: Take this from a guy who climbed from the depths of silver ELO, up to high diamond, throughout the years. LOL is a game, its purpose is to have fun while playing it. Competitive modes aren't for everyone. If you feel pressured, stressed/bummed out, or just not having fun, perhaps you need to take a more casual approach. Try out new things in normal games for example. Another thing that helped me out was playing ARAMS. I have like 3K games on that mode. You can (kinda) expand your champ pool, or rather than that, get the feel of different champs in different scenarios, practice teamfighting and a bunch of sidestepping. Mechanically speaking, you can learn a lot from that mode. You can also experiment in offroles in normal games. Making a smurf account, and playing in low ELO can also be beneficial when learning new roles. That's how I usually practice. Picking up a champ that you never played, in an offrole, in my ELO, isn't a fun experience. #Whatever you end up doing, your goal should be having fun. Climbing the ranked ladder requires certain skillsets, that you have to pick up, slowly. There aren't any shortcuts. It will naturally come as time passes. Nobody gets to diamond the first year they start playing, unless they are some kind of a prodigy. And lastly, the harsh reality is that not everyone is talented enough to climb to the top, you have to decide if this is just a casual hobby for you, or you want to invest an insane amount of time/work into the game, in order to reach the top, if of course, you have what it takes. - gold for example, is a rank achievable by anyone, who invests a moderate time into the game. It's a good starting goal. Good luck ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
> Whatever you end up doing, your goal should be having fun. When people like you say those things. most trolls dont give a fck about ranked and start ruin everyone game for fun. good advice. Im bad at rankes so i play ivern top and ruin everyone fun just to have fun :) thanks riot great company best system
: Just thought I'd share one of my proudest games
Lets be real here. You got carried. Everysingle lane won and you practically didnt need do anything. just play safe and get carried. But wp man. atleast you tried your best
: I'm almost certain he's "ID Banned" - that's the reason he keeps changing accounts, and every account he plays on is under level 50. Eventually he'll be banned again.
but why riot allow him to create acc and continues trolling?? any particular reason
: Huh, I thought he had quit a long time ago. His accounts have been banned multiple times by Riot, but they never quite resorted to giving him the Tyler1 treatment. I personally wish Riot would crack down more on toxic streams. They have the power under their Terms of Use to stop someone streaming their game, but as far as I know they haven't used that power on anyone.
why he is not banned if he inting and trolling and using bot to lvl up??? We riot punishing trolls so hard
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: > [{quoted}](name=Dùelist,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jkFzUEJ8,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-28T08:33:48.727+0000) > > Riot actually has personal vendeta against all bruiser. > Just look at constantly bruiser nerf. > bruiser has no single rune for them. tell em atleast 1 rune that can bruiser use best than other any class? conqueror was reworked. now conqueror can use incredibly abuser range champ with no penalty. > Also look at bruiser items. most expensive in the game and still one of the weakest class in the game. > i love bruiser i like playign them but when enemy tank build armor and outdmg me i dont think its any fun from my part. > i love playing fiora but when enemy tank build bramblewest and counter my entire champ its not fun anymore. > > also for what reason tank do so much dmg??? i allways ask myself and never get answer. Why Person who play role which doesnt build dmg can outdmg me? A 6 item fiora will always demolish tanks, also a snowballing fiora does the same. fighters mostly take more dmg from tanks since people build them like glass cannons. bruiser nerfs are just needed because they have the power to 3v1/4v1/5v1 and still come out alive after taking them down. they are all lategame scaling champions that do insane dmg while being tanky ( some of them aa for more than an adc ){{sticker:poppy-wink}} if riot would fully remove conq i might go back to maining my good old bruisers again but rn i feel like they are way to op and im not the type of player that cares to much about their rank :P bruiser is just the strongest class in the game rn... Fiora isnt to good rn so maybe that is where your problem is. Conq + bruiser = hell on earth
> A 6 item fiora will always demolish tanks lol. ofc she do. but tanks destroy fiora with one not completed item . fiora need 6 items to win against tank while tank need bramblewest. Just look at winrates and you see tanks has way more winrater than any bruiser. Sion right now 49.92 procent winrate 2,37procent play rate Fiora right now 47.52 procent winrate with 3.17 player rate maokai 48.90 procent winrate with 0.68 play rate
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: If you tested it in like 10+ normals and it worked well, sure, go Ivern top. But only if you know it can work and that it makes sense. (which it doesn't really with Ivern because his main thing is clearing the jungle without fighting it) I've heard of a player who reached challenger by only playing Sona mid, which people could also consider troll, but hey, it worked and it wasn't trolling. There's also a difference between troll picking and trolling in game. I was talking about playing poorly, not about trollpicking in the first place.
I have tested in ranked. Doesnt matter troll pick or not point the same people who play bad should be punished in ranked games. Even if i pick darius im not allow ruin game for other no matter which role which champ i play. I have no right to lose someone else game. im wrong? if im wrong im just going into ranked and be like sorry team i have bad day. dont blame me if i lose your game. I have excuse im bad I get no punishment. Do not even dare to flame me or give advice because i wont listen and continue feeding. Because im bad. I just love how people like you say but being bad shouldnt be punished. In my opinion I must be punished. I must be punished and not allow played ranked until not improve my skill in normal. Or maybe you think its ok that i will put everything into losing game and call it bad game :)
: People who play poorly and end up feeding aren't doing it on purpose, so it can't be considered as trolling.
I know they not consider as trolling but they should be. Because If that the case i will play ivern top. Just because im (bad) at the game so im allow play ivern top in ranked?
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RasonYe (EUW)
: System is so broken, experiment!!
its Very simple explanation. Riot Doesnt care. For flaming they invented automatic system and for inting too. So ok Im not allow flame and run it down mid. everything else is ok. I also got chat restricted for flaming troll. i send ticket when i get actually trolled. Riot replays " we know they did negative things but answer with flaming is not a answer. Instead report them after game" Good advice just one Thing that triggers me. RIot supports trolling. riot protect them look you cant even warn other people in board that they could look at case and decide is this person a troll or not. like naming and shaming is not allowed. WHy riot not allow warn other player about some trolls that riot intentionally refuse ban it? because its start witchhunt? and what the problem wth that? Im so tilted and pissed about trolls that i cant stand. Just Ridiculous how trolls get away. Most funny fact i have chat from riot support. WHo said We cant ban this person because he under lvl 10. So if im under lvl 10 im allow to troll? Only thing rito need to do Is put VERY VERY VERY HARSH SYSTEM. Nowdays system so easily abuse its just insane. Wanna troll And get no banned simplest rule. 1 DOnt flame 2 dont int 3 Play intentionally poorly. 3 action and you will lose mostly games for people who you want to troll. but because you will be consider as a bad player you wont get punished. I did that its a real thing. Fake report doesnt work. So how i can be banned for playing bad? there is no way
: What should I do when 4 premades threaten to troll me in pre-game lobby?
:) get trolled. %%%%%%%%%%tes trolling and doesnt punish. Evidence? look how many people complain about trolls and how many evidence there is that riot arent punishing trolls. how is it promote you ask??? Well Do you know guys is it meta video??? check it out. Actually promotes trolling. But hey im going ivern top in my ranked game. IS it meta guys??? :D
: League is getting worse and becoming unplayeable
We riot games apologise for all the bugs that you all encounter. We try fix it as fast as possible but you must realise that our priority is Milk money from you guys.
: Yeah you got more gold and your opponent is weaker and being pushed the whole laning phase how is he supposed to get items like you did since he is behind at farm ¿?¿?¿?
get a skill and learn properly farm. IF you cant do that you suppose lose you must learn farm under your own turret. that is a skill. Or you tell em why person who learned properly farm suppose to be punished because you just bad at farming and didnt put effort into learning farming. P.s i use you as example i dont mean that you bad at farming or anything :P
in10city (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ænema Lateralus,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EEoM2Z2O,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-16T20:57:59.785+0000) > > i hope they wont remove this , its balanced this way . I dont agree with you. Farming is basic skill. And if im better then you in farming i should be punished ? Why then if you are better in skillshots and hit 90% of your skillshot, why you dont have bounty ? i mean cmon makes no sens have 0/1/0 and bounty 650g. No sens my opinon
But but. IF i bad at the game you suppose to be punished. because riot and and reason. just because you have better skill at last hitting you should be punished. how dare you you farm better than me???? that what i feel in riot minds. its just biggest %%%%%%ation in entire history.
: >So Cause im under 10 lvl Im allow intentionally feed by running it down and wish for everyone for cancer and blame everyone? Are you intentionally ignoring what you have been told already? You aren't allowed to do any of that. However, proving that someone is actually INTENTIONALLY feeding when they are new to the game is almost impossible because they tend to die A LOT on average because they aren't experienced enough in the game yet. So how do you separate intentionally feeding from just feeding? That's the difficulty here. Also wishing cancer is not allowed and it WILL get them punished so i don't understand why you would even use that as an argument. Nowhere did the Rioter say that they are allowed to be toxic in chat. Literally nowhere.
damn i mean Evidence of chat and gameplay isnt enough because he is might be new at game. Probably if i do for you same thing you would also consider damn this person is new at the game he just wishing everyone cancer and running it down lanes. I just dont understand How rioter can consider person who admit in chat that he going int then start running it down lanes and feed end up 0/17 wishing everyone cancer is a new player and he cant punish him. AND i understand that not allowed flame and int. but why its not punishable for him just because he under level? Do you honestly believe that person who inted and wished everyone cancer consider as a new player and for that reason he must not be punished? and we all can check him does he banned or not. > However, proving that someone is actually INTENTIONALLY feeding when they are new to the game is almost impossible because they tend to die A LOT on average because they aren't experienced enough in the game yet. How you would explain his action if its not intentionall? how will you justifice his action?? intentionally feeding harsh flame towards everyone in game and admiting in chat that he will int to make sure to lose. i dont know how you can justifice this as new player actions. even if you might not believe me. Rioter can see game chat logs.
: You COMPLETELY misunderstood what he told you. They do not have protection for under level 10 accounts. They just acknowledge (and you should too) that new players tend to be bad at the game so banning them for inting is going to be harder than banning more experienced players for it. The INTENT behind feeding has to be proven before banning them and you really can't do that very easily with new players as they tend to die A LOT. Now when it comes to verbal toxicity, they do ban people for that. However, people might have not crossed the line yet before level 10 because they haven't had the time to do so because you can get to level 10 very fast. As they said, they can't know if someone is going to be toxic in your games preemptively. There is no protection, there is understanding.
However issuing these to players that are under level 10 is kind of difficult due to actual new players not knowing what to do. So Cause im under 10 lvl Im allow intentionally feed by running it down and wish for everyone for cancer and blame everyone? I dont know maybe im the stupid one here but When person says I go int feed you arabic piece of shit i hope you mother get cancerr. And end up 0/17/0 running it down entire game flaming like that. ANd riot employer use this phrase. However issuing these to players that are under level 10 is kind of difficult due to actual new players not knowing what to do. So if im under 10lvl im allow wish your mom cancer and more ?? IS that what you consider new player??
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in10city (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=A Snarky Cyclone,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7boK2eeH,comment-id=000400000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-14T22:02:12.324+0000) > > Feel free to quote me where I said that. > > All I've said time and time again is that if you're playing the game with the intent to troll, like you've indicated you are, then you can be punished. > > If you play the game to win, and help your team, then it's fine. > > But you've openly indicated you're only doing it for the former reason, hence my recommendation not to do it. Dude stop it from now, HOW YOU CAN PLAY SORAKA JUNGLE AND GOING TO WIN EXPLAIN ME please i mean you must have decent iq to recognized that he LEGIT trolled i know that you want to stand behind that player just bcs he reached dia 1st time in life that dosent give him PRIVILEGY TO TROLL game. Now ( http://prntscr.com/ml8tue ) im going to be demoted bcs of that regardless what did i do that game. you want to call it fair ??? ( http://prntscr.com/ml8ujh ) Explain me this picture ? And you are going for with with soraka jungle with 3 assist its legit (13%) kill participation you are going for win with 13% kill participation. Shame on you son legit shame on you
A Snarky Cyclone. I have support ticket writed about some trolls. And the answer i got was that riot apologise for negative experience but even if i report and send ticket they cannot ban that player because he is under lvl 10. that troll was running it down mid with 6 same items and wishing everyone cancerr. And riot employee literally tell that they cant ban cause his action maybe was not intention and its based on his low level. How would you explain me that? that troll was pyke who ended up 0/17/0 So is it means im allow troll and flame hard before i reach lvl 10? because that the answer i got from riot employee. this is what riot answered. Greetings Dùelist, Sorry to hear that you are not having fun in your first few games of League. Certainly starting out for the first time can be rather hard, especially when you encounter less then friendly players. Things will most likely start to pick up after you reach level 20+ or 30 and gain access to multiple queues including the ranked one. As you are currently playing with low level accounts it is important to keep in mind that we can't pre-suspend accounts. Knowing intent of players in advance is not something that can be done at this point, I understand that they are creating a negative experience for you and it's great that you report the offensive players but knowing who will join a game just to feed or be negative in chat is rather impossible. We do have very harsh restrictions for intentional feeding, starting with a two week suspension and ending with a permanent suspension. However issuing these to players that are under level 10 is kind of difficult due to actual new players not knowing what to do. My personal recommendation is that you relax up to level 30 and focus on learning more about the game. Kind regards. Purist Player Support Specialist


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