: Syndra animation bugs
I haven't really noticed any bugs when playing Syndra, although I don't have a skin for her so probably won't notice if the animation is from a skin or not. I think they're working on changes for her at the moment anyway, so if they have seen any bugs with animations that aren't game breaking they'll probably just leave them for the time being. Sometimes Riot are really slow at fixing bugs as well though, or don't fix them at all. There's a bug on Katarina where some of her abilities just stop working for no reason, and even restarting the client doesn't fix it. It's a very rare occurrence, but I've not seen any notes on them fixing anything like that for her so I would assume it's still in the game.
Goofle (EUW)
: Yeah if you really want to see progress you have to play a lot. The only season I managed to climb a significant amount (from s3 to d5) was when I played 1000+ games, back in season 4. It's just a slow climb, nothing you can do about it. The following are the most crucial mistakes that players make in lower elos in my opinion: - **They pick weak champions.** You want to pick overpowered champions. There is no reason not to. Checking the champion list on lolking is a good start. All the champions with winrates >53% at the moment work extremely well, at least in solo queue. Try to play them whenever possible. - **They miss cs and don't control the creep wave properly.** Generally, when you leave the lane you want to lose as few enemy minions as possible. This happens when the waves are even (50% your minions and 50% enemy minions) or when your minions are attacking the enemy tower. You should keep an eye on that before you recall. - **Objectives.** No, that's not just Dragon and Rift Herald/Baron. If you're a jungler and the you get a kill in a solo lane, always check the HP of the turret. If it's low enough, help the laner to kill it and don't just leave him. Killing towers makes it easier to get picks later on and is super important. - **They main roles.** I find it a big mistake, because eventually you will be forced to play games on your "bad" role and you will suck. It's better if you learn the game from all perspectives. I always try to have at least 2 champions that I can play for every role. It's ok to prefer a role over another but don't force your team to pick champions they don't like.
Thanks for the reply! I'll have a look at who's currently strong to see if any of them are in my champion pool. As for creep score, this is something I should definitely practice more. Of late hitting roughly 60 - 70CS at 11 minutes, although I see players hitting 90CS by then a lot of the time. And yeah, you're right about the games played. I've been in Gold V the past two seasons but haven't really mained ranked games. I plan to this season, however for the most part they haven't been going too well. I'll probably climb back to Gold again, but my goal for the end of the year is to hit Platinum, and in order to do that I need to improve and be more impactful in games than just winning lane then sitting in it for the most part.
: 1. Do not give a flying f on your teammates mistakes. Sure they happen but flaming or pointing it out will make it WORSE. Think about what you can do to make it better. 2. Item building. Do not ever, go rabadons first item for example. Look at what the enemy team has/builds and based on that knowledge, change your item build. They got decent ap damage and they got almost no MR? Do I have a champion that makes use of the abysal passive? Yes? Build abysal. Do I have to kite a lot? Consider ludens. Hey, ludens has a passive damage ability! Void shreds 35% MR so even the ludens PASSIVE will make use of that. These are prime examples and I dont want to write a novel. 3. Flaming. Just don't do it, ever. 4. Don't blame others, only yourself. Sure, allies can suck. But you wont change that. 5. Counter picking. Don't pick 'counters' if you DONT KNOW how to play them properly. Just don't. 6. Pick what the team needs. You need poke? get something that pokes. You need control cc? Get something that has that. etc etc
Thanks for the reply :) I generally don't flame, although I have a bad habit of flaming back if someone points out I'm doing bad and keeps digging at it. I always say to myself to mute them, but I don't when I'm urged to argue back. Getting out of that habit will probably help me a lot.
Goofle (EUW)
: How many games do you play on average each day ?
2 - 3 normally when I am into the game. Of late, about 3 or 4.
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: He's a broken champ. Builds tank and still deals massive damage. He squeezes the fun out of every game he's in. Unbelievable that he isn't more widely played.
Let's just be glad he isn't more widely played. He can be an absolute nightmare to lane against as a melee top laner. Your sitting there trying to combo your abilities, trying to time it right and execute it flawlessly. He absorbs all the damage like it's nothing, licks you three times and then eats you. Literally the definition of an anti-fun champion.
: Which headsets/Gaming headsets do you own and use?
HyperX Cloud II USB powered headset. Doesn't have full noise cancellation although the muffs are designed to eliminate as much background noise as possible, fairly lightweight to wear but made out of (brushed?) steel and memory foam padding. Also the sound card they come with features 7.1 surround sound, mic and volume control as well as an expected mute slider. Really good headset for the price, IMO.
Bazzo (EUW)
: People in the UK, where do you buy your RP?
I normally buy mine from the in game store. However my local Game store sells them, they have a League of Legends section beside the PC games highlighted by Katarina and Ryze as the background picture. I'm pretty sure I've seen WHsmiths sell them too but I don't really go into there. If you can't find them anywhere, I'd try looking around shops that are a bit further away, they'll definitely have them somewhere.
Lynxmetal (EUW)
: Do people not understand the concept of learning new champions in normals?
I know the feeling. I have a bunch of new champions I'm afraid to try in case I get flamed for doing badly, even if I tell them that I'm first timing them. People don't seem to understand that when you're first timing a champion, playing against a newly reworked champion or a newly released champion for the first time you aren't going to know how to play the match up and are purely relying on the knowledge of what that champion does, not how you can play around it. It's not like people are losing anything for losing a normal game either. Oh no, a bit less IP, my life is over. Losing games is inevitable, there is no way you can win every single one of your games all the time, and yet the excuses are always the same. What's more is it's never their fault either. It's always someone else. So in this case they'll be looking for something else as to why they lost the game, and they'll remember you said you were trying a new champion, and they'll just pick on you for it.
cutiematch (EUNE)
: A favorit mid player?
{{champion:55}} and {{champion:134}}. I really enjoy playing {{champion:103}} too but I'm terrible at her lmao.
: Wtf is wrong with people in this game / region
"just now I had this shyvana who went afk in base because he didnt wanna waste time on "trying" to win.." I cannot even count the amount of times I've seen this in both ranked and normal games. If you're playing ranked, you have to try and win. If they're ahead that doesn't mean it's lost, I mean, not all the time. Unless you've somehow managed to get a game where every enemy lane is 5 - 0 by 15 minutes or something and they're two dragons up on you, you're going to be fine if you can work out how to counterplay against them. But seriously... I don't get why these players even bother playing PvP, never mind ranked, if they aren't going to at least try and win. They should just stick to bots if they want an easy win every game.
Bombardox (EUW)
: How much time did it take you to get out of low elo ?
I've been playing two years and I'm only Gold V currently. I mostly play normals and have yet to get into ranked properly this season, although my win loss in ranked isn't that good so if I do climb at all it probably won't be much higher. I tried to get a rank in Season 3, got around 8 or 9 out of 10 of my placement games done after starting them at the very end of the season, around 7 or 8 months after I started playing, and then my router stopped working. I'd won around 6 of the games I'd played and they were pretty challenging for me at the time, so I'd assume I would have got around Silver 3 or so. In Season 4 I played ranked in the summer. I was placed in Silver 2 originally, fell to Silver 3 from lack of playing, then jumped to Silver 1 after my promotional series. I then played to get to Gold V, which took me a long time. I failed my Gold promos 7 times before finally getting into the tier. Now, I find my lane fairly easy in Gold V and usually win it but what I struggle to do is help to win the game for my team. I need to focus on helping other lanes who are potentially losing before it's too late and also need to communicate with the team for game plans such as taking objectives and such. I struggle to do this as I always fear I'll mess it up and people will put the blame on me, so in turn I usually let someone else do it. If you really try you can climb no issue. You need to pick out your own mistakes from your losses, don't do what some people do and blame their team for every loss. There is the occasional game that isn't your fault, such as an AFK player, but that isn't every game. I know where I'm going wrong, it's my lack of communication and assistance early to the team that really throws me off as when I do help we tend to win more. I just don't do it, is the problem.
McCarl (EUNE)
: Ranked or Normals? (For practice)
People just throw around the word "tryhard" as an excuse when they're losing to vent their frustration. If you want to play normals, continue to play them. What I do is I set myself a goal in ranked, try to get it, then once I've got it just don't really touch it again. In Season 4 I decided to set myself a goal of getting Gold V, from being unranked, and I achieved that. This year I plan to get from Gold V, my current rank, to high Gold and possibly even Platinum if I play well enough. What puts me off of ranked more than anything is the fact you aren't guaranteed a specific role. I'm a terrible jungler, for example. I know the basics of it but if I'm forced to jungle in a ranked game I can't say I'll do a great job of it, whereas if I'm playing mid lane or adc I'll be able to hold my own and provide a greater contribution to the team. Sure I could practice it in normals but I honestly strongly dislike playing jungle in general. Normals are good practice. There are times where you're going to end up against a lower skill opponent than you, and also times where you're going to end up against players who are of a much greater skill too. I like going up against the higher skilled players as I feel I can learn from it. Yes, there is a difficulty difference between ranked and normal games, possibly due to the fact normals have a much wider range of skill level between players than ranked does, which is more focused towards your skill level. If you can beat gold players at silver V then you could probably win your laning phase, which you can then use to help out the team and climb in rank. Ranked will only be difficult when you get to your true rank. If you think you can climb, do it, being Silver V you can't drop any more unless your MMR drops to Bronze V which is highly unlikely. You can, however, climb in rank. I'd suggest you could set yourself a target of getting to high silver at least and even gold if you can be bothered playing enough (those tier promos aren't fun, I failed my Gold V promos 7 times last year but this year I did it first time). Your rank will also affect your normal MMR so you should get some more difficult opponents to face in normals if you climb, which will be good practice. All I can really say is do what you feel like doing, ignore flamers and stupid comments, and enjoy League of Legends for how you perceive it. Higher ranks in ranked might be where players are perceived as good but it's still the same game.
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Perilum (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cyrmes,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=9Ams3QHi,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-06-10T15:00:35.488+0000) > > Wonder how frequently this bug can occur. There's a bug on Kat at the moment too where her Q, R and recall stop working and no matter what you do you cannot fix it, just have to wait and hope they start working again. It's fairly rare, but I've seen it appear more frequently on the boards of late. > > If the Caitlyn bug is common they'll probably disable her for the time being. As someone else mentioned it's likely as a result of the ult changes in the recent patch. Toggle Smart-Cast off and on again. This is fixing the bug for Kata.
I did this as part of the test I did to see if it was my keyboard or the game and it didn't change a thing. Might be different now of course as this was about a month ago, but I still had to wait an entire game for it to fix.
: Caitlyn visible all over the map bug
Wonder how frequently this bug can occur. There's a bug on Kat at the moment too where her Q, R and recall stop working and no matter what you do you cannot fix it, just have to wait and hope they start working again. It's fairly rare, but I've seen it appear more frequently on the boards of late. If the Caitlyn bug is common they'll probably disable her for the time being. As someone else mentioned it's likely as a result of the ult changes in the recent patch.
: making it a ultimate skin automatically!
Indeed. When using Frostbooty Irelia you don't even need to use your E to slow/stun your enemy, just walk into lane and they'll be dropping at the sight of you. Ever wondered why Irelia is really god tier on the tier list? Now we know!
: imagine frostbooty irelia with the nowadays quallity standard! ~u~
The in game character model would have the quality levels of DJ Sona booty.
: What if you could redesign the looks of a champion, who would you change?
I'd rework the looks of {{champion:39}} and {{champion:21}}. Their character models just look ancient more than anything, keeping in mind there are others who are just as bad/even worse. I wanna see these two specifically though as I play them from time to time :3 I also saw an Irelia change in splash art sometime last year in an LCS game. I don't think it was the Chinese splash either, might have just been in use for LCS though however it'd be nice to see it in the actual game. (EDIT) Reading through more than I did before I notice someone else mentioned Irelia too with a reply showing a different splash. Looks different to the one shown in the picture I uploaded though. Either way an Irelia change would be nice, especially the way the hair looks. Miss Fortune's doesn't even match her current splash art.
: What does your desktop look like?
As someone else had, multiple displays, the left monitor is higher up than the right monitor due to it being on an elevated surface. They are just extended displays, but Windows 8.1 shows the taskbar on both monitors rather than just one on extended display. I don't know why. It just does.
Nubkachu (EUW)
: Mecha Kha by Sophie (Nubkachu)
This looks amazing like the others you put up here :D Have you done one of Riven? If not, and you take requests, could I make a request? xD
Turtleye (EUW)
: Yes Katarina is fairly easy to pay mechanically. It's basically Q - E - W - R and if you get a kill, proceed with Q E W again. However she is _completely_ Reliant on getting that first kill to proc her passive and snowball the fight. If you can deny that she's kinda useless. Her ult is around 50% of her damage (unless she is extremely fed), and because it's a channel, you can wait for her to jump on you and use her ult, then use your non-slow CC to stop her. That's basically it. I had a game yesterday where the enemy Katarina was 7/3 or something and had quite some farm, however she simply wasn't able to do anything because as soon s she jumped in our team baically CC'd her to death. Also never enter a fight against a Katarina (or at least never get in range of her spells) when you're >50-40% HP. Oh and there is, believe it or not, actually a difference between a ''shit noob'' and a decent Katarina player. The first will most likely jump in your team without any help from hers, meaning your team is most likely healthy and has all of their abilities ready. If you manage to lose against that, there must be somehting wrong with your team coordination and not neccesarily with the champ. Don't think I am a big fan of Katarina - I'm not, she is way too snowbally once she actually gets a few kills. This is due to SoloQ's (or at least around Silver) inability to recognice that any hard CC counters her. Aso pls give her Mana. Unlimited Q spam is not fun :I
Like you say, Katarina should have a resource but I do think her kit is fine. There isn't really much that can be done about her snowballing nature, but in turn she is easy to counter. If Katarina ends up with 10 - 2 in under 20 minutes into the game then the players fighting against her clearly aren't co-ordinated very well or the laning opponent hasn't got a clue how she works or how she'll abuse her abilities to kill them in lane. As for the resource. How would it work? Would she get a portion of her mana back per kill/assist? Again as you say her resourceless kit can be a bit of a problem in laning due to it allowing her to spam her bouncing blade and have no punishment other than it being on CD, but with that it also has a fairly long cooldown of 10 seconds at level 1 and 8 seconds at level 5. Generally when I'm against a good Katarina player who is always throwing her bouncing blade I just abuse the cooldowns and deny her of farm by poking her and zoning her. If she comes near to poke again with her Q? Trade, continue to abuse cooldowns and use ranged auto attacks if I'm a mage as she runs off. She might have 4 health pots at the start and I may have less depending on who I'm playing, but 9 out of 10 times she comes out worse in a trade.
: I swear have you guys not heard of CC moves that can knock katarina out of her ult and other moves to. {{champion:201}} {{champion:157}} these guys can block her throwing daggers and her ult also if your playing as yasuo take a hexdrinker to maw of mortious it gives you "More AD based on how much health you've lost also its gives you bonus HP that only absorbs AP damage and it gives you tons of magic resist." {{champion:5}} He has tons of attack speed, life steal, a knock up and a knock back that pushes her out of her ultimate and away from her victims. {{champion:412}} Knock ups and he can stun her to plus he is a tank support so you can use this ghastly bloke in late game to bait katarina into a trap or away from the squishies like say "run to her base and go for execution which wastes her team's time chasing you so that means you can get dragons or towers while stupid kittyrinas are busy chasing a tank support to even care about anything else in the game. {{champion:45}} Veigar will destroy katarina at mid game and onward it doesn't matter if she gets fed, because Veigar's ult does 80% more damage based on the enemy target's AP which means a fed katarina can get one shotted by veigar with 0 effort. {{champion:3}} Okay this guys isn't popular because he is basicly the magic resist version of Rammus but.... well duh he will absorb kats moves like a sponge absorbing water also he has a barrier that gives him health everytime he gets hit and his ult is a giant AOE stun with strong damage. Shame gallio is a rare pick in league because he is easily countered by AD champs. {{champion:31}} Best CC in the game and his damage is off the charts to he can stop katarina from ulting with his Q he can prevent her for escaping with his W and he will out sustain her in trades. {{champion:115}} Ziggs is rarely used but damn he is one of the best mid laners if your smart, his C4 stops her ult and he can escape, easily to, he can kite faaaaaar much better than kittyrina, ziggs has more hp than katarina to also his moves deal more damage which means you can keep on kiteing her so she doesn't ult you then she will give up and run away and thats when you ult her when she is below 300 hp (early game) but at late game you can ult anyone at 1000 hp (if your fed). {{champion:106}} Faster than katarina, he can cc her hard and volibear is the easiest tank in the game, just stack HP and you will win all 1v1s with 0 effort. {{champion:267}} Two CCs that prevent katarina from ulting or using her moves, her healing spell can be cast behind your allies meaning you can poke her very far away while healing your team mates also your E helps your allies in dealing more damage to the enemy. {{champion:111}} One of the best tanks in the game, 2 knock ups, great aoe on his CC slow, high absorbing barrier. {{champion:1}} Passive alone counters katarina and you can easily burst her down in seconds with all your moves. There is more to list but it blows my mind you fools don't know how to counter champions nor even wait for your allies who can help you beat the annoying champion This isn't a casual fighting game where you have to 1v1 everything especially during the lane phase you can ask your support, top or jungler to babysit you "Yes I said supports can help you CC or high damage the enemy for you... just because your playing with meta doesn't mean you should stick to everything set in stone. I've done this alot with champions like Braum, Sona, Janna, Nami, Blitzcrank and Alistar. your mid laner will love you for helping her/him out." This is a team game so take into account what skills your team mates have and let them use their skills to counter other moves. basicly just get a team that can do Comp stomps don't just pick a champion because He/She looks cool or has that skin you love so much.... Unless your that one guy who can counter anything with good gameplay knowledgement like I do on the top lane in the lane phase part. when you reach level 6 if my mid laner is having trouble, no matter what role Im doing I will gank and put up my tent on that lane and turn mid lane into 3v1 victory. Also should mention every single role has an item that allows you to have the advantage against an OP ad or an ap champion. Buy Hexdrinker > Maw of Mortious if your an AD champ like Riven, Darius, Yasuo, Renekton, Wukong, ADC champion. that way you can get great resistance to ap type champions while also deal tons of damage. For tanks just get the HP and Magic resist items like Banshee's Veil is the best for this genre of item. Buy Abysmal Sceptre, Rylai's Scepter and Rod of Ages if your playing a mage champion or an AP tank champion like amumu, that way you can still do tons of damage and counter AP champs. Just before you do a game do some research on champion's skills also read the information on their items because even the little bit of details mentioned for champions or items can give you the edge in winning the game. Also reminder this is a team game so your team does have to pull their own weight by buying the right items for the situation (Yes this means wards, buy wards to make your life easier.) also they should know what their champion can do, this may sound silly saying this but I've seen some players use champions or against a champion they don't properly understand when it comes to attack range, damage, skills, mobility, their playstyle etc, you need to help give information to these guys also help them out when you can but just remember even when you go to help your team mate you do need cs and kills/assists so don't forget to get your gold in jungle or tax minions.
So much this. Katarina, like other squishy champions who can one shot, is ridiculously easy to counter. I haven't lost lane to her in such a long time. Sure I've lost games but it has never been purely as a result of her. I wouldn't say they're noob champions. There is no such thing as a noob champion. Some are easier to play than others, sure, but every champion relies on a core aspect of the game that requires you to learn in order to use them properly. Katarina, given the context of the thread, relies on your timing of your engage or you'll be blown up by CC and your situational awareness rather than on the kit of the champion herself. On the other hand, I would say these champions are noob stompers. They rely on players learning the matchup, like any other champion, but because of the design of their kit being able to snowball really well players just look for them to call them a noob champion rather than just accepting they don't know how to play the matchup and learning it. I think another good pick against her to add to the list you gave would definitely be good old Riven mid. CC for days which forces Katarina to roam if she wants any kills at all, shield to block her daggers + ult when she gets it, an execute as part of her ultimate which she can use if Katarina ward jumps away with a slither of HP. Given AD assassins are meta right now I don't see it being much of an issue to have an AD bruiser completely stomp mid lane and free farm. "But Katarina will just roam and kill other players instead". WARD WARD WARD WARD WARD! Unless she's ultra fed or you have less than 15% HP, she isn't going to bother attempting to turret dive you. If she does it's a free kill given most bot lanes have some sort of CC that will deny her. It doesn't matter what mid laner it is really. If a burst mage comes down from mid lane and catches you right up against the enemy turret with no wards in river or tri bush then I'm sorry, but you were probably dead anyway.
: Todays my 18th birthday... (not a thread to ask for gifts but a question)
My 18th is in just under a month, July 1st. Then I too shall legally be able to "keep drinking it's my 18th birthday" :D
Sdars (EUW)
: Ok, so new question. What would I have to do to lower my ping? I'm not having high ping, just wondering if there's a somewhat easy way to reduce it. (I have around 60-75 ms ping)
In terms of methods to reduce your ping, I personally am not sure on how you can lower it a huge amount. From experience I've found reducing the amount of devices connected to your router at once will lower it, things such as mobile phones, and other computers that may be constantly sending signals to the internet and back. Another fairly clear one would be internet reliant applications when playing games. I tend to close my browser before playing. Closing applications such as Steam and Skype (or anything similar) could maybe help as they are constantly sending out data to the internet and receiving it again, although closing voice applications isn't ideal if you need to communicate with your friends as you know. Generally these are small things though and probably won't have a huge impact on your ping, may be worth a shot if you really want to test it out, but I can't say it will have a significant impact. Your ping is more dependent on your ISP and where you live. As stated before, if you can, use a wired connection to your router to stop interference and packet loss, it may help slightly. 60 - 75ms ping definitely isn't bad, as long as your connection is fast enough so you don't notice severe input lag and stuff when clicking to move your champion or use spells you'll be fine.
Tobykachu (EUW)
: Remove Katarina from the weakest list, she is not THAT bad. Manaless harass is pretty okay. Nasus and Veigar need a mention since they NEED farm to be relevant and laning against people who can deny that can be devastating for them
Against a lane with any sort of ranged poke and a player behind it who can land the poke, Katarina's laning phase is horrible. Sure her poke is manaless but most mid laners have far more poke than she does and do way more damage than a silly level 1 Q does. The terror of Katarina comes upon roaming and teamfighting phase against teams that don't look out for her roams and don't save a single stun or silence for her ultimate. If you have less than 20% HP and sticking around in lane against someone with a lot more, you were probably going to be dead anyway regardless of your opponent. I do agree with the Nasus and Veigar choice. Nasus' early game is rubbish, especially against someone who can stop him from farming. His late game is pretty much the final boss of League of Legends if he gets farmed enough. RIP to all those mobilityless ADCs that got caught by an 800 stacks Nasus Wither.
Nubkachu (EUW)
: Atlantean Fizz Painting by Sophie (Nubkachu)
That's really good. Had a look at your Facebook page, I like the style of the Fizz (the one posted here) and the Vel'Koz one with the paint around it and stuff in harmony to the colour of the champion. On another note, that Pulsefire Ezreal though :O
: Katarina bug with Q and recall
I had this bug too a few weeks back. It's fairly rare, only happened to me once out of all the games I've played as Katarina, however it stopped me from being able to recall, use my Q or my R. I could only E, W and use summoner spells. Didn't help I was the strongest member on our team at the time and had to pretty much leave the team 4v5 despite trying my hardest to keep in the game. I restarted my PC and it didn't fix it. Eventually, after around 20 minutes of the bug occurring, I was able to do stuff again but by that point the enemy team had well and truly overwhelmed our team and there wasn't much we could do about it. I put up a thread like this too but it got ignored, and looking at a Google search for the bug we aren't the only ones who've had this issue.
Sdars (EUW)
: Fiber optic internet and ping correlation?
It shouldn't make much of a difference to your ping. Your download/upload speeds will be much better though with Fiber Optic internet. We made the switch from ADSL to Fiber Optic earlier this year in my household, going from downloading about 2.5 - 3GB an hour to about 15 - 16 GB in an hour. That being said, we did make a switch in router when we were still on ADSL as the old router broke. We had it for around 6 - 7 years when it just stopped working. On average with that I got around 60ms ping. The replacement router we got lowered my ping by around 25ms, so I started playing at around 35ms ping instead. Then, when we got Fiber Optic, the switching of cables lowered my ping slightly again and I now play on average around 29ms ping. Obviously that won't be noticeable from 35ms ping though. The switch from ADSL to Fiber Optic won't lower your ping by much as it's not how fast data reaches you that gives you a boost in download/upload speeds. The bigger difference is that Fiber Optic allows you to carry more data at one given time rather than the speed it transfers at. While the speed of light in glass and the speed in which the signal in an ADSL cable transfers at is different it won't make a massive difference in your ping unless you live far away from the server, say, somewhere like America and you're playing on EUW. Making the switch from wireless to wired will have an effect depending on how far you are from your router and what could be interfering with the wireless signal in the household. If you are on the opposite side of a large house from where your router is then yes, you will probably notice a difference. As Eambo said it can also prevent packet loss and interference. If you can you should use a wired connection.
: "Noob champion"???
I agree, there isn't such a thing as a "noob champion". On the other hand, some champions are easier to learn than others. Let's put it this way: As an ADC all you really have to do is use your abilities and auto attack. Doesn't sound hard, however to actually be good at playing ADC you have to position properly, know how to deal with assassins, when to engage/disengage, who to target at what time, kiting, and a lot of other things. Let's look at another champion, {{champion:55}} for example. In a low ELO/level game where players don't take into consideration when they should use their stuns, looking at who's in the fight, the position of their enemies, when a specific enemy champion is going to engage, she can pretty much curbstomp them. Her abilities are point and click, high damage, and she gets a reset. Against a team that can't deal with her players are generally able to do well as her, even if they've just picked her up for the first time. Against a team where somebody watches out for her and saves CC just for her engage, she can be stopped right in her tracks. If she fails to pick up a kill or assist within 3 seconds her passive will not activate, that player is left stranded there and will probably get killed. Against a team in a balanced game (where one team isn't miles ahead of another) that knows what they're doing, Katarina generally has to be careful of how she engages, who she jumps on, when she does it, how she's going to get out again. Simply jumping into a good team will just result in her death, as it would with other champions that get flamed a lot for being "noob champions" such as {{champion:11}}. There is a difference in difficulty between who you can pick up for the first time and do well with and who you'd have to spend time learning, but there is no such thing as a "noob" champion in the game. Some cater better towards lower levelled players due to their kit being easier to learn, yes, but mastering any champion takes time and every champion has some sort of skill involved. I think the best example of this would be Riven. Her kit is easy to use, no skillshots other than her execute, high damage, CC, what more do you really want? Her skill ceiling is also really high. Things like animation cancelling, quickly auto attacking between each Q strike, using the least amount of spells possible to get to your opponent, when to use the wind slash execute or hydra item active in her combo, how to get away from her opponent after an all in. As stated before and as you said, no such thing as a noob champion. Sorry for my wall of text, I like typing.
: I built {{champion:11}} full AP because I wanted his abilities to do more damage
AP Master Yi before he was reworked in the middle of Season 3 was amazing. I was still levelling up at the time, somewhere between level 20 and level 30 but it was so fun to play. RIP AP Yi :(
Jabbabax (EUNE)
: The most ridiculously high damaging abilities in game.
How about Miss Fortune's ultimate? From the MF information page detailing her abilities, "Miss Fortune channels a barrage of bullets into a cone in front of her for 2 seconds, dealing 50/75/125 (+20% Ability Power) physical damage and applying a stack of Impure Shots with each bullet." According to the LoL wiki, a fully levelled ultimate will do 1000 physical damage (+125% AP) and with max stacks from W (+384% AD). Of course this would be if every single bullet were to hit, but catching clustered teams in it when MF has a black cleaver just melts them. And every bullet would hit if you caught them point blank range, although to be point blank range as a mobilityless ADC would be an incredibly risky move.
: playing out of meta is bannable?
As others have said, it isn't bannable. It's irritating when players don't want to try something else and call for reports without consideration of any advantages you could have with a specific champion. My friend and I used to duo bot lane in ranked with Nautilus and Miss Fortune in Season 4. My friend always got flamed for picking Nautilus support, people called for reports, called him a noob, the usual rubbish. So, let's look at the champion tier list. What is in god tier now for support? Ah, I see, Nautilus! The Nautilus MF combo was really strong for us as the champions have a really high all in combination and burst potential. The peel he could provide as Nautilus was great and we beat a lot of meta supports and the popular ADCs in lane at the time. Didn't always win the game, but hey, you're guaranteed to lose games whether you like it or not.
: Share your noob moments here,,,
I built six doran's blades on pre-work Master Yi when learning to play in Season 3. I used to run Ghost Clarity summoner spell combo on ADC. I used to think having a jungler was useless in comparison to duo top lane and always argued against players who asked my friend and I to do otherwise.
: You don't have to directly buff a champion to make him/her strong again. Think about what happened in the past 1 year: Along with Riven, about 100 champions received buffs and nerfs, and the itemization changes affected the gameplay more than anything else.
That is true. I wanted to write about how champion buffs and nerfs make another champion strong or weak again, but kept getting side tracked. I suppose that's one of the things that allowed Katarina to get strong. Once the instant silences were removed from the other assassins there was less to stop her, allowing her to rise in power. Wanted to keep my comment fairly short so didn't really go into any depth with a topic, but you are very right.
Argent (EUNE)
: Im sorry for occasionally being a toxic player and why the new report system helps, and more.
I've noticed a lot of toxicity in the gaming community in general, not just on League of Legends. LoL is notorious for having a bad community, but in all honesty I've seen just as much flaming on Battlefield, CSGO, even in MMO games if you screw up in a dungeon. It's good to see Riot have an anti-toxic behaviour system in place that works properly and gets rid of the toxic players. As for you flaming, I think it's safe to say we've all been in the situation where we just have a sudden moment of frustration and can't control it. I personally don't flame others in game if things are going downhill, although I have spoken badly to other players who have flamed me in the past which makes me just as bad as they are. That causes arguments, which creates an environment nobody wants to be in. There are players who will have been banned because of flaming and won't have learned a single thing from it. They don't have their "noob jungler" to blame then, do they? It's good that you saw why you got banned and realise that you did wrong. That's where a lot of people go wrong. They don't realise they're doing it or what they're doing wrong, which just fuels rage in future games when it becomes a habit and they become the flamer they hated.
Daveth96 (EUNE)
: Well, u need a real stupid laner, and somewhat stupid enemy team + u have to be good and u might get it. xD
Remember the Riven nerf that "overnerfed" her a year or so back? I remember people talking about how bad she was after the nerf. She hasn't seen a single buff and now all I see is Riven QQ threads. Anything that is strong in the current meta is OP according to the wonderful League of Legends community. Now that the tank meta is around I expect to see a drop in Katarina and LeBlanc OP threads and more tank related or tank destroyer OP threads.
: The Tank Meta is dumbing down the game
Generally I don't feel the tanks are dumbing down the game. I do feel they are far more frustrating to deal with now though. Nothing is worse than doing really well in lane to have a Sejuani who's done nothing but farm the jungle all game dive you, **burst** half of your HP away with her spells and then proceed to do AoE damage as you're stuck there. Last time I checked tanks with 4K HP and a lot of Armour/MR don't burst. I was proven wrong. It's starting to prove an end to the assassin meta which is nice. Maybe I'll be able to play a mobilityless ADC again without being blown up by something that I can't get away from. Oh wait. No I won't. Now I'll have a CC tank jump me, out-damage me, and kill me while soaking up all of my team's attempt to peel instead.
Asuka Ninja (EUNE)
: An official Replay system would be great.
Agreed. I had a horrible game as Ahri earlier against Heimerdinger and I know I misplayed a lot of the stuff. I want to learn to play Ahri properly too. If there was a replay system that would let me watch that game and pick out the things I did wrong and what I could've done instead, that'd be great. It'd also be nice to go back and record those moments where you make a good play that you'll probably not make again for a long time. I used to use third party software, particularly LoL replay, but it was buggy, crashed the game a lot whenever the game got updated and a lot of the time replays got corrupted. An official replay system would be really nice.
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Cosantoir (EUW)
: Confessions of a noob
I used a Ghost Clarity summoner spell combination on ADC until I was around level 20 because I spammed skills a lot and ran out of mana fast on an ADC so I saw Clarity as an importance, and took Ghost as my mobility spell because I never saw any use out of the short dash that Flash provides. I've been playing since this time two years ago and still haven't learned to Jungle. I've played it a few times but avoid it as much as I possibly can.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: Some things about (to?) low level players
I've noticed this when playing on my smurf to play with my low level friend. Even pre level 6 he got flamed a lot because he didn't really know what he was doing. It's unfair, but he just chose to ignore them and is getting a lot better at the game. Of course these flamers tried adding my smurf account as a friend to get easy wins because I "was good", so telling them that I wouldn't because they were flamers to start with, never mind flaming low level play, was fun to do. On that note I also don't understand the obvious smurf in the game flaming low level because they're new players. I got flamed a lot when I started playing a few years back because I ran ghost clarity as MF. Nobody every explained why it was bad to me though, until eventually one of my plat friends explained everything about it to me and why it wasn't a good idea. I liked it because "it worked", but then again I was playing against mainly people of low level at the time, so of course it worked. When on a smurf account players should have the decency to give advice to new players if they're not doing great and how they could beat that specific champion they are struggling with in future, what they could do now etc. instead of stating "/all omg repot dis noob ez so bad". Teaching new players some strategies to play the game is quite fun, and being nice to them can be very welcoming and will persuade them to keep playing. The REAL bad players, ie the flamers, will just put them off of playing and they'll never improve.
: Every. Fucking. Day.
It's getting worse every single day. A few months ago I barely received any. Now I'm seeing at least two to three a day with the number increasing fairly quickly. It's beyond frustrating and for a company as big as Riot Games you would think they would have done something about it by now given users have been complaining about it on boards and forums faster than the Riven QQ threads are appearing, so it's quite obvious something is up. Given the bots have never played a single game it should be that the account must participate in one game, even the tutorial, before they are able to add a friend. It won't stop spam accounts completely however it will significantly reduce the amount of spam bots there are in the game.
: LeBlanc , Jinx & Riven
I don't regularly see LeBlanc so can't really comment on her. When I have been against her the players might not have been too great, but keeping her out of the game by constantly playing aggressive against her with poke seemed to work. Her mobility annoys me when playing a mobility-less ADC though. Riven... She's always complained about. I really don't see the fuss to be honest. Shut her down in lane and she's out of the game. Most match ups are skill based. Try picking Darius or Nasus. She can win if she can outplay or the player really knows the match up, but generally I see those two destroying Riven. If you really want to make the Riven player cry play Renekton into her: a truly underestimated champion. Even BoxBox hates the match up and he's one of the best Riven players going. Jinx is nothing to complain about. She has kit, yes, but pick an all in lane such as Leona and Graves and you've won already. She can't escape Leona and Graves is just insane right now. In all honesty Jinx is really just a better Miss Fortune. Albeit Jinx is played fairly regularly, I'd like to see some of the less common AD carries see some love from Riot. Going back to MF her passive shouldn't be stopped by minions and her E could really use a change. For the most part I usually only ever see Graves, Caitlyn, Ezreal and Jinx right now. Probably because they're the few that don't get blown up by just about everything and anything this season.
Cyrmes (EUW)
: False Reports, "I report all who play Kata"
Alright, so nothing to be concerned about then. Thank you all for your replies.
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