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: hm... someone didn't care about doing a stress test... tipical draw on top of the knee kinda of work... it never is a good drawing...
May I add that TFT was developed by 30!!!! Riot employees. So of course there is no perfect coding. 30 people out of 2000 had the idea to create a new mode, a great mode infact, and to complain about it not working properly because Riot is such a big company, doesnt make it any less impressive. Those 30 people started it, I dont know how many Rioters are working on it by now, but I bet its still around that number.
FixxeS (EUW)
: hm... someone didn't care about doing a stress test... tipical draw on top of the knee kinda of work... it never is a good drawing...
right, because a company with around 2000 people can stress test what happens when around 100x times that many people want to play TFT at the same time.
: oh no not a yasuo skin... i feel the pain already. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Yeah other champs would have been more deserving of an arcade skin
: can not buy quiana
It says in the patch notes: "Qiyana, Arcade Caitlyn, Arcade Kai'Sa, Battle Boss Qiyana, Battle Boss Yasuo, and Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition will be available on June 28, 2019." Please read the patch notes
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: Well, yeah, today, but only if you live in USA or somewhere near. For Europe players that means tomorrow. No lies there, just general lack of knowledge about timezones
its no lack of knowledge. They made that statement on the boards/forum of the NA server, so keeping in mind that this board and forum is for NA players, it is clear to assume they post it in their own timezone. They never made an open statement on twitter or anything. So I dont see whats the problem here.
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: Hey friend! Can you relog and try again? :D Might be that the hextech system is having a hard time right now.
Hey Darth Sero, Sadly already tried I restarted league several time (6-7 times), turned low spec mode on and off and tried, Nothing helped
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: shouldnt be banned for talking back
A hint in the loading screen is "Be untiltable" and thats quite a silly thing to say. Because everyone has tilted ingame at least once and maybe didnt even notice it. I feel you, MorphiumCZ, for getting pushed around by your fellow teammates and having to be the cause of failing the game for them and I would talk back too, but in a different manner. The way you talked back is insulting no matter if they said worse things or not. A good way to reply to someone saying you suck is, to take a breath, look at the state youre Champion currently is in and at the enemies. -Try to get a hang of why they say that, they have a reason even if its really dumb to you. -Sort out why that happened for yourself. Lets say they flame you for not ganking their lane and they died because they got ganked. -Check what happened during that situation: >were you ahead in jungle and just wanted to farm? >were you behind in jungle and needed to farm? >was another lane in need of help at the same time and was that gank of yours justified? >were you low after clearing camps or after ganking another lane and needed to back during that time? Depending on what might be the answer to why you didnt gank, you might consider what you would write. (following the oder of the answers) >Sorry, I didnt think you needed help and I wanted to stay ahead >I didnt want to cause another death towards an opponent already being ahead. >I was ganking (insert lane) so (insert valid reason) >I had to go back because I cant gank while being halflife. I know this might not appeal to you, and if your answer would be something like "I BM because it belongs to League / because it's fun"...then I dont think you should be surprised about being banned. A LAST NOTE: A good way to prevent tilting ingame is by muting everyone ingame with "/mute all" as most important things get notified with pings and you wont be getting any of the flame because you muted them PREEMTIVELY I hope you might create a second account and just try muting all of them at the beginning once, its a way more calm experience and you just have to stay aware of pings. Or find another game fun for you.
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666lul666 (EUNE)
: If will be a great idea,for example u can ban/kick a intentional feeder if he have like 0/10/0 score.
and what if there is a 0/10 player just having a bad game/day? This would ruin their day even more and people WILL be leaving to play other games.

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