: Support is such a thank less role to play.
"thanks for doing your job and not intentionally losing" yeah? I feel like you shouldn't have to thank someone for playing the game like they should anyway. I always encourage people when they do well, like "nice hook wp" after we get a kill or something but honestly you shouldn't expect or need that to happen. I come across so many supports who literally sit behind me as Janna or something and throw out the occasional shield expecting me to win trades 1v2 without any cc or autos from her. Leona players who just sit behind me without zoning or warding side bushes. I either have to fall back and lose out on cs or the enemy engages on me and then leona reacts and will blow everything on their tanky support. It's really frustrating to play with some support players who have no clue how to play bot lane since they play support so rarely. They have no lane presence and manage to maintain a good score and kda because of it and use that as a basis that they are playing well and the unfortunate adc that they are paired with isn't since he lacks cs and might die a few times. If the adc is 0/2/1 and the support is 0/0/1 the adc will be blamed for feeding rather than the support even though it can easily be due to the support who is playing too passively and not committing to fighting alongside his adc. Just to use a few spells, let the adc die and then run away. So don't whine about how it's "painful" to play without getting constantly thanked. I bet you don't always thank your adc whenever he gets a kill, you're more like "I got the kill for you by landing so many hooks" etc. or something similar.
: That username is telling me you're a toxic player.
: Who knew riot took forums seriously?
That ban code is apparently from Riot Lyte. So he personally ban-hammered the shit out of u mate. Rest in pieces.
Celeb 17 (EUNE)
: Riot please give this a read.. Season 5 rewards on suspended players opinion.
I have >700 chat restrictions so i'm not gonna get any rewards. It's not like anyone gives a shit about what border I have anyway though, and I don't care about skins either for the most part. A game is a game and is meant to be played. I'll stay "toxic" (you define me as toxic, I define myself as normal), play the game and have a great time stomping unskilled kids. It's not like I go out of my way to ruin the gaming experience for other people. I just get angry when I see other people trying to do it to me and I verbally assault them. Fuck intentional feeders and trolls. I'll take my chat rest and no rewards and keep on talking shit to them.
JRaveN (EUW)
: 14 days suspension is supposed to be reserved for serious offences such as racism, vulgar language and discrimination etc. You do seem to swear a fair amount along with being negative towards your team mates. But I totally agree. This is no way should warrant a 14 day suspension. A chat restriction would probably have been sufficient. Looks like Riot have went over the top with this new system. All banning does to the general mild community is make them go on smurfs and brings more negativity and a worse experience for legitimate new players since they are angry at the ban.
A chat restriction would be undeserved. A polite written apology from riot saying sorry for not instantly banning that tahm kench is more appropriate. It's moronic how someone can have their game ruined by some twat losing intentionally and they can't show any sign of annoyance or else they are punished for "verbal abuse".
Rioter Comments
: tf vs lux
Stay far away from her - increases the travel time and you can see where it's going. Close range you can't really dodge it unless the enemy messes up when aiming it. Dodge directly to the side rather than forwards or backwards It's like chogath's q where if he casts it as long as you move in a straight line off of it as soon as you see the circle it will never land on you. You just have to move away when lux first throws it and not when it comes to a stop.
: if she really had that delay, you wouldnt see me complaining, either you got no idea wtf you're talking about or her auto attacks are glitched and nobody gives a shit and ppl just abuse it...
Her auto attacks are fine, stop digging.
Elýzium (EUW)
: Please Riot make the suffering stop!
They already gave him bonus damage on hit as a passive on his e which should make last hitting easy.
: Why I got banned ??
Follow these steps to find out why you were banned: 1) Post your chat log. 2) Let us explain that you were banned for being verbally abusive.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Newbie friendly support champions?
Anyone, support takes no skill nomatter who you play. I'd suggest janna if you're a more conservative player or vel'koz if you prefer to be more aggressive.
: (RIOT) No reward for owning every champion?
How about an award for owning everything that you can buy with ip in the game. I could do with that.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Hmm, but 3v3 doesnt have soloq, normals were always less toxic and if it was team ranked 3v3 so of course there wil be less toxicity. Btw this: > Then if you said "easy" or "nice flash lol" if someone failed it over a wall it would be competitive teasing. it is negative atittude, your judgment is clouded by nostalgia. It's that stupid thing that makes people remember shitty experience as a nice one.
Far from it. I didn't have a shitty experience. As for what you refer to as a negative attitude. It's what some people refer to as banter. If you're too socially inept to realise it for what it is then I don't know how else to explain it to you. Ever been playing football with friends and completely missed a penalty or something and someone goes "nice shot mate"? It's not meant in an offensive way. It's meant as a joke. People say stuff like that in a non-serious way when they're having fun together and nobody goes off in a little childish temper because of it. Maybe you've been subject to bullying or something and you have a different viewpoint on these matters because of it or maybe it's just because we were brought up in different environments around different people. I understand why you may think that these things are negative but there is a clear difference between people joking around and actual verbal abuse. Unfortunately I feel that people are now so used to being flamed they just assume it's the latter rather than realising that it may be the former. I say that as I have multiple accounts. 3 of which have honour ribbons for being friendly and helpful and 1 of which has a chat restriction applied. I guess hundreds of people also wouldn't add me and ask if I want to duo queue after playing together if I wasn't friendly and positive most of the time too. Right? Also i'd like to finish by saying that the 3v3 map did not have a ranked game mode back then, or draft pick. You played it and were matched with 5 other random people. I also played the 5v5 ranked mode but to a lesser extent. From experience both modes were nowhere near as toxic as they are now.
Anoninson (EUW)
: ELO hell is real, and I'm feeling it
To make such a statement you must have first played a large number of games. If you haven't risen to a higher division after having played a large number of games then it suggests that you are where you belong and aren't rising because you don't deserve to an aren't good enough. There is no such thing as elo hell. PS. What 50ShadesOfFlame stated in his comment is also incorrect. That is not how the system works. Your MMR doesn't increase after losing a game. You will not climb over a substantial period of time if you have a negative win/loss ratio.
Kouèn (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=UlriahEUWest,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=12PhkieJ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-07-26T19:12:12.405+0000) > > Typical behavior for people who think they're gods at the game and only blame the rest of the team. Other examples: > > 1. Yasuo: Supp where are the wards on the map?!? > Leona: I can't ward the entire map, where are your wards? > Yasuo: Wtf it's your job to ward. > > 2. Ashe runs blindly into the enemy team. > Ashe: TEAM ?!?!? > > 3. Riven goes ham trying to 1v5 and dies. > Riven: gg uncarriable team. The 'Wtf it's your job to ward' makes me want to fucking punch that Yasuo and kill him.
Everyone should ward, including the support. Recently I've been playing on lower ranked accounts and I hate it when a support on my team has 1/3 wards placed and just sits behind everyone doing nothing. I tell them to ward more actively and they get angry and reply that it's not just their job to ward and that other people should too. Meanwhile I have 3/3 wards and a pink placed at all times simply from upgrading my trinket and end the game with twice their ward count as an adc when they have an upgraded sightstone that they don't bother using. It isn't _just_ the supports job to ward and of course everyone else should ward, but many support players use that as an excuse when they don't do so properly. Rant over :/
Kaycee777 (EUW)
: Ah, I didn't know that (sic). Thanks for the comment. Now be on your way.
What's your problem? Grow up.
Elayh (EUNE)
: Use the report tool wisely and decrease the bans
Personally I don't understand how any sort of verbal abuse is a bannable offense. It should be strictly chat restrictions. Or full chat bans with select sayings that can be spoken in game. Much like other games such as runescape implemented with "quick chat" where you could quickly choose preset sentences to say and communicate with. Entirely removing the possibility of abuse or any negative remarks. Anyone at any time can mute a person who is abusive and instantly solve the problem anyway. If you find swearing offensive, turn on your chat filter. Bans should be reserved for people who directly negatively influence games by trolling, intentionally feeding, afking, or assisting the enemy team. Not some petty twat with a big mouth.
Kaycee777 (EUW)
: What rules did he break, your "Holiness"?
He was abusive to his team and asked the enemies to report them..?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Are you sure about S1-2 being sucha heaven? I remember in some older threads people mentioning what a horrible experience it was before the tribunal and even after it was introduced for some time people werent punishing correctly. And this: > I think Riot should change their attitude to players because this game without players wouldnt exist > think thats everything i wanted to say, if Riot care about people enjoying the game they should get rid of flamers and trolls... but will it ever happened? maybe im just stupid that i believe that they will do anything since they make shitload of money and thats most important, right? And chat restricion doesnt help very much, its more useless than useful, how can someone cooperate in a team game with chat restiction? You're making up some really silly assumptions, you should fallow more on what riot is doing, because they did and are currently working on alot of stuff related to better behavior(and other stuff). Geting rid or flamers isnt something as simple as pressing a button, it's a very complicated issue.
I've played LoL since the game first came out, at first there was no real need for a tribunal because nobody cried and was abusive. That's what it felt like from my perspective anyway. I played hundreds of games in a row without a single bad word said on the old 3v3 game mode in seasons 1 and 2. Rarely would you find anyone who was genuinely abusive. If anything, people would have more banter in all chat, without the risk of any sort of chat restriction. Then if you said "easy" or "nice flash lol" if someone failed it over a wall it would be competitive teasing. Now it's an instant report and people whine that it hurts their feelings when it honestly doesn't at all. It's like football (some call it soccer). If you watched much older matches there was no diving or whining about things. What about now? People throwing themselves on the ground pretending to be hurt over nothing. They rather pretend to cry and try to get a penalty or the opposition carded than play the actual game. It's sad.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: New announcer: "Your teammate is FEEDING the fishes"
Well, if you said what the old announcer said in all chat when a teammate died you'd also be considered toxic. saying "an ally has been slain" or whatever in all chat every time your laning partner dies would nodoubt piss people off and be considered toxic as well. The whole point of the new announcer is to be pirate themed isn't it? Anything can be considered toxic in a context. Saying "gj" when someone dies is pretty toxic. Saying "ss" in all chat whenever you kill your lane opponent might be considered toxic. Make of it what you want. Generally it's common sense when someone's being abusive and there's a clear difference between that and when someone is simply looking for a reason to report or blame someone else by twisting the meaning of what they're saying or by pretending to find a harmless joke offensive. The new announcer is fine. It's not directed at anyone and is a pirate themed way of saying someone on your team has died. The amount of offense caused is directly proportional to how much of a whiny little nitpicking twat you are.
: Nice useless assumption. You would make a good 'extensive chat log auditor' for riot
25% win rate over your past 20 games. Nowonder you're a little salty. I'd be salty too if I lost 75% of my games. Yes, I would make a good chat log auditor for riot. Thank you for noticing.
Ghafla (EUW)
: I discussed this already by mail to riot a while ago and it turned to nothing. It seems people dont understand what i am saying... This is just weird. Are you seing any paragraph, any sentence, any word refering to my **personal case**. Am i in any way in this mail asking to review my case whenever i have one .... Could you get in mind that maybe i m not banned at all ? i dont even wanna talk about ME. I m just trying to point out to a community thru this board some rules i consider being inappropriate with the hope some peole would react and argue about fact i m right or wrong in some of ways of thinking stated in my initial post. i still can dream no ? ;)
he didnt say anything about you. he said if people are not toxic, they wont get banned. maybe he should have worded it as "if one doesn't flame one won't be punished"
: Uncle Ryze, American Hero
You should have won that game. Why were people all going ham rather than defending and why was vayne melee mode lol :( Oh well, funny video regardless.
Rioter Comments
Lissver (EUW)
: Really? If this behaviour is punished with 14 days ban... nobody could play LOL
> im also on loosing streak bc of this type of toxic players Lol'd Also from my experience people who say "loose" instead of "lose" are usually toxic.
: Well, ingame, gp ulti's applies his passive. That's the point, it shoudnt.
I played gangplank and didn't notice this. Are you sure it isn't the true damage from one of the upgrades that he can make to his ultimate using silver serpents? If not then just put in a bug report to riot support. Test it out in a custom match first to make sure.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: The golems then. never heard them been called that before.
: Tribunal Bans are broken... Guy flamed whole team, I got PERMA-BANNED for no reason.
A couple of things are standing out to me here. 1) Permabans aren't given out first time as far as I know unless there is something serious going on. If this is the first punishment received then there is indeed a problem. If not then you need to show us previous punishments. 2) The account in question only just hit level 3. You state your main has also been banned. What was your main banned for? We need more chat logs from riot or more info from you about your main or previous games on that level 3 account... Otherwise nobody can have an informed opinion of the situation.
: Gankplank passive apply to his ulti ? oO
Read the description? "melee attack" hint hint...
Rımuru (EUW)
: They were abusive first, thats what this game doesnt show when it only shows what you say... i had caps on when i said help me so what? the other kids didnt go in the game to win or have fun they went in there and threatened to feed.
I didn't mention your capslock use. Look at the situation from our perspective. All we see is some guy complaining about a 14 day ban which aren't given out for a single bad abusive game. They are given out to extremely toxic players. Otherwise you'd have a chat restriction or low priority queue. The chat log posted shows extreme verbal abuse and harsh language. Add to that the fact that you are level 14 and you can't expect every single low level player in your games to be a smurf. You just come across as a dickhead to be honest. There was no reason for you to be so abusive whether or not your team was losing on purpose. It's a level 14 normal match for fucks sake. The jayce in my last game was intentionally feeding. I told him that frankly he shouldn't have been matched with us and that he was unskilled. After the game he asked for the enemies to report me, but everyone reported him since he was the one at fault by losing on purpose and constantly saying stuff like "gl carrying this". I wasn't reported since I didn't go out of my way to be toxic about what he was doing. I played to win regardless and didn't get sucked into a petty argument. There are ways of dealing with people who play to lose. Going mental and abusing everyone is not one of them.
Rımuru (EUW)
: I just got a 14 day ban for raging at a feeder (3/23/4) this isnt fair.
So they fed as soon as you got into the game before minions had spawned? You flamed everyone from the get go, there was no feeding involved as a cause. If anything your flame caused them to play worse. Who the fuck wants to play and win with someone who is that abusive?
: > [{quoted}](name=Aqatix,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=dysNuWum,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-07-24T10:22:21.433+0000) > > Just avoid these guys as they are either trash, take too long to ramp up or have mechanics that take your mind away from the game. It's better to win Mid on Annie than to lose it on Zed :P > Play something cheap and simple, but play it really well :) > {{champion:42}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:6}} Vayne, cheap and simple. I rofl'd. Then i realized you were serious.
I have a feeling he was saying avoid the champs he listed. He just did it in a really weird order that makes it look like he's saying play them because they're cheap and simple, which they are obviously not lmao
: One of my accounts got suspended for doing the Teemo + cinderhulk afk strategy a couple of times
You say that you trolled. You say you went afk because your teammates "sucked". You say that you didn't realise you had been warned because you don't check your own email. You say that you should be unbanned because you've seen other people also break the rules. You tried to troll/afk and avoid leaverbuster intentionally after seeing a post on reddit. You mention you might try out dota as if that has anything to do with the rest of your post. You say that league is not a decent game and that you hope something better comes out and crushes Riot. _So basically, what you're asking for is an upgrade to a perma-ban for ruining numerous games while thinking you're superior to everyone else and being one of the toxic scumbags that contributes towards the bad stereotype that players get in this community. Go play DOTA. Good riddance._
Ebola san (EUNE)
: why would you click to open the store with your mouse? Just press P... why do you make your life harder on your own? did you also ping using the buttons above the map and not G or V???
I don't use ping buttons above the map since unlike shopping, pings are used while around enemies and different types of pings must be used in quick succession. Will you shop at any other time apart from when you're backing or in base? Nope. My point was that the HUD update caught me off guard and confused me. Not that it was bad, just a difficult change to adapt to when looking at cooldowns and stats. Some things such as the champion ult timers are great. I'll no doubt get used to it in a few days but in my eyes there was no reason to swap the locations of things between the left and right hand sides without an option to change them back. I don't go out of my way to make my life harder on myself. With my left hand on spells and attack, stop buttons etc. and my right hand on my mouse i'd have to either move my left hand over the keyboard to press p. Or take my hand off the mouse. I found that clicking on the store itself or the gold icon in the HUD below items was fast and easy. I'll continue to do so with the new placement of the button which confused me at first but is fine now that I am used to it. A better idea would probably be to configure the shop to something such as T if you are going to go down the button route. Which I haven't done since I the majority of the buttons around my left hand have been already configured to various other things for instance a wardjump keyboard macro which is currently bound to T.
Garurumon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=tempname452183,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=6JKRVtM2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-22T06:35:21.904+0000) > > it was aram... Why would that matter? It's damage none the less.
Because 2 of your team were building as tanks and you had a decent ranged, manaless skillshot that does high % damage. Also the damage done was pretty similar between everyone on the team. It just came across like another whiny post about bad teammates while suggesting that you are superior to them. I may have misinterpreted your intention with it but I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from with so many whine threads on these forums...
Oktago (EUW)
: Old HUD
Just allow people to choose from various HUD designs and layouts... That seems like an obvious and widely accepted choice.
: Thank you so much for the new announcer voice!
They should have several announcers and just let you choose the one you find the best. One for each city/faction or maybe just a male and female one would be good. You could have novelty ones in the store too. I had a satnav where you could change the voices and you could get all sorts of novelty ones - it was great.
: Butcher's Bridge.....bleh
the new map is fine, the new hud is confusing and impractical
HmD Sèncux (EUNE)
: What the fuck is wrong my luck?
I was going to leave a smartass comment saying carry harder son but I looked at your match history and it is indeed bad luck and shitty teams. Also while glancing over your match history and stats I stumbled upon this... The ryze you lost to as jayce: http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=ghostwhisperer21 The guy ryze duo queues with: http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=TheLegion7 Don't even try to say for one second that those ryze stats and match histories don't look weird as fuck on both accounts. Something dodgy going on there. Account sharing, scripting or boosting for sure.
: If you're losing every single game you're doing something wrong. Or at least not doing everything right that you could be. And you're probably on tilt after losing so many games, reducing your decision-making abilities. I recommend playing some ARAMs and normals until you get rid of the feeling of bad lick.
look at his match history, every game he's got at a minimum some fool who's 1/10... that's not carryable
Garurumon (EUW)
: -tfw you dealt the most damage in your team as mundo
oh honey (EUW)
: [CLOSED]A way to get the old UI (HUD) back?
custom hud skins according to someone I talked to in-game. and yeah, it really isn't easy to read or look at. I found it hard to tell when spells were off cooldown and found myself moving my mouse to the bottom left of the screen only to have to look for the shop button for 2 seconds. The most annoying thing probably is trying to read the stats of yourself or others such as armour, magic resist etc. It's not so much the graphics changing as much as the fact that they changed the location of everything...
: Scripting/hacking/Botting
Why on earth would you make a post saying that you have scripted? Shame on you! That being said, nobody gets banned for scripting even if you send in evidence to riot support. It's frustrating.
Kartagia (EUNE)
: Dear Riot.. Do you really believe that all players can ENglish in EUNE?
type slower? your spelling is going out of control lmao
: My reaction when people flame others for losing their lane/making bad moves.
Always stay silent, if you take either side the person who you didn't agree with will report you lol
Garurumon (EUW)
: I just finished watching Chappie. [spoilers]
I thought the characters were all over-done and the acting was pretty bad as a whole. District 9 is still far better than any of the subsequent similar films.
Warderino (EUW)
: Ignite as Support.
ignite is better vs someone such as a soraka
: There is no stopping the rage
"Pain seems to calm me down, and is even enjoyable" so basically you ought to seek help since you're a weirdo
: I hate SMURFS
Timaeus (EUNE)
: Bot accounts in Co-op games
I witnessed a guy bot his placement matches in solo queue ranked and win half of them. I'm gonna just make an educated guess that botting is never really dealt with and they just let ppl keep on botting just like in other games. The current situation reminds me of how there would be thousands of bots at every yew tree in runescape back in the day, just not as bad. Yet. I doubt anything will be done about it unless it gets to the stage where the bots outnumber the real players.
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