: yup. Extremely safe. Extremely easy to play. insta win for teamfights. And currently at 72% banrate
"Instawin for teamfights" what Plus, extremely safe? Have you never played gnar?
: to many free win champions. can we have more bans?
playerHM (EUW)
: Banned for use of 3rd party programs/modified league folder
You do know that a footer doesn't review games what someone has been reported for scripting? Even if they did, I'm sure they know the difference. Due to it being on 2 different accounts, is guess you must jab had something in the past that you didn't properly remove.
SlLsHer (EUNE)
: Hahah lvl,dude im diamond s5,and ur like silver...
Thats honestly suprising.. If you don't understand why this would be catastrophic now, then I can't help you. Just try and think of the potential **thousands** of factors riot have to consider.
Somateri (EUNE)
: Season 6 safest jungle clear champions?
You definitely haven't played elise this season. I go AS reds, Armor yellows, AP blues and AP quints.
SlLsHer (EUNE)
: Man if something new comes u say wow,but when its says its coming out u say no its crap u are dumb rito pls and that.......
Why do you think you know exactly what everyone will say? You don't, so stop saying you do.
SlLsHer (EUNE)
: U dont get me,I dont ask u for new spells, I ask riot what they have in mind about adding all these new stuff,new spels would be awsm,but some1(u) says that "we " dont need new stuff......If riot would say new spel u would say: YES OMG I W8 SO LONG YAAAAY
What? No I definitely would not say that, I'd certainly be angry. You don't understand that this simply wouldn't work. What level are you?
: silver 5
that's probably it then. Your rank is based on your MMR last season. This means that although you were silver 5, your MMR easily could have been lower. That, combined with only getting slightly over 50%, would be why you're placed in Bronze 4. Hope this helps :)
SlLsHer (EUNE)
: Dude whats wrong,everytime they put a new champ its a new meta,everytime they give a new item its a new meta,keystone is a new meta,but hey spels are dumb why new spels ?
Simply because **we don't need new spells.** However, new champions/items/etc are always needed to fill in gaps here and there, or to promote more variability to certain roles. Also, just saying "add a new spell" is easy. However, the sheer amount of effort and time that would have to be put into deciding the pro's and cons of the spell in mind wouldn't be worth it, and it could only be extremely niche, weak, or strong. Do you have any sort of spell in mind?
Kartagia (EUNE)
: Just ignore this Cypherous. he has not played ranked games for 3 months or even more. Thinking that winning 8 games out of 10 deserves drop of several division to lowest possible divsion is fair. I bet this guy is just ensuring all is content to get shitty placement so he would get to good tiers later when RIot have fixed the issue. He is fanboy of Riot. He is trolling on forums. And he does not have any factual content to say, just worshipping Riot Devs.
The amount of ranked games he's played has nothing to do with it. It's blatantly obvious he knows what he's talking about, but you guys refuse to accept that the rank you are in is the one you deserve to be in, and blame things on everyone else. He does have factual content. first of all, read patch notes and keep up to date with changes in the game. Jesus, as soon as someone gives you guys a answer you don't want to hear you just shun it out. I can only assume you're the same as this in game, meaning you won't accept when you've made a bad play or something, rather mute your team if they point it out or pass the blame onto someone else. Maybe this is why you're at a lower division? Again, like cypherous said, your rank after placements is based on your MMR. **No matter how many placement games you win or lose, your MMR will not change for them.** So you could have a MMR equal to that of bronze 5 or so, win 10 placement games, then still get bronze 5, as the placement games are **NOT the same as promotion games.**
: Think about it Riot.
This literally makes barely any sense. > [{quoted}](name=Thresh Airlines,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=J4zmsvaE,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-22T10:52:07.373+0000) > We all know the fact that bronze is hard to get out....Sooo,why do we need them promos there.... Huh? Firstly, bronze is **not** hard to get out of if you are good enough. This whole concept of elo hell is ***just an excuse people will use avoid accepting that they are bad.*** If you play enough and try hard enough, you can carry your games to victory. You've given no alternative method to ranking up in bronze or anything, and expect legibility. It doesn't work like that. Lets assume Riot agrees with you, which they most certainly do not. What then? Do you win 1 game and instantly you're silver? Bronze is here for a reason, like all the other ranks, and shouldn't be treated differently to the other ranks. If you want to argue this further, please plan out what you're saying and give decent alternatives. Either way though, it isn't gonna happen. -CuddlyPillowKing
SlLsHer (EUNE)
: New spels ?????
As AI Allisrem said, a new spell would completely change the meta, and with so many other things being wrong, it's not a good idea right now. Also, there's nothing wrong with the current amount of spells we have, so why fix what isn't broken?
: 6-4 in ranked and get bronze 4, season 5 4-6 and get silver 5 wtf
: How about leaving EUW with the ACTUAL solo queue and giving us dynamic queue later.
Accidence (EUW)
: why im baned?
Hi! I'm afraid this be is fully your fault. You don't get banned for leaving 1 game, so you must have either left some games before for whatever reasons, or have started more games knowing that you was lagging. Also, being reported for afk does nothing if you wasn't actually afk. Did you disconnect from the game?
: Why I left EUNE (Rant)
Maybe you've been lucky. I've been on EUW for last 3 or so years, and I encounter flamers **almost daily.**
Aniviated (EUW)
: YEEY BRONZE!!!!one111!!!!eleven!
I don't really believe in elo hell. Ofcourse it makes sense you're gonna have games like this, but thousands of people have gotten out of these low elos, so you're not any different. Believe it or not, trolls and such are prevalent in higher ranks aswell.


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