: Project F
No info about the game so far. Some people are saying its an mmo and others say it might be a Diablo-esque type game. I personally believe it is going to be a diablo type game, maybe not dungeon based but "clear said are" and progress. By the look of the video, the world doesnt look 100% open, there seems to be some linear pathing. Another reason why it is not an mmo in my opinion is because in mmos you create your avatar, in this game you are playing champions. By the looks of it, Project F looks like the game with the least info which means that we might not hear news about it for almost a full year.
: Riot PLS let us remove borders from skins.
if you dont want the fancy border, simply wait to purchase the skin.
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: Finally after 6 years of playing
lmao, Yasuo, out of all champions xD
: ps4 and keyboard HELPP
Wild Rift will be designed ONLY for dual stick controls.
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: TL;DR - Riot Pls 10th Anniversary
Im going to play every single new game. Always wanted to start a card game, always wanted to play a fighting game, and I always wanted an exploration game. Riot read our minds, POGGERS.
: RP Artwork Comp - because I cant think of anything original right now
: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch
Here is mine, thought I make it Picasso Style in honor of my country xD https://i.imgur.com/1qhvWob.jpg https://imgur.com/a/6cqD7Hk [Idk why the image isnt showing](https://i.imgur.com/1qhvWob.jpg) DELDE115 summoner name, EUW server
: Legends of Runeterra Art: Senna, Anivia, Vilemaw ...
: Is this new league mobile thing cross platform?
You start from scratch. Its a different game all together. Wild Rift wont have every digital piece of content that is available on PC. The popular stuff for sure, but not everything.
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Miodragon76 (EUNE)
: Pretty sure they made it so people with emulators get matched with others with emulator
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Fralm (EUW)
: Ranked is dogshit right now
>I get home from work or uni, I'm tired, I wanna try-hard and win some games in the little time I have and so every game in which I get a troll and that is out of my control is just insane and very hard to deal with on every single %%%%ing kind of level. I CAN NOT BUST OUT 20 GAMES OF LEAGUE A DAY. Therefore, every game matters to me. Honestly, if you have a full schedule of Uni/work, playing ranked games is the last thing you want. ny sort of stress or BS that may happen at work/Uni will affect your ranked games. I personally only played ranked during my summer vacation. 3 weeks, free time, no work, no nothing. >One day, not very long ago, I got 4 different players afk across 4 different games, in a row. How can you explain this riot? XD How am I suppose to keep my cool. I have had this happen to me once and I feel your pain. >IRONICALLY, I get permabanned due to flame or abusive behaviour or whatever? It's insane. What im about to say you will not like to read. But if you got permabanned, that is 110% your fault. I cannot see your chat logs, and personally not to sound rude, I dont care if you show me your chat logs. **Anything that you type in chat that is not helpful/friendly can be understood as an offensive attack**. Anything that in the regular day to day normal life is normal like "you dumbass", "stupid", "ldiot", etc **CAN AND WILL** be reported. Saying "dumbass" ONCE every couple of **MONTHS** is fine. But saying it multiple times over the course of a month (or less) can give you a chat ban for toxicity. If you want to flame someone, say it out loud to the screen, dont type it. Let the steam out but dont let it out through chat. **Anything** negative in chat will be considered a reportable offense. >YOU ARE BANNING THE WRONG PEOPLE No they are not, they are banning the right people. Riot takes this seriously, YES "its just a fcking game, who cares" we know and I understand, but Riot doesn't want that mentality in the game, and they have been like this for years. You knew this coming in, and you did not take it seriously. If you have a "monkey" in your game then yeah, too bad, you wont see that same player again. ___ The ranked system is wonky, and can be a lot better. The fact that I somehow made it to Gold 4 this season is prove that something is not right. Riot adding Iron and Grand Master was surely a factor. I will say games in bronze and Silver were more healthy when it comes to skill level, but I dont know about high elo. All I know is that historically Plat 1 and Diamond 5-4 has always been the place were cocky players believe they were destine by God to be Master. The reality is, that Plat 1 and Diamond 4 is the maximun peak for most skillful players. Same reason why Gold 4 is impossible to reach for the avarage player. Its not that people are trolling (it is in most cases), its the harsh and painful truth that is **some players are not worthy to reach Diamond 3 because they are not good enough**. Grand Master was added to clean up the mess that was Diamond 1 and low Master players, because lets face it, most players that made it Masters before were lucky, it was not skill. The addition of Grand Master was made to stop luck from being a factor. Now, those who reach Diamond 2+ are the players that managed to get there and maintain their mmr. ___ Also, Ranked is currently a nightmare because the season ends in 28 days. People are spamming ranked to get better rewards and that affects the whole ecosystem. Im not saying that Ranked is perfect, its not. And im also not saying that you deserve the ban (kinda), you knew that Riot is very strict about bans, restrictions and warnings, and you didnt take it seriously so that part is on you.
Rupture (EUNE)
: Best champion to onetrick?
My strat. One trick a champions that has a low pick rate. A champion that is rarely played and can make a huge impact. I for the first time made it to Gold IV by being a one trick Bard. ___ Bard is almost invisible in rank, which guarantees me a 100% pick rate for me. Bard is super annoying in lane and scales incredibly well as the game progresses. Bard's meeps are strong as fck. One Bard ult can win the whole game. Out of all my ranked games played, Bard has never been banned. ___ so TL;DR, one trick an unpopular champion.
mihail1000 (EUNE)
: Chances to go pro ?
If you wanna go pro, you honestly need to reach Master/Grand Master/Challenger. A lot of pro teams in Europe (doesnt have to be LEC teams btw) scout players around that ELO. You can also contact team organizations to prove yourself (but that's less likely).
Fishermanó (EUNE)
: What's the point of recommended languages for servers?
Well, maybe in EU and NA we cant have asian languages simply to make the client less loaded with information? idk
: Death sworn skins
No, Death Sworn is a Harrowing skinline. And we already got the Bewitching skin line again this year for the Harrowing. Maybe next year. That being said, expect all the Harrowing skins to come back from the vault soon (2 weeks+)
im ur gf (EUW)
: We get ARURF
We still don't know. Yes Arurf has been on the pbe a month ago, but that could be anything.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: We still have 6 days till the mentioned date. If they are preparing surprise it would be stupid to announce it earlier. If not... At least lets be happy that they are not Blizzard, who is not allowing their players to delete their account.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} ######Still, I will be disappointed if the whole event will be only stream.
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: HOW is a silver 4 in a gold game? riot?
mmr buddy. Also, there is the possibility of a duoq situation.
: Fiora is overbuffed
Her buff was intentional. RiTo GaMeS: "wE cAnT hAVe wOrLdS wItHoUt bla bla bla!"
: Why is it not just solo in "solo queue"?
Well, it's more fun to play with a pal.
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Worlds 2019
Funplus phoenix is going to be an interesting wildcard. Wildcard not in the sense of week, but from what all casters are saying they like to do wierd stuff. G2 either smurf hard or get dumpstered. Team Liquid need a jungler that can jungle, other than that they are fine. SKT are strong and should not be taken lightly.
Mehlsack (EUW)
: It finally happened. I have stopped counting time but IT FINALLY HAPPENED
: https://media.giphy.com/media/8QGV2a7pfDKc8/giphy.gif
Aaaah a person of Culture. Great AVATAR gif!
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Cranda (EUNE)
: Next Victorious skin?
The victorious skin will most likely be annouced half way through October, just be patient. Also, the Victorious skin is given to the most impactful champion in ranked world wide.
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: Need help for shen skins
I personally dont like neither. Im more of a fan of his cheaper skins (Yellow Jacket, Warlord, TPA, Bloodmoon and Frozen). But if I had to choose between Pulsefire and Infernal, I would go for Pulsefire. Infernal Shen is the same as Yellow jacket shen with the "unnecessary extras" (recall animation, different vfxs, different voice effects). Pulsefire Shen looks cooler: we get a somewhat face reveal (because he is always masked), and the Q sword looks cool and basic attack animaiton as well. Infernal Shen has an awesome model as well, but the Q blade doesnt look cool. ________ Look, if you have issues picking a skin for shen, get a coin, and do heads or tails, Pulsefire Heads Infernal Tails Pick the result and if you dont like on what you landed on, then you´ll find your own answer.
: Watch Rewards not working
LIVE doesnt work, but VODS do. If you still have issues, just watch a vod for 10 minutes.
: What is best for Pyke, Electrocute or After Shock?
Typically as an assasin you want electrocute. HOWEVER. Aftershock is currently the go to rune for any sort of melee support champion due to the decent resistences (armor and magic resist), so you want to pick that rune instead.
Anoligarh (EUW)
: People who were bronze/silver for a long time, what changed and how did you climb?
Managed to get to Gold 4 (was the goal). Well, generally I already knew that im avarage at the game, and being avarage in Silver means you are fine. I have been Silver for 4 seasons (Season 4, Season 6, Season 7 and Season 8) I was always silver because I was scared of playing ranked. I did my placements and then after another 10 games I would stop. Every year I would try to play ranked religiously but ended up not doing it. After a long break, I went back to league and in 3 weeks I got from bronze 3 (placements) to Gold 4. How did I do it? Well, after the break I had to basically relearn the support role and learn all the new champions and the new VGUs from Neeko all the way to Mordekaise. What made me stop playing ranked every season was fear, lack of self confidence and time. I for the first time played League in the summer (i usually take summers off of League). I learned to have confidence in the way I play and learned to trust teammates (I played support alone with no duo partner is trust was KEY). I lower my champion pool to 3 champions. Thresh, Leona and Bard. From Bronze 3 to Silver 2 I played Thresh and Leona, and once I got to silver 1 I one tricked pony Bard like a mad man. What I noticed when climbing. There is absolutely no skill difference between a bronze 3 player and a Silver 3 player (mechanically all the same, what was different was the level of trust and map awareness). In Silver 2 and Silver one, teams are just as good as low Gold players, the only difference is that silver 2 and silver 1 players dont ward past the mid game. There is map awareness, but there is no vision. Map awareness, self confidence, and learning to trust blindly in your teammates is what got me to Gold 4 in 3 weeks. And I also one tricked (mostly half way through the climb one i was in Silver 1).
: Umh, mostly i'm still in for the game (and no, i don't really think it's worse or more flamey than in the past. I'll say the flame is more or less the same as ever. I don't really like the new champs a lot, but i appreciate that the reworks are still proceding, albeit at the usual slow rate), and i'm not that fond of all the flavor of Runeterra and s@@t. Surely, could be worse, and RioT could have worked around it way less than she did and i would still not really care about it.
I do also agree about the new champions. Some are fine, but I think they are all overloaded for the sake of esports xD I also would like the reworks to speed up, but the fact that they are being taken serious, is nice.
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: 2019 All-Star Event Announcement
So the pros get OG Urf mode and we get the boring version... Awesome. Wish we coukd play original URF too.
: LEC-Finals
Cool that you had the chance to attend, there is nothing quite like it :D Did you manage to get those little toys the rioters throw to the audience.
Duinhir (EUW)
: Ehi guys what do you think about this?
: i wouldn't count on playing kled right now actually. most smart riven players will ban kled.
true. But the problem is that OP's team did not ban Riven.
: Why has Ornn not got a skin since his release?
Skins are given to champions based on popularity and or champion desgin. Champions based on popularity, a perfect example is Bard. His latest skin was released over 2 years ago. Champions based on design, a perfect example is Zac. Zac is a green blob that when it comes to animations can create difficulties when making a skin for him. Notice that all of zac skins barely have anything. Its just a one color blob (green, purple, white, red) with crazy hair and some small model additions like floaties, wings. People for years have always asked for Gentleman Zc because in his voice lines he says that "i should try a suit on", and Riot said that adding a suit on zac would make the skin visually ugly whenever he stretches/bounces. In the case with Ornn, he simply is not popular. Players generally dont like tanks because they are boring, and would rather play cooler champions like Irelia, Yasuo, Gangplank, Gnar, etc.
: Riven still a joke of a champion
You could always play Kled. After the "mini esports" update on his Q, he pretty much denies his opponents to heal with lifesteal runes/items. Not to mention that Kled's Q can also deny Rivens all in potential wit her QQQQQQ E QQQ combo xD. Riven has also been strong for a few patches now since 9.14 and only received a small nerf on her Q cooldown. As a player who does not play toplane at all, I would honestly just ban her.
: a month after your comment =(
: how get tutorial capsule
Honestly, I dont know. Guess just follow the instructions
: Why am I such garbage at this game?
I started back in 2013 and I honestly did't get good at the game until 2015 (not gonna lie). Rather than stress myself over it, I simply decided to take my time learning the game. I played every champion in order to understand them (not to get good at them). Understanding the basics of the champions is a great way to advance. Playing all the champions also let me know which champions I liked and which I didnt. I also learned a lot by playing aram. Aram sure isnt the best place to learn a champion to it's fullest, but it helped me a lot in knowing how to team fight with certain champions. ___ Anyone who has been relatively new to League has been in your shoes, some players more recently than others. But just letting you know, it took us a lot of time to fully understand the game, and a lot of "veterans" will lie and deny that fact. Also, look at me, level 98, the number on your level only shows one thing. Not that you are great at the game, but that you are pationate about it. The fact that you are "new" at the game and play it almost non stop means that you really enjoy League and if you keep up the enthusiasm you´ll get better eventually. It took me 2 years to get good at league, some people got good in 1 year and some gods managed to get amazing at the game in months. Everyone has a different speed. ___ If you really want to learn, watch Pro Guides like **HIVSuperposition** mentioned, also try to get a relatively high Elo friend (anything Gold or higher), they can teach you the basics if they are willing to help.
: To counteract, if we take LEC spring finals viewership numbers, the English stream viewership peaked at 356,850, with the overall viewership peaking at 477,666 viewers. So that leaves around 120,000 being streamed in other European languages. You can see the real viewership numbers here instead of claiming that Spanish streams gain more views; from what I can see, for the important title matches they don't. We can generalise that to a larger global scale: for world finals, just like in previous years, Chinese and English will be the most broadcasted languages. Viewership statistics: https://escharts.com/tournaments/lol/lec-spring-2019 I do agree with you, and think a mix of the language would be more fair, and a more appropriate way to both maintain a country's pride and properly entertain your market. That's why the casting language not being English is a really poor decision. Having the hosts and entertainment in French/Spanish etc is fine, but for the more important specific in-game content, I think it's much better for the audience to have it spoken in English. I attended OG vs FW in London, and it was an amazing experience. But from what I remember during games the crowds died down (unless there was a big teamfight/play), and its during those down times that I want to be able to hear analysis and general discussions about teams and games. That's why I'm arguing so strongly about the casting language, because you make it out that crowds are so loud that no-one listens, but that's not true at all stages of the event. "Spain already gets an incredible influx of tourist all year round (second most visited country in Europe, Paris France being number one). And we get those tourist not because we speak english, but because people want to see spanish culture." Like I keep saying, LoL does not equate to Spanish/French culture, the attendees are either natives like you said, or travelling for LoL. Tourist/cultural attractions are a bonus for the visitors, but I think that is the more appropriate setting for visitors to immerse and embrace another culture. Not while watching League of Legends in an arena. For a global event being hosted in Europe, with the most spoken language being English, does that not seem more appropriate to cast in English? Even taking into account Eastern viewers who come to visit, they probably have a better chance to understand English than Spanish or French. The reasons why no-one is complaining about China or Korea being hosted in their native language is because Europe playing host is being grouped as one entity. If all of worlds was held exclusively in France, with all play-ins, groups, etc etc being hosted in French I would understand the line of reasoning more. But since it's being held in a variety of countries within a single region, the given language for the whole collective is English as that is spoken all across Europe. It doesn't matter that Spanish has more native speakers when English has more speakers overall. Germans, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Belgium, French and Spanish can all speak/understand some form of English. The same cannot be said for French or Spanish. Also being Chinese/British, I can attest that the Taiwanese do speak Mandarin.
I'll go a little bit out of order here. >Also being Chinese/British, I can attest that the Taiwanese do speak Mandarin. I never said that the Taiwanese cannot speak mandarin, I said that if they decide not to, they wont. MSI was in Taiwanese, doesnt mean they cannot speak mandarin, but they decided not to. There was a Mandarin female interviewer but that was it. ___ I understand that being worlds English should be the go to, I respect that decision 110% but Spaniards dont know enough english. To give you another example. Movie theaters all across Spain do not screen movies in their original voices. Every single theater is in spanish (there is only 3 Movie theaters in Madrid that will screen a film in original version with spanish subtitles. Same goes for Theatre broadway musicals, etc. Any sort of LIVE entertainment is exclusively in English because we do not have the necessary level to understand. We only know "hello, goodbye, and thank you!" as your basic. The only way to speak English is if you genuinly have money to study abroad and not many people have that money. This is why Spain LCS/LEC events have always been in Spanish. I cannot stress it enough. Making the show in english (which I want), will not bring money here. The English language does not survive here, not like in other major citites across Europe. France is complete pride, Spain is poor education and zero priority in learning more languages. ___ >I attended OG vs FW in London, and it was an amazing experience First of all, Lucky >:C Second of all, people there were more quiet than in Paris during the group stage xD not to mention that that quarter final was not really action packed. Its true that in those down moments of silence you can hear the casters, but at least here when the LCS came to Madrid there was barely room to "breathe" and let the crowd die down a little bit. But the moments that there was time for casters to analyze replays and all. While the English broadcast would be cooler, no one in the crowd would understand; with the exception of the 100 bilinguals and probably another 100 tourists, which would be a total of 200 people that would be able to understand the english casters while the rest of the 14800 spanish only speakers would completely be lost. While most of the crowds in any other European country can speak english enough to survive, English is 100% useless here. When visiting Spain, if you cannot speak spanish you are done for (Unless you are in the "designated Tourist trap areas"). ___ The crowds depending on what stage of the competition you attend are mostly dominated by the locals. Lets look at worlds, 2014 (I think it was 2014, not 100% sure). Worlds was in Singapure, Taiwan, and Korea. Groups was in english because in Singapure the most spoken language is English, but again in Taiwan it was in taiwanese (not mandarin, not english, but the local language), and Korea was obviously in Korean. Korean doesnt get any criticism despite Mandarin being the dominant language in Asia, and therefore applying the same logic for Europe, every worlds in Asia should be casted in Mandarin exlcusively. Just like English is the number 1 language in Europe, Mandarin is the number one language in Asia, yet when worlds is in an asian country that is not China, its not in Mandarin nor English (both power houses when it comes to international languages). So, applying this type of logic, and countering with previous events, if other asian countries dont get flacked for being hosted in their native language (instead of the dominant language, being mandarin instead of english in this case), why does Spain and France get all the international hate? ___ If Korean, Vietnam, and Taiwan can host in their native language, (rather than hosting in Mandarin which is the most dominant language there), why cant Spain and France host in their native language? Food for thought. Maybe you know, and I dont, but the hate from a neutral perspective is not fair. Let me remind you that I would die for the english casters to cast in Madrid, but I know it wont happen. Yet Im not here getting angry like some other people in this post. I am dissappointed, but it is out of my control. If you guys want to make a change, make a thread or get Riot's attention.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Unlocking a chroma does not give you a free skin. the only chromas that DO give you free skin is the streamer promo codes, but that was also clearly stated that you would get the skins+champs if you dont have them and get the code
Yeah but free skin+chroma promo codes are completely different form Chromas alone. Plus like you said, those are codes, not something you can purchase.
: By your logic of countries hosting in their native language, surely Berlin should host it in German right? But they won't, and yes I understand that it's probably due to the LEC studio and casting talent they have available already there. However the only reason one of the events is not in the UK is because of Brexit, not because it won't generate as much revenue as France or Spain. Also I do appreciate cultural pride is important, but that does not negate the fact that the West's most popular language for LoL broadcasts is English, and they actually should be catering to that. It's got nothing to do with people being ignorant and not wanting to learn other languages or immerse in other cultures. Watching League in French or Spanish is not cultural immersion regardless, so bringing culture as an argument to have it hosted in a native language is ridiculous. Casting talent truly does matter, and I think that's clearly evident through the LEC and how much more popularity it has gained. To say, 'oh it doesn't matter what language they speak, you don't listen anyway' is pretty ignorant and false. Viewers value the extra knowledge and discussion they bring to round games out, especially in the earlier stages of games when teams are just farming, or even in draft phase when discussing potential comps and game plans. Hosting the event in English would would not disrespect French or Spanish culture. The extra tourism these countries would gain from the event is where the cultural aspects should be focused and appreciated.
I do understand your point, but letting you in a little secret, there are more viewers in the Spanish LEC stream than in the English stream most of the times. Major reason being because the Spanish casting talent is just as popular if not even more than the english casters. If you remember back in 2018 Summer Finals, the moment the Spanish caster stopped speaking, the whole crowd was cheering his name. The Spanish Caster Ibai is loved at an international level in Spain and all of South America (which sums up more than the European crowd). A lot of Latin american also watch the Spanish LEC stream, the same way as american watch the English LEC stream, but again the Latin Americans bring higher numbers. ___ I also honestly believe that each country should host in their language. Or at least do a little mix of both English and the native language combined. Spain did it for the first time last year, and it is the same strategy used in Disneyland Paris (if you want a better example). >To say, 'oh it doesn't matter what language they speak, you don't listen anyway' is pretty ignorant and false. This is not entirely true. I have been to Spring finals in 2015 (madrid), All-Stars Barcelona (2016) and Summer Finals in 2018 (Madrid). The majority of the time my ears were not focused on the casters. While some of the things they say is important, the crowd is just so damn loud its kinda hard to hear the casters to begin with, so your ears, are just trying to find a target. I do not know how the finals in Stockholm, Berlin, Brussels were LIVE on stage, but I can at least tell you that there were not as loud as the crowds in Paris and Madrid. As for the international folk I saw in madrid last year, while they couldnt understand they still had an incredible time and enjoyed themselves. They tried to talk to us in spanish and english, and was an overall fun experience to witness. The experience was not lost in any way, shape, or form. Being there live, I saw people just talking to each other commenting about the game themselves and people would join their conversation (small talk). Because its fun to hear what other people are thinking about sometimes. Spain already gets an incredible influx of tourist all year round (second most visited country in Europe, Paris France being number one). And we get those tourist not because we speak english, but because people want to see spanish culture. ___ And if that wasnt enough, I can also cut straight to the chase. In Spain, when it comes to the educational system and learning other languages, it's were we suffer the most. We simply at the time did not prioritize learning other languages, and it's a closed mentality that still lives even after our Dictatorship. Spain is trying to improve on it, and it is, but it will take us at least another decade, and that's just truth.
Bwuah (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DELDE115,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=NquF8jk0,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2019-07-03T09:32:23.893+0000) > > Why would Spanish politics give a flying fck about a video game sport? Please think about that for a second. Why would SPAIN, who has a pretty embarrising political system within the European Union care about Esports? > > Rather than politcal, it is cultural. Spain is passionate about any sport in which we have a big influence, we dont have to be great, but as long as there is a huge influence, we will cheer for it. And that brings in money. If you have noticed the last times a League event has ben either in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona) or France (Paris), both Riot and the crowd saw a huge boost. Crowds bring more energy and are much more interactive, which not only intertains the viewers at home, but the Rioters and casters in the venue doing their job. > > Look at worlds 2015, the group stages were much more fun and epic because of the crowds reaction #FrenchPower. Spain is just French noise on steroids (and if you are french, it might be vice-versa). > > _____________ > > I understand that its nice to have casters speak english, its easier for other visitors. But here is where the political bullsht does come in. Spain and France have historically done a lot, and their international influence is as big as China's. In the case of Spain, it is the 3 most spoken language in the world (if we only include native speakers), and English only being 4th. So there is a huge sense of PRIDE, and France knows that better than anyone, thats why they always sing in french and the news announcers are also speaking EXCLUSIVELY in French. IF the crowd is going to be mostly spanish or french, we will speak our native tongue, we also cast for south America which are 90% spanish speakers (10% being Brazil). > > And hey, if you are from England or Ireland, I only recommend you start learning a second language, because not everyone will want to speak english, a lot of people do that just to literally pss english speakers off. I have been to all events in Madrid and Barcelona, and when I said "you barely pay attention to the casters" I 100% mean it. Most of the time you are just looking at the screen and YOU YOURSELF can predict what the teams will do. > > If something as stupid as a language barrier is going to stop you from enjoying a once in a life time experience then thats your own decision. When I went to ALL-STARS Barcelona there were a lot of people from ASIA, USA, North Europe and Eastern Europe (I could hear the languages outside of the venue before and after the games). All I saw was a lot of smiling faces and laughter, and the people that spoke english where having a blast, and they did not understand sht. But they got to see their favorite players in STAGE and take photos with them as well as have a nice memory. > > As for the 2015 Summer Split, there was a lot of English in between games, and that was a HUGE improvement from 2015 where there was NO ENGLISH. > > If Spain and France got the better deals is because they offered a price that RIOT could not refuse, not to mention that so far, the best crowds have been in those two places. An interactive crowd can change the perspective of a video game, from looking like a chess game to a FIFA worlds final, and I fcking hate football (A fcking spaniard who hates football), yet seeing and hearing the crowd is what blows my mind. Englad in 2015 was nice for the audience, but the crowd was dead, same goes for when Riot went to Sweden, Belgium and other places. > > _________________ > > If you wanna be somewhat close minded and not attend because "fcking sht the host country is speaking in their native language!" then I suggest you never leave your country to travel, because not everything will be in english for you. So, either decide to attend and live an experience of a life time, or decide to sit and home sitting in your office/room or living room wishing you could watch an event like this LIVE. > > I understand that annoyance of not having something in a language you can understand, but that should not stop you. > > Also, just to let you know. When ANY League of Legends event was in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, and Brazil, the venue was not in english. Did that stop people from other countries from visiting and attending the event? NO, lots of people still went, and they still had a fcking blast. Spain and France arent the only places with native casters. That's the most stupid argument I've read all day. Why would you even bring up NATIVE speakers?? It's about speakers in general, and in that regard English completely outclasses both French and Spanish, COMBINED. English, especially here in Europe, is just the Lingua Franca. And not only to people from the UK, but everyone not Spanish or French. If anything it's the inability of French and Spanish people to learn the Lingua Franca of Europe due to their 'pride', basically insecurities about being completely irrelevant nowadays while once powerful. Why you bring up England not being a host this year is beyond my understanding, it's clearly the insecurities of Brexit that are reason for that. And on Taiwan etc events being in Chinese: Mandarin has nearly as many speakers as English, again outclassing French and Spanish COMBINED. Mandarin also is a Lingua France, especially in Asia. [Chinese viewership is over 2000x the amount of French, so the comparison is really BS to begin with.](https://escharts.com/blog/infographics-worlds-2018) The world's finals deserve better than being hosted in a language that is irrelevant at this point, with a fraction of the amount of speakers of English. If you still disagree, think a second about in what language we are arguing in.
I know English is a lingua franca. But guess what, anywhere in Europe (except the UK), if you leave a major city, not a single soul will speak english, why? because it's not important to them. In the case of Spain, since its my country. If you leave Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia (top 3 cities) you will not hear a single spaniard speak english. Its not because of pride, its because there is no need for a person to learn a language if there is no tourist around. Any place with high tourist traffic will have a bilingual spaniard. But move away from those places, and its just spanish. Lets look at the UK. Move away from London, Manchester, Edimburg (you get the point) and no one will speak German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc. Why? because no tourist will visit a small town with zero relevance. If there is not tourist traffic where you are living, then there is no need to learn another language. ___ Mandarin is important because China is taking economic control of the freaking world. But I will say it again. During MSI, in vietnam (play-ins), the casters were not speaking Mandarin, they were speaking Vietnamese. And in the rest of the tournament, the casters were speaking **Taiwanese**. I have lived in China for 6 years, and people do not fcking speak Taiwanese unless they were born there. Mandarin is mandatory everywhere in China, but if there is another language like Taiwanese or Cantonese, people will speak their local language. Back to Spain, in the north east (Catalonia), 90% of the people speak Catalan, which is a different language from spanish that no one understands except for them. If there is an exclusive event in Barcelona they will cast in catalan. The reason why All-Stars Barcelona was in Spanish is because it is more international. Yeah spanish in europe isnt strong, but spanish has the top 3 most native speakers in the world (more than English native speakers), so if Spain decides to cast in Spain it is their damn choice. Is it pride, yeah? But I dont see people complaining when other countries do it? The only people complaining about casters speaking "%%%%%%%%%%%" (aka an asian language) are ignorant racists. ___ I dont fully disagree with you, but guess what buddy, the reason why we are speaking english is because (if you have not noticed) we are in the **English EUW forums** Go to Spain's, France's or Germany's forums and you'll get sht on by the emissaries for speaking the dominant Lingua Franca. France not having english casters is because they are a stubborn country filled with pride. If you have seen Euro vision, they are the only people to not speak english (Spain at least speaks english when needed). **The reason why Spain however does not cast in English is because of our shtty and embarissing educational system when it comes to teaching international languages. ** Why cast in English when probably over half of the attendies will not understand? I already know your answer anyway "Casting in English will bring more people over because more people understand english!" I will not deny that plausible answer at the slightest, but why risk lower attendance by speaking english when you can guarantee a filled stadium with native speakers? Also think about it. Not many people care about Quarter-finals and Semi-finals to begin with, what matters most is the FINALS and if they can choose between semis or finals based on proximty and prices, people will fight for the Finals spot. ___ **The world's finals deserve better than being hosted in a language that is irrelevant at this point, with a fraction of the amount of speakers of English.** Look being uncultured is your personal decision to make, but if French is an irrelevant language to you, then so would the Korean language. Which was the language in which the finals for worlds 2018 was casted in, not Mandarin, which by your logic should have been the more logical approach because its the Asian Lingua Franca. Have LIVE Mandarin casters in Korean soil, lets see how many people will attend that in Korea. French, despite not being geographically dominant like Mandarin, Spanish, and English, it is culturally a dominant language (has been the Lingua France for Centuries btw, even in the precious, little and insignificant UK). ___ And here is a pro tip, from a Spaniard studying English Philology. Learn to speak more than one language and appreciate their culture and History, Dumbass.
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