MOEStache (EUW)
: Issue with League of Legends server and my internet provider
Having the same issue. Yesterday was just unplayable. I hope Riot stops being arrogant and stops telling people "its your issue, not Riot´s" when clearly something fishy is happening to the servers.
BooM2003 (EUNE)
: Worlds Pick'em 2018
Play-in starts on the 1st of October. Worlds Pick´em I think is during groups, aka, after play-ins. Either way, until October, dont expect anything.
Coxis (EUW)
: Odyssey Contest Entry: Commander of the Morning Star - WARNING: May potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.
I dont know if this was a typo or not. Did you mean Samantha or Masantha? I dont know, reading Masantha made want to correct myself. (the cool intro you did).
: Normal mmr has a different mmr system than ranked
Crazyhead (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cypherous,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fzm1NBVr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-19T12:25:14.834+0000) > > Default skin vs optional skin, its the difference between forcing someone to see a cigar and them sometimes seeing it Exactly, unlike where they forced graves to smoke and get lung cancer, they let gragas chose for it himself.
Yet we are forced to see a man drink unhealthy amounts of alcohol and if we can camouflage the drink, he is drunk.
: Skin Idea: Red Minion Soraka and Blue Minion Janna
Never thought I needed this in my life, but now I need it.
: Ranked anxiety?
I get that too. You just have to face it. I dont get stomach issues, but I i reach a point where I cant breathe. Its the reason why I stopped at silver 3 this year.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: So this is the Odyssey / Guardians of the Galaxy characters?
Rioter Comments
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: Question: Do you still have fun playing League ?
I like the game, however, when League is the only game your laptop can handle, and you dont have a console or a better PC to play other games, then its starts getting boring. Im not saying the game is bad, its just, my body and mind want to play more games, I want a PS4 and play around 20-30 PS games. I also want to play alot of PC games (mostly Planet coaster), but I cant. At the moment I am stuck with 3 ps3 games and 3-4 xbox 360 games. And I have been playing console this entire summer because of too much League. However, when I get tired or bored of playing on my ps3, I hop back to League. My issue is that I have been playing LoL and ONLY LoL since 2013 (for 5 years straight). My mind is "demanding" something new or different, that´s it. I dont dislike Leasgue, I just need a genuine break from LoL. ___ However, there are certain aspects I dont enjoy anymore. Mostly a few of the rotational game modes. Most of which have become a permanent "All Random [Insert gamemode name here]". When a lot of your fun game modes turn into "all random", the fun of picking what you want to play disappears. That´s the whole point of a massive champion roster game "PLAY WHAT YOU WANT". Another aspect I dont agree with is Riot trying to make every game a Worlds final Korea vs Korea match up. When I play League of Legends I play to disconnect and have fun, not play a damn Worlds Final. Its fun to have a very competitive game from time to time, it really is, but playing a stressful competitive match every single game is not okay... That is my main issue. Even in normals, where people should be relaxed, its nothing but full on stress. I swear, normal games are sometimes more stressful than ranked games, and I barely even queue up to ranked because I have a legitimate fear of ranked games (dont ask how or why cause even I dont know). ___ I enjoy league, I really do. But when it become the only multiplayer game you can play... I just dont understand why Riot tries to enforce the entire League community to play League like if it were a freaking worlds final. _queue in epic trailer voice_ "THIS SUMMER, YOU ARE MATCHED AGAINST ALL ODDS! CHALLENGED TO PLAY THIS ORDINARY NORMAL GAME LIKE IF IT WERE YOUR LAST 30 MINUTES OF YOUR EXISTENCE! EXPERIENCE RAGE, DRAMA, AND... LOVE! WITNESS WITH YOUR OWN EYES THE MIRACLE OF ACHIEVING NOTHING! ONLY BECAUSE A VIDEO GAME COMPANY BELIEVES THAT EVERY SINGLE GAME YOU PLAY SHOULD FEEL LIKE AN ESPORTS TOURNAMENT!... LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, THE MOVIE!" Anyway, the game is still fun, but most the people I know have moved to overwatch or Fortinite.
Icarus423 (EUW)
: Riot support is a joke
Just to calm you a little bit. The support team are only there to respond tickets. They dont know anything else outside their own "office". One of my family members works in a call center for car insurrance (basically their version of "support"). Those people working in the call center dont know a thing outside of the call center. They dont know what the other departments are doing, and neither do the supervisors. Riot support doesnt know what happens in the "balance department".
Azuraleaf (EUW)
: I respect your opinion, but I do not agree with it entirely. It is true that project and SG are saturated, but I still want to see *even more* of those.
i´d like to see more too, but not this year not the next. Riot should take a break. Make the comeback something worth waiting for.
Obitan (EUW)
: Ohhh that’s cool! Thanks a lot :) I will keep looking in any case. If I will find a place I will keep up to date everyone here ;) it would be cool to meet up anyways if I will be in Madrid :)
Well bud, im sorry but my family isnt really cool with the whole idea. However, if you need help with anything else (public transport or places to eat or visit) let me know. See you on the 9th. (if you want a contact number, i can pm you on discord. If you´re interested, join the EU discord server, and pm me there).
Obitan (EUW)
: EU LCS Finals 8 - 9 September
I would be interested, but unfortunately, its not up to me. For real, I am all up for helping the community out, but Im not the only family member in the house xD However, if you need help with public transport, I can help you out no problem, maybe even meet on the 9th.
: Tickets for EU Summer Finals in Madrid
Any news on possible side activites before the event?
: I just gave my opinion on the matter mate, don't have to get salty bloody hell, if u're doing the same thing in games u'll be stuck in silver forever :)
You didnt give an opinion, you in some way flipped Riot off due to high expenses of plane tickets to Seoul. In addition, why did you even bring ranked into this discussion?! How desperate are you to win an argument that you are willing to check my ranked stats in order to sound like you got the edge on me? Plane tickets =/= ranked
: When Clash coming back?
probably next season. Riot is still working on bugs.
3 D (EUNE)
: What would I get for writing Dr.Mundo x Master Yi fanfic? (not here ofc)
Akuos02 (EUW)
: Let´s think about a skin for Kayn!
The project Kayn doesnt really look like PROJECT, its feels more like cyborg/terminator. I would oppose to the idea though. As long as it isnt a champion with 10 skins.
Vonchi (EUW)
: A simple problem with Aurelion Sol.. Boots.
The boots thing is just a gimmick, to make Cass different from other mages.
: While this is true on paper functionally it’s not as strong as it seems... we’ve got plenty of champions who can drop tower aggro... akali is honestly one of the weaker ones when it comes to this due to how her damage works. So scary on paper, in game it’s difficult to pull off and a lot can go wrong... if you want an assasin who can tower dive honestly fizz or zed are still better options.
True its scary on paper, I know Fizz and Yi have ways to stop aggro, but its an ability that last for a second. Akali´s shroud, while I love everything about it (the donut shape, etc) the fact that the turret cannot detect her is pretty annoying. I would have been fine if the turret doesnt attack her, its the fact that the turret wont see her. If the turret shows us Akali BUT doesnt attack, I would be fine because we can at least see what she will do. Turret passives have priority over champions. I can already tell that the shroud wont be a major issue in Silver and below, but I can see this ability getting abused in higher elo to the point were she will cause issues and Riot will nerf the rest of the kit and ignore shroud. The same way Riot kept ignoring Kassadins ultimate and nerfing every other ability in the previous seasons. It wasnt until Riot nerfed the ult range on Kass and buffed the rest of the abilites for Kass to be playable and fair again. If Riot wont change the aggro mechanic, at least let the true vision do its job, let us see akali in the shroud.
: Except he is right... compared to old akali new akali is much healthier in every aspect.
The new Akali is healthy in every single aspect compared to the old, but the W... I am fine with it blocing every type of vision, but not the turrets... Their is a reason why turrets have "TRUE VISION" to begin with, they see everything that is not visible, that´s the whole point. Turrets are there to protect you for a while, a safe zone. They arent a damn minion...
KévKa (EUW)
: “offensive“ is just such an open word. Everything CAN be offensive, doesn’t mean it unnecessarily HAS to be. Also, I get that the word is being picked up by automation processes, what I don’t think is an effective way, as also people have been falsely banned because of this. Rather or not this ban is rightful, for an automated, first time in 3 years punishment, a 14 day ban is just too harsh imo. And ”we as the community“ is something I love. Did we get a poll? It is said to be the community’s choice, but is it really? I frankly couldn’t care less if people write things to me, because I can just mute them. They are just words from a person I have never seen or will ever see over the internet. Also for me, banter is always a bit aggressive, either passive or active, but I guess it’s a question of definition. My teammates frankly didn’t care either, so why ban me just for saying a word the system doesn’t like? But as always, the system wins, no matter wha you do.
Everything I just read felt like sht coming out of a animals butt. You thing is banter "haha you suck", and another thing is using a racist word. A perfect example: One thing is "i hate you", another thing is "go die in a furnace, you non-christian". See the damn difference? If you dont, then you have a serious problem. Like Febos said, Anything that is **racist, hate towards the LGTB, or sexism** is not tolerated, and the robot will punish you for it. ___ Getting a damn 14 day suspension is more than "one report gets me punished" hell no, you´ve been reported multiple times for showing unwanted behavior, and you have freaking ignored it. Just because you have an account doesn´t mean its your and you can do whatever the hell you want. In League of Legends, or in any other online video game community, you have to respect the damn rules. You clearly havent, and as a result you are coming here claming that the system is too harsh for doing it´s job. I have played League since 2013, and recieved an 14 day ban suspension the first month. I was being a jerk in the game without knowing it. I started following the rules and my account is still here. And just to let you know, I was banned for using "baby insults", what is NOW considered playful competitive banter. ___ Offensive IS an open term, but you and I know you have to be stupid to not know the difference between being a jerk and being an absolute racist. Its people like you who dont have a damn filter that give a negative image to online gaming communities. If you want more proof of how being offensive can be different. I am being an @ss to you, but my behavior towards you right now is well within the limits of League of legends.
KévKa (EUW)
: No disruption in 3 years, gets 14d banned for saying n-word
You do realise that the N word is a racist term right? Its unexcusable, and not tolerated. Getting a 14 day ban from this bullsht means Riot is giving you a second chance, because other people get PERMANENTLY BANNED from racist behavior. About the whole honor situation, if you had payed attention to Riots weekly/monthly articles or visited Riot Support, you would have known that getting any sort of penalty RESETS your honor. Some more information that you probably didnt know. You need to be Honor level 2 (MINIMUM) with NO PENALTIES in order to get ranked rewards. ________ Hate speech is not banter, get you mindset right. Just because other players are being complete @sshats doesn´t excuse you nor give you a "special pass" yo defend yourself with the same bullshttery. Have a nice day.
: Wow, cheapest plane ticket from London to Seoul for semi's and finals is £ 450 😑 ... Bloody brilliant Riot, next your why don't you do it in Antarctica maybe the penguins will come to watch ☺
You do realize that South Korea is an international tourist hot spot at the very moment due to the boom of Kpop right? Kpop has been a thing for decades, but its getting international success now. It´s only natural that flying agencies up the prices. Expand your brain buddy.
: 2018 World Championship Korea Cities & Dates
WTF Why is worlds starting soo damn late?! Worlds 2017 started in September.
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: Hey Riot merch store, please let me spend my money
I want the freaking pins to be cheaper.
: Problem is the event it's gonna be in spanish... I'm not willing to pay the plane ticket, hotel plus expenses for a event where I can't even understand the spoken language.. Doesn't matter where it is, it should be in english
Im from Madrid, and even I would like the casters to be the original english casters, but unfortunately, the Spanish language is strong and not everyone speaks english.
: A New Approach For EU LCS Roadshows
Im 100% okay with this. However, I´d like to add something. I´d like more variety in city locations when it comes to EU hosting worlds. Paris gets all of the international events that are NOT EU LCS specific. Group stage during worlds 2015 and All Stars 2014, as well as MSI 2018. I would like it that, whenver EU hosts an international event this big, Paris doesnt get all of the attention. There are more internatioanlly known countries outside of France in EU. Understandable if Paris is the favorite option, but not everyone can afford to go to these events UNLESS they live near them. ___ ___ (FEEDBACK) Now being serious, I am all up for this, BUT!!! Please DONT repeat cities unless 3 years gone by. Madrid is the perfect example. So far, it´s been the only repeat (I believe) when it comes to a major EU city. And not only is it coming back, but its hosting the Summer finals, while last time it was the Spring. Having this type of cycle would be nice.---> If you decide to repeat a city, let some years pass by and switch it between spring and summer.
Khªºs (EUW)
: Why is URF not a permanent gamemode?
Basically what shurk4n said. Upon feedback and fake info, Riot detected that players stopped playing League when URF was not around. I dont know why, sounds like magic to me, who wouldnt come to the conclusion that people ONLY want to play fun games that are not super tryhard ESPORTS style? URF is popular and brings in crowds of players. After Urf is done, people leave because "man, the fun ended, guess I´ll take a break for a week or so, or whenever another fun mode shows up. Riot is enforcing professional esports levels of plays in the most casual players, making the game extemely stressful, to the point where it´s not fun. "you either play like a korean no lifer or dont play at all" is what I gathered as feedback from Riot.
Rioter Comments
: League is dying...?
I would have put more games in the graph. The inclusion of Minecraft is just wierd to begin with, but understandable since Minecraft is also "dead". Other games close to what LoL is, like OW, HoTS, DOTA2, CS:GO, PUBG, Fortnite(i know you already inclded Fortnite), even BFV and CoD would make the graph more valuable. You cannot compare the life span of a game based on two completely different games, genres matter in online games. The game feels dead because people like to hop on the hype new trends. That´s why Fortnite is popular, not because it has a BR game mode but because its a BR game mode that is different from others, and that also has seasons (even though their season system is kinda odd), BUT its just like League of legends. Every 80-ish days, the game changes completely, new metas form. While in League, we have an entire year of meta (technically 2 metas per year because of the mid season). The people that are left are the dedicated fans, while all of the "fans" have hopped to the newer shiny product. Now, not all of the "fans" are fake fans, some veterans are just tired. Spending a lot of time in a game that does *not* promote long term mastery because the game changes basically every month, and some changes are just really annoying. The reason LoL is "dying" is because the changes are extremely too frequent and too drastic. And while change is good, if you dont let the community breathe, then things tend to get overwhelming, to the point were players can´t take it anymore. "Change is good"-{{champion:121}} but a break once in a while is nice.
KatScript (EUNE)
: Μaybe they wont release this year. But why not when many people are so hyped for this event and riot will be so rich XD.
I not against the idea, I just think Riot should take a small break from it. If you keep doing the same thing every year at the same time (mid summer), people will no longer be surprised and end up expecting it, some people even end up demanding it in a rude manner, something like this: (example text) "OMG RITO!!! For the past 3 years around Mid July you ALWAYS made SG skins and events, and now you didnt do it!!! You suck, I hate you, I payed over 50k Euros, I am a VIP and demand my money back!!!" (again, the example was exagerated, but they do appear from time to time) If we take a break from the skinline, Riot then has an entire year (or more) to not only making amazing skins but extensively improve previous events. Last year for Star Guardian Riot did that wave survival game mode which was fun BUT needed lots of work. The more time we give them to work on improvements the better the next event will be. And I am saying this for Star Guardian and other events (like PROJECT). ___ Sure Riot will make lots of money out of it, but at least they aren´t shoving crap to our faces to buy mindlessly.
Super24Lily (EUNE)
: I want more Pool Party skins... I thought we'll get more of em last year but all we got was chroma skins for the old ones. For new skin lines... Tbh, I'm not really creative like RIOT. If RIOT wants to make new skin lines I bet they'll come up with one in less than a month
If case you dont know. Skins take over 3 months to make. Just to give you an idea, a 750Rp skin takes 3 months minimun to create. 975 and 1350Rp skins take more months. Legendaries half a year and Ultimate skins are unknown, but probably over a year.
Febos (EUW)
: Official Akali Splash Art
Splash looks insane. Really like the style, although she looks like an edge queen (female edge lord).
KatScript (EUNE)
: Star Guardian skins for 2018?
I love your enthusiasm, but honestly... There are too many Star Guardian skins. This isn´t an anime game xD I think Riot should take a break from this skin line and PROJECT while I mention it. Its oversaturated, we need a break from these.
: I saw this so, so, late. I'm sorry <3
radetari (EUNE)
: Im disappointed in people like how can you choose that ugly garen skin over that badass darius one what the hell but there were no problems in the first vs event where yas won
if you pick the event versus the look of a skin, then your decision is just silly. You pick who you like, not because "the skin looks cool, thank mom!"
Bromano (EUW)
: They changed the date from 28 to 29
: Tickets for EU Summer Finals in Madrid
why is the freaking barcelona all-stars only showing up?!?!!
: Tickets for EU Summer Finals in Madrid
I cant find the event!!!!! #RITO PLS
Rioter Comments
: Tickets for EU Summer Finals in Madrid
where is the event?! _Panic!!!!!_
: What are the best tickets in the statium Floor tickets or row tickets ? 😬
Best section is floor, but you cannot select rows, only sections. So, it would be. Ground floor--Section A-- automatic designated row and seats that I cannot select--purchase. also, while purchasing, you MUST hurry, when you buy tickets you dont have a "reserved" spot while purchasing, meaning that while you are buying your seats, they can be taken away by another buyer who was faster.
DEGU Mcload (EUNE)
: RIOT decides where they bring the Final, so I don't know what countries decides, it's simply marketing and making money. Other countries also has casters, there are german, hungarian, polish, etc casters.
Yes other countries have native casters, but Im talking about Riot hosting an event. When Riot visits any country that IS NOT Spain or France, their LCS casts are in English. When Riot comes to Spain or France, the casters are native speakers, not the english casters. If Riot goes to Poland or Hungary, the casters will be in English live.
: Is it going to be in Spanish?
Spain and France always cast in their native language. Interviews and matches. The venue does have a lot of echo so not even us can understand the casters speaking. If anything, the casters is what least matters. I´ve been to both spring finals in madrid and All-Stars Barcelona, trust me, the last thing you do is actually hear the casters. Just like in Snoopy cartoons. The teachers in Charlie´s class talk like this "bla bla bla, bla bla bla".
: Riot Should make champ dual wielding swords or blades
{{champion:55}} {{champion:238}} Dual wielding daggers ("mini swords") Dual wielding blades
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