: I am Cmdsheppard , and I am a toxic player.
Maybe start by not being so dramatic and turning this into an edgy story. You're just having autistic fits because you base your own self worth on your in-game performance, even though your in-game performance doesn't mean shit. No one in this world cares about if you're silver or not. You've got nothing to prove, just play and stop caring about it that much. Go out in the real world, find some other fun (and maybe not pvp) games to play and IF you're gonna play LoL, just play with friends more, avoid playing solo. Games are supposed to be fun activities to do with your friends, not as a meaningless desperate attempt to overcompensate for your insecurities. Find something else that makes you feel better about yourself, don't base your self worth on a dying game.
: Is the issue: ”game is still in progress” with no reconnect button?
Yes. The client becomes completely unresponsive and the actual game is not launching, then when it's closed and relaunched again, the reconnect button appears, but as soon as you click on it, the same problem occurs again.
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