: I suggest you introduce more common sense and intelligence cookies in your diet.
I suggest you open a book and see what a color blind means.
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: Super Heroes skins? (Marvel and DC)
Well toxic mundo is supposed to be based on Hulk as partly is mundo himself ( recall that "Mundo...smash " line he has ) . In NA by the way there was spider amumu though Im not sure what happened to him ...
: Kassa will soon be VUed...though it's debatable how much it's player will still wants to run him, considering that Kassa's whole kit was nerfed over and over ni the long and recent past to avoid nerfing it's ult...which was already nerfed once and it's going to be definetely gutted in the next patch. In the meanwhile, of course, Lee Sin can still ward jump and Q you. But of course that does not amount to crazy mobility cause "it's situational"...
I know a champion with 4 times more mobility than kassadin and its not "situational" The one , the only {{champion:7}} !

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