: And here you are, provoking the parents of the kids. Honestly, even though youre not their parent, you can still set an example for how they should behave, rather than complaining that someone didnt do something right in their life.
Honesty can be provoking, agreed
: Come on, what if I'm an attention whore? what if I just like to watch the world burn? what if I hate every human out there due to how shitty my day was at office/school/uni/hospital/city hall/etc you know, some people are messed up and broken. And that's not their parent's fault. If you kid for example will go though a traumatizing even, chances are that it will be one of the most difficult things to overcome irl, but it will still linger in them -> they suppress those feelings and they will try to find a place to let them out. currently, online, its the best environment for that traumatizing events can be: rape, murder, accident resulting in trauma for someone dear to them or themselves, constantly bullied at school, etc. personally i'm was attention whore with a divine complex (and still am at 20+ yo, when a lot of people have kids), that's not my parent's fault. Unless you expect them to read minds, I made sure they don't :D sure, parents can help with a lot. but its not their fault sometimes, the situation exceeds their ability and capacity to deal with it
Im sorry for your trubbels, but the things you are talking about are very specific and i was talking about the majority as a whole. But you are correct, a parent can only do what they can, best i can do is to make my child ready for the world. But i stand by my post as a whole
: Your title and your description do not match.
other people seems to think so
Enderty (EUW)
: responce compeditive enviroment (it's kinda virus i guess) obviusly What kind of parent are You Yourself?
a dyslexic one that has english as a second language, but thank you for pointing it out tho.
Coxis (EUNE)
: I've updated my comment with some other opinions I have. :)
I agree with both points you made, but i feel like i need to log off becase i am losing patience with some of the commenting people. I do not understand how people can get so bent out of shape when i made a post saying that i will raise my child to be Kind and understanding and that i use toxic provoking people as a frame of refference for how not to behave. I strongly belive in what you said "In the LoL community case it is either we promote friendly behavior and try to stop the toxic one or we can just let them learn the same shit that we learned when we were younger (therefore, we would not make any difference)." I belive that if you have a mindset of being kind and understanding of others then you can shape the comunity as a whole. BUT you should also not just take the abuse, you have to be able to stand up for yourself- its a fine balance
: AGREE. There is no reason to insult other people if they make a mistake. We all make mistakes (ingame, I mean :-). I am a father myself, and I got to this game through my son because I wanted to know first-hand why I hear screams coming from the child's room.... The game is great, as it teaches you and forces you to teamplay; however, the community seems to be "bad". And yes, it is competitive, and the kids get angry about the one or the other thing. My kid is a very polite person IRL, as well as his buddies who also play the game. When you watch them playing, however, you could think of some "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hide" phenomen. Like a totally different person.... What helped, I guess, is that I often told my kid to think about whether he would say things he writes in chat also face-2-face in real life. Just because this is virtual does not open the door for insults and the usual wishes which are being made. After all, there are humans on the other end of the wire as well. In addition, after controlling his temper a bit, he climbed up to Silver 2 :-)
Thats good parenting right there, You have taken a intrest and taught him to controll his temper. I hope to be as supportive as a parent myself
Coxis (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DaddyOfTheYear,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=NR99dBNe,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-08-19T10:30:38.194+0000) > > if someone hits me, i will retaliate, i will not hug him You know, retaliation gets you punished as well, in any situation or law system. However, defending yourself doesn't get you punished. But, against one that verbally abuses you, you can't actually defend in any proper way. You can either retaliate [attack back] or simply ignore the jerk. I'd chose the second option. :) No need to hug him/her either. :P Edit: Oh, and I got another 2 points to make here. 1. I've read an article once [but I can't seem to find it right now again so I can give you the link] that in the whole community of League of Legends, it's not the kids that are the most toxic. It's mainly adults. And yes, there is an good explanation behind it. It's that the adults from today received a bad parenting in their childhood. Their parents didn't teach them how to release their anger/frustration and to avoid being toxic, nor told them that's not an acceptable behavior. Don't get me wrong, I'm in the same situation. But I've learned by the time passed. Children nowadays, learn from us. In the LoL community case it is either we promote friendly behavior and try to stop the toxic one or we can just let them learn the same shit that we learned when we were younger (therefore, we would not make any difference). 2. Yes, it is a competitive game. However, some are more competitive than others in it. Some are just running for the win, some are just looking to enjoy the game in a friendly manner regardless of the result of the match. Riot has to make it the best for everyone. However, you can't make [oblige] someone to be more competitive than his personality requires. But you can control the level of toxicity the competitive ones might put out there. To make it more clear, one can chose to or not to verbally abuse someone, but he can't chose to be more competitive if he isn't interested enough in it.
I also chose the second option in the game, as for this game i tend to play safer if the provoker is targeting me, because if i do not die and get kills and even carry the game- it hurts his pride more than a all out flame war. I meant defending when i said retaliate, well. its one way to defend one self, often times there are smarter ways of doing so
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Exactly what I'm talking about. Not *everyone* is in the situation "solve" problems the way you did and "defend themselves". Most of the times it's not even smart. Most of the times doing so will get you **killed**. Your ignorance is amplified exponentially by the fact that you consider yourself a savant in the issue... Who the fuck are you to "respect" and "not respect" people who take abuse. Shame on you.
if you want my respect you should ern it, you dont need to get salty because you diddnt get it for free. Also- again- out of context. i was talking about the game and how it is natural to get frustrated but provoking people to get frustrated is wrong. You turned it into some sort of personal thing. And i am not intrested in having a out of context debate about your personal life, spinning your anger even further. you can keep writing if you feel like it, but i am done with the conversation
Luis Sc (EUW)
: I agree with your point, I disagree how you base it Hindsight is acceptable, but "Assumptions," are the evil root of all evils, specially when it comes to debating. Kids need supervision when interacting socially, and most parents are at fault when they think the computer screen is entertainment enough and lacks supervision. At some stage, the world got smaller, people from across the world communicate more frequently ans more fluently... ... But, without defending not projecting, judging how a person should behave is wrong.... There's common sense standards, but there's no "should."
I think there is a "should" to a extent.. but that is more from a philosophical point of view. Also, considering the comments and the votes on my anwsers, i think that i was not that far off in my Assumption, but you are correct non the less. assuming without facts based on only 100 games from a personal standpoint is, well, it pisses people off. But then again, any sort of opinion on the internet that has a "black or white" context to it will make people angry
Lsayu (EUNE)
: > i simply cannot respect a person who willingly takes abuse. Yet another parenting failure. You obviously don't know jack shit about abuse.
i dunno man, my 50 ciggarette burn scars on my chest kinda tells a different story, but i diddnt just sit there and say "well this is not acepteble behavior so i am just gonna sit here and take it" no i acctualy defended myself - but hey, if you have a kid, teach him/her to "turn the other cheek" and to not defend him/herself. and again, quote out of context, cannot respect it
: Toxic players can be muted. /discussion I'm not saying that I'm never toxic, but when I am, I have good reasons and I never provoke someone. But if someone is so toxic that it is actually harassment, mute him. And it has nothing to do with bad parenting. I can't play league for hours every day, and when in 3-4 games I play, someone trolls or feeds, of course I'm mad at him for wasting my time.
Perfectly fine to be frustrated. And if you can mute a person without feeling the need to defend yourself because he is simply not on your radar or under your skin then that shows strong caracter. But you being toxic due to a provocation is you simply reacting to a provocation wich is natural. Its the guy provoking you that i am talking about
: Greetings. I have to admit. I sometimes provoke players. But I do it for a different reason. The most common example I can think of is when I am the jungler and a laner writes things like: "OMG noob jungler gank my lane you ..." I am definitely not going to gank his lane. I know it's gonna drive him mad, but I don't do it to get a response. I try to teach this guy a lesson, which many people seem to need. **Being a dick and insulting other people is not exactly the best way to get what you want. ** That's probably a behavior people learn from bad parenting as well, and it's really annoying.
Well then you are not provoking, you are reacting to a provoaction. And that i can respect. if someone hits me, i will retaliate, i will not hug him
Renascence (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DaddyOfTheYear,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=NR99dBNe,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-19T09:18:58.688+0000) > > Look, getting frustrated and telling someone to fuck off because they did something dumb in a compeditive game is fine, its a natural responce. And that's where you're wrong. If you cannot raise your child to learn to respect other people, then you are just as bad a father as the others you are accusing. There is no excuse for talking shit to others. This also stems from bad parenting. Focus on your own issues before blaming others. I completely agree that provocation is another issue. But so is talking trash.
In all other sports people get frustrated with their teammates when they do something dumb that is costing them the win, saying that its not natural either makes you ignorant to normal human behavior or you just want to pick a fight over the internet. As for respecting others, you can use the word respect if you want, but for me- respect is erned and something that you dont give away for free. Kindness and understanding however is very similar to respect. For example- i do NOT respect you because of the statement "There is no excuse for talking shit to others" because that implys that even if someone is bullying you, if someone is putting you down IRL or in game, you are not alowed to defend yourself, making you a carpet to walk all over- and i simply cannot respect a person who willingly takes abuse. Also i cannot respect someone that takes a quote from a post out of context to discredit the post when i clearly stated "Like yeah the optimal thing is to own your misstake and not point out other peoples misstakes" that implies that i as a parent will teach my child to do so. so talking shit will not be a issue if i am doing my job correctly. But that does not mean that i will not teach what is natural for human bahavior But since kindness and understanding is something that i strive for, i understand that you do not want people to tell you to "fuck off" when you make a misstake and that you problably know when you make a misstake. And you will not hear me say things like that- but i will understand if YOU get frustrated and tell me to fuck off, because it is a natural responce and you might be more committed to the game or the win than i am- so i will not take offence.
Croquis (EUNE)
: OOOkay.. tl;dr: flamers and trolls have bad parents. We can learn from them how NOT to raise a child. Btw you look like a nice father. Raise a fine summoner mate! ;)
that tl;dr sounded way worse when you spelled it out like that, but yeah i guess thats a fair generalization, after all, sometimes you need to generalize in order to make a point. And tank you, ill do my best.
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