: 3+3 is same as 2x3. And borderless is similar to full screen. Also, your original post. > [{quoted}](name=Daddy Tie Me Up,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pLbYIbOh,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-11T13:58:40.402+0000) > > So %%%%ing horrid since like 5 patches ago? When I play on full screen and try to alt tab it takes solid 5-10 seconds and when I alt tab back its same, but some times I even get black screen and it takes like 30 seconds. Can someone explain to me why is alt tabbing in the game that is 8 years old, made by company that can literally hire best programmer in the world to fix their shit taking so long? And its not like it has always been like this. Suggest that you have not tried anything that could FIX THE PROBLEM. But since you are too ignorant to see that, I'll leave you in your misery.
: Yopu got your answer. All you answered was no. If you don't accept the answer thats on you.
dude if i ask you whats 3+3 you dont answer atlanta. I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH FULL SCREEN FULL SCREEN.
: So you are just here to troll?
I am here asking a question about shitty coding. Full screen on overwatch is much smoother to swap than in league. WHY?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: A solution has been provided to you. If you don't want to use the solution, then that's on you. I've never experienced the problems you mention when using borderless, both with better hardware, and worse.
borderless is not a solution. I have a problem with full screen. You provided alternative. Alternative that sucks.
Cypherous (EUW)
: That doesn't change that this is how windows works, nobody ever said it was your systems fault anyway, windows WILL page background tasks to disk, thats by design to make sure the game has all possible resources available to it, and even if you have an SSD its still slower to load that contents back from disk than it is from RAM
and it still doesnt explain why does alt tabbing 8 year old game suck
Restalious (EUNE)
: Greetings, Instead of full screen make it bordless it will help you. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Cypherous (EUW)
: Pretty much just going to echo this, when you alt tab your system has to redraw whatever it was you had open, generally speaking the OS will "assume" that if you're playing something fullscreen that you would prefer to have as many resources dedicated to the game as possible so it will free background resources and page things to disk, the "lag" is because your system now has to reload everything that was unloaded, playing borderless windowed reduces this delay because less is paged
I literally have 8 gigs of ram and SSD. My system is not the problem.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Are you playing on borderless mode? If not, play on borderless mode.
alt tabbing on overwatch on full screen is much faster and smoother. That game has more resources loading, better graphics quality and is generally much bigger load on system. So what the %%%% is wrong with league? Also no I am not gona play on borderless mode when borderless mode in league is arguably most cancerous borderless mode ever. gtx 1070 and i5 6600k oc to 4.5 GHz should NOT ever drop my fps.
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Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: Haahaa far from it. Sorcery renekton is pretty damn strong. And since you only need 2 spells out of 3, you are not hindered by panth shield. Diana just blocks every pantheon damage with her shield Rumble doesn't even get close to dieing, unless he %%%%s up his heat management. Both renekton and rumble outdamage pantheon, if their abilities and resources are managed properly And your only source of damage means vitals? Well, you aa, then q away from his heartseeker. That 3 or 4 times and pantheon starts running out of mana. And if you spam spears, again cloth armor and dorans shield=bb spears
> Haahaa far from it. Sorcery renekton is pretty damn strong. And since you only need 2 spells out of 3, you are not hindered by panth shield. > And yet ive not seen any renekton main climbing the high elo ranks, but several pantheons , who are in bad spot. > Diana just blocks every pantheon damage with her shield First of all, who plays diana top, who plays diana at all, and not she doesnt block it all with her shield when her shield is on 3x the cd of pantheons spear. > Rumble doesn't even get close to dieing, unless he %%%%s up his heat management. Both renekton and rumble outdamage pantheon, if their abilities and resources are managed properly They dont. They simply dont outdamage pantheon. > And your only source of damage means vitals? Well, you aa, then q away from his heartseeker. Fiora walking up to pantheon, to proc his shield and then Q away from heart seeker into vital point. Just imagine that. That would most likely be bronze 5 match up. Because all pantheon has to do is auto her. He already has lead in autos because of block, he can throw in spear and use heart seeker once she wastes her W to block another spear. Stop pretending that Fiora even has a chance. >That 3 or 4 times and pantheon starts running out of mana. luckily for you there is this lovely thing {{item:2033}} together with mana flow band. I havent seen single pantheon building manamune, which was supposed to be best item for him. >And if you spam spears, again cloth armor and dorans shield=bb spears {{item:3134}}
Pyrosen (EUW)
: http://prntscr.com/i5zuzh Yup, I know nothing about Pantheon.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: Jayce is more based on basic attacks. Try renekton. Or Diana. Or rumble. Or vlad. You don't lose to pantheon as fiora. You don't exactly get ahead either tho. Since you are aa based pantheons shield blocks your damage. However you can easly block his stun, allowing you to play on vitals and come out even or only slightly behind
Renekton is even in even worse state than pantheon is, diana will die to pantheon, rumblwe will die to pantheon, vladimir is vladimir. You loose to pantheon as fiora because your only source of damage is getting blocked, you need to scale, which pantheon makes impossible. No pantheon will jump on fiora when she is on full hp. Just spear her every time she dares to farm.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Dirk does not offer enough kill potential from spamming Q's to pass through doran's and cloth armor, you're over valuing Pantheon because you've been shit on him before As a pantheon main, he's shit lol Just wait until level 6 and build early armor, you will win lane.
Dude you probable never played vs pantheon
Pyrosen (EUW)
: then don't do shit until lvl 6 simple lol
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: Lol...all he said is not letting him hit you xd
So how do I dodge his spear?
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: Lmao...classic ignorant fool. Pantheon hates casters, even moreso duelers.
Casters? Ever played Jayce vs pantheon? You wont do shit. Duelers? Ever played fior vs pantheon? you wont do shit.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: So not making someone optionally stronger isn't countering their strengths??????????????????????????????????????????????
Getting outpoked from lane, having half the cs, waiting for your mercifull jungler to come, hoping that you are gona be relevant once he finally starts falling off, is not counterplay. There is a video about pantheon main hitting challenger 4 times. This cancerous person occupied 4 slots in challenger for people who actually tried harder than him.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: idc really say what u want lol
Pyrosen (EUW)
: When someone's only strong point is their early, yes it is if you don't feed what powers them, why are they strong?
Not playing, isnt counterplay.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Panth is easily beaten, you just play safe until you hit 6 and start Doran's shield then any early pressure he has is negated lol
Waiting him out, isnt a counter play.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Panth feels so bad at the moment
Good. Good that he feels awful. Now you can finally feel how every single enemy felt when you played againist him.
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: Well, Rengar literally oneshots you while Twitch has to at least get off a few AAs until you are dead. You can react to Twitch, you can't do to Rengar though.
Are you serious?
: Zoe doesn't need items to 1 shot you. Her damage it's just too much..especially at early levels.
This is simply just a lie.
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Renold (EUNE)
: i wanna see zed going 0 10 and 1 shot.I really wanan see it.I reallllllllllllly wanna see that seriously. If zed goes bad early...lategame is more then completly useless.I really wanna see that zed 0 10 1 shot.Plz show it to me boy.
all you need is {{item:3147}}
: Aurelion Q Buff
Or, how about you dont buff champion that is literally sitting on 50% winrate
: I Hate When People Complain About Tanks Being Busted.
Tanks on all time high win rates. "tanks are not busted". Thinking...
Eambo (EUW)
: New Runes - Hit me with your ideas!
How about you stop wasting time coming up with new %%%%ing runes and fix your shit now?
: If she is that broken then it is not a wasted ban is it?
Banning champion isnt solution to the problem. At this rate they can pretty much add ban per champion they add.
: Can you people stop saying gg and start crying after 5 mins???
This is result of people wanting shorter and more interesting LCS games. First blood towers team gold for shut downs, all of this contributes to extreemly unbalanced games which further contributes to this mentality. If you want to blame anyone blame Riot and people who watch lcs. Because yes outcome of games is in 90% of cases determined in first 15 minutes.
: actually the thread is more about.. imagine the Jungler has ganked your lane and together with you has created a 3-0 lead over pantheon.. Now imagine riven playing without wards once the jungler leaves and easily losing that lead making it 3-3. Lots of players put more effort in asking for ganks, than they actually do with making something of it or appreciating the value gained. I do understand your point that junglers should appreciating ganking lanes.. but often feels like laners dont appreciate jungle all together and yet expect more and more investment from it. Once jungler gets a Laner a Lead.. thats it the training wheels are gone and the laner should be aware that they should protect that lead.. the jungler cant use their keyboard and mouse, at some point the jungler is no longer the training wheel on their lane.
Dude you can give Riven 3 kills lead over pantheon and she will still loose once he gets single lethality item. Its not junglers job to camp all lanes constantly but that doesnt mean that he is done after 1 gank. This is how most junglers play jungle. They pick kha zix and they camp enemy with worst mobility, they get 16 kills on Lux and then they re full of themselves when Riven asks for another gank. And tell me that Im wrong.
: uhm, i thought we talk about what the author wrote and bet 90% of us here are below diamond /and diamond is not even the top of ranks/ -he and we are in so called "low elo" where we got adcs what i wrote about and supports not only cant do enough cuz someone else gave 2 early kills to a midlaner or even if didnt, the enemy midlaner got enough damage to 1shot even both botlaners, but also as support he gotta follow often a monkey that eat free damage as bananas thinking "i got support, im unkillable monster who can crit everytime -no matter the just 30% crit" cuz logic of noob... and if you think in this elo to be support is easy or relaxing go try it, your 2 wards in river and 1 in your jungle +pings wont be enough to make the adc go back in time to escape the gank, your shields and heals gotta be like perma taric ult to save the adc sometimes and even then he would recall in a risky place cuz why not to risk when he is next reckless/uzi/faker/etc
We are talking about effort, not elo that thing about diamond 5 jannas was proof of concept. Playing support doest not require effort.
Renold (EUNE)
: {{champion:29}} {{champion:96}} play them and tell me skills.Im pretty sure {{champion:40}} is more skilful even tho ardent is in good spot now.Trust me dude..ad is 0 without a support.Ad does 0 in lane if support doesnt engage-cc-protect-dmg. And if support is so easy plz play it take your chalenger boy. PS:AD lose 1v1 vs evryone.You always need peel shields.
Anything those two do is harder than playing Janna. Janna is the biggest joke of all the supports. Why are you even trying to prove me otherwise when every 3rd diamond 5 player is janna main. Give janna main any other role and he will fall back to silver 3 where he belongs.
: LMAO, i've barely seen any ADCs that do any of those-adcs eat almost all skillshots, let darius/nasus/garen players get them, not to talk about zed/akali/yasuo players who ra.pe adcs even with ss/pings and wards before they appear on botlane, also adcs are such babies, unless for nasus/cho/mundo/malphite they are almost useless cuz any fighter/assassin with 2-3 early kills can snowball and 1v2-3 much safer without the need their mommy walk next to them to give them milk and cookies to live another second also tank supports who are lil off-meta lack so much heals/shields but do also a lot to save their blind baby and prepare easy kills that adc need only to right click on it, sometimes even literally waiting adcs to last hit the chain cc-ed enemy
And? Those are the adcies you dont honor. We are not talking about skill floor, we are talking about skill ceiling and supports skill ceiling height isnt worth the apreciation when even rats cant live in house that small.
NyanDoge (EUNE)
: Janna players need to be recognized for their skill. But yeah I agree they could add more things to the after game graphs.
They are recognized for their skill. Thats why everyone calls them thrash or leechers or boosted.
: lul, so why ADCs get honors? for clicking right button? for taking free damage cuz soraka/sona/lulu gotta heal every 0.1secs or alistar and leona gotta stun everybody in 3000 range so you can keep click the right mouse button? LUL, if you are so good go play adc on mid, lets see you solo vs those who anyway sleep on botlane...
ADCs get honors for right postioning, reflex based spells (Quicksilver,flash,dash), game knowledge(build diversity againist tanks, assassins, mages) and general mechanical skill. Shield isnt reflex based, most of the shields have uptime same as cooldown, dont even try to tell me that heals are reflex based when soraka is spamming it off cooldown on adc anyway, same goes for sona. Game knowledge of supports goes as far as placing wards in right spots and literally everyone else does same thing. Janna and soraka are same champions, both spam their sustain on adc. Lulu is similiar to janna sonna is category itself. Same build every single game ardent censer redemption locket(2300 gold items). EVERY, SINGLE, TIME. Supporting was never easier.
Renold (EUNE)
: Ye Ye Ye support is easy af.Ye Ye Ye. i climb cuz my team carry me.Sure dude.So easy to climb oyo.
Dude do you know when supports had it hard? In season 3. Go back in time play support then and then tell me that supporting is hard. All supports scale with cheap items or no items at all, have high base damages, no or very small amount of skillshots. Playing support is easy since all you have to do to protect your adc is press one button. Go back in meta where Janna needed at least 450 AP to shield LeBlancs burst. Go back to meta where Leona got blown up for miscalculating damage output of enemy team, go back to meta, where deathcap Lulu (3700 gold) was norm.
Renold (EUNE)
: And thats why youre low elo lel. Believe that support is "Easy lol".Cuz im sure if i play suppor ti get chalenger just simple shielding...If it was like this sure i was doing it.
What does my elo have to do with this thread? Do you know why LCS supports generally do shot calling? Because everyone else is occupied with harder things to do. So unless you are LCS player dont tell me that supports have it hard because I hardly believe that you shot call in solo que.
Renold (EUNE)
: Support never respected??
Honors for what? For building ardent censer? For shielding your adc? For pressing 1 button that isnt even a skillshot? Or perhaps you dont play Sona, Soraka, Janna, Lulu (even tho I know you do) then what am I supposed to honor you for? For playing tanks? Support is easiest role in game there is nothing to honor you for.
: No I'm talking about values in the most basic of things, you'll get it once you grow up
And when your grow up youll understnad that honor 5 is nothing but a stigma. It does nothing for you so why would you care about others?
: Jungler is not your training wheel..learn to lane on your own.
Do you hate it as well when you lane as overpowered Riven againist pantheon and your jungler decides to camp soraka kog maw lane instead of you? And when you feed pantheon because of course you do and even go as far as asking for single gank after 15 minutes he then goes on and on about how he isnt supposed to win your lane and then he makes thread where he explains why junglers dont have to gank.
Loffiee (EUNE)
: Sion
So you are saying that sion was much more fun when he was uncounterable, got it. Totaly going to revert him back for sure 10/10 rioters agree.
: What i find wrong with people in LoL
Are you seriously talking about people not %%%%ing honoring you for "carrying" with a taric? dude this game has much bigger problems. Like me, not only I would not give you a %%%%ing honor I would also post on this thrash thread with your first world problems.
: Can you elaborate ? :3
Elaborate how? I have wasted 5000 hours on this game. All that time I could have spent literally on anything else. Of course part of that time was playing for fun. But this game isnt fun anymore. Meta shifts so it suits LCS, whole point of the game changed from playing for fun to playing to have 0.00001 chance to become next Faker. People like me are already hooked. Addicted to climbing ladder, having high elo. But why? What does it bring me? What is my reward? I get border which you can completely ignore because of elo boosting being so cheap, I get icon that is so ugly im sticking to my Caitlyn icon and I get victorious skin. Just like platinum players. Just like gold players. All that time I ve spent climbing up from gold 1 was pointless. Noone cares about your elo in real life. Noone will give you any discounts for being one of the best. Its all waste of time. So what do people like I do? They cash on it. You get your diamond and then you advertise your boosting services. It is only way how you can get at least something back for all that training.
: There are a lot of boosters out there. (RANT)
You see. Once you realize your rank doesnt matter at all anymore, unless you are literally #1 EUW highly sociable and are able to join lcs, your rank is worth jack shit. Once you realize that riot doesnt give you anything for hours of trying, improving,training, wasting on this god awful game, this game is yours. Its not boosters fault that you experience this. Its riot. Doesnt matter if you are diamond platinum master or even challenger. Your reward is all the same. Of course challengers get that League of legends jerkin at the end of season, but unless you want to publicly admit that you waste your life playing this game, that jerkin is worth nothing. So stop blaming boosters for not caring. Start blaming riot for not rewarding them.
: So.... After much frustration and determination......
Congratulations after literally 4 years you managed to get from below average to average. Congratulations for wasting my time with this pointless thread. You deserve a reward for being %%%%head.
: When someone dies on a 1v1 they have made a missplay, same goes for every champion
Yep when nocturne ults me from nowhere I misplayed that one so hard. Technically 1v1. Your argument is shit. There simply are champions that are stronger on lane, 1v1, in teamfights. Yasuo is opressive in lane, impossible to beat 1v1 if played correctly. Only thing that he sucks at are teamfights, but since you dont teamfight first half of the game, you are left to suck his %%%%.
karolmo (EUW)
: Champ practice queue
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