Infernape (EUW)
: Yes. Because whales make Riot's world go round /s It's unfortunate. League has become like Fortnite with its constant battle passes. But I guess we're in the minority that dislike it and don't bother throwing money at pass after pass just for a glorified Chroma. It's honestly sad how much events changed over the years. Going back, events like the old PROJECT events had everything. Hell, at one point Riot made an entire game mode dedicated to it that was never heard from again. Not to mention how much Riot has stealth nerfed the orbs you got from completing missions. Before, they used to guarantee you a skin of at least 975+, now they can give you whatever skin in the game (including 520 skins).
: Odyssey was the most expensive event Riot have ever run, and like burning tides it was never gonna make its money back... same with star guardian actually. They might not be massive, but those particular events cost way more than they actually gave
So then what? We sell an event pass that holds no event, and just ship it? Then maybe Riot should stop calling the glorified skin release an event. Wouldnt you agree?
: The reason we don't have anything like burning tides anymore is cause they just never made their money back on that one. Iirc the sentiment floating around at the time was that basically, despite eveything going well in the end, it had been too big an undertaking and they didn't want to repeat something on a scale as grand as that in the foreseeable future, since it had just been too costly, in terms of both money and manpower.
True, but Riot could still pull it off in a much smaller scale. SG and Odyssey level of scale, not too big, and definitely not too small that there's basically nothing (like previous events, with Mecha Kingdoms included).
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Morrhen (EUW)
: I find it quite baffling that if you own Volibear, you'll get an eldrich horror type of a skin for free.
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: Why sometime no grading after match?
Riot found out that they are losing money giving people free chests. I bet they will have to satrt firing employees.
: Press fill, not long to wait there and it's good fun with benefits of the experience elsewhere on the map. I love it. You Must try. Side note: just mute if you get flamed.{{champion:63}} {{champion:68}}
even queue times with fill is long
Marissa (EUW)
: ❄️❄️[Volu] Definitely not Snowdown - winner announcement!❄️❄️
Congrats to the winners! _cries in spanish_ _next time!_
Marissa (EUW)
: Happy new year to all you boardspeople! As the new year is starting that means the deadline has passed so commenting now will no longer be considered an entry! You’re still free to share or comment your thoughts though. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
any idea when the results will be? :p
: New year, new resolutions: Which champions will return to favour in 2020?
Riot killed almost every support in the game, if they kill bard, then whats the fcking point in playing support? I guess Riot wants ward slaves again... How fun! -.-
: Skin Idea
Looks awesome!
: Happy holidays! :3
Feliz Navidad buddy!
Marissa (EUW)
: [volu] Definitely not a haiku
(5) I bought some Riot Points (7) I won't buy any more Riot Points (5) Then bought more Riot Points This is my haiku Delde115 HaikuNoob
Marissa (EUW)
: UwU {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Marissa (EUW)
: [Volu] Definitely don't draw the skin you want! Festive Maokai.
Morrhen (EUW)
: Who knew that champions with a huge poke, consistent damage and a bit of CC can be alright in a lane where majority of the time are squishy champions who need babysitting in order to be useful. I'd argue that looking purely on abilities doesn't serve much purpose. I'd say overall performance is what's important, not what's in your kit. Yes, damage is for carries but that doesn't mean a support can't soften up their targets before your teammates kill them. Maybe even more useful than that one shield you pop off and call it a day. To be fair though, there are situations where that shield can save someone's life too. But hey, variety of situations is the reason why this game is still played. I really can't agree with mentality of playing something somewhere Riot tells you to. This champ is a midlaner? Alright, play only mid or else you're troll! This is a toplaner? You can't play him in jungle! Fun thing is that people always find a way to transform champions into something else. On the other side, I agree that supports NEED to have their distinct role, otherwise their role will get taken over.
Morrhen (EUW)
: There's likely few reasons. They were filled into a role they can't properly play. Thus, they pick a champion they CAN play. Technically speaking, you can ''support'' with every champion... but the results aren't going to be nice. Just because champion isn't classified as support, it doesn't mean it can't work out. Out of those you mentioned, Lux IS a support and CAN be built as utility focused supp. Vel'koz is actually also one of the best supports too. Simply because of his kit and massive amount of damage he offers to his team. Kinda like Brand. However how they perform is up to an individual.
Its kinda funny how Vel`koz is a great "support" because he deals damage rather than utility like reliable CC or shields, or heals or tankiness. Its almost like Vel'koz was designed to be in an offensive solo lane role located between toplane and botlane. Just like Brand, weird :p Real support players don't count Vel'koz as a support. We focus on abilities, not damage. Damage is for carries, not supports. And then Rito created Pyke an all out damage assassin, who gives gold to teammates by KSing thus being a real support, he also has aoe dash stun which is a great support ability :o ____ Im being picky like this on purpose btw. But I tend to agree with OP, supports should be the only ones in the support role, otherwise, why on earth do we have supports if tank toplaners and ap midlaners can do better? Its the same way when a support champion goes midlane or toplane (like Lulu). Why pick a real solo lane champion when a support can apparently do more damage than a solo laner and tank more than an actual tank.
Ehhhh (EUW)
Do people still get confused?! I thought Riot made it clear **2 years ago**. O_O
SwippyOG (EUW)
: I have 50 prestigie 2019 points now, my question is. Can I used those on True Damage Senna when she comes out or not?
You cant, Prestige Senna is a 2020 prestige chroma, and your prestige points only work for 2019.
: It would be awesome if tier 3 support items gave 1% extra cdr for every ward killed (capped at 10%)
Id bump it up to 15%, just so people can learn to sweep enemy vision for once xD
Gdynam (EUW)
: What are my chances?
If the account got permabanned as a result of being hacked, you will never get the account back. Getting an account hacked means that you did something to get it hacked. Downloading a 3rd party program (which Riot stated 3 years ago that that is no longer allowed) [You can technically use 3rd party programs BUT they operated in a gray area which can one day be approved by Riot and the next day go against Riot's Terms of Service]. Hacked accounts are never given back to the player because Riot doesn't kno who the real owner is. And that means: - The "owner" bought an account at lvl 30 - The hacker is pretending to be the owner - The owner gave their account to a rank boosting service, and the booster is now pretending to be the owner. - etc Riot cannot determine the origins of the account, who created it. _____ TL;DR you lost the acount forever. Riot will never give you the account, no matter the reason (money spent on the account is not a reason either).
: Black friday skin sales?
We already have bi-weekly black fridays (every two weeks, we get 10 skins for sale) We also have the "my shop" annual black fridays (5 personalized skins for you discounted) We also have the daily Hextech Chest "black fridays" (random skins for free :O) ___ There is no need for a black friday in the shop. We do need however, a black friday for merch.
: Added you on league, Zenmasterr
Adding me isnt enough, we need to chat xD We need to everything before the weekend in case anything happens. Pls pm me whenever you can, discord if possible
: U can give recommendations. They will be taken into consideration when we choose a Name.
I think the whole save 20% off could be an on going joke that could be in the name somehow.
: [CLASH // JOIN OUR TEAM!!!] SATIRICAL yet SERIOUS Clash AD for signups.
Last chance to get in the team!!! #We are looking for a toplaner. Any ELO (from Iron to challenger)
: JOIN NOW & SAVE 20%!! Team Looking for ADC/TOP/MID
You drive a hard bargain, but I dont like the team name
: My Team cost 20% less.
You drive a hard bargain...
: [CLASH // JOIN OUR TEAM!!!] SATIRICAL yet SERIOUS Clash AD for signups.
Also, we all know that Clash isn't here until a few days, but that's exactly why we are doing this a bit earlier than usualy, to get as many possible members on the team and avoid possible confusions.
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Dewritoes (EUW)
: According to the new HUD exclusive to Aphelios, he can't recall.
Good, finally certaintly knows how to nerf a damn champion xD "if aphelios wants to get items, he needs to walk his ass over to his base" imagine! Certaintly the Rioter that somehow hasnt been fired yet making a balanced champion XDD
: What other games ban people for use of chat?
Does youtube count as a game? xD Seeing how they are treating it _feelsthinkingman_
Smoothberry (EUNE)
: Poppy went there to check what is happening. She saw Ezreal having a dysentery.
Turns out Ezreal is lactose intolerant.
: Are you triggered? ^^ {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Vas34 (EUW)
: I don't like to be forced to alpha test their mad ideas. They have like a whole server dedicated to s#it like that, why would they put whole game into unplayable mess instead?
The PBE has been in preseason for over a month. And that was to test out potential blue screen bugs, etc etc. Its in the live servers to get better feedback. Also, if you havent noticed by now, PBE is just a server for youtubers to cash in their revenue. "NEW SKIN!!!1! OP, OMG OMEGALUL #Clickbait!XD"
: there's only two comments here sounded good and right .... >Riot destroyed the support role, Im going to commit not living, I spent 20k Euros in league I demand my money back as well as a Ferrari because I am a level 400 diamond 1 99LP Thresh Mastery 7 thresh". too much details... even if you were an iron player your voice would be heard ...
Riot hear's everyone. But just crying without giving supportive arguments wont do anything. Ever seen small children cry at a mall or supermarket because they want something, only for their parent to completely ignore and "fake" abandon them (so that they can stop and be quiet)? You can say exactly the same with the players that cry without a legitimate and well worded argument against the changes. If you want Riot to listen, be it an iron to challenger player, you need to be serious. Mindless rage/flame or useless comments like "this is trash" doesn't help.
Minoesch (EUW)
: fine, but shut down ranked untill things are fixed and balanced. now people get unrealistic results because of one broken item or whatever is OP atm.
Well, no one is forcing you to play rank. Those that are playing are taking the risk of the unbalanced state that is the preseason in order to get a better start for 2020.
: They had a whole year to fix existing problems. Did they do it? No. So keep on expecting that this wont be transfered into season 10.
Well, the killed akali and aatrox, that sounds like a fix to me personally. As for preseason, they made turrets more tanky, which is awesome, so that's a welcome fix. They made people actually get involved with the dragons, which is again a great change. Also, just saying "existing problems" without saying any makes your comment invalid since you arent giving any reasons.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Well %%%%. Didnt play a single preseason game yet and you know what; I dont think im going to. No not because of the rito made changes, was looking forward for that part actually, but I dont think I have the patience to deal with people rn.
Well so far, all the craziness has been here on the boards. Also, since there is no more ranked, a lot of high elo players are "invading" normals so that will create some chaos, but nothing to fear. We are all learning at the current moment.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: I dont trust Riot to not keep this shit show after the 2 month grace period. Nuff said.
Well, just remember that Riot has always taken preseason serious. And that they miraculously learned from the nightmate that was the Juggernaut patch back in 2016. Trust in Riot.
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EUW got blown up by all the ranked rewards we are getting, its normal, we are the second best region in the world twice in a row. We are just that badass. #;)
Morrhen (EUW)
: My bet is that he's a Marksman/Mage hybrid.
: Oh so that means Riot will only make 1 skin for him in 3 years time, COOL X2 :D
PzyXo (EUW)
: This is honestly the only champion I found exciting since Pyke <3
Zanador (EUNE)
: I have a question to anyone more knowledgeable in the matter: Aphelios was named after the point of orbit where the planet is farthest away from the sun. So my question is: should the P and H be pronounced separately in his name (AP-Helion) or does it naturally merge into an "F" like "PH" sometimes does?
I believe his name is Aphelios (all together with the /f/ sound). Your question is answered here.
SenseiSai (EUW)
: Alright! Another targon faction champ, can't wait for him to dominate solo q for the next few months of season 10
It will be preseason though, so rank wont be affected.
: what are VGUs
Visual Gameplay Updates. aka, old champions getting a new visual and gameplay makeover.
: Yaaay, another human. What else could have it been, silly me.
of course the furry is going to be against the human champions xD
Intocabille (EUNE)
: So should we place our bets? Let's see... I expect he will have... high mobility, true damage on every 3rd strike, shields, CC and some form of invulnerability or such.
in the short lore story it mentions he trains like an assassin. So it could be an assassin adc, who knows.
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