basically never gonna stun more then one target. just pick {{champion:22}} ashe the fucker who comes close press q and boom you have a better adc kennen. I play adc kennen for shits and giggles because it spices things up but if someone said "im an adc kennen main in bronze how do i get better?" first thing i would say is "stop playing adc kennen..." if you like kennen for his spells play around his spells in an ap form if you like playing around an enhanced auto play an adc focused on that. 3rd level for "things that work stituationally" lets call it what it is. "fucker got lucky" This is like classing the lotto as an effective form of income. like your weird kassadin thing. ok 2 things. 1 you literally could of just got a {{item:3003}} instead of a {{item:3004}} .. and a {{item:3100}} instead of a {{item:3025}} and your damage could be factually higher with no downside. level 4. This is my only version of off meta. and to be honest all your stuff falls under this. yeah ad thresh works because he has some ad scaling... but meanwhile a real ad top laner like {{champion:114}} is procing {{champion:14}} for like 2000 true damage... or if you want the bully proc approach of waiting for your e then smack... {{champion:133}} its one safer due to her e. 2 the dps and burst be better. 3 she has mobility thresh cant compete with. 4 if your a pure ad thresh your never be able to dive into a team to use your e or r effectively because you get instant killed so the lesser cc isnt even classed as a factor and 5... people might actually want you on their team... level 5: function poorly and you give adc soraka... ok one min let me go look at sorakas wiki for a single ad scaling. nope... lets look at attack damage to see if she has a high base attack damage... well its 11th lowest on attack damage at level 1... and its 28th lowest at 18... the is 0 benefit to ad soraka. It is not a thing. its just trolling. same for ap {{champion:238}} ap {{champion:86}} like literally the only synergy is "she has autos..." well fucking hell thats a hard feature to find on a champion... oh wait no its not... thats just trolling. I Could play 5000 ranked games playing {{champion:11}} with 0 runes masteries and items but i cant go "its just not meta but it works" I love the fact you picked nashor tooth trundle as the troll when that makes more fucking sense then ad soraka... 1 his e provides attack speed letting him abuse the nashors tooth passive on hit and 2 his r has ap scaling and 3 cdr is actually an effective tool on him. Its funny when "the troll" is better then the "functions poorly" or "functions" "trying to win the game because she has a proper items and positions" ok your not allowed to say a proper build since your trying to justify ad thresh here... secondly so ignoring the champions skills is fine... fucking ad soraka having no synergy... but 5 items that somewhat work together makes it ok. like stacking mana on zed for those {{item:3042}} procs... someone who picks something that is stupid weak isn't trying to win from the get go. that is like saying your trying your hardiest to answer a 100 question multiple choice question by just putting "A" as the answer for everyone. "well he picked up his pencil and put a mark for each answer therefor he is trying to pass" like wtf? Im like getting triggered over how stupid this is wtf. "proven effective" "the is a few benefits to breaking the meta" me: let me go grab my popcorn improves your game knowledge... dad: hey timmy we gonna make you better at basket ball timmy: how dad dad: oh we just gonna break your legs so you know how important they are *raises sledge hammer* herp de derp. oh champion has alot of ap scaling. ap is properly a good stat on them. no shit. "itemization skill" ... you ever ate something with microwaveable directions where its like 700 w = 3 mins 900 w = 2 mins 1100 w = 1 min? yeah buying items is like that. "does this champion weave his autos between spells or has on hit applying spells on a low cooldown?" yes? properly a good idea to get a {{item:3057}} item. im dying to crits? oh buy a {{item:3143}} and some {{item:3047}} Like who if the fucker that played vs a 10/0 {{champion:268}} and went "you know what make me live longer... a {{item:3087}} " Bring me that guy I want to meet him. because holy shit that be an experience. the is no "itemization skills" the is "follow common sense" or "fuck it i don`t care about winning" oh {{champion:36}} lets see... percentage damage q with no scaling ratio. w has a stupidly low ap scaling and is mainly used for the cc reduction... e is an ad steroid with no scaling... and r scales off health since its a percentage of my health.... and he doesn't use mana... I KNOW A {{item:3508}} BE PERFECT! I am legit losing my mind over this. "blah blah blah your learning how your build works on x champ" ok lets sort this out. If the fucker has little or no ap scaling like {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} or {{champion:86}} a {{item:3089}} is properly a shit item to get. If the only thing that have relating to ad is their autos then a {{item:3031}} is properly also a stupid item to get. If they have hardly any scaling in their kid then maybe they might be a tank or a support. If they have a annoying dot a {{item:3116}} is properly a good idea. If your getting a {{item:3116}} then its properly good to get a {{item:3151}} since it shares the same stats and have passives that work together. If you do a shit ton of autos then maybe some on hit items is a good idea. {{item:3153}} {{item:1419}} ect. If you need ad and some cdr then maybe a {{item:3071}} isnt retarded. If you do loads of rapid ad hits then a {{item:3071}} is also properly not stupid. I have NEVER got a {{item:3089}} on {{champion:86}} but i know for a fact that 3800 is gonna be a wasted amount. im only about 4:50 in your video but im about to blow a vain so im leaving this as it is.
Congratulations, you actually know how stats works. This video might not be for you. As unbelievable as it is, people will legitimately buy spirit visage against full AD teams, and so forth. People new to experimenting will do rather dumb things like botrk on rumble (actually happened). As for Thresh, no of course its not full ad, you should've checked before your mind got triggered comparing him to Fiora, who has no CC beyond a slow and AS slow. Since you say talk about pure ad thresh not getting in close to use his CC without dying, I actually address that in the video when I discuss the build briefly. AD Kassadin, as I explain in a video, gets more offensive synergy with Muramana than Seraph's for tankiness works well with a constant DPS from muramana procs, and it procs on aa, Q, and twice on W, which also is an AA reset. Besides, its cheaper, and getting to the powerspike as quickly as you can matters. Simply because of the reset and W applying twice makes this damage rival full AP Kassadin while still being tanky. The Iceborn Gauntlet is also there for tankiness, more mana, and greater utility than Lich Bane. It seems you did not try to understand my builds at all, and simply assumed that there is no merit to them. AD Carry Kennen was used a lot in Worlds last year, by the way. That said, I am not triggered by your comment. Just understand not everyone is good at the game, and not everyone already knows how to itemize. I'm sure examples of people blindly following what other people build without understanding it have already appeared to you. But regardless, I apologise for you being triggered, and hope you have a nice day. xd
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Shupudupu (EUW)
: Will buy Yorick next, looks like a lot of fun. What is the name of the music used ?
: If I'm not mistaken old yorick was capable of similar feats as well (it comes from disposable minions to tank dragon for you).
Yeah he was. New Yorick is a little better as a jungler as a whole though. The W and E are brilliant.
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CryoBeat (EUW)
: 7 Universal tips for Thresh Top and Beyond (Video)
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CryoBeat (EUW)
: Runaan's doesn't work on Thresh anymore! :(
One and only bump for attention to a bug that Riot might just gloss over and forget about.
shileka (EUW)
: thresh was always considered a melee i believe? just slightly more range than others let's put it this way, there's no projectile, so he's not ranged
He's always been ranged. Runaan's has always worked on him. The 'projectile' is his scythe, which is instant like Azir and Velkoz's auto attacks. Tiamat/hydra has never worked on him, and still doesn't now. For some reason, the game is considering him melee for the sake of buying items, but the truth is he is ranged, since Tiamat/Hydra don't work but Runaan's did. It should still work, so this IS a bug.
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: casual ranked team for grown up
I'll try asking. I play (main) odd things like Thresh top bruiser and AD Kassadin. Not a troll, just adamant with my own strategies. Gold V. That said, playing for fun is a thing I'd really like to do. However, I'm merely 18. Up to you.
: Energy drinks VS Cofee
I've always thought energy drinks are terrible (overloaded with caffiene/sugar. Pretty damn unhealthy!), and nowadays I don't do either. I've been pretty much caffeine free for about 3 months now, and I feel more energetic, rather than relying on those drinks! I'd recommend people try dropping caffeine if they ever feel like they'd want to be more energetic in the long run. However, when I used to drink them, I preferred a good coffee. :)
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Puckab (EUW)
: Im looking for friends in League
Feel free to add me and invite me; always looking for more people to play with! :)
: What is your favorite NON-META pick?
{{champion:412}} Thresh Top (Attack speed tank/bruiser) is actually my legitimate main. Ranked and normal. Following shortly after is {{champion:38}} Top Kassadin played AD manatank. Tbh, I specialise in non-meta and rarely play Meta. Its really satisfying to win games consistently (when you do) with a build and role you made up yourself! :)
: What's YOUR most banned champion in your LoL career?
Probably {{champion:150}} Gnar because he is the only popular pick who decently counters my Thresh top. While I'm not wanting to pick Thresh though, probably {{champion:238}} Zed.
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: Even Faker pointed out how much LeBlanc is a nonsense champion.
I guess if she had to be nerfed, then I said just add a delay before she can pop back on her W. Like, "**_Leblanc can now only recast Distortion 1.5 seconds after casting it._** That seems fair. Keeps her burst potential but reducing some of her safety, giving more time for her to get hit by CCs and countered. Also gives her less bullshit poke in lane, giving more skill needed for safe poke in Q - E before 6, with Q - W being riskier. Seems fair?
: kassadin simply needs a buff to his E/ultimate
His R is overpowered with mana oriented builds. Increasing the mana ratio makes manatank builds deal too much damage whilst being tanky. He can already burst decently with R and his skills with some AP. Even with an AD build that I use he can burst well. He is now an incredibly mobile champion with assassin potential, but must not be CC'd or bursted whilst attacking his target that so he can blink out. Alternatively, he can be played bruiser to stick to an enemy carry indefinitely to whittle them down. Even though I rarely play him AP, I do know that he still does very strong damage with AP. Oh, and if they gave his R an ap ratio, then he'd be a super-instant burster again + low CD R and highly mobile. That's overpowered. I think you're better off just figuring out this iteration of Kassadin rather than just waiting for him to become easy to play. I personally love playing him now more than ever! ^^
Sháco (EUW)
: Poacher's knife?
Its a hard to balance item, I think. The one champion who can use it relatively well, Nunu, is already quite good with it and buffing it to be relevant to other champions would make Nunu overpowered with it, potentially. Even then, Nunu can still just go trailblazer or stalkers instead, poachers isn't necessary even on him right now. Honestly I think it needs a full rework, and it'd be nice if Riot would show that they've been thinking about the item too. For some reason its recommended on Nocturne and I see a few Nocturne's building it, yet completely don't use it. Its a bad item and needs to be completely remade, or replaced like how Juggernaut was replaced with Cinderhulk.
: Would you play Malzahar in SoloQ?
If you're willing, AD Jungle Malzahar is perfectly viable, and is played at master I by AD Malz jungle main player Aquadragon. I find the style very fun, very effective. and **very difficult** Here's his guide Its tough though. If you're sure you want to stick to AP Malzahar, then thats fine. Tbh, you can play any champion in solo q. I play Thresh top and still do well in games. The main thing is fun, and if you can play really well having your fun, then feel free to try it in ranked.
CryoBeat (EUW)
: Could Riot ever make a champion that scales with everything/can do every role?
I've seen some mentions of Kayle and Poppy, and I know. What I think I mean is that their playstyles are very much similar no matter what way they go. AP Poppy's only difference from AD Poppy is that she's more likely to ult and crush one person as opposed to ulting someone weak and trying to crush everyone else. Poppy cannot go to many lanes or function too well as a support or a mid. Not only that, but Rito are changing her to become a tank, thus taking away this versatility she already has. I remember old skarner, though AP Skarner was still quite a weakling, even back then when his heal had a use for AP. And he would basically always build the same things, tankiness and maybe some onhits/triforce. Kayle is similar, but her interaction with AD is simply to have a ranged auto attack on her E, and slightly scale her Q (I think, I think?). In the end her playstyle hardly differs whether she builds AD or AP, still just auto attack people with your E. And AP Gangplank, though I love him, is hardly seen as viable as opposed to his meta critplank. One thing that interests me is how how Twisted Fate's tips would say he could go AD or AP (not sure if it still says this now), and they would then nerf AD to the ground so thats why we never see AD Twisted Fate anymore. But the point was he could either go AD as a marksman style role (he still can and I still would because I love it) or he could play as an AP mage. Differing play styles that you can choose. That doesn't apply for many champions at all, so I guess what I'd be looking for, and think would be amazing from Riot, would be a champion who can have differing play styles based on the items they build beyond simply dealing a certain damage type or being safe or unsafe. More like "Built like this, they can be a cool bruiser dashing in and gutting enemy carries. Played like this, its a decent mage spouting bursts of damage from a range." Thinking about this, Nidalee is actually a good example of this.
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DogIsGod (EUNE)
: Let's talk about Kassadin.
He does not need buffs at all. Just consider changing up your playstyle. I'm not saying stop building AP but it can work. He can still assassinate but has a more risky time doing so, however, with the EXTREMELY low CD on his R, that makes up for it. For you AP players anyway, you can dash in, kill, dash out. Here's a guide I made for AD Manatank Kassadin when the crippling "nerf" came along. He's been buffed since then so its even stronger. I think buffing his R anymore than it has already been buffed (Sure the range is reduced, I felt that too, but you can gapclose very frequently, and more reliably charge it up for damage) will just drive Kassadin back into the OP spotlight. I know everyone wants to feel strong playing Kass again, but buffs are not the answer. I'm not the most frequent AP Kassadin player, but I do think he'd be quite fine with some CDR and mana to just zoom around. Maybe some more defense-oriented AP builds to reduce the risk of going in? Depends how you'd want to play him I guess. I quite like my way. x)
: What's the Oath of your lane/role?
As a Thresh Top main.{{champion:412}} You are to gather the souls of the dead, for their power to attain you shan't regret. You are to sentence their carries to death, that mage too with Rabbadon's on top their head. But enough is enough. Let not your greed for power corrupt your duty. You are to protect and march your team towards victory. For when you feel you need even more power. That extra AD won't be worth it the next hour. Collect the souls but if lust has you led, it won't be the enemies killed, but you instead. -- The Ruined King's blade for versatile strength. A Runaan's Hurricane to stop your foes drawing breath. Randuin's Omen to keep yourself alive. Sorcerer's Shoes have your laner's life denied. A Banshee's Veil for magical resistance. A Frozen Mallet to orchestrate insistence. For when these relics are bought all together, They are the key to make your legend live forever. ..Well that was fun x)... turned out more like a poem.
: No, I do not want help from LoL Academy.
They added me, I declined because I didn't know them. Then they just kept adding me again, and again and eventually I gave in. Surely, LOL Academy knew something about me. They asked if I needed help in ranked. I said no. They added me again, asking the same thing like clones programmed to do the same things over and over again. So I responded in kind, saying "no", over and over again. After declining what could have been the twenty-seventh one, I heard a knock. Not at my door, but to my head. Next thing I knew I was bent over my table. I managed to turn my head before they impaled me, there was a kayle cosplayer and they took off their helmet right then and there. He said said "You too shall be judged", then thrust, his beard bouncing rhythmically with his swordplay.
Wasted IP (EUW)
: I'll just go ahead and say it.
This all stems from anger and stress. Learn to manage them and you can feel them be alleviated off of your shoulders. Simply taking a moment alone whilst you're at home to listen to relaxing music (differs from person to person, but I highly recommend Nujabes instrumental beats, incredibly soothing) and doing pretty much nothing. Don't think about anything and don't think negative. Once your mind relaxes, you can examine your anger and why acting on anger or being angry is a bad thing, and you'll be able to remember these negatives. After doing this, its just about being conscious about it. Feeling pissed or stressed? Remember what you said to yourself about anger; its pointless and you shouldn't act on it if the feeling is unavoidable. The same goes for league. Ah hell, missed some cs, the enemy adc is ahead and I've ended up losing this fight, giving up first blood to them. Ah well, how much is one game, even if its ranked, going to matter a year from now? Probably wouldn't bother you then, why should it bother you so much now? I hope this might help a little. *Another thing is to use rage for productive activities, such as a workout. I feel rage can actually work as extremely effective motivation, just let the rage flow as you engage in something productive and it allows you to exert your potential into that work. The rage will drive you and make you think things like "I can do this better" "I need to do this better! I'm shit right now and I can't stand that, I must change!" "I need to be better than that a**hole!"... Sounds a little strange, but grasp the concept and it can work for some people and some situations. After that, cleanse the depression/anger with a good laugh. Watch a funny comedy video or TV Series. I recommend Community, and an 2001 British comedy named Coupling. Both are pretty hilarious. Again, hope this helps you a little bit.
: I aprove this build and I want to see it played in competitive! Why? Because if so, Rito go on full mad mode and un-over-nerf Kassadin. XD
T4underbolt (EUNE)
: Ok. Maybe you convinced me a bit, but I just used to play kassadin ap assassin and now my way of playing is jus impossible. I'm totally pi- seed off on what riot has done with him. Although I think I'm going to try the build after considering it for like an hour or so. I will let you know in this thread my experience from gameplay and viability. To be honest when I think about that people might be surprised with that build and won't be able to straight counter play tank kassadin.
I think mainly you've said about you "Pushing him out of your lane" and how you "did nothing to him", I think your problem might've lay there. You shouldn't really be aiming to kill them or have much aggression at all unless they're basically giving themselves away as a kill. Your waveclear is ATROCIOUS till Riftwalk is up, but if they push early, do whatever you can to keep it frozen before your turret. Remember that Riftwalk costs have been lowered, and with the amount of straight mana you're after, you don't need to be too worried about the mana costs, not as much as you're likely used to. Also, R can be done for decent trades against a lot of opponents, though anyone who goes tank against you (Sion buying Spectres Cowl) you're better off just ignoring unless the jungler comes along. I'm quite happy you decided to try it. Just remember that your ult can be used a lot and more often than you think. It's your only waveclear along with Iceborne Gauntlet procs and Force Pulse, which both have requirements (buying it or having 6 spell casts happen). Speaking of which, I forgot to mention he's an able split pusher in my guide. Oops.
: Basically because these "AD" builds are not really AD builds but builds using items with a lot of power independent of the champion or lots of internal synergy. Muramana, for example, does a decent amount of damage after a certain ramp-up, and Frostbourne Gauntlet does decent damage, too - and these two synergize too, with the 500 bonus Mana from the gauntlet boosting the Muramana etc. These builds are naturally strong on many champions who find ways to quickly stack a tear and/or reliably get auto attacks with the Triforce or Gauntlet in. They are just not that strong or focussed damage-wise - and thus often inferior to straight damage builds on normal assassins or mages. With Kassadin, for example, Nether blade refilling mana and relatively short cooldowns make it possible to stack Tear/Muramana quickly, and he does also scale with Max mana quite well (his nether blade replenishes %mana, his ult has a small mana scaling). A build with this would basically transform Kassadin from an assassin to a highly mobile bruiser. In the current meta Assassin >> bruiser, but a good bruiser is better than a crappy assassin. And he can surprise people or initiate for the team.
: Nidalee got "nerfed" = AD tanky top. Fizz got nerfed = AD tanky top. Kassadin got nerfed = AD tanky top. What's going on?! :o
Bruh I did this before he was "nerfed". Its probably because those nerfs affected their AP counterparts harshly. Kassadin can no longer safely ult in and out whilst bursting someone. Fizz finds it harder to deal damage from AP, and prefers just being tanky to deal more sustained damage, relying on his W. Nidalee loved (and I still play AD Nidalee) using that high damage takedown along with a trinity and botrk whilst being tanky enough to chase endlessly with spears and pounce. Also ad kass vs ad nida... Kass doesn't need to land skillshots to gapclose, and has it on an unconditionally lower cooldown at higher ranks.
CppL (EUW)
: With that build you can play only on normals just for fun.IN solo Q against decent players you will fucking explode before you reach AA range.Specially after that huge ulti range nerf.Every adc have bigger range than kass ulti.You will get kitted to death.
Wrong, the idea of this is to be tanky enough to survive getting into ult range, then burst someone with a flurry of muramana procs and continue to chase them. I've discussed in the guide already how your ult will chase endlessly, chasing after escapes and past some peeling abilities. If the zone is too dangerous for you, you can escape. Typically however, you are less prone to being kited than other bruisers because of your permaslow and permachase, on top of epic damage. Sure I made the build for fun, but I'm willing and confident to play it in ranked. ^^
T4underbolt (EUNE)
: Are you drunk,high or just without any sense of balance? 1 sec cd flash? Higher damage than leblanc? Tanky stats? What more? Chips? Kassadin has 3 sec cooldown on his "flash" at level 16 and he already has shi-t damage with his full AP build. It's only 200% AP dmg + base damage of skills. Your build would be effective if he had something that scales or gives him better autos. For example fizz can be build AD/AS because his 8% of missing health was moved from passive to active. Kassadin has nothing like that so building him AD makes his damage even lower than with AP build. You have no AD scalings. Your tankyness is not from your stats but from items. Any tank or bruiser will do better than Kassadin sincve those champions have real tanky stats and resistance/hp boosts(shields etc). Now let's move to Leblanc. 370% AP scalings on combo + stupidly high base damage. Whole combo with some cdr is on like 10 sec cd(ofc I don't say she needs her ult to kill someone.Her burst is enough to kill people later with QWE only). So basically her combo is on 6 sec cd. She will deal thousand times more damage than AP or AD/tank Kassadin. She doesn't need tanky stats cause her gapcloser makes her go back immediately so she remains untouchable. Also I've seen people building RoA on her and then you can't kill her even if you catch her. The point is Kassadin is dead. You played some games against low skilled players and win with that build and you think it's op and kassadin is still viable. This is the same situation as AP trynda. It may work against enemy that does not care or is not that good, but it will never work against people who want to win. Voyboy played AP trynda few times and most of those games were lost. He won only few because he had 2 men ganks on the lane 24/7 and get fed hard, but still he had to end the game fast, otherwise he would be totally useless late game. Same with AD Kassadin. Late game. No damage. He might soak some damage, but that doesn't mean he will be focused since he deals no damage and has no CC except 1 sec slow he will be ignored and killed last. For the love of God. Don't say Kassadin is not dead, because riot will destroy him even more. He is already unplayable and useable in rankeds. Stop giving riot reasons to make him not viable in the game at all
You've clearly misunderstood. Kassadin's damage is from Muramana. I said he'll deal more AD damage than Leblanc can (she's magical). His AD damage is lower than with a full AP build, and he has no AD scalings or steroids, instead, he has mana scalings, mana recovery and a 2 second gapcloser (CDR is a powerful thing). Those champions that you say will do better than Kassadin. Will they? Do they have nearly as many gapclosers/escapes? They do not. Will they be able to do more damage and be more tanky? They cannot. Kassadin literally has Muramana and Iceborne gauntlet as damage items with Last Whisper where needed. Nothing wrong with that, the rest go into tank stats, even Gauntlet is a tank stat in itself. Due to a lack of AD tank items, the other champs would need to appeal to such ratios with items. I severely doubt this build and playstyle can be outmanoeuvred very well by anyone building just as tanky. Lets take a look at say, Jarvan. He has some innate tankiness, a gapcloser/knockup and that damn ultimate of his. So if he locks onto the enemy vayne who flashes out of the ult and condemns him into his own walls, thats it. He's done. Kassadin? Kassadin's never done, he can just keep using that flash towards his opponent. To say that a manatank's damage is lower than leblanc's or the AP counterpart is a no-brainer, of course it likely is. That doesn't mean that it does no damage, I know for sure that it does insane damage. Fighting outnumbered is a complete possibility with this build. More mobile than anyone else, ever since the patch nerfed his ult range. Ironic? Absolutely. Mana scaling on ult, manamune and muramana give enough damage to be threatening and potentially deadly to the enemy carries to take attention to yourself, tanking for your own carries. This build just happens to be really good at the "potentially deadly" part. He's viable, and better than his AP counterpart right now, simply because the AP version dies as he nears ult range. Thank you for the discussion. (I also answered your first question in the guide, showing you might not have read it...)
Zambit (EUW)
: why is every champ being built AD now that they've been nerfed?
Been playing him this way waaaay before he was nerfed, my friend. ^^
Choda (EUNE)
: ***
Leblanc can't tank and move as much as this Kassadin. Her two jumps outrange yours, but yours is on a second cooldown. Leblanc can't do nearly as much AD damage as Kassadin. She's entirely magical, whereas Manatank Kassadin deals decent damage whilst being a quite tanky champion. I'd say this is strong. I am one to say no one can stick and move as much as he can. A 2 second flash, tanky stats and a permaslow on top of Muramana burst lead to a real force to be reckoned with that no other bruiser can really compete with. I have 1v2'd, 1v3'd, and even recently 1v4'd with this style of play before and after patch 5.4. The point is, Kassadin is not dead.
Choda (EUNE)
: I'm not saying the build is bad,I'm saying that the champ is after the change. This got me interested tough,I'll try it later and tell you how I did. EDIT-Tried it altough I liked it it just lacked damage cause I didnt really deal much of it but the CDR from it was nice. I can still feel the lack of range on the ult and it hurts.
You need muramana faster I think. Use your ult more liberally, the mana cost decrease lets you use it so much more and just recover anything with Nether Blade. I think a lot of lingering habits from AP Kassa play with your ult may be there. You won't want to use your ult as much as you can when you're playing this build, and your idea of dealing damage might be different simply cos of AP Kass experience. AA resetting with W after a riftwalk, then an AA, then muramana-boosted Q. Keep em in range with E, and chase with further Riftwalks. Just don't run yourself out of mana :3
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: Kassadin 36% winrate
Meanwhile, in the few games I've played him (my way), i've won about 4 and lost about 1. I'd say I'm doing fine, I even quite love the mana changes. There's a way to be good again. Just be prepared to look at a champion in a different way if you must. Blindly using the same old builds with the range nerf might not work. What weaknesses does it bring, and how do we solve them and play to the strengths?
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