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: > You may not share your Account with anyone other than as expressly set forth herein, **and you are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Login Credentials and for any and all activities (including purchases and charges**, as applicable) that are conducted through your Account.
the funny thing is that i did not share my account and neither did i buy anything for it.
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CJXander (EUNE)
: I was thinking...
why even bother with using 3 lanes? just go 1v1. If you cannot get punished for your immobile champ and you can overextend all you want because there is no jungler in the game you are throwing balancing out of the window. Support mids e.g. or ones with very high waveclear are completely unbalanced in this mode.
bamphacha (EUNE)
: He is in a game which means that he didn't get ban. I accept my ban, but i don't accept he didn't get too.
How sad must your live be that you are checking other people if they are or aren't banned. Just stay away from the game for the time you are banned and don't jump on forums to complain about this.
DGFeliax (EUNE)
: I overhear champs saying stuff from the other lane
DaMich (EUW)
: I tired it and it didn't solve my problem Edit: tried it 3 days ago
do you have anything else in mind?
DaMich (EUW)
: Stumbled over this one earlier aswell but i don't have ad aware and i shyed away from installing and then deinstalling ad aware until now but let me just try it
So i tried it and cannot follow up on the fix because i don't have a "httpproxy.dll" in my system 32 folder
bamphacha (EUNE)
: Riot is the worst game developers ever
No, the conclusion is that you have no selfcontrol what so ever and if you are not working on your anger issues you will get perma banned.
: I try my best but i suck.
So you might don't want to hear this tip but it actually helps quite alot. Go and play Dota 2 for 100-200 Games. the reason behind this is that, for one part you get a quite new look at the game(lol i mean) and also the turn rate in dota 2 is not set to 0 as it is in LoL. So learning to dodge skillshots and handling the game with turn rates(turn rate is the time a champion needs to turn around) leaves you with a higher mechanical skillset for the very skillshot based league. And after that you return to League(believe me you will feel the difference in an instant) You now start working on one role, since you enjoy playing riven i assume that you are a top laner? Assuming you are i would suggest playing the crap out of the position you like and the champion you enjoy the most. This is of course hard to do in ranked because your position will be contested by your own team. So try playing with friends. This is mainly to increase your knowledge about that very champion. Increasing the knowledge and feel of one champion allows you to start learning about the game itself, meaning where to go at what time, how to contest things and so on. Just move step by step. Learn/train one part of the game and then move on to the next. This is not the short way to success but it is in my opinion the right way and also the way that will increase your actual skill the most. Edit: just for refference i am plat 5 atm
Razer46 (EUW)
: Just found this based on your log files and seems pretty same problem as you have
Stumbled over this one earlier aswell but i don't have ad aware and i shyed away from installing and then deinstalling ad aware until now but let me just try it
: Hey DaMich, Could you try if you can run LoL with a 'clean boot'? * Press Windows Key + R to open "run" * Type "msconfig" and hit enter * Click the "Services" tab * Click "Hide all microsoft services." * Click "Disable All" * Click the "Startup" tab * Click "Disable All" * Apply/OK/Restart Try to run League of Legends afterwards and let me know if you were able to run it :)
I tired it and it didn't solve my problem Edit: tried it 3 days ago
Razer46 (EUW)
: Well if you want a quick fix probably you could try reinstalling windows back up all needed files you have and reinstall your OS and that's the fast and dirty fix if you know how to reinstall your pc else its probably up to the support team Some other things check if you gpu drivers have been set to use nvidia video card and if your power setting are set to high performance that is and each time dont forget to run it as an administrator
"quick" power settings are at max and i tried on board gpu and my nvidia card. I actually think it is a network issue and less a graphics issue due to the handshake error in the patcher logfile. I just hoped that someone would have faced the same issue and would share it. As i said i already wrote a support ticket but the thing is that the response time is quite high and it will take at least another week until 6 messages are exchanged. Edit: I would reinstall windows but the thing is that i don't have a cd drive and my USB has not enough space.
Razer46 (EUW)
: First i would suggest for you to go to and do every step one after the other and if it helps. If it does not help unistall lol and run ccleaner run cleaning and registry cleaning, if that does not help you might want to try system restore to a point before patching and reinstall LoL
I actually did that. Pretty much everything you said and was listed on the support page..i just didn't remember because i tried pretty much anything i could find on the topic
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