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: Have you ever considered the possibility of the opposite? The standard of your opponents has increased? Therefore mistakes are punished more severely. At yours and your team mates skill level, it's more difficult to obtain a greater gold lead. Sneaky tricks like invades, sneaking barons and drakes, finding routes into lane unwarded against unsuspecting enemies becomes less of a thing, teamwork and strategy needs to be tighter and personal play needs to be on a greater level. Hey, don't worry I've been there, plentttyyy of times, the feeling of having awful team mates when you're playing well, but don't cherry pick games where you've played well and lost and blame the elo. I'm sure winning your 2/9/0 6% kill participation jax game didn't spring to mind as games you deserved to win right?
i had 17k tower damage. That game we were losing every fight so I figured I would just split push and it worked. If it wasn't for my split pushing then the game was for sure a loss. I understand that not every win is deserved. I am not even talking specifically about people with bad KDA's. Right there i was jungle ww and my irelia mid was losing to mordekaiser. However he/she didnt think to buy merc treds or QSS even after i recommended it multiple times. The players as a whole seem to be alot more tunnel visioned and not thinking about this particular match and the best item paths and playstyles.
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: How do you get the descriptions next to the items in the shop?
To the right of the Item Shop search bar there are two little boxes. The box with four squares is the one you are currently using. To get the following setting choose the one that consists of two squares and two rectangles.
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