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Undine (EUW)
: Would a cannon ball take damage from a bullet after being fired? Nope.
Perilum (EUW)
: The effect is "airborne". When you're airborne all spells are interrupted and blocked. You see only the visual, but the spell itself is cancelled if Poppy is using E on you in the moment you cast your Q. Poppy gets airborne as well. This is why her E lands two times on you, which also procs two times on hit effects.
See, the problem here is, there wasnt any stun. Not hit, nothing. Just a Q that sailed right through her character and did nothing. This whole "Airborne" stuff doesnt make any sense to me. If her charge is meant to block everything, it sure doesnt say so on the skill.
Perilum (EUW)
: Poppies E works like Vi's R. You get a knockback and then she autolocks on you and can't be interrupted.
That still doesnt explain why there is zero interaction with the Q. At the very least it should still hit and deal damage, even if it cant stun.
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Ayuné (EUW)
: So you'd like to see an animation delay for windwall? The reason you can block pointblank stuff is because like Rengar E, windwall moves from behind you. But I definetly see a point in it, it does however comprimise the point of a quick reaction. Which is sad, you cant react to something cos it has a delay, which would frustrate the F*ck out of people. Server delay doesn't have to do much with yasuo tho. I can Riven E turret shots by making sure they have to travel longer. They dissapear and i still block them eventhough it seems it already hit me. Animation to hitbox should be nerfed anyways. since these squares that hit you arent represented by their visual animation at all. Morg Q or Blitz Q sometimes dont even touch you visually but definetly hit you. Most people (especially lower where side stepping is a myth) fear those champs just because hitboxes dont seem to exist, otherwise said they cover the map in width. If you are on top of rengar and he E's in any direction it will hit you pretty much 99% unless you aren't close enough. Same principle as Windwall.
See thats also part of the problem, the wall starting behind him. Ever been chasing a Yasuo and he can windwall in front of himself to block a spell you cast towards him, then move through it and remain protected until you can manage to get past the wall? Its also annoying how the walls animation clearly has a direction its facing, yet blocks from all directions. Making the blocking directional would not only introduce some skill in where and how you place it, but also introduce some counterplay. Currently, a Yasuo windwalling on top of you if you are ranged just instantly wins, because you cannot fight him there and have to eat 4+ autos and several Qs just moving out of it. Really though, the problem is that Windwall can stop spell after you cast them, AFTER you hear and see it hit him. Like I said, point blanks stun and he windwalls it after everything indicated it hit him. Thats some bullshit.
Ayuné (EUW)
: Regarding Yasuo's upcoming nerfs ; in response to the Yasuo's Last Breath article
My main issue with Yasuo is Windwall. The things hitbox to animation ratio is atrocious, and the delay allowance on it goddamn retarded. By delay allowance I mean how long he can wait before windwalling. Having him right on top of me as Brand and point blank Qing his face, hearing the impact sound, then seeing him windwall and cancel it AFTER IT HITS HIM! For a game which apparently cant code for server delay (Dying to a melee auto attack after flashing over a wall), they sure can manage it with Yasuo. Block a whole team worth of ults with Windwall? Sure, whatever, but atleast make using it involve SOME skill.
Doomley (EUW)
: Kiting actually helps you to hit your skillshots because then he cant stand inside you or keep dancing around you.
Indeed, but the problem mostly becomes apparent when youre slowed and the enemy just sorta dances around practically inside you.
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: What is your point? A lot of melee fighters build 2 offensive items and then tank.
The problem is the absurd amount of damage he still deals with those two offensive items. 180% damage on autos and the Q spam is a good deal more than what other juggernauts do in most cases.
: It only seems to do it on champs that have no cast time, like Ryze snare or similiar. But yeah, you're not the only one.
Has happen a fair few times with fiddle fear, which has a long ass cast time.
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Broodpaal (EUW)
: Shyvana rework. Riot telling us it is rain while they take a piss
Her damage is downright retarded. Just got out of a game, where I as Fiddle (admittedly squishy) died near instantly to a Shyvana waiting in a brush around level 5 or 6. She doesnt even seem at all less tanky despite what the champ update said.
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