: Morgor the true vastaya
Paragraphs. Then you'll get someone to read this.
Solash (EUW)
: When you find a real cutie online
Ightonald (EUW)
: Yeah, its true, sucks cause i got mates who play it, I still think that the behavior is not permban worthy. I think that the admins dont actually read the chat or watch the game, they just ban I will just buy another account for £5 and not invest a penny further in to it. My first account i spend about $400, that got permabanned, i learned a lesson from that point.. Accounts can get banned at any time, so dont put money in to it.
Already did. Spent around 200 something euros on League and it's at it shittiest state right now. Haven't opened it in weeks.
Chyn94 (EUW)
: Season 9 i want gold regen runes back for Supports
Ightonald (EUW)
: permabanned account for retaliating on trolls
You flamed just as hard lmao. Just quit league anyways, not like there aren't any better games right now.
: Terms and conditions window size issue
AGmafa (EUW)
: I cant play league bc my cam is moving %%%%%%ed
Have you tried changing your camera settings? Like, unlock the camera, change it to semi-locked, etc?
: [8.20] Taliyah
Don't play Taliyah then.
: Stolen acc
They might have deleted the ticket since they have your login info, create another account, create a ticket and explain the situation. Give them skins you bought long ago, along with champions. Tell them how many rune pages you bought and if you didn't tell them that, for example.
: Ezreal's disgusting new voice
He does elevate himself lmao
Osenator (EUW)
: always get my secondary role
autofill grants you protection for the next 2 games (no autofill). if you always got your secondary consider swapping to another secondary.
: 40 points lost from 1 loss
I just check your winrate, and I can definitely say this: MAD CUZ BAD HEHE XD
: what makes you tilt the most?
The fact that Riot doesn't know what they're doing with the meta right now.
: I tend to see the other way around. So I tend to see a lane not doing well and therefore the enemy jungler will camp it for lots and lots of kills and by the time our jungler has finally woken up, then that lane is properly history. But yeh, proper frustrating no doubt.
I mean, it's a bit of a waste of time to gank a lane if you're just going to lose again, or if the enemy jungler will just be counter-ganking constantly. That time would be better spent helping even or ahead lanes shove waves, get kills and take objectives, while making the laner that's behind play as safe as he can. And even if he kept dying, he would eventually be worth less gold.
calypsowa (EUW)
: just how do you do it
Either: a) Stop playing the game since you've reached your skill cap and got nothing else to do besides playing for fun. or b) Learn every single champion, mechanic, ward spot, you name it you can and try to rank up again.
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DDEK123,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=RmetqMX1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-04T18:51:08.718+0000) > > How about the shield is a oven door or a grill? I think meat shield is better. It gives a pun to it.
Yeah, but his E could become the meant shield, like the oven door would open up and a large piece of meat would pop out, releasing some fumes that would act as the "ice" that he has in the original skin. Just saying, like the concept tho.
: > i had the top 10% honor badge for the last 8 years lol ? Honor exists for like 3 years now?! > and the guy said that in his opinion i wasnt toxic at all If that is true, he would have unbanned you. Reform card or didn't happen.
I think he meant counting the old honor system.
: Ah you mean the worlds pass and the other stuff? Its not forced on us and its non random like in the ones mentioned Also you get free stuff by playing and watching just not as much as when you pay I am playing since season 2 it isnt the most fun ever but thats also because i played for so long, imo end of season 5 before worlds was the coolest but right now is good too. stability is boring thats the reason lol and other mobas patch xD it would stagnate and then actually die Fortnite really doesnt express that well(as you realised( especially since it only has like 20 things to really balance, league alone has millions of combinations The thing they tried this season backfired and they realised it(the 2-3 week big patches instead of a mid season one
Yeah I've been playing for a while now aswell and I'd prefer a bit more stability when it comes to League. Then the elemental dragons came (not this season, but still) and so did the shitty botlane meta. No time to adapt due to the "2-3 week big patches" and it just drove me away. Jhin ended up being the only good champion I used to play that was actually decently good, but he has little to no cc and he gets dived way too easily. I'd rather prefer they'd take it a bit slower so players would have some more time to adapt to the meta before they would make changes. And also, the worlds pass seems like overly agressive monetization to me, and so do the 5 (exaggeration) different type of orbs. It doesn't really make sense in a larger scale for Riot to do that besides just getting some extra money (after skin sales), and getting people to grind the game. Just doesn't "click" with me, y'know?
Rasta (EUNE)
: Master Chef Braum (Skin concept)
How about the shield is a oven door or a grill?
: client bugs are shit yes, but the actual game is mostly not as buggy as other „super“ big games crashes? Neither me nor any of my friends had any, the only actual annoying Overly aggressive micro transactions? For cosmetics? This isnt ea nor overwatch lol YOU CANT FIND ANY ... This meta right now is likely one of the most fun ones since seasons
There are so many overly agressive micro-transactions. Just look at the worlds event. No one that isn't an youtuber can afford all that bullshit. It's uneeded and it makes no sense. And if you find this meta "fun", then you're probably either new to the game or just went off most other seasons, since most players would rather have stability in a competitive MOBA and not what we got right now. (At least the enemy team is GUARRANTEED to have a diver or bruiser) It's not fun to adapt to a new patch just to get hit by a new one 2 weeks afterwards, that massively changes the way the game works. Fortnite handle patches well, changing major stuff BETWEEN seasons, not in the middle of it. But Fortnite is a BR so I guess it doesn't express my idea well.
: > [{quoted}](name=DDEK123,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QTs5ZfmA,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-03T21:42:08.063+0000) > > Hey, CertainlyT made her, so there's not much that can be done to save her. every time certainlyt makes a champ people should just be looking at it and be thinking, why is this here? and dont try to balance around it. just remove it. So remove Akali Q heal zoe W Damage and speed boost. and all kind of those things
> [{quoted}](name=Teemo Hit R,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QTs5ZfmA,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-03T21:48:17.826+0000) > > So remove Akali Q heal *zoe W Damage and speed boost.* As a lvl 7 Zoe player, I couldn't agree more.
Hansiman (EUW)
: I started playing almost 6 years ago, and every season since that time has been the "last season" according to certain players, and called out that the game was dying. It would appear, that it's a very very slow death at least.
It's just me then experiencing the client bugs, the crashes, and the overly agressive micro-transactions that have been going on. oH. nEveRMinD tHEn. But, being serious, League has reached his downfall and I just can't seem to find any enjoyment playing it anymore. That's why I've pretty much quit. The meta seems like a shitshow and I'm suprised there's even going to be a Worlds (Not really, again, "overly agressive micro-transactions" but) since Riot is just being pressured by Tencent to keep making money or w/e.
: > [{quoted}](name=DDEK123,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QTs5ZfmA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-03T21:30:53.006+0000) > > Azir was a bit of a cancer champ. Similar to Zoe, he was too good and he needed to be put into the ground. zoe is just a dumb design
Hey, CertainlyT made her, so there's not much that can be done to save her.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Because of the above mentioned reason. Before autofill was introduced, queue timers were a big issue. Higher elo players were sitting in queues well over 60 minutes in between games, and even on the lower end of the ladder people were having 10+ minutes of queue. Autofill pretty much removed this problem, at the cost of having to play one game every now and then in a position you didn't sign up for.
I'm silver 4 and with or without autofill I only saw around a 30 second difference, and trust me, I'd rather wait 30 seconds that have to play support. Just enable it for higher ranks.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Count yourself lucky, because your violation should have been escalated to a 14 day ban. There's 0 tolerance for racism.
My friends constantly type the (slur version mind you) N-word to our teammates and enemies and they haven't gotten a single ban yet. EXTREMELY LUCKY IM GUESSING THEN
Hansiman (EUW)
: They tried out something like this on the OCE region a while back, but it just brought back the same issue we had before autofill was introduced. Queue timers increased since people kept opting out of support.
Still don't get why autofill forces you to play a role you don't want but sure.
: Why does azir get nerfed so much?
Azir was a bit of a cancer champ. Similar to Zoe, he was too good and he needed to be put into the ground.
S0ulM4te (EUNE)
: is riot banning players for chatting?
Just quit League, shits about to die anyways, so many performance and client issues it just doesn't make a sliver of sense to even consider to keep giving Riot our time and money after they've goofed this badly after quite some time doing it. Edit: Why even bother downvoting? I'm stating facts here. It might not be "dying" but it is def. declining. Plus this meta and all the perfomance issues and client bugs don't help that.
: If you're getting banned so often over petty matters like this, personally I'd be wondering why I'm playing the game at all ;)
Got called a white smelly %%%% the other day and the guy's still playing. He's got a point.
: Seriously it all depends on what he can get in the area. My pc is worth about 250-300$ max and is quite old i must say but i play LoL, Fortnite, CSGO, GTAV on Medium-High settings 1080p with at least 60-150fps constant, without stutters. Biostar T5XE - SLI (motherboard) i5-760 oc'ed at 3.8Ghz GT 1030 oc'ed at 1491Mhz and 1687Mhz 8gb Ddr 1600Mhz 500gb HDD Western Digital Windows 7 ultimate - 64 bit
: Declining and dyeing are different.
Pretty much same meaning.
: Don't know how others feel about this, here's my approach. Odyssey for example, was just not for me. I failed to have fun there. So I just ignored the missions, got like 2 keys or something and that was it for me. You play a game, for ONE reason, to spend some quality "you-time", while having fun. If that becomes a chore, as you described, you shouldn't do it. Play something else instead, your reward will be the time that you spent doing it. You'll eventually get the chests while playing SR/ARAM. You'll get the keys for the chests by playing as well. Emotes ? - meh, I'm not a fan, don't know about you. Skins ? - well, who cares, go have fun.
a) I couldn't play odyssey since it was so broken at first that I just gave up on it. b) I'm playing the big game now, Fortnite, that at least has a reputable and careful developer that doesn't break it every patch. c) I can't have fun playing league since it seems that: Every champion I play gets nerfed, the ones that are good get banned, and all of my champions' counters are meta picks at the moment. This combined with the fact that I can't get decent human being for teammates and always end up getting flamed when I die just makes me want to disconnect and go play something else. I lost lane the other day and I just quit the game, since my team would refuse to surrender the game which was obv. lost. (might not have been but I couldn't have cared less) and I wasted plenty my time already, so yeah. This is why I'm quitting League, probably until the meta gets fixed, but 'till then, I'm playing Fortnite.
: LMAO, This is a joke.
League has been dying ever since the meta shifted to divers and brusiers. Then Akali was added, and now they got a "Mission pass", and you get rewarded for viewing the stream. Just get into Fortnite, I thought the game was shite at first but it's a pretty good game to transition from league.
l3aml3oo (EUW)
: Pirate Captain Kled
> [{quoted}](name=l3aml3oo,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=yAJBt7l1,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-29T13:03:53.755+0000) > > (The parrot thing is also a chance for a chroma too) I'd like it if good skins weren't designed around chromas, just the fact that chromas even exist is a scam. These last ones at least show some effort, but look at the older ones. Idk why anyone thought that was a good idea back then.
: and yet i cant do both... but i can play games i guess xD
Aslong as you got time and determination you can learn/do anything xd
: i mean, the only one that isn't a mess (i think) it's warwick but just because he is literally a slightly improved version of what he was before. All of his reworks are a disaster in terms of balance (only one i can't speak about is caitlyn because i never actually played her) but graves is either a god or a dumpsterfire, depending on the patch; Mordekaiser is just dead in a corner; akali has abilities that shouldn't even be SUGGESTED while zoe and yasuo...yeah let's not talk about zoe and yasuo...
> [{quoted}](name=MirirPaladin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zEV3jI6g,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2018-09-27T22:55:34.637+0000) > > i mean, the only one that isn't a mess (i think) it's warwick but just because he is literally a slightly improved version of what he was before. Agreed. > All of his reworks are a disaster in terms of balance (only one i can't speak about is caitlyn because i never actually played her) She's pretty balanced tbh. He just can't design assasin or burst champions without making a overtuned kit. > but graves is either a god or a dumpsterfire, depending on the patch; Mordekaiser is just dead in a corner; akali has abilities that shouldn't even be SUGGESTED while zoe and yasuo... Yeah you pretty much got all my points here... >yeah let's not talk about zoe and yasuo... Kinda did already.
: If i had 1/4 of your skill to drawing i would make so many waifus for myself... looks dope!
Drawing is as much of a learnable skill as playing guitar, just invest some time into it.
Cupia (EUW)
: Elderwood Zoe
Looks very good! Although there's no need for Zoe skins since she's prob getting deleted next patch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Smerk (EUW)
: you can get one for free, but you'll need to do every single mission
Yeah, that's why I said "that it's pretty much required you buy the pass". I have to wake up at 6 am and I'll get home anywhere from 2 pm to 6pm to 8pm, which means I won't be able to get most of the rewards.
Smerk (EUW)
: yes, it's a grind festival
Pretty shit that it's pretty much required you buy the pass to get the golden chromas.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I think the question should be: "Why CertainlyT is still allowed to design anything?"
The champions he makes are usually broken on release and will never be able to have true balance. Zoe, for example. One of my favorite champions, (used to be) my favorite midlaner. Now she's next to unplayable since THEY NERFED EVERYTHING BUT HER W. Her W, the ability that made her broken, was the only thing that they barely touched on her kit. Instead of giving it a 5-something second cooldown they just nerfed her damage way down, and all this while her E remains buggy and clunky, having a 1 second cast time where she's unable to move, but giving her W movespeed on cast and a ahri-W aspect. She just doesn't work with that W in mind and they should've put something else there. So yeah, "Why CertainlyT is still allowed to design anything?" is a fair question given what he has done to make this game as shit as it is right now.
: Only for those who actually rank bronze V
I'd say "Time to derank then" but Yasuo sucks ass anyways so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
: Being permabanned should be seen as a gift from Riot
What if I wanna kill myself and games are the only escape from reality? Am I supposed to just end it all?
Delícious (EUNE)
: Blue Essence system
Having to spend time to unlock champions shouldn't even be a thing, why can't I play what I want without having to save for it first? At least make it give you more BE per level so I'm not wasting my time/BE playing to get champions I might not even like that much.
Glaiver (EUNE)
: Ivern - The Forgotten Tree
His passive costs way too much hp/mana early on and he can't smite/agroo camps that are behind attacked by enemies, maybe make it so his passive costs less mana and hp and make it so he can (at least) smite camps being agroo'ed by enemies.
: Please Riot add a mature chat channel
If you wanna say it so much, say it. Your account would still be on the line since, calling someone, for example, a "nibber" on that chat could still result in a ban if they were offended by it. So, no point.
: > [{quoted}](name=DDEK123,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=radIzIP4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-15T01:53:34.654+0000) > > Who can blame them? Not like you read item descriptions in order to know what every single item does from the back of your head in order to be able to win more? Right? > > Oh wait... Not every item... But I do know all 3 supp items. I've read item descriptions of most items in the game at some point, but I don't remember all / most of them. My poit is, the longer you play, the more you will eventually remember, so accs with lv > 100 should be expected to know the most basic items. Surely its not the first time the ADC sees a supp with a relic shield? So if this is the nth time already, they should be expected to more-or-less know how this item works? Or do they flame every time they happen to have a supp with relic bc they dont know how does relic work?
: How possible so many people don't know how relic shield works?
Who can blame them? Not like you read item descriptions in order to know what every single item does from the back of your head in order to be able to win more? Right? Oh wait...
Acidulous (EUW)
: "probably" As I said, there's no harm in submitting a ticket though. I've had a few issues before and their ways of handling them sometimes surprise me.
They won't. Litterally it's on their rulebook.
Febos (EUW)
: I don't know if you've noticed, but you missed one monster. http://jacob.efinke.com/ralphwiggum.jpg
That's exactly what he's trying to say xd
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