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: you cant view friends profile now they are working on it, I sent a ticket.The screenshot is their reply.{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: This is by far the most toxic game i have ever seen
Completely agree with you, every word you said.This deserves more attention. I've never been so toxic in my life.I am a girl gamer and I have been told so much bs,would get discriminated in voice chats in other games which would make me sad but I would move on cuz' I like games for the fun, but since I started playing lol I've become such a toxic person and not only in the game but in real life.It tilts the F out of me.The kids out there..I play with my boyfriend and I have become so rude towards him.People annoy me in the game and I yell at him and F up our mood and our relationship .When they say s**t like "mute them" and "don't pay attention" - you just simply must pay attention when you need freaking teamwork ; and those kids either argue,just go afk or say "ok I troll now", that sucks, especially when a jungler trolls cuz' he got into an argument in the lobby.Ffs..Riot needs to make a solution.Some chat restriction system.Bans don't work if you create new accounts all over again.I myself got perma banned on old account.I didn't know it was even possible.I just kept on talking back to those idiots who would just keep it up so they could report me later.Foolish me. But yeah I've become better now with new account(s) and stuff, I get many honors since I like the support role mainly.I have fixed my attitude.But yet some people didn't grow up and keep on typing bs all the time and ruining our games.There is still some spark in me waiting to explode some day when I would have enough of bs already in my personal life.I know it is just a game, and no I can stop playing it, I am not addicted but I simply love playing some champions and I love spending that time with my boyfiend(since I have more control over my attitude).So yeah.Riot thinks we are like sponges, that we can soak it up and hold on almost every single game.The mute button doesn't help if you need team work or important pings.Also if I'm playing a game, I am dedicated to play it cuz' it's part of my time and when someone tells me not to get mad it's just a game, I get even more mad cuz' gaming is something that I do at that certain moment and I need teammates to win the game just to get through it man. Gaming community in this game sucks the most as far as I know. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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