: There's no single cause of depression. It's pretty bad thing to say to him "People are the cause of depression" Loneliness can cause depression too.
> [{quoted}](name=mikrogane2305,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=On6QAi2G,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-09-02T18:30:59.251+0000) > > There's no single cause of depression. > It's pretty bad thing to say to him "People are the cause of depression" > Loneliness can cause depression too. There are multiple reasons for depression, but the gist here is that most if not all people playing online games can be toxic or assholes. Regardless of how he got it in the first place, someone with depression will most likely start taking the wrong decisions when people start bashing them and telling them to "%%%". The largest reason why people with depression commit suicide is due to assholes and bullying.
: LoOk At mE iM rIoT gAmEs aNd I bUfFeD kHa ZiX bCuZ oF MoNeY
Kha didnt get buffed this patch. What are you even talking about?
: > [{quoted}](name=CthulhuUpYoAss,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=rKiAJEEH,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-08-23T13:08:07.011+0000) > > Instead of 5 games waiting 20 minutes, make it 20 games waiting 5 minutes. > That would feel very shitty if you something happened and you had to go or your internet randomly died. 20min 5 games in fine imao.
> [{quoted}](name=Vladimir Ρutin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=rKiAJEEH,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-23T22:21:56.975+0000) > > That would feel very shitty if you something happened and you had to go or your internet randomly died. > 20min 5 games in fine imao. If your internet randomly died, sure its a harsh penalty, but what do you rather have? Sit there for 20 minutes and by a freak accident you have to afk for a second and then decline the match, thus having to sit through another 20 minutes waiting? OR Sit there for 5 minutes and have to play a few more games? if i play with my friends, they'd rather sit through 5 minutes waiting with me for multiple games than "Have to sit there and wait a full game because i'm in the LPQ". Anyone who plays with his friends will see this situation happen, where they get kicked by the party due to the fact they have to sit there for 20 minutes waiting for that one person. Not only that, but people who just want to play a quick game before they have to go in an hour, might not be able to play said game due to the waiting time. You can't just "Pop in a quick game of league" if you have to actually be there for a full hour to not get punished even more.
: The Most Hated Role?
Most hated role? It totally depends on context. if i play toplane, the most hated role is jungle. Simply because for some reason even if i play super safe, towerhug and keep everything warded, my jungler ignores the lane completely and decides to kill himself in other lanes due to ganking badly. In general, everyone hates the toplane, jungler and support. Cause for some reason if anything goes badly or someone snowballs, its always on them to blame for some odd reason, even when the flamer is the one feeding them for no reason.
: It still happens. Riot says they dont have any solutions for me anymore. So i'm saying goodbye to ranked
Ouch, that hurts to hear! I hope it will get fixed sooner than later, anyone not able to play ranked due to these kinds of errors are a loss to the ranked community.
: Pantheon skin sale
If i remember correctly, sales like these tend to stay up till the next patch cycle. Which will happen next week on the 28th.
Cypherous (EUW)
: No, i said it doesn't count as a played match, i never said they went back in the queue :P Meaning they have still got to play another match successfully for it to remove one of the penalty matches
True, i must have misread it slightly then! You have to complete a game till the FF happens or a base blows up to "finish a game". It would otherwise be abused by people just leaving games to get said person out of the punishment with ease, which is not the intended use of said punishment.
: He went 1/19 in my game. Now he went 1/17 bc riot simple doesnt wanna bann this obv troll
> [{quoted}](name=Darkdynamix,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Y0YJb6nA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-23T13:16:54.536+0000) > bascly every1 try to convince me that he was just having an unlucky game > > Oh no, someone fed in a game! How horrendous you had to experience such a bad issue! Do we need to provide you with any professional help, or maybe a bag of money to soften up the trauma's you endured? > [{quoted}](name=Darkdynamix,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Y0YJb6nA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-23T13:16:54.536+0000) >This time he went 1/17 in an other solo q game Wait, you're actually stalking said person to see if he does do such a horrendous thing again? Shame on him for ruining other people's games! All jokes aside, he probably had a bad game that day, so i dont see why you should feel so traumatized by an individual that doesnt even know you or cares about you. Seriously, either get a hobby or move on with your life and play another match where you will not see him or his name again. if anything, i would hate to play with you in my team, due to your really negative and most likely toxic attitude towards teammates.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: I mean, its a total of 100 minutes not just 20 :P And their game doesn't count if there is a remake
> [{quoted}](name=Cypherous,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=rKiAJEEH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-23T12:54:44.864+0000) > > I mean, its a total of 100 minutes not just 20 :P > > And their game doesn't count if there is a remake You made a small error there, if it's a remake, you dont get dropped back in LPQ, you get into the Q right away. So even if it doesnt count, you dont get to sit there another 20 minutes because someone else "Dun goofed" it.
Hansiman (EUW)
: That would honestly most likely be less effective. It's not that uncommon that we see players here on boards complaining about Low Priority Queue (LPQ) since they feel it wastes their time. Some of them even request it changed to a set time ban, since it feels less punishing. The harshest penalty means that in order to play a game, you have to sit around for 20 minutes before you're even queued up. This is a penalty you **have** to go through. If you set it to a 24h ban, people would just play on a smurf and come back to the other account after a day has passed, not feeling any implication of the penalty at all.
Instead of 5 games waiting 20 minutes, make it 20 games waiting 5 minutes. Same punishment, takes longer to get out of and might actually have a better impact overall than having to "sit there, wait and play" for an hour, considering the time it takes for champselect and the game itself as well. Having to sit there for so long might even be a reason for people to be annoyed before the game even starts, especially when the waiting almost takes as long as the fastest way to finish a game.
: Everything is updated. I didn't have this problem yesterday I deleted & reinstalled client, hextech repair, my client is still going bonkers I can't play. tried it in aram, it's unplayable. its freezing all the time, in stats it shows everyone is level 1 with no items while we are 12 mins in game
Does it still crash for you? I would really consider sending in a support ticket if it does, because obviously this isnt supposed to happen normally.
Pelmeem (EUW)
: "Honor" system
You're flaming the guy that has a bad game, you are making his bad game even worse by bullying him (Which is already pathetic on its own that you need to bully others.) except that you continue to do so in every game you play, not even remotely thinking outside your tiny little mind. If we start flaming you because you're having a bad game, do you enjoy playing league? No. That same answer goes for every player in League. Not only do you most likely piss off a TEAMMATE that has it rough enough trying to deal with his mistakes, you also piss off your entire team because you start focussing on bullying a person instead of playing at that exact moment. Every second you take to "punish" a player in-game is a second you waste by not playing that game. Aside from that, every second you take to type and punish that player, is a second your entire team has to deal with, meaning for every second you waste by telling him to stop feeding (Which he most likely cant do due to snowballing etc.) is 4 seconds for the rest of your team trying to continue on playing with a negative mood. Sure, muting is always an option, which most players will most likely do, but in this exact case i would even opt in for a choice to remove chat entirely, or give certain toxic players like you a permanent chat restriction. You literally take everything and throw it at that feeder "BCUZ HE MAKES ME LOSE MY GAMES". But in fact its YOU losing their games, "by being that tiny little toxic kiddo that cant control his peepee and has to slap everyone in their face with it to show dominance". Fine, you have a peepee, i do too, but that doesnt mean you have to show everyone it to prove your silly little point that no one even cares about. TLDR; stop being an sshole, stop wasting your time and others on typing in chat and for everyone's sake, if you cant control that, stop playing League. Because this community has enough players like you that dont understand simple things like people try to enjoy a game but can't because some player has to flame them for mistakes that everyone makes every so often.
: He is but never blind pick him. The thing about kass is his passive let’s him ignore a % of magic damage dealt to him and he has a magic shield, but at the same time he has litterally 19 armour at level 1. So against magic damage he is great, vs physical he’s a minion. So I’d recommend not picking him unless you either know who your against or you feel vonfiden5 in your ability to play him.... else they will pick an ad assasin and you will feed
But then you rush a zhonya's and the assassin cant do much to kill you in lane.
: What the %%%% just happened to my game?
Vel'Koz disintegrated your internet connection by the looks of it. All jokes aside, the 1st one is a connection error, happens sometimes (I have no idea, just like many others dont know why) but you should be able to reconnect as soon as the "loading" has been done for everyone else. The second one? Looks like a corrupt file that got called upon and crashed the game. Your best bet would be to download the Hextech Repair Tool from the site and let it check all the files. Edit: i honest to god hope you pressed YES on the 2nd one, that would help a LOT to troubleshoot what the hell went wrong. But that means a ticket to support then, it defo isnt a user error but something that has to do with Vel'Koz interactions by the looks of when it happened.
: Great, another emote that can be spammed throughout the match. That's exactly what we need
It's not an emote. And if you hate it so much, disable it instead of speaking for "everyone".
Pikaguif (EUW)
: After researching a bit I found a couple of things, first the world in project lore has would have the same philosophy as viktor, so that might be a chance because although this is a dystopian future of plitover and zaun he's pretty much immortal so I could say that, and second which is a theory that I can disprove is that in katarinas project splashart you can see that there's something that looks like a battlecast prob velkoz the only problem is that if I recall correctly the war in the battlecast universe can only have to results one being humanity winning and the other being battlecast wins and either result will disprove project being created by the viktor in battlecast because if viktor won he would kill all humanity so I don't think he would let live 100mil people in the project city and if humans won then viktor would die before any chance. TLDR Viktor can be the creator but Battlecast Viktor can't be.
But then the lore added to katarina's splashart disproves your theory as well. Some of the PROJECT still serve their creators. If Battlecast and PROJECT are indeed the same universe, then it would still be a high chance Creator Viktor is the one behind it all. From all the splasharts and all the lore combined, i can only say that Creator Viktor is the creator of PROJECT, and maybe he has already been killed at this point, the PROJECT machines are more than capable of learning and following the Program. Even if all humans are killed, there is a very large chance that all their brains are already uploaded onto a huge server capable of storing them until they are needed since they were all augmented.
Pikaguif (EUW)
: They are not from the same universe pretty much confirmed with pulse fire ezreal. Also there's no mention in PROJECT lore of the war which is the battlecast vs the Resistance and as the way it loka there's no way that either humans survived and allowed themselves to upgrade themselves or battlecast winning and letting humans live and also allowing them to be become augmented
They are indeed from an alternate universe, but according to the lore, the PROJECT skins were created by augmented humans and they were mostly abandoned, while Warwick was still being created and breaking out before they actually completed him. From all the champions, skins and all the lore attached to them, Viktor is the only one who could be linked to creating the PROJECT prototypes. Someone or something created the PROJECTS, that is an undeniable fact, and who else but Viktor would be a tinkerer in the art of transplanting brains into machines?
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: >I'm a grown man who can pay for skins if I want to so I don't really need that compensation but to me it's just a manner of respect, a way for RIOT to show that they understand our "value". lol, respect is not given its earned, and as soon as something happens ppl just jump on riot asking for compensation... for what? that the server couldnt keep up with the demand? they did not really see it coming so you have no right to demand anything for it if you dont like that, just go and play something else, where you get your "deserved" respect lol
> [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=x78NhG90,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-07-01T02:43:09.594+0000) > > lol, respect is not given its earned, and as soon as something happens ppl just jump on riot asking for compensation... for what? that the server couldnt keep up with the demand? they did not really see it coming so you have no right to demand anything for it > > if you dont like that, just go and play something else, where you get your "deserved" respect lol The same excuses have been recycled over and over again the past 6 years. Every time Riot releases something, like a new gamemode to try out, the server does a backflip and dies again due to the heavy load. You would expect a company that has millions in revenue each year to actually have some backup that they can call upon when needed after seeing the same shit happen over and over again. In the years i have played, from before Season 1 even started, the things happening now have been around since Season 3-4 and it hasnt become better overall. EUW and EUNE has been split off already, luckily enough, but the amount of players is still climbing on average. The fact that Riot cant even predict things like this, when it was OBVIOUS even the PBE couldn't handle it, and made no effort whatsoever to prepare themselves better for the launch of TFT on Live. And you can ofcourse come up with "BUT SERVERS CANT BE SET UP THAT FAST", but do you really think they did prepare? The launch on Live servers was already a halfbaked preparation, launching it by american time standards, even some RIOTers that are on the server, like Eambo couldnt tell us anything when he was asked about it. And by the way, if you as a company cant show a little amount of respect to the customers, the customers will just stop coming at some point. So, yes in this case respect is given, because at any given time people can just decide to walk away and never touch anything of a company again due to bad reputation and neglecting their own customerbase.
SeanGoku (EUW)
: League community in a nutshell
> - Add an option to say why you dodged. Sometimes you might just dodge because your champ got banned or you don't wanna play a specific team comp or whatever. But a lot of the times you dodge because someone is already being toxic in champ select. And this needs to be addressed. Either you lose time for nothing by dodging or you play out a toxic game just to report one person. You could even just have a popup ask you next time you log in why you dodged. You have the time anyway as you are probably locked out of queue for x minutes anyway. Honestly, this idea is not gonna work. This would make dodging better than actually playing the game in about 50% of the cases. Instead of that idea, i have a better one. Give the players an option in champselect to vote-kick people (For example, trolling or being toxic). If 3 people agree to vote-kick said person, said person gets kicked and flagged in the system. If that flagged person gets kicked multiple times from champselects, then they get punished by the system for their behavior like normal. Maybe even punish them directly by blocking them from queuing. The players that actually have the toxic behavior have to reform or deal with being kicked in most of their games, while the players that want to enjoy the game arent punished by that one asshat forcing them to dodge and wait idk how long for the next queue.


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