Deathglow (EUNE)
: Bugsplats after Champ select - MSI Afterburner
This is next level stuff. Have played with MSI afterburner open for over a year now and it's mandatory for fan curve. Now after a minor windows update its crashing...
: [CLIENT] Trials Missions and Tokens Bug
Same mission tracking bug here. was at 10, now I'm down to 6. I didn't even complete any missions in between, just won 1 ARAM for 1/2 wins...
: Riot fix your missions
> [{quoted}](name=Miss Lunari,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=3JK2kqHI,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-13T13:54:08.539+0000) > > so i did 11missions already > played 1game now i'm back to 6 Same here. I was 10/12 yesterday, now today I' back to 6/12...
: No champions in champion select lobby
Just had this when I tried to use the Practice tool. Could not pick a champion since there were no champions shown.
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RogueDek (EUW)
: "Tank meta is over" and "Tanks get melted, not even sure why they even exist anymore really." Why are you picking a tank then? Just play a bruiser.
Because I'm stuck in nostalgia I guess. Not really, it's because it's impossible to try new champions due to broken matchmaking consistently putting me vs 3 tiers above me, which is a hopeless case. Couple that with the flaming I see whenever someone does no.
RogueDek (EUW)
: Tanks need counters besides just late-game counters, not fun having to sit through 15 minutes of just farming with the tank immediately running away/combo'ing you whenever you try to engage. Get it into your head that he invested resources into that play, set it up, and executed it perfectely, and then reaped the rewards. Although I do agree that Rengar's early base damage is pretty stupid.
Not sure what setup there is. Is right-clicking 3 times with an auto target that skips minions and pressing Q considered a setup now? Also tank meta is over. The idea of them needing counters is hilarious with the constant move towards obscene damage throughout the entire match. Tanks get melted, not even sure why they even exist anymore really.
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Fathands (EUW)
: Muting people also mutes emotes.
Good to know. I would prefer if it was a separate option but at least it's possible. Thanks.
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aviel28920 (EUNE)
: invasion diffeculty
It is overkill, which results in everyone wanting high elo players exclusively as can be seen in this very board, otherwise it's a waste of time. So much for not encouraging elitism and toxicity. Getting to the final boss is entirely luck based on not getting the vel'koz path of doom at stage 4+. All other are doable except that one. Also ignoring that 99% still won't be able to finish the 'No Marksman' requirement because jinx is a requirement to even consider winning a match...
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: yeah everyone in my game just got dc'd, luckily we got a loss prevented lmao.
My match simply ceased existing. Not showing anywhere. Last I remember this happening was from drophacks...
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: Well if you take the most extreme case...
But it happens. Just today I had two matches which went along the lines of 30vs6 kills. that's a stomping, not a match. And to make it worse some idiots refuse to surrender while the enemy team refuses to finish and trash talks... edit: make it 3 matches...
: Not really, ranked and normals use different MMR
And this should change. Normals is where you practice, yet when you're constantly facing enemies with a massively higher skill than you it becomes pointless.
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: Or it ensures that you lock in only to realise 5 seconds later that there was a better pick to take ^^ I think the lock in is mandatory to reduce the champ select time, since people are forced to lock they don't necessarily wait the end of timer to do so, which saves some time. Champ select should be a little faster when people get used to it.
I don't think it's a valid point. All I see is a lot of people intentionally waiting till the last second to lock as a "personal challenge" to troll even more in champ select. Last match had one lock on 0 seconds...
: Champions "wobble" at the edge of screen.
Same here, it's quite annoying, like they are rendered at 5fps or something...
: The new champ select sucks
Having the same issue. I understand the bans requiring a lock since not banning gives a disadvantage, but the forced lock is so's like people don't read anything or just afk at champ select...
Poyoko (EUW)
: better than have afk ppl in the game =)
The thing is they're not afk, some switch champions but don't lock. It's irritating...
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: There is a Problem with Thunderlord Decree
The mastery needs changes. In all matches today at least 7/10 players picked it, including supports and junglers. Seems balanced.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Can you only match me with people with a job?
This has been going on since forever. Riot are focusing only on the competitive ignoring that the game is supposed to be played for fun. Had matches so unbalanced that it wasn't even a question who would win (3 plat + 2 dia (one was ex challenger) vs 2 unranked, 1 silver, 1 gold, 1 plat). That's without counting the massive difference in normal wins...
TeiX (EUW)
: the only thing that is arguably a bit silly on the barrels is the armor ignore 60% is basically a finger on anyone other than that,,you cna punish gp for misspositining those things
That's probably the main issue with that. Tanks are generally melee and slow, making them useless against GP due to the massive armor ignore, and to make it even worse, riot decided to nerf armor items, sooo...
: Did I mention that the barrels have a wind down? We say dodge and destroy them because it's the method used to take on the barrels. If you're seriously calling Gangplank overpowered then I pity you. Gangplank is FAAAAAAAAAAAAR from OP. He doesn't even come close to it. So, you say yourself, his early game is weak. Take advantage of that. Stop him farming, stop him getting items, get your jungler to gank early. Beat him early, and he doesn't do shit late.
And I already said the wind down is nonexistent late sure...4 times by now... GP in general is not op, the barrels are if you don't have a mobile team or a long range adc.
: How about this: They can be so easily evaded, it's fucking laughable. Learn to dodge and he won't hit you. The wind down on those things takes 300 years. GP has a weak early AND mid game. He's strong LATE game. Beat the shit out of him early and/or mid and he will not have a strong late game. Stop crying just because you misplayed and ran into a barrel and then was instakilled by someone who was left to build all the items he could ever want.
Early game the barrels aren't a problem true, but your point fails the moment you make assumptions. Both times GP was not on my lane . There was no misplay needed if in 1 second he placed 2 barrels and blew them up, good luck reacting to that. Also, dodging isn't easy if you're not a mobile champion, only ranged champs can counter his barrels but that becomes impossible vs a good GP late due to near instant cast. Again, all you people say is to doge/destroy them, even if that point is useless late if GP is not a brainless idiot.
: Then get a engage team, like sej+sivir. He hates being chased since he literally has 0 ways to escape, he's pretty much like a kamikaze; do tons of dmg or die. Yes, he has his oranges but it will only remove cc. Chain cc on him and he's practically dead since if GP is building full dmg (the way you want to know how to counter play)
Pick a team to counter one champ? Seams reasonable right? Good luck with other counterpicks then
: Just hit GP in the face, go all-in on him before he makes uses of barrel. Simple as that. Still no use of brains?
Teamfights. Ye totally works with a frontilne that is not Bronze 5
xXExileXx (EUNE)
: 1000dmg? How, I barely reached 300 and that was with a weak veigar........
I said most not all, and veigar depends on stacking and enemy ap.
: ***
You provided no real argument other han "they can be destoyed/dodged" when I clearly said those points are useless late game. So tell me, do I need to repeat myself or will you explain how you are supposed to do so? You also started insulting me after I said read again since I edited my post to couter your argument. Nice show
: I did read, you're the one who's ignoring the infinitive ways to counter play a champ.
: But if GP is caught unguarded with no barrels, he won't do nothing at all, so there is counter play. And let's be real, it's quite easy to stay away from the range of barrels and destroying one.
You just gave me that line? Go away, you clearly read nothing. Early, sure it's possible. Late? good luck with that. They have a 1 second setup with instant cast.
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Yeman (EUW)
: I'm not playing with people at my skill level.
To add to this, I'm silver 1 and am currently being matched with plat, diamond and MASTER... Totally expected to win that master game (sarcasm)

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