SeekerK (EUNE)
: Mostlikely it can take updato 3 hours with your internet speed, prbly even less. The internet speed is not realy a key term here, your connection strenght matters more. You could use your friends internet etc to get it done faster?
Thanks for you help but a rioter just posted this Riot Eambo (EUW) - 33 minutes ago Hey Verbados, We've taken a look and these numbers are false - there's some file moves and deletions in there which will happen super quick, but the patcher is considering them part of the patch. As such, despite the large filesize - the download size is much smaller (and it'll patch much quicker than you expect!)
: _**Amm Just wait **_{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Its reinstalling the whole game 12.6gb thats gonna take more than 12 hours on my internet speed .....
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: its not the ISP i have both TE-data and noor at home both are not working
Don't be so stubborn,The game works fine with a VPN and that only means That there is something wrong with our ISP,otherwise it would work fine without using a VPN .
: egyptions are having problems playing the game
Hey,It's an ISP issue I can guarantee that cause I live in Cairo atm. Te-Data is my ISP and as far as I know they told me that they closed their gaming portal so I got the same issue as all you guys do but the fix is easy. Using a VPN works I suggest using vpn for free.( Choose Netherlands ) Contact Your ISP and try to solve it with them,Also if they ask say all the online games aren't working not just league only ,just so you don't get ignored. Gl.Upvote so everyone can see. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
liudasm12 (EUNE)
: Download some other games imagine challenger queue dude before it was about half an hour now everyone probably has to take fill in challenger XD
Challenger players are now queuing up together as 4 or 5 so they dont really see any issue its still the same for them plus there are loads of people who main supp in challenger
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: if u wasnt in game last 3-5minutes u will got leave lol
that's not fair :( it wasnt my fault that i got bugsplat
D0b3n (EUW)
: Yes that "leave" wasnt a leave I got bugsplat and instantly reconnected to get the victory screen with the normal chat but with lose
I got the bugsplat in the exact same time were were getting the inhib in which they followed it up to the nexus we aced them before i got the bugsplat and that was game for us
: i see one leave with ezreal and defeat with lb
Yes that "leave" wasnt a leave I got bugsplat and instantly reconnected to get the victory screen with the normal chat but with lose
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: At the start of the new season 2 things will happen. Firstly, there will be a soft reset of the MMR (the invisible number that denotes your skill level compared to everyone else on the server) meaning everyone`s MMR will move closer to the average on the server. Second, all the ranks will be cleared so you'll have to do your 10 placement matches again. However because of the soft reset of the MMR your placement matches will be against players of your skill level.
Sweet thanks alot :)
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: What if I play and demote between 11 nov and 17? as diamond 5
Neonchan (EUW)
: Once everything is OP nothing is
: I lost a game against a Graves, and i won a game against a Graves on pbe. Those ADC's simply got a rework to emphasize their individual style, and with Graves it is to be close and into your face - the opposite as Kog Maw. Our Kog tried two or three times to win against the Graves at close range, until i told him the secret. Then he kept his distance, and in the end, all the enemy team QQ'ed about "how OP Kog Maw" is.
I guess you might be right i did judge quickly seeing the damage but still its quite some damage
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LemoNoob (EUW)
: any rengar nerfs comin soon?
By mid game you should be able to upgrade your trinket Sweeper i mean so thats a counter play QSS for ad and zhonya for ap thats 3 counter plays and his damage depends if he is fed or not so that depends on u and ur enemy team
Endellion (EUW)
: What is F? Here, let me sing it for you: _"F is for flash because it just makes sense Yours is on the wrong key D is the place you put every other spell Whenever you're playing league."_
rofl,Someone has been watching spongbob too much lately ;)
bondjens2 (EUW)
: I gave someone I team with my password. And he got hacked , somebody put an keytracker on that guy's PC , and ofcourse my league account was also into it.
Impossible your friend hacked you thats it.Keytracker you might get from those websites that have fake RP codes which never works never trust anyone giving you Links and websites for RP your friend did that apperantly and thus you got hacked and it also can be your friend who is hacking you never give your password to anyone again Edit:Im afraid i cant help anymore send an email to the support if you have any more question tell me and ill be happy to answer them.
: Hello, To Whom it may concern... Just today my account was hacked, I had 965 RP in my account just this morning, after the update maybe i found out my RP became 135, i checked my Gifting History, the last 3 of it was not my own doing.. Please, i know the amount that was lost in my account was little, but to me it's all i have, and by the way it will be really hard for me and my friends here in to purchase anymore RP if this was not solved... Really please, it's just an small amount, please return it
Send a ticket to support not on boards tell them the story and your account information date email etc they will ask you for it anyways
bondjens2 (EUW)
: Account hacked This should help try changing your password I feel you and im sure you are frustrated right now but may i ask you couple of questions? Did you give any of your real life friends your password? Did you click any "Free" RP codes and signed in with your league account? Did someone send you a link that also wanted you to sign in with your league account?
: i already heard they gave out 35 rp, :/
They said they aren't allowed to give anyone free stuff.
: for 50 rp? :O
: actuatly it looks realy good!
They said no :/
: actuatly it looks realy good!
Derpy face tho haha ^_^,thanks <3
: send support ticket, if u make something creative they might give you some rp
Thanks i did that waiting for their reply ill post what i drew on a paper kinda funny lol
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Coach me to gold.
Hello :), I see that you are playing way too many champions for each role try playing 1-2 per role I suggest Thresh and braum for support annie and ahri for mid Skarner and shyv for jungle (Rammus if they both get banned) And for top jax and vlad This is what got me out of silver i was like you stuck between silver and gold promos Kept Playing annie and warwick worked like a charm{{champion:103}}
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Kítty (EUNE)
: Do i deserve an answer ? please vote here.
Leave league system is bad,people are bad,All champions are unbalanced :). And I agree with you your ban was not correct but here how it goes,You get reported once and get the message "You have been..." This is the "I have a bad day" for you if you get reported several times after that you get banned on the last match chat.So it's basiclly kids spamming reports get you banned for no reason and the tribunal picks up 1-2 bad things from 30 messages and you get suspended.Just like my case.
: As a bunch of you had issues from roughly the same area it could potentially be a connectivity problem in your general area, although it could also be server related. Have Riot responded to your ticket?
Sadly I've heard that Egypt might cut off pvp servers and messengers due to the excessive usage It hasn't been confirmed yet But it's happening to a lot of people already in Egypt ( Those random dc) If it is confirmed then sadly I won't be able to play league at all without using any sort of a VPN,So yes the problem is an ISP issue.
: I recommend you do not play anything other than a custom game until your issue is resolved. Remember your absence affects your team ( and they may also report you if you leave). Test on and custom games first before attempting a game. Most importantly: DO NOT RAGE OR RAGE QUIT. Toxicity may easily get you banned or permabanned if you continue particulaly if it is extreme. You might not be permabanned yet (or maybe you still will be) but take it as a serious warning to keep cool in games from now on.
My first 14 days ban was because I fell down into a toxic team and started flaming them back.Did a mistake and i paid for it,But yeah thanks Also had a match were all of the 10 people dc'd we were finally able to join the game at 3 minutes and everyone was level 1 0 cs starting to think its not an ISP issue.
: Attempting to reconnect BUG !! PLS fix !!!!
Would Like to add something to this,Just had a game where all of us 10 people had the same problem at the same time and we all joined the game finally at 3 minutes (Everyone was level 1 0 cs) So I am starting to think it is not an ISP issue!
: seems like configuring my DNS works , i don't really know if it is configuring my DNS or it is just fixed
I'm glad that helped ,remember always try joinning custom games (twice if possible) before you wanna play normals or ranked gl on the rift ! :)
: Attempting to reconnect BUG !! PLS fix !!!!
Hey there, I've had this issue try everything from here **** and If it does not work i suggest waiting for a rioter to look into it keep trying to join custom games first and see if it works untill then gl and lets hope this gets fixed.
: Heya D0b3n, did the issue get resolved?
Sadly no,I am always getting dc'd randomly.Using VPN works but takes a lot of time to reconnect which leads to the game to finnish and me getting reported. Got a question too I got suspended for 14 days because i was extremely toxic if i get reported for leaving do i get 20m or a permanent suspend im really scared now! The support told me that there is alot of people from Egypt having the same issues aswell so i dont know .
: 105 RP for championship shyvana, please rito :c?
Not sure if you have to do it on boards or send them an email I might be wrong tho ^_^ gl on getting the skin!
Omran62 (EUW)
: The DC is too real
Contact the support ****
Myster10 (EUNE)
: Can we stop asking for a vayne nerf
You are a true hero,Vayne isnt the problem other adc are finally someone Posted this! :D
Sumoner1994 (EUNE)
: My acc got suspended
Mind if you explain to me what is this ?
: Hi D0b3n, have you checked the support articles or logged a ticket?
I've sent a ticket to the support, using a VPN works btw
Submit a ticket or email them
: Why has there been more Disconnections and Spike in MS?
Dont blame it on us (Or atleast the people that are having the same issue like me which are alot) We get random dc either at the start of the game or at the mid game and then we cannot reconnect game keeps crashing over and over but if we do however either we dc again or get to play with a high ping just so i dont get leaver buster the problem has been out since patch 5.18 and i do see a lot of dc from people and i somehow know its from that damn bug that the only answer we got was that it was from our side even tho keep in mind my internet is working fine and can play other games and it works like a charm!
D0b3n (EUW)
: Similar bug .
7 hours yet noone is willing to help im still unable to play league Pls :(
: Randomly disconnects in game?
Same here reinstalling fixed it for a while still came back everything working fine except league and yet people are saying it might be from our ISP
: DCing from League while Skype and other stuff still works
Everyone seems busy and noone is on atm same thing is happening to a lot of people or to say has been happening to a lot of people and its the same case as yours random dc internet working fine and everything also unable to reconnect sometimes Idk we are just gonna have to wait
: Problems (DC eune)
EUW Egypt ISP:TEDATA Happened 2 weeks ago right after patch 5.18 now its back and its uglier D:!
: Can't connect, internet is working
Same problem but i live in Egypt happened also to my irl friends could be from our crappy isp tho ^^
: Attempting to reconnect
Same here Did anyone have this issue before patch 5.18?
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