VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Both teams get a Sona. Have fun playing 120 minutes of ARAM.
RogueDek (EUW)
: There are so many overly agressive micro-transactions. Just look at the worlds event. No one that isn't an youtuber can afford all that bullshit. It's uneeded and it makes no sense. And if you find this meta "fun", then you're probably either new to the game or just went off most other seasons, since most players would rather have stability in a competitive MOBA and not what we got right now. (At least the enemy team is GUARRANTEED to have a diver or bruiser) It's not fun to adapt to a new patch just to get hit by a new one 2 weeks afterwards, that massively changes the way the game works. Fortnite handle patches well, changing major stuff BETWEEN seasons, not in the middle of it. But Fortnite is a BR so I guess it doesn't express my idea well.
Ah you mean the worlds pass and the other stuff? Its not forced on us and its non random like in the ones mentioned Also you get free stuff by playing and watching just not as much as when you pay I am playing since season 2 it isnt the most fun ever but thats also because i played for so long, imo end of season 5 before worlds was the coolest but right now is good too. stability is boring thats the reason lol and other mobas patch xD it would stagnate and then actually die Fortnite really doesnt express that well(as you realised( especially since it only has like 20 things to really balance, league alone has millions of combinations The thing they tried this season backfired and they realised it(the 2-3 week big patches instead of a mid season one
CJXander (EUNE)
: I don't feel any kind of compassion for banned people
Weird i only had 1 in my recent 30+ games My last game was actually a fun chat fest i was asking about the enemys yasuo build then lux him and me started joking around and everyone followed suit it was super fun An advice for you, sometimes you answer more aggressive than needed Examples: If someone asks for another role you dont need to „Can you please respect your selected role“ or „no you cant“ just say „no sry“ Tho yeah some people are just toxic ...
RogueDek (EUW)
: It's just me then experiencing the client bugs, the crashes, and the overly agressive micro-transactions that have been going on. oH. nEveRMinD tHEn. But, being serious, League has reached his downfall and I just can't seem to find any enjoyment playing it anymore. That's why I've pretty much quit. The meta seems like a shitshow and I'm suprised there's even going to be a Worlds (Not really, again, "overly agressive micro-transactions" but) since Riot is just being pressured by Tencent to keep making money or w/e.
client bugs are shit yes, but the actual game is mostly not as buggy as other „super“ big games crashes? Neither me nor any of my friends had any, the only actual annoying Overly aggressive micro transactions? For cosmetics? This isnt ea nor overwatch lol YOU CANT FIND ANY ... This meta right now is likely one of the most fun ones since seasons
Breakhz (EUNE)
: but ahri got the biggest winrate midlane.+highest pick rate too.. Ahri more played then other champs.And 52% almost 53% winrate. LB 50% WINRATE..
meanwhile Lb is often contested in pro play while ahri isnt ahri is now getting stronger due to some mid lane nerfs and her recent buffs, but atm its still mostly soloq
: Assasins don’t go tanky anymore... tank assasins get nerfed themselves. {{champion:266}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:83}} all of these champions only bring damage to the table, but they rely on tanky stats to survive. If riot did this change every single one of these champions become useless... because what’s the point of picking any of them if they can’t do their job while building the things they need to build. You’ve also doomed every top lane tank because they will just be run over by any split pusher. You would manage to render about 1/4 to 1/3 of the champion pool useless just because you can’t be asked to learn counter play... just build anti tank and learn to kite, simple
well i disagree about vlad :0 Right now you dont really build anything defensive, his passive and sustain make him so durable
: but if u ban 50% percent of the community then the other 50% will play against each other and then u still have to ban 50% of the community etc etc
In the end, dopa vs faker duell it out to see who can keep playing league {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
iluminati14 (EUNE)
: sure say its my fault bro im not saying im perfect ,i didnt either said i deserve a higher division ,u always have to learn something more but when u get no support from ur team u cant do much ,if u are lets say adc and ur support doesnt really help on anythink what u can do?be passive until u loose the game ? or try to do it by ur self?
As an adc you can just farm til you feel confident enough(or rather know thT you are) then get some good fights rolling Later on you can practically solo carry in bronze-plat as adc, especially since they wont be good enough to finish most games early enough if when you are behind
: I think you got the point wrong. I meant it like if you want really hard teamfight cc you needed like atleast 2 champs to combo together to get that while now you could just pick Ornn and have enough cc on a single champion to support your whole team for what you wouldve needed a wombo of 2 before. ofcourse i know that it's slow and needs a wall but ornn can set that up with his Q fairly easy
If you want lots of hard cc for teamfights why pick malp? Malp is better suited to be a nuicanse for adcs and ad assassins(especially as reliant champs) his ult also is nearly instant and hard(er) to dodge if you want lots of hard cc stuff like zac is superior to malp as his e is basically malp ult jsut slower with less knock up. Ornn is strong but slow, also his q into e combo is easily dodged with a good sidestep or any ms buff/dash
: I should've explained what i meant with the reset some more mistake on my side sorry. With the Resets on her E i mean the 0.5-1 sec(i don't really now that number) CD she gets back for AAing with the E Atack speed buff which easily lets her cool down that skill for better mobility to reposition herself which she can use fairly often as long as she aa's not as good as vaynes tumble invis but it's still super reliant when it comes to repositioning yourself and for chasing if shes 1v1ning a target and has the power to do so her E speed buff and that 1time ult dash should be enough for her to strike down her target
she isnt immobile and her e makes her a good late game hypercarry but as you just said, her upgraded e<vaynes ult q her ult is her only reliable way to really „chase“ as a moventspeed buff gets outclassed by any dash, also her ult is often used for repositioning.
: You can't compare LCS to solo Que they have a 5man voice and constantly can talk about their strategy on how to keep her down and yes it could be that in higher elo she can be beaten inlane but she still has a high ban and pick rate because she is so strong atm. And from a balance perspective 95% of the players playing this game are in a lower elo tier so ofc you still have to balance champs for high elo but they also need to be balanced arround 95% of their playerbase where she can totaly dumpster people
Kai sa wont outplay you if she is in bronze/silver so 2 of her abilities are only meh(e and r) yes she is to strong right now, but she isnt without a weakness and neither is she an allrounder who is the best at what she does
: nah with ap healing runes i can finally dish out some damage and combos without being afraid of getting grossly outraded i dont feel useless at all i fight 1vs2 and make them both back off i am not awesome yet but i dont feel useless as much as when i play zoe..
Ap healing runes? Wtf are you even playing on him o.O as i said i dont know which elo you are, but you seem to be mid gold at most, rathet than ranting about balance try climbing first, back with the old urgot i was able to stomp and win 3 games as ap urgot(only his shield had an ap scaling)
: so her damage is balanced around super easy to dodge abilitites? awesome..
well so is ezreals lol, or lux her q is moderatly hard to hit i give you that,but its supposed to be so else the dmg would need to be toned down her e is rather easy to hit lol, its far better than morg q who is most of her kit.
: i like that ryze comparison but at least ryze can be tweaked into useful status with the right runes zoe is shit no matter what you build her u need to have a good team and land few E's and hope you help your team with them otherwise GL doing any good with this shit useless champ (dont take my insults seriously zoe mains i love zoe ok)
Ryze sucks in soloq unless you are a god on him, runes dont change that, meanwhile in pro play he is top 3 of te strongest mid laners Zoe held the best mid title for pro play for 1-2 patches then got some nerfs, now she is a tad weak for soloq(especially lower elos) but still viable there. zoe is still playable BUT now she actually is a skillful champ
: you must have an awesome E landing rate i miss most my E's lmao
Well than you should know why , zoe is now balanced around her e and the q only hits, before her w made up a hige amound of her dmg
: wtf??
e into q and aa instakill a squishy or semi squishy when you are slghtly ahead, well farmed and have your first items
: no i stomp people with my mastery 6 annie because shes a simple champion zoe is gimmicky af and i rarely make her shine mastery 6 doesnt mean you "know" the champion (whatever you mean by know) but it means you did more consistently well with a champion than a mastery 5 for example whatever you think man what i wanted to say i didnt buy zoe yesterday
No mastery 6 means you had 2 good games and some blue essence I have champions i played for months before the mastery points and still am far superior than most lvl 7s on them Also annie is easy to play -> easier to win when she isnt badly balanced i dont know your elo, but yes zoe isnt op anymore, she is basically the same as ryze, if you are good you practicall soloq carry of no lead but if not it seems lile you are made weak by riot
: i actually never ever one shotted someone except low healths or it would take me 2 or 3 rounds of my all abilities dunno where the zoe one shot thing came from but i am not that kind of zoe for sure
I played her after her first nerfs, got to 3 items with a good lead and proceeded to e q aa the enemy tahm support/mid/adc
: when was zoe strong? i can only "one shot" brainded people that's all while being one shot by assassins like kayn and zed who dont get their abilities blocked by minions...she's still the same the nerfs didn't make her any different imo no her kit is not broken low cooldowns but situational abilities that make her useless most of the time
She has a 2+second cc which amplifies her or a teammates dmg and deals initial dmg her w gives her free items/summoners and steals enemy summoners (able to pick them up after use) while also dealing more dmg when used than ahri w. her w was insanely broken, getting redemption or gunblade is just bonkerd ealry mid game
: zoe feels like a useless midlaner..
master 6 doesnt mean that you know the champion 😂 like some people have millions of mastery points and are stuck in gold and below while not even knowing how to play them she is definetly weaker abd way harder to execute but her dmg is still there if you land e into q, hence she is still being picked up in pro play, just a lot less frequently
48kg (EUW)
: Her laning isn't bad at all imo and honestly seems to out damage most of the other adc's in lane. But I do agree that her weak point is pre ~3 items, she is squishy and has no sustain, extremely weak against poke as well. What worries me is that all those hybrid/attack speed/guinsoo building champions almost always just die down after a nerf because they really are hard to balance. She is either strong or weak. Once she gets a nerf that has actual impact (Riot will probably make bunch of placebo nerfs first, cutting her damage by a single digit or some shit) she will probably end up being too weak. Although this might be different for Kai'Sa as she can build pretty much anything right now, so basically nothing I said above stands. Depends how Riot will nerf her and how that changes itemization. Only time will tell.
Then maybe look at higher elos, especially in pro play -> kai sa gets bullied unless the adc playing her is better than his opponent (uzi vs anybody for example) i hope kai sa stays viable but gets toned down she stil has less dps than a kog maw or twitch later on but she spikes earlier and is far easier to play vs „good“ enemys
: It's not bad to have a champ that can fill more then a general role in the time ezreal is good at poking and winning lane when he has his manamune-sheen spyke but his aa's suck without muramana to compensate for that because he won't go a crit/on hit build where his Aa's would be worth on hes more of an AD caster then an original ADC, Xayah for example has good self peel and CC from her Ult and E she also gets good damage from her W but to compensate for that she got a lower aa range than standard adcs and has no real mobility to acompany her but if we look at Kai'Sa she excells at everything she does except her atack range she got mass mobility through Stealth AA cd resets got alot of burst damage do burst down a squishy from her Q she shreds tanks with her passive and hybrid dmg she got a big af shield with a dash to peel for herself there's no clear weakness to her kit other than her atack range where Ezreal for example compensates his strong spells through less aa damage and xayah her damage output and cc through being very imobile
Kai sa got mobility not „mass mobility“ her e is a small movementspeed boost whic stealths when she has enough as, her ult is strong tho but lacks dmg -> item reliant af aa resets? Neither her q or w do that, e and r neither. Q and w have cast time so she can aa immediatly after because she didnt for the whole animation. her burst dmg is on her ao build, ad builds favor dps over the burst her q does good dmg but its her only reliable dmg spell, and even then it sucks when hitting multiple targets well she is supposed to do that with her passive her ult is a dash + shield ... its strong when used well but the shield is a 1 time use not spammable so just focus her -> she isnt really tanky kai sa‘s weaknesses Low attck range Weak lane item reliant(if behind basically useless till she catches up(which shouldnt be the case when you are ahead) has meh waveclear(when she can hit its ok but she cant sagely in a siege) bad chasing potential ( after she ults its hard for her to catch up with people who even have so much as a slow)
: So true. Where before you may needed like malph+ori combo for really good cc in a teamfight you can now pick Ornn and have enough cc to support a whole team without cc because ur E is a malph ult when colliding to a wall and ur Ult is just CC for ages
Lol wtf Ori and malp is a 2 follow knock up with basically instant cast times AND it does a huge amount of dmg while ornn e is slow af, close range and needs a wall. His ult is strong yes but its unique af and isnt in anyway comparable to ori/malp at most to nami lol
: nunu R isnt his srongest ability it's his new W that's my main complaint behind the post
Well i know that(tho feel like q and w are equally strong for him) but to the main point, now that nunu is out for a while we can see that he isnt op.
: dude i know you have more experience in the game and shit but sometimes i feel like we are not playing the same game I was a lux top and this LOW HP ww murdered me without ult (ok to be honest i am not sure if he ulted me or not) I was full hp ofc he was mastery 6 and i was not so the %%%%er kinda knows what he's doing but that made me rage the %%%%er wont just die no matter how many abilities i dump on him as stupid as that sounds i was forced to build executioner's calling on lux same shit happened when i was a full hp orianna vs a low hp jax when they know what they are doing their hp difference doesnt even matter it seems also in my elo kaisa is shit unless my entire team feed her (given that i am bronze 1 that means my team are worse than me and that's the only way kaisa gets ahead also if she's smurfing) none knows how to play kaisa or ashe in my elo lol adc's in general dont own shit on (a good) yasuo since he lands one q and they are dead the adc's you mentioned are not spammed in my games and are not considered strong in my elo instead i see a lot of: jhin, mf, yasuo, mf, quinn, mf, ashe ,jinx, mf.. you mentioned jinx my bad but man how awfully RARE to find a mf almost like none plays her *sarcasm* I dont try to solo yi he's like a serial killer he'll find me and murder me in the map no matter where i am even if i was in my own jungle..without any provocation yeah people here dont really believe in cc champs they all play carries so it's usually just one round of cc and it's not enough to kill him most of the time
Well first of all,lux top is bad Secondly, a low ww heals himself really well and if he has mr he doesnt rly care unless you hit your full combo and have magic pen. also burstmages (syndra/lux etc)are weak against bruisers and tax, and control mages against bruisers(jax/ww/fiora etc) Also on ap you can build morellonomicon, it also has griveous wounds, executioners calling is for ad champs and sometimes tank match ups. well in bronze 1 everyone is „shit“ no one knows how to play kai sa nor yasuo, but yasuo moves randomly because „muh outplay“ an actual good yasuo is a nightmare in soloq when your team lacks cc or tanks. Well adc in general own yasuos in teamfights but his windwall is actually OP af, tho i can understand why they wouldnt in bronze(positioning and teamplay is lacking) well in low elo people also play alot more assassins and other stuff, and mf is the easiest to execute when it comes to burst dmg. well many champs can soloq, especially early on or when ahead, mages usually have a problem with him tho unless they hit him from range. but well, you can still easily carry your elo by picking something that scales but is also able to solo kill enemys and maybe roam early on. You just need to be good enougj
: for the case of illaoi it's not that people DONT try to dodge but when they do it's too late and the big ass tentacle hitbox get them anyways also getting close to a fed illaoi nest is she finds herself with abundance of those tentacles everywhere if only people stopped feeding enemy illaoi
Hhaha so thats why illaoi is so broken in high elo? LUL no they just cant dodge (or dodge well) hence their elo fed illaoi is still easy kited and poked because slow af
: hes like nunu press R guaranteed kill no escape %%%%er cant be slowed only hard CC and he'll still somehow catch up to you kills you under turret with R no problem and my most %%%%ing pet peeve no not him coming out of bush while you low and finishing you off every time no not his alpha strike that dodges everything and teleports him to your location and not even his 70% damage reduction w/heal it's him and yasuo...are %%%%ing unstoppable late game they feed early game then somehow get a triple and quadra kill in one engage even if you are way more fed teams revolved around babysitting their yi or yasuo are cancer (bonus points: team comps that have BOTH yi and yasuo are just bullshit) i play mordkaiser now and those %%%%ers are no bother when i finish my items but god forbid i play a mage or a "tank" (what the hell is even a tank when i stack armor and yasuo with knock ups and guaranteed critics deletes me in one combo or yi still melts me in R+3 auto attacks "combo") tanks are bs in this game rant is over wait a second...did you just say squishy melee? ahahaha a good yi will kill you at low hp and somehow gain 5000% life steal and 10000 armor and magic resist when he's low ...squishy my ass (jax and warwick do the same shit btw) ok rant is over for real now
I hope you dont mean that nunu r is a free kill because i cant remember getting killed by one for ages he may catch up to you but why would you try to solo him when your champ isnt made for it? Several champs can just kill him, a grouped team can easily just cc him twice and he will be dead If he has items he can towerdive a squishy or maybe even a weak tank but his early is abysaml 1. ward the brush(yes as an adc it might suck somtimes when nothing is up) 2.dodges everything if he times it well and even then its buggy sometimes 3. 1 cc and its over yi and yasuo arent even strong wtf, kai sa, kog maw, tristana,twitch, vayne and jinx all outscale them AND outrange them meaning in an elo where people dont play 5 1v1s all the time they are far superior(especially kai sa, tristana and kogmaw. teams with both yi and yasuo -> tank buys frozen heart and randuins + tabbies and you take a rakan+some other cc -> dead yi and yasuo who are useless all game if you die that quick as a tank then maybe you build wrong or are behind(or yi has gone full shredd with rageblade, bork, last whisper, as jgl item, IE , pd and conquerer. also yi rarely builds lifesteal (one item usually at most) and unless you go bruiser yi he wont have any armor or mr(and bruiser atm isnt as good) Jax ults gives him stats and ww is weak vs full hp targets
: Man FCk competitive play do u want the game to be balenced for urself or for people who are barrely human. there are many champions that became unplayable just cuz pro players can play that champ they just need to ban these champs if they dont wanna play against them
the rare cases where i actually felt like pro play hurt me were, ... none Back in season 5 i played on a challenger level team, so i know how brutal some champs can be if balanced for the masses(bronze-mid plat) Also as i am around high plat-mid dia i dont rly mind the balancing around good players instead lol you know draft phase is incredibly important in pro play? like if there are 3 op champions red side needs to ban all 3 of them making blue side able to ban their best picks while also getting theirs just because of op stuff(like back in mordekaiser/gp days in season 5 worlds)
: Udyr has a 54 % winrate for almost a year but he never gets nerfed . Shaco 53% no no nerfs for him Zoe 45 % Gets nerfed Ryze 44 % Nerfs Sejuini 46% insane nerfs Riot only buffs balenced champs and nerfs underpowerd champs
Udyr is incredibly bad in higher elos, shaco is a toxic champ by design and basically soloq only, zoe was broken af in high elo teamplay, now she is in a bad state for lower elos but thats better than being broken in competetice Same for ryze but more extreme seju is still one of the best competetve picks
EU Ezreal (EUW)
: By the same token your adc can easily avoid thresh's hook by standing behind minions... it doesn't happen like that in silver, situations don't pan out like they're supposed to if every player plays optimally. I highly doubt Karma's RQ would do much and if you tethered to the enemy adc they'd probably just kill you after, brand would, if you hit the Q, which is easy to dodge and fiddle would be killed immediately after the adc in that situation...
yes but sometimes hooks hit, so would ez q. But what is more dangerous? A low dmg ez q or a threah hook vs an ezreal support HMMM Karma rq if double hit does 1/3 of the adcs hp while slowing him, if you have ignite and use w and ignite the adc NEEDS to back off especially since your adc is still moderatly healthy due to your shield an adc who is attacking your adc or the thresh who is now in your minion wave wont be able to dodge a point blank/close range e q w combo of brand easily taking more than 50% hp as dmg wat, fidd will q the enemy adc then e him and the support -> support and adc are at 80% while silenced and your adc is at 90% with time to fight Before you cry about teammates being salty about your off meta picks try to learn real poke supports first who can actually give cc or peel to your team
: > [{quoted}](name=D4RKEVA,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=z3EKsWLY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-05T11:50:11.129+0000) > > In plat+ neither lucian nor draven habe high winrates. > > Neither of them is broken nor overly strong. > > Draven is in a fine spot right now and lucian aswell(tho i dont know why they should buff him) > > the adcs who are actually to strong are Varus and kai sa, > ezreal jhin xayah and ashe being the go to adcs after them. > > i dunno which elo you are but the game is mostly balanced around pro play and higher elos, the recent garen and yorick nerfs being rare changes for low elo. Draven's too strong MF's too strong Kai'Sa is way too strong Jhin is way too strong.
Draven isnt..., he isnt weak yes but he definetly isnt HUR DUR BROKEN like you declare him. Hell he can punish lanes like he is supposed to but can still be easily outplayed due to his axes mf is a soloq pick for non adc players playing adc, she sucks vs tanks or tankier bruisers. Also not staying behind minions works agree, kai sa is insanely strong right now and needs a nerf in item choices(no direct nerf because its just her being able to adapt and a well made kit) on jhin im taken inbetween, he is strong in the right scenario but he has his share of problems, i would rate him 6/10 in terms of balance (5/10 being perfext) for example i rank wukong a 8.5/10 as he is a low counterplay assassin which is broken design wise
: Draven is fine and Lucian needs a buff?
In plat+ neither lucian nor draven habe high winrates. Neither of them is broken nor overly strong. Draven is in a fine spot right now and lucian aswell(tho i dont know why they should buff him) the adcs who are actually to strong are Varus and kai sa, ezreal jhin xayah and ashe being the go to adcs after them. i dunno which elo you are but the game is mostly balanced around pro play and higher elos, the recent garen and yorick nerfs being rare changes for low elo.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: i didn't say anything about winrate, that seems to be 50% no matter what I play and how I perform because the events has potential to completely change the course of the game But no in 100 games I haven't seen what you describe unless that mage was fed from the start and his team maintained the lead for entire game. It is weird that our experiences differ so much, tanks for example I find completely useless in late as there is always at least one BOTRK/Gunblade abuser or fighter with conqueror. They are strong in midgame but thats it. I won almost every time enemy team had tanks in jungle and I played attack speed Teemo.
More than a million games are played daily, you think a 100 games are a good sample size? also mages winrate are higher than assassins -> they are better in the mode
person (EUW)
: >you need to show the best possible performance Again, im THIRTY TO THREE. the enemy literally said I need to get a life. how much greater of an performance could one give?
Better farm, less deaths (didnt check it but more wards).
: Zeds passive needs a nerf he can last hit under turret so easily its hard for a zed to miss a minion. and the thing that needs to be nerfed about yasuo is his passive shield it comes up way to fast. and ahri doesnt need nerfs i think she is balenced
Uhm he is ad anyway so after his first back his passive doesnt matter, and his passive needs a nerf because he can farm well with it ? LUL yasuo passive shield is there due to his lower base hp and inabilizy to get to opponents without minions or knockups
: yi is broken af as well
Nah, he is strong if fed but is still a squishy melee, tho in low elo people fail to stop him thats why he might seem broken for you
: you know the snowball is not exactly a skillshot to sidestep? unless the nunu releases it first he can adjust its direction until it hits you trying to sidestep doesnt work for me enemy nunu will do the same and still %%%%ing nuke me again i've seen people actually sidestep my snowballs and it left me in very awkward situation because it was a guaranteed kill if it has hit them and has put me in danger sadly i cant pull that off myself
Yeah and thats the thing, illaoi was said to be broken to, but only because people in lower elos didnt try dodging her tentacles and q. I needed to flash nunu w once yet because it was early in the game and he came straight out of a bush. later on only melee w‘s hit me or some where i am already chain cced so nothing from nunu. its more about expecting nunu to do it and positioning properly if you cant stop or evade him with spells
: the only counterplay is when the nunu %%%%s up and misses his snowball he'll be then in enemy range but rarely you'll see people take advantage of that he's also hard to kill unless hard focused because of his q..
You know sidestepping it isnt that hard? and if you play someone who neither has cc nor mobility then maybe you should position better.
: Do you think it's a coincidence he's been the highest winrate champion, or atleast top 3 with pretty much 55% winrate since release? Yeah. And I was speaking specifically about Talon. Not other assassins, who he can just build Roa and Rylais and be unkillable to, while shutting down the opposite assassins roam with his own.
Look at his pickrate, the people who main him win on him due to 2 reasons, they main him and nobody knows how to play against hin
Breakhz (EUNE)
: ..... Youre a silver player.Sorry...In low elo even zed is op af.If you succed to get higher youll understand.Ahri is strong.
She isnt, she is in a middle spot Meanwhile lb is in a good spot (hence her being played regularly in pro play aswell)
Èclair (EUNE)
: That's only because he was overtuned and required massive nerfs to return to more balanced state.
Funny how you seem to find a different answer each time it was because of the meta that he was a tier 1 pick, he roamed to get kills and in a 2v2 with the enemys supp cc spell on cd he could net at least 1-2 summs malz support is easily playable right now but its not a pick for proplay
Kalvix (EUW)
: like... how though, against a GP now.. and he's just poking me non stop to the point of FB in 2 minutes with the only option being to leave lane, do I just not farm at all against him either?
I feel like you need to learn the game a bit more Neither illaoi nor gp insta win you the lane, it just seems like the enemy plays it better than you. some lanes you need to farm undertower and then join up with your team, some games you can push and then help but not win lane by fighting.
: He can't, cause his normal attacks are too weak and he has a too slow attackspeed
How are his aa too weak? mages do huge dmg to turrets right now and his passive plus lichbane deal insane amounts especially with a possible mountaidrake
: That's right and a good argument. In my Video I just tried to find a champion which can destroy a turret very fast without beside the practical use of the build/runes. I like the idea with the buget and if there is and oppotunity I'll try to include that in my next video. Also I didn't forgot about Ziggs he took about 8.3 sec :)
The thing is ziggs in end game can pracally 1 shot towers with aa w so its just up to his timing then. Infinite scaling like veig nasus aside he should be the fastest
: Which sorcery rune do you mean? and which Nidalee e buff?
Nidalee gives attack speed , thats what he means i think
QancerClown (EUNE)
: This is a GAME. Wtf are you even talking about. The only reason to play a game is to have fun. You are all lost in competitive aspect of this game, while there is something else to do. You can have fun. People that tryhard on normals make me sick. There is literally no logic behind that.
So your fun goes over everyone elses fun? If you want to feed and do random shit then maybe go play with 4 premades who agree. As you said, its a game made to be fun, but you flaming and doing random stuff(i do that too BUT WITH FRIENDS) makes it no fun for your team
Hansiman (EUW)
: It's honestly been a while since I even felt the need to report someone for their behaviour. The past games in my match history have been enjoyable when it comes to the people I encountered.
Same herr, i know that there are toxic people, thats a given in such a big game. But some people(especially people who dont play it) say it like they only have flamers and nothing else Also Hansiman keep up the good work {{item:2009}}
: lol it would be more than enough, 3 occurences is sufficient to notice a recurrence
So if you roll a dice 6 times and get a 6 3 times you think you will get one half the time even in 100000000 tries?
: I have to correct you on that my talon does not take a puny 50% hp he takes a 90% and 1 level earlier they call for nurfs but i wont happen xDDD
Well only w q does 50% W q with an aditional aa does 90% due to bleed and etc tho it isnt op its just his early power
: Riot needs to fire the people who balence this Game
Karma is easily playable right now So is galio and gnar aswell ivern is just cheesy but he is also playable well kalista sucks right now but she is either horrid or op Azir is the same as kalista but even when bad in soloq he can still be a monster for highelo and competetive mundos ult is really bad right now with grievious wound being basixally free, tho it hink 40/60/80 at first would be a better test first. Garen is freaking useless outside of lower elos LOL Also if you buff tank items then the strong tanks and bruisers get insanely strong while weak ones stay basically the same
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