: I've had bad experiences with amd processors in the past, ever since I learned how to build a Pc I always went for intel and nvidia hardware. My build is half as good as yours, specs wise, I can run any game out there at almost max details settings. In league I've always had 150-400 fps with an i3 7100 and gtx 750 ti. As for loading speed it depends if you have a hdd or ssd.
AMD processors aren't made for gaming (regarding the older ones), they were "built" for rendering video and images, effectively not "built" for gaming. Newer processors are better at gaming, but not as good as Intel processors, acting sort of like a budget version of Intel. You should always stick with Intel if you can, or a very recent AMD processor, since the older AMD processors aren't suited for hardcore gaming.
Xceedz (EUNE)
: I got a particularly bad stutter that lasted 5 seconds about 3 mins into the game. Small ones also happen regularly when buying items, dying or taking objectives. The FPS is uncapped, else there wouldn't be a point in showing it, right?
I only get stutters when buying items, but it's only a 0.1 second drop and it has happened on all of my PCs, effectively not doing anything. Sometimes I don't even notice it, I just see the fps cap go down to 60 or smth, and I have a "decent" computer (runs GTA V at 60 fps on low, 30 on medium, probably don't have more fps since I have a 1 GB VRAM)
sexbog34 (EUNE)
: Do you think that my PERMAMENT ban was deserved?
It's Riot, they don't give a %%%% about context, "If you flame back you're also getting banned", so you'll sit there, either looking at a guy telling your mom to get cancer, or just knowing that he's doing the same thing just without you seeing it. I'd tell Riot to manually check reports, but due to the scale of this game's playerbase, and the amount of money they're making without checking them manually, there's no reason for them to even CONSIDER wasting money on such a thing.
: It makes sense i just explained it
"I feel like a jew living in 1939" doesn't explain it. And that's when WW2 started, effectively saying you feel "pursued" by Nazi police. It makes no sense why you would make a name like this and then expect it to not get reported, not the name itself.
: Small suggestion: automatically assign summoner spells for current role
Not like anyone doesn't use flash anymore (end me). No reason not to add this, it's just a "Oh I forgot smite" preventer.
: my name got reported and im forced to change it, i dont see why
Still that name makes no sense, and it can offend someone. For all I care, any name can offend anyone. We live in one sensitive era I tell you.
: I didn't even read this (Cba), but I feel the same way about league and I want to stop playing it. The current state of the game doesn't feel fun, and even if we have different reasons as to why we want to stop playing, the game is under a pretty shitty state right now (both gameplay and software wise (all the loading screen bugs that have been happening recently, and clash)) which doesn't make me feel "at home" when I'm playing. The game doesn't feel the same. At least that's why I want to stop playing it.
I just read your "TL:DR" and we pretty much agree in everything.
Ryuukaze (EUW)
: Either taking a break or leaving for good.
I didn't even read this (Cba), but I feel the same way about league and I want to stop playing it. The current state of the game doesn't feel fun, and even if we have different reasons as to why we want to stop playing, the game is under a pretty shitty state right now (both gameplay and software wise (all the loading screen bugs that have been happening recently, and clash)) which doesn't make me feel "at home" when I'm playing. The game doesn't feel the same. At least that's why I want to stop playing it.
Kalvix (EUW)
: You realise I was joking in line with the Op wanting Akali to have it all? And while on the subject if you read the patch notes you'll notice a tiny buff to Hecarim (with a bigger nerf to him because of the celerity nerf) with notes saying that he's a bit crap so they want to slowly buff him to be useful. Yes his charge can be powerful when you get trinity or if you go assassin pony, but I'd happily have a damage nerf to make it last 8s instead, it would also be kinda nice if it no longer counted as a basic attack when it hit as while it's nice for getting a big burst on a tower it's a pain that anything that blocks basic attacks or reduces their damage also works against his charge, means you basically can't gank jax as the second he starts spinning you're left waiting for it to end before you can charge him or it wont work... and due to the build up you need to start charging before you reach him so you wont have time. But enough ranting about how under-powered and god awful Hecarim is... the point is it was a joke.
: New TPA Nunu splash art.
He HAS 4 arms. Just look closely below the left arm.
Kalvix (EUW)
: It would be great is Veigar could be made more of a tank as well, I mean he has high burst and some nice CC, but he die so quickly! how is he meant to take objectives if riot don't let him tank the baron or turret hits? it's a joke making him unplayable.
Are you actually kidding me? He %%%%ing 1 shots turrets! Just because you're hardstuck with him doesn't mean he's "unplayable". I'm an ADC main and I'm not %%%%%ing that ADCs need more tankiness to be able to tower dive the oppenent and survive assasins. You're litterally tunnel-visioning, no one in the game right now can towerdive and still deal burst damage, if veigar was supposed to be able to towerdive and still deal burst damage, you wouldn't see a game where he wasn't banned or picked. EDIT 1: Just went on OP.GG and realized you are a Hecarim otp, no wonder you feel like one-shotting people underturret is balanced.
7azemv7 (EUNE)
: i and any other human being have the right to disrespect any other human being is it that hard ??! but that doesn't mean to cross your limits i have the right to disrespect you seeing that you are as much stupid as much as the support guy but i do not have the right to say that get it why would i respect you if i see you are a disrespectful person but even while i dont respect you that won't ever give me the right to be racist or telling you bad things etc it's 2018 omg
Kubajz (EUW)
: First: https://i.imgur.com/hp2oC01.png https://i.imgur.com/5xoBT19.png Second: You say he is your friend, yet you dont know anything about him ? He is just in your friendlist in League, nowhere else ? What a friend indeed. He is probably okay, just living his life ...
Prob just quit playing League like I did {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
7azemv7 (EUNE)
: i don't know that much about law stuff but i think they still can do and i have the right to disrespect them for years of experience
No. You don't have the right to disrespect ANYONE. Just that line right there shows how much of a idiot you really are. They didn't do anything to you that they wouldn't do to someone else (since it's *litterally* what they have to do if they want to keep their jobs) so why do you have the right to disrespect them?
: Switch reports with...
1st) Wouldn't work. 2nd) VERY abusable. 3rd) Why even bother adding all of this since no-one besides butt-hurt people would use it (like today's report system)? You need to think about these things before you post them dude.
7azemv7 (EUNE)
: riot games inc. support employees are just as bad as you can not imagine
They can't do anything regarding that since it isn't in their terms of service. You're not supposed to get an e-mail asking if you're okay so they can't send it. You need to realize that even though they CAN doesn't mean they SHOULD. Sometimes breaking the terms of service can lead to major problems on Riot's side, so it's better off this way. Also, the only team at Riot that I compreend someone would disrespect would be the balance team. Riot's player support is of the best out there, only after Blizzard, with quick responses and actual REAL people anwsering. Besides that, I hope your friend turns out to be okay.
ParaRasen (EUW)
: HOLY SH. i just tried the administration thingy and my fps already jumped from 30 to 70 (I was too sceptic about that lmao) Now I also tried the 5th step and fps is nearly 130 now, I can finally %%%king play again this game! THANK YOU! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
How about Riot gets their shit togheter and starts hiring actually useful Rioters so they'll respond to the community regarding fps drops? Lucifer, you get a thumbs up dude. What you did here was amazing.
: so fires one bullet gets rid of every slow and gets 123102312 movement speed balanced kiting
Just don't play Tryndamere then if you think that kiting is broken. It's just a game mechanic like attacking and going back to base.
kriegnes (EUW)
: deaths dance
Kinda like Hextech gunblade, but for AD's. Just don't build it in any ADC besides Draven and maybe Kai'sa or Sivir.
PavlosBoss (EUNE)
: Account ban appeal
I like how Riot disabled downvotes on a guy saying "I'm gay give me free shit" but enabled them on a guy opening his heart out and saying sorry for what he has done. I seriously believe that in a couple of years there'll be no way humans will be able to reproduce since everyone will just be gay for a "You're homophobic" card.
TiriasAce (EUW)
: Returned and played a few games
Just get good. https://prntscr.com/kg01xp Just litterally do your own game and you'll carry most of the time.
: gmail recov
How about you actually submit a ticket and not a forum post. Would help a lot y'know?
: ROFL i guess you really are not smart what else do u think why would i post this? i W him and E on him but as soon as he auto attacks me he gets rid of my slow like he has cleanse and gets 123103212103102 movement speed omfg u bronze 100%
Actually he's plat and you're %%%%%%ed. Ever heard of kiting? Pretty much the ONLY thing that makes ADCs viable? And the reason Kalista can't be played?
: what can i do? iam in egypt where internet is slow and expensive and i play in 90 ping so it's not really bad and if you have 10Mbps you must be able yo play even in lower ping you must have users in your network that uses much of the bandwish
1st) 90 ping is bad. 2nd) I can play in lower ping but due to my distance to the actual server I get more ping then I should have.
: LeagueClientUx.exe And A Clone Of LeagueClient.exe Consuming Bandwish While Updating
How the %%%% do you even play with a 2 Mbs internet? I have 10 Mbs and I have 60 ping? Also, that is the client downloading. It's just broken into different parts cuz they're doing different tasks.
Clóud (EUNE)
: League changed me as a person
League changed me into a cynical hypocritical asshole. GUESS WE HAVE DIFFERENT STORIES THEN
Relax Nix (EUNE)
: same problem i went from 300 fps to 40/70 for some reason on new pc anyone got a fix or something?
Send a ticket to Riot Support, and they'll talk you through.
Deus198 (EUNE)
: When i say a "good pc" i mean that i have played league without any problems. 50-60 fps (personaly for me) is enough, it's satisfactory.
Yeah, that's enough for me aswell, I seriously don't care if I get over 60 fps since it doesn't really change anything besides making it look slightly smoother. The only reason I have a medium-to-high-end PC is so I don't get affected by big changes in games, and to be able to play more hard to run games in the future without having to buy a new PC. This PC I'm currently playing on is going to last for atleast 5 years before I have to 1) Upgrade it (Which I will in the meantime) or 2) Change PC completely. It was still a good investement. Also, regarding the performance issues, you should send a ticket to Riot Support. I forgot to mention that.
: wow man you are hard
I'm just stating facts.
Deus198 (EUNE)
: I have lag since the new patch 8.14
Exactly what 3st said, 50-60 fps isn't a good pc. Not even decent. A good pc should have at least 100-120 fps early on and 60-80 fps later on. Also I haven't been affected at all when it comes to fps drops with the new update, I'd reccommend trying to reinstall or to just get a better computer if you can. If you can't, you're gonna have to accept that you won't be able to play League anymore.
: I'm not a flamer... I've gotten 1 chat warning restriction thing and that's when I started /mute all in every game. It's that simple. People are just not mature enough to mute the flamers.
Flaming is the worst thing in league, along with hackers and trolls. If don't get that, you probably haven't been exposed to much of them, or are one yourself. And muting *sometimes* isn't an option, since you'll cut off communication with a teammate, which will either lead him to troll, or to just give up on the game.
: "by this logic"- wait, what? There was actual logic behind that example? Just wait for him to be punished, the report system is big, it can't handle all of that pressure. If you want, you can send a ticket, maybe that'll help. And let me ask you this, don't you think that getting some currency through a scam, cheating the system, is something that's not morale, even iillegal?
LMAO. GETTING CURRENCY THROUGH SOMETHING IMPLEMENTED IN A MISSION. THAT FORCES ME TO PLAY WITH LOWER LEVELED PLAYERS. IS A SCAM. Honestely, why are you so offended with this? It's not like Im robbing a %%%%ing bank and admitting to the crime.
: How does someone learn?
Watch streamers and learn how to take objectives. That's it. Also, playing the game alot helps with your mechanics, but not as much when it comes to map awareness. Just watch some streams or look for some pro player advice and you should be good. Faker's advice for *getting gud* is looking at the map every 5 seconds. Might take a while to get used to but once you do it you'll be unstoppable.
: > Riot litterally asked for it. "MOM HE WAS PISSING ME SO I HIT HIM OFF HE ASKED FOR IT BOO HOOO"- That's the level of you just wrote. Nice. And not bannable, but rather reportable, since you cheated the system, and now they also have proof of it. So yeah, rather then keeping your mouth shut and do like most people would do, you actually bragged about it. Congrats.
Like Riot cares, got a smurf on my ranked game last day, when he was trying to throw on purpose, went AP Trynd, litterally *confessed* he was trolling, and he hasn't got banned to this day. So, by this logic, why would Riot care if I went and got a friend to hop into my account so both me and him could get 200 BE and an icon? We're not causing any harm to anyone, neither are we doing anything that is stated as illicit in the rules.
: ...You do realize that writing this in a public forum, a proof of account sharing, is a really bad idea, right?
Riot litterally asked for it. And it's not account sharing, he's just logging into my account to do the mission and then leaving. If you count that as account sharing, when it's one bot game, which won't even hurt anyone, yeah, seems bannable.
jeronimo88 (EUNE)
: Do not fall for this... Take a stand!
Im just gonna make my friend log into my smurf account so he can play there for me, then I'll do the same so he gets the reward aswell. Doesn't take a %%%%ing genius to realize this can be abused for 200 BE and a shitty icon, which is barely even worth it.
I haven't seen this once and I'm silver 5? Am I doing something wrong?
Hajrulla (EUW)
: its not the pc
You can never be too sure, trust me.
ßesta (EUW)
: Fps drops - can't get more then 60fps
Reinstall league again, use the hextech repair tool, if still happening check your hardware, and if still happening you might wanna switch computer.
: i was picking pantheon but i don't think it's a solid choice on this meta. i've seen kayle has a good win rate in every role but i can't do much before the 2nd item. i really don't know what to pick cause i'm like "hey i'm ok with this champ in aram, but can i handle the lane phase with it? is it good top or is it actually a jungler??" and stuff like that. edit: i don't like to queue with my friends cause i end up getting carried, i queue alone to be matched with people of my same level of noobness
Honestely, just go for trial and error. Toplaners I reccommend are Illaoi, Jax and Irelia. Illaoi has a good laning phase, and good teamfighting. Easy to learn hard to master. Jax has good laning and dueling, decent teamfighting if the match is stale. Otherwise, hard carry. Easy to learn and to master. Irelia has a pretty bad laning phase and overall early game, but amazing teamfighting and overall mid and late game. Hard to learn easy to Master. Gave you my personal top 3 of best champions with scaling dificulties, Jax being the easiest, followed by Irelia, followed by Illaoi. (Stalemate between Irelia and Illaoi but since i got a penta with the new irelia in the first 4 games, and only got a penta with illaoi on my ~23rd im sticking with illaoi). The only champion I've mained out of these was Illaoi and she is a blast to play. Currently my 4th most played champion and one of my favorite toplaners along with Singed (also a good pick, but quite cheesy, I have a smurf account where i only play singed so you can figure), if i had to say you should stick with Illaoi, if you do like her playstyle (dominant but risky laning phase with rewarding but short late game) then go ahead. Feel free to add me if you need help with anything else.
: I don't feel like calling a role or picking a champ, playing aram means I don't main anyone and my "feel" of the champion is distorted. I'm filling in but I'm avoiding jungler since I've never really tried, I refrain from bot since having a good synergy is rare. If I were to pick, I'd go top or mid but like said before I don't feel like calling a lane. I used to watch LCS but kinda got bored when the games started to be more static with less action. I guess that's something I could do, but we're talking high elo picks and playstyle, I don't think what I'd see there would apply to what I'd go through in a normal game.
First of all, toplane is a pretty easy to learn role, with a lot of champion variety, so I reccommend going top and keeping a wide champion pool. Second of all, just play with friends and fill there, or have someone go jungle and bot for you.
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Red Death Mark,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=wUFjKgzR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-13T20:49:50.728+0000) > > That is exactly why you need to play him alot,i had 287k on my main which got banned year ago and i made bunch of new accounts,im now on this one i can say for sure i have more than 600k zed calculated from all accounts i dont even remember names.I remember when i first started to play him,even when i had 150k mastery points i still forgot which shadow is my ulti and which W,u will just learn by the time,all u have to do is play him alot,watch LL Stylish,i learned by watching him and other Zed players. so why you are against this ? ,is just to help you never do mistakes , like that is just to help you ,to make the thinghs easiest for you.
I like how you're litterally saying this when you just completely ignored my comment that debunks this exact reply.
: Exactly like that. Heres easy examples from mine past games today. 1) some game [redacted, having none of that name'n'shame] in 5 minutes rengo dies 3 times to quinn (lol and he picked after quinn, but ok) starts to spam graves with pings, graves says "i wont gank u ape" Rengar without word goes inting, but not too hard, so he wont get banned by auto feeder detection. Result - when he started to int, i just atl tab to watch youtube :) **MAIN POINT: Would been better if he flamed, but that rengar isnt complete idiot, he knows that he will get banned if he flames, so ruining game is only option for him to show hes frustration.** 2) literally next game lel [redacted, having none of that name'n'shame] After guy simply cant play, its obvious that hes not cappable of playing this game at gold/plat lvl, I simply ask him "Why do you que ranked?". He starts to int more and just engaging 1x3 etc :D. After game I see - "Report diana for toxic", I used chat once lol. **MAIN POINT: Would been better if he flamed instead of ruining game as it was only option for him to show hes frustration.**
I like how you posted the same picture twice and I'm not even sure if they end up relating to what's under them.
: Se fores MEO pede um router novo :)
Ya a MEO é literalmente a definição de merda, especialmente os routers antigos, tenho 10 mb/s de download speed enquanto que pessoas que vivem na america têm 200 mb/s
: Too much aram, need advices to play normals again.
1st: What role/champion do you enjoy the most? 2nd: Read the patch notes and watch videos/streams of pro players until you've understood what's going on.
: Because I'm stuck in nostalgia I guess. Not really, it's because it's impossible to try new champions due to broken matchmaking consistently putting me vs 3 tiers above me, which is a hopeless case. Couple that with the flaming I see whenever someone does bad...ye. no.
Irelia is pretty easy to play, and broken. I've not done bad with her and I'm an ADC main. Also I understand that you might not wanna let go of certain champions or roles, you can trust me, I seriously hate the meta right now.
: Which champions are truly the best in respective roles?
Against AP heavy teams, the champion with the best sustain (given it is at least a semi-poke comp) wins, so Mundo is the best against AP heavy teams. Against full AD teams (given it is a semi-aa dependent comp), Rammus is the best. Get what i'm saying?
What the %%%%?
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: Improvment to zed
If Zed becomes any easier then he is now, the whole "Who's better" system is f*cked. Zed mains don't need this, and new players should have to work as hard as Zed mains to get to where they are. And since Zed mains don't need this to play the champion properly, so shouldn't new players.
Lanboy (EUW)
: A button for disenchanting all champions.
Quoting Donald Trump, "Sounds good, doesn't work." Honestely, if you don't disenchant your champion shards as you get them, why even be bothered to disenchant them in the first place?
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