Swörd (EUW)
: No Ranged champion mission.
i am down , add me if u still want to do it , Cybertion
: Xayah & Rakan GIVE AWAY
is that a jojo reference ?
Haydis (EUW)
: New club 'The Next Pro Players', for players that are Looking For Mates to play with (Gold5+)
add me , Cybertion Gold 3 and really interested in what u have here.
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: LF high gold duo partner
add me i am gold 4 adc / supp main , was gold 2 ,2 days ago but solo que is bad .
Nar7ia (EUW)
: Looking for support :p
i added you :) gold 4 adc/supp main
: Gold I mid/adc main LF Duoq/Team
add me i am gold 4 atm was gold 2 yesterday but solo que , so i main adc and supp and i think we can help each other out :)
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: Looking for ADC main and toplane main for ranked 5s (low plat/high gold)
Jarizok (EUW)
: G4 supp main looking for adc (and others) to climb
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iNcontroL (EUW)
: GOLD main support LF GOOD ADC for DUOQ
sent you an inv , you can check my profile . Gold 3 main adc trying to get that plat .
Xanic (EUW)
: Jungle / Supp main
ok add me then i main adc, 20 years old male and am looking for a supp to duo with . oh and am currently gold 5 was gold 3 last season .
gold 5 here adc main , mostly ez , cait ,jinx ,lucian and sometimes mf .
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Clapped (EUW)
: Recruiting player for 5V5 Team ranked. (Skype Required) (Gold Minimum)
Age: 20 Rank: Gold 5 Working mic : yes Preferred Role: adc and jungle Other roles you can play well: mid and supp roles you simply will not play: top Note : I can play top with renekton only ,i play really good with him .
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Tymex (EUNE)
: Lf people 3v3 ranked for ward
Hertic (EUW)
: UK Casual Team looking for members who can play a multitude of roles. (Silver 5-Gold 5 players)
am gold 5 adc/jungle main ,am interested in ur team so if u guys still looking for players .add me :) ,
Glixo (EUNE)
: Creating a team
I main adc / jungle Gold 5 looking for a team , skype isn't a problem with me so I hope to join :) add me .
: New team looking for Top,Jungle,Mid,Support
Gold 5 i have been hopping between teams cuz most of them only last for couple of games and everyone just leaves so I was looking for a dedicated one i play either mid or jungle even though i main adc :D mid : Oriana ,ekko,ahri,fizz,yasuo jungle : shyvana ,vi,ekko,leesin I am able to use skype and TS
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iZAjz (EUW)
: [Recruitment] Age of Achilles (prefer Gold+)
i main adc/jgl Gold V add me IGN:Cybertion
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