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: people are giving riot games a lot of flak We have one of the worst game clients i've ever seen, one of my last games just vanished from existance and they even ported all of the Bugs with the new map into the game. Bugs which existed for years wont get patched, new and old Gamemodes are dropped left end right and never seen again, all events this year were generic copy paste Quest with no additional content and they announced achivements a few weeks back, which you can buy for like 10 bucks per champion, which they already promissed two years earlier for free. For a not so small company it shouldnt be that difficult to fix some of these problems. dont get me wrong, i love this game, but this year i've got the fealing, riot looking more for money then ever. Its articles like these on the top, which make me question, if this company is realy giving their all. Im also no expert in Programming. but the amounth of bugs in LoL is higher then in any other game i've seen. There will always be Bugs, but which the numbers acuumulated, shouldnt it be possible for Riot to start from scratch? they have all the information they need. All abilitys, interactions, damagescales etc. I dont know how it works right now, but when bugs from the time when league launched still exists, wouldnt it be posible today, to design an engine; a programmbase, which runs which less risk of unintendet interactions and is more suited for all the new features which were addet over the time? I dont know much about programming, but with the little knowledge i have i wonder if this wouldnt be possible.
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: Real life huh? Lets take a worker who does same and same mistakes all the time like brainde4d and tilt you at work. Like a person who do not think at all what he is doing, person who is working for years like he was at 1st day in job. What will happen? I will abuse him verbally that he do not do his job correctly, I will harass him that I have to do extra his job and I will go to my boss to tell to fire him. i will bring all evidences i need and he will get fired and new, better coworker will be put in his place. I do leave in real life and I seen those brainde4ds in my work too. I do try to help them at first, after like 10 times to try I give up. I wouldn't tell or even look at person like this in my life if he would not ruin my day, work or tilt me in way he do. Idk where you from, but some nations is differ from other. If your nation prefer low skilled, bad workers but nice to talk in the job instead of skilled workers, then i don't know. seems like you are from Germany, I'm right?
He was reffering to "New Players", not to players who run down mid since season 1. And yes, its basicly like in real life. When you run down mid for years you will get punished even in lol (there are different Players which got permabanned instantly on every account that was linked somehow to them). So if someone doesnt want to chance there behaviour over long times of practice, you fire them; you hinder them to play the game. But when someone starts an new job, a new player. He doesnt know realy well what to do. He makes a Mistake; he didnt even realize. do you just insult him, his familie and all his past lifes or do you tell him what he did wrong and which way would be better? lol isnt as simple as tic tac toe. its like sports. even 8 year old can play with a football but do you honestly think, that if some 10 years old after 2 years of training still does some mistakes, he should quit sports completly, why is there even something called training? just play 10 matches, insult him for every mistakes and if he still does something wrong he has to leave the team?
: Got 14-day suspension
Well you could choose your words better, so Ritos OP Bad Language Filter doesnt react to your messages. But i have to agree. Without any context (which rito never gives sadly) its difficult to tell but i think the ban is an overreaction.
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: Where are patch notes 7.15? Report riot for being afk ty.
: What went wrong here?
this was - Cho Q, W - Ahri Q,E,W - Rakan Knockup - Cho and Ahri were pretty fed with each 2 lv up against the hole enemy team - enemy team all squishie
ChoC0Iate (EUW)
: Title.
You forgot to set a title.
CampyII (EUW)
: Can't do my leaverbusters
try to repair your lol. Perhapes there is a corrupted file on your computer.
: remake is wrong
How should the server know if you didnt simply forcequited lol? It may be wrong to punish you in this case, but most of the times, the afk Player is responsible for the cut in connection.
: My first ever ban - 14 days - no warnings message - no chat restriction whatsoever -
1 Warning: Chat restriction for light Flaming. 1 Punishment 14- Days Ban for light Flaming after Chat-restriction or for Flaming, Feeding, Trolling ... 2 and final punishment: Permanent Ban after not improving your behaviour. I dont know where you got your data but this is what i know myself,
: Got banned cuz of an instalocker
You dont get banned because of someone else. You get banned because of your actions and your behaviour .
Ymirons (EUW)
: Is this bannable?
Yes clearly you can report the. But dont write "report XY" in all-chat. You can explain what happened in All-chat but other players will evantually report you if you dont give them a reason for your claims (for negative additude for exemple). Explain yourself, try to farm, perhapes even the enemy jungler helps you a bit if you ask him. (he sees what summenors your mates have and that they have your Buffs. I would help you if you would ask me in that situation).
The Hunter (EUNE)
: 14-Day Suspension
You got good answers from other players for your questions already, but one thing: 14 days ban stays, you cant do anything. More important: Your next ban will be Permanent. You will loose all your Progress and everything you spend, so be careful. There are already some good tips posted in this thread. Good luck on improving yourself.
MiStYpe (EUW)
: Got banned yesterday for "defending" myself.
How does the system notice, if some troll premate team just 4x report someone for bad additude after they write one time "stay mad %%%, you suck and go 1v5" right it goes over a grate number of your played games, controlls if you got reported, by who, for what and how often and then decides if you deserve a ban or not. If you cant stay silence while beeing provoked, there is a mute button for every champ when you press tap. You dont fight fire with Petrol.
: Wow a 14 day ban for being angry at a legitimate troll for ruining my game RIOT's system is garbage
First: Dont compare your actions to other feeder/ flamer / trolls, compare it to People which didnt get any bans or restrictions in their years of playing League. You can get banned for your bad attitude, for feeding and others, even if there is someone way worse than you. Second: I read it so often and it makes me wonder: how do you think the banning system checks, if you just got reportet from a 4 man premate team for fun or if your behaviour is bad? right it counts together multible games, looks where you got reportet, for what and from who and then, if there are multible reports for the same reason over a extendet period of time, then you will be punished. Not from just one game, from dozends of games and reports. Third: answer to no chat restriction: Chat restriction will only be given to offensive tipers. If someone just feeds intentionaly and dont writes in chat it would be dump to give him a chat restriction wouldnt it? And Last: watch out, with your next ban you will lose your account and everything you spend on it. try to find out, why you got your ban, mayby a ticket to the supportteam will help and work on improving yourself. You cant change the others but you can change yourself.
Kingfsweden (EUNE)
: Suspension
So there was a missunderstanding in rolepicking and you started to solve it with backpings and asking for reports? Then after you didnt get what you wanted after asking so nicely you blackmailed them with feeding? Then after you again didnt get your will with your beautiful words you started feeding and ruined the game for 9 other players? First of some basic conversation skills: If you want something, you are more likely to get it if you are nice. Its like in a Train. There are 5 Places to sit and you cant take it when you go backwards. no of this seats are free. You have two possibilities: First: Spitting one other Passengers in the Face, shouting at them what for idiots they are for not letting you sit at a place you like and then purposly vomit on their legs. (Your Choice in that Game) Second: Explaining, why you cant sit in the free Place and asking them if you can chance seats with somebody. if this is not possible, you might try to drife backwards and do your best, not to vomit. (finding a solution witch works for everybody) To who would you talk more likely? Someone which ask you to find a solution together or someone who Punchs you first and then says i want this? You acted like a 5 year old Child which didnt get his sweets at the checkstand. Throwing yourself to the ground and crying. Thats what i can say after reading your complains. There is realy no excuse for feading on purpose. You just ruin the game for 9 other players, which wanted to play a nice game of League of Legends. Keep your cool and if you ask someone of them might go bot, or you try support Jax. Nobody will report you if it s clear that it was a misscomunication. I myself report most of the People which write "report XY for.." for negative attitude. Only exeptions are, if it was a obvious troll, feeder or flamer i should report, because i understand their reason to write this. Feeder and flamer will always be reportet by me, regardeless of their reasons. Last: you didnt get your ban just from one Game, this was a summation of multible reports on multible differend games over an extended period of time. your next negative report can cost you your accound with everything you spend on it.
: "Honour the player who really stood out to you as a positive player"
If you think so. It could also be a very Positive Player, someone who wants to help others, or someone you had good conversations with. Its all your choice.
MrSlowiK (EUNE)
: Game Bans
Whats the Difference? You get one less warning before Permaban? In which way would this be better?
: Time to gut Lucian, so other ADCs will be viable too.
its not that he is op, he is just a verry strong and save pick, which works with any support and is strong the hole game against most other adcs. i dont think they need to nerf him, but they should try to increase his strengths and weaknesses, so he would have some bad matchups, which he currently dont realy has.
: my account has been suspended
.... and now? what do you want? what did you do? why did you write here? why did you get banned? some more infos would be helpfull if you realy want to start a conversation.
czech7tomas (EUNE)
: Banned accout
you got two warnings and ignored them. this is the result. look at your email and your chatlogs and try to understand what you did wrong. when you understand it, create a new account and start from the beginning. good luck
Straidex12 (EUNE)
: Permanetly banned riot pls resolve this problem!!
> [{quoted}](name=Straidex12,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=hEnA7ExN,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-10T19:08:12.824+0000) > > Riot?-Why players who verbal abuse me and my family didnt get a ban? report them and they will get punished eventually. every player is treated similarily >Just me i say a one word of verbal abuse and instant permanetly ban omfg riot please. no you got a chat restriction and a 14 day ban first, if its for verbal abuse or afk. You get insta perma for third party programs. You got an email where they inform you why you got banned. includet in the mail are at least three chatlogs where you did get multible reports for. >I want unban or ban the players who verbal abuse me. the public forum wont help you to unban your account, contact riot support if you think the ban was undeserved. you can report other players at the endgame screen. they will get punished with the same rules like you were. >And riot just ignore this. what do you mean with "this"? > There is no right's for the player.If i verbal abuse players there is no reason for permanetly banned? after offending and verbal abuse for multible game you get after chat restriction and 14 days ban permabann. this is writen in the therms of use, which you accept after every patch. > Why dont ask me about verbal abuse and perma ban for abuse?I stop verbal? you got warned with two punishments and an entrance massage that this is your last chance. > On this acc playing my little brother he maybe verbal abuse?I will change the password just unban me i want my acc back. Sharing an account is forbidden and will result in a ban.Iit doesnt matter if you or your brother flamed, noone can say who actually played when you got reported. For changing your password its too late. Noone but riot support can lift a permaban and i never heared of a case where they did that. > > Thanks.. when you want someone to help you improove your behaviour and understand why you got banned, poste one of the chatlogs, but be aware there will be a lot of people which dont want to help you and rather say you deserved the ban. Personally i say, you deserve it, when you dont at least try to understand your punishement and when you dont try to improve. make your brother an own account and try new for yourself. Send a chat log to me if you want and i will try to show you how you can improve.
: I dont know, it could be, but who´s to say that midlaners wont take it now for easier roams? TP cooldown right now is 300 seconds. Ghost cooldown is 180 seconds. What do you prefer: 1) wait 300 seconds to gank a lane? 2) wait 180 to get gank a lane? or chase after a fleeing enemy while making a gank?
it's as you sayed there are different goals in using ghost or tp. Riot just wanted to make ghost viable in compare with tp. Its not the Questions you asked: 1) getting behind enemy lines or splitpush with the possibility to join your team anytime, can back early without loosing much farm? 2) roam a lot, getting flashes and helping your other lanes wining, have a saver laningphase in terms of mobility summeners? Ghost without the boot enchantement was just to week to challenge with tp. now they gave it a buff, so ghost will be played more in midlane while tp is still stong on toplane.
: i dont understand how a lot of players (including you) always forget about the cs... you had 85 cs at the 23 minute mark, completely poor, if you had 150, then you would of had a Clear S rank no doubt
also dont forget the objectives you were helping taking. they count a lot too.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fnatic Superboy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LMEtARai,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-06T20:01:42.574+0000) > > Ward herald and dont let them do it, if they do just poke them and they will go back. Yeah because I am in hurry to ward that herald with few wards I have at 8min. Like my lane dosen't exist which I have to ward. It's strong and stupidly easy buff to take. That has no drawbacks.
you have to be aware where your enemy laner is going. its quite easy to anticipate where he is going. there are two people needet to take it so as long as you know where the jungler or your toplaner is you are safe. also you can take rift scuttler for vision
: Where do i turn off premades
actually great idea i would support it
go to and send a ticket to riot support, they can help you.
Ipiimp (EUNE)
: The last Kindred nerf is too much.
that was theire goal. weeken her early and remain her strong lategame. you cant make a champ with no weaknesses.
: Unfair maybe?
> [{quoted}](name=The Russian Bear,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=LEtQ8Wx7,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-06T21:11:39.939+0000) > > Hi readers, > > I think this is very unfair. > I decided to play a match, I am only level 11 so I am not anything special and i thought this was a fun game until; > > 1- Every match is with and against smurfs that are blaming me all game or saying I am scrub and cant carry and act all high and mighty with plat borders,, sometimes gold and if I am lucky then no border. there are a lot of smurfs down there. You should continuing playing for some time. since there is a hidden mmr, the better players will be matched against each others and the new ones seperatly. when someone starts to flame you, dont flame back, mute them (pressing tap and then there is a symbol right next to the champion) and report them after the game. > 2- (reason for the post) I am loading to play a match, I get a bug-splat. Does not let me log in at all even though servers are online. 16 minutes later it lets me log in. I connect. team flame me. then all report me after match and i get a message from rito about leaving games and its bad for teamplay and i mst agree to never do it again > > I am sorry but this seriously ticked me off. why do i have to agree to never doing something that i never did? > I feel like this is unjust and i actually feel like I got treated like a criminal. I think this is something that if happened to the wrong person could end up in a lawsuit. > someone reported you for akf. dont mind it, it's just an automatic generated message after reports, i got this message too. for the flamers: mute and report them. > I already feel like never playing this game again after the feeling of being Falsely accused of something that is completely the fault of the machine that is accusing me. dont stop it playing only because you got this message. it actually shows that the punishment system works. You wont get any disadvanteges from it and as long as you dont quit any match on purpose nothing will happen to you (if you quit one or two matches nothing happens, if you have problems with your computer write it in the chat and you wont get reported from other players). Continuing playing and on time when you get matched against players the same skil as you, you will start enyoiing league.
: thanks for the info
which champ do you play and on which lane?
Armakar (EUW)
: rip league
> [{quoted}](name=Armakar,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=zAlv1MTP,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-05T20:20:27.981+0000) > > Calling it, League as a game willl decline by 5% ( 4,500,000 ) minimum in the next 6 months. From where did you get this number? just asking. > > Reason : > RNG bieng incorperated into the game they give the adc more options for crit that its less random. they changed fiora passive to be less random and so on. the only thing ne which is random and cant be countered are the new dragons. but with this they wanted to make the different games feel less similar and i honestly like this change. > Increasingly broken and ridiculous champions, only 3 bans, this enforces a meta. they are constantly trying to buff/nerf different champs/items. on a game with 130+ champs and a limited number of items, its pretty hard to ballance everything at the same time. they do a decent job in it, but there wil be a fast hotfix after the last patch. > Competitive scene falling apart because lack of pay for some regions / boring tower trades ( not even 200k viewers watching msi ) I dont think there where ever much more. you can watch it on manny different streams and MSI dont count for the lcs so its quite less interesting then other leagues. and they tried in this patch to make drake and rift harrald more valuable in game, and they tried to bring new variability in to the rift, with the new dragons and mages/ mage items. > Lyte is permabanning EVERYONE, far more then ever From where do you know this? i just want to see it myself. > Content bieng removed without reason ( wtf, dominion? ) Dominion was so rarely played ( 0.2%, half of it bots) that it wasnt realy a well invested in server capacity. the champs were also never designed to match such a gamemode. > Ranked system falling apart (Dynamic que, ridiculous matchmaking, increase in trolls + afkers ) I also find that a solo queue or a premade limit should be there. also i never realy understanded how teamranked now works. something have to happen but i think they are still trying out. > Popular streamers bieng banned from streams + league because they are famous ( Yes, they were bad, however a permenant ban from making accounts? Really? ; xj9, tyler, grossgore ( i hated gg anyway )) > the only one i know there is tyler. he got 19 permabanns before he got his final punishment. Quite deserved i think for someone who has to be a good exemple when he was streaming. > > Goodbye. Game is going into Decline, Tencents do not care and this game is going to die off quickly. > after 3 years i still like to play it and dont plan to quit. My friends do so too. I think most other league player think the same way, and there are still new ones coming. > Y'know, it's sad. I hate playing CSGO but that's going to be the only game poeple play when league dies.
: Grossgore and Tyler didn't get banned because they were famous. The former was banned (by Twitch, not League) for what he referred to as harassment, and he left the streaming landscape of his own accord. Tyler was repeatedly banned for flaming and clear intentional feeding, and it happened so often to the point where Riot have openly stated that any account confirmed to be him is getting permabanned on sight. If you can't even get _that_ right when defending them by painting their suspensions as tragic losses, you're not painting yourself as a particularly credible source, are you?
i mean Tylor got 19!!! permabans. pretty much deserved i would call.
: i have already got a 25 chat restrction only because i instalock if thas what people call it i never speak in the chat im only focused on my game
well then they reported you for unsportmanslike behaviour and/or refussing to comunicate. dont lock in your champion first and then call your lane. make it the opposite way and nobody says anything. you might not get the lane you want but depending on which champ you want to play, you can mostly play him on different roles. on which lv can you play dynamic queue? you should try it. ask yourself. how would you feel if you want to play top and you write this in the chat. then you see that some random person just took the champ you wanted to play and locked it in, in the same role as you wanted to play it. Or take it in the reallife. you wanted to do it right and reserved some places in the train. then you want to make your journy and find your seats occupied and they wont go. Not very nice is it? when you just %%%%inuing to instalock you might get a ban. i never heared of it but it seams to be possible after you got a chat restriction. Comunicate with your team on which role everyone wants to go and then choose your champ. Also play dynamic queue as soon as possible.
rucci (EUW)
: yo get frozen heart removes his shild > gg or take yorick and lough ur ass off XD too much cry yorick just counter him 1000 % and his ulti = a wet nuddle , + zyra can solo dragon 2 too ^^
yorick is so much played. No honestly yorick is not the best champ in league. hi is a lane bully but besides that he dont offer to much for his team. its not only that he can solo drake early. malzahr can solo baron at min 20, or rift harrald ad min 6 without taking damage. When played in jungle he can do four camps without taking damage and then steal the enemys second buff, because he only got so far in the same time. every ap Assasing got perfectly countered. when lb wants to kill somebody she dont want to wait for 1.5 sec and give malz the time to kill her with one ability rotation. its not only what he can, it s also how good he does it. Which champion has such a high clearspeed and no damage in jungle. which other champ can clear an entire camp with only one ability? at lv 1? which other champ can kill any epic monster as soon as it spawns?
: i got hacked please riot can i get the acc back and my email got hacked 2
conntact riot support directly, this is the public forum, nobody can help you here. go to
: im afraid im getting perma banned
dont b affraid of permabans already. you wont get banned for instalocking. its rude and most of the people dont like it when somenone just picks something without any discuss. My tipps: * play other roles and other champs. they are also Fun. * when you can, play dynamic queue. since you can choose there which lane you want to play (expect mid. everyone wants to play mid and you get it only about 15%) and in normal noone looks which champion you play. you only get permabanned for high rate flaming and third party programms (programms which give you an unfair advantage, like doge scripts). * when using third party programms, you will get an insta permabann without warning. * When you flame, afk, or intentional feed, you first get a chat restriction and then a 14 day ban. the third punishment is then the permaban. Write me which champion and role you like to play and i try to make you some sugestions for other champs and roles.
MapiiKoff (EUW)
: What Happened To ADC / Botlane Riot Destroyed us
Azure9861 (EUW)
its only an execute so if your turret is not low he wont to anything. Just dont let him freely push your turret.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=xFeArtx,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=Fsa15Vbu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-03T21:13:00.245+0000) > > Soma champs are made for early game and some for late That's why it's only a temporary gamemode.
well there would only be latgame champs like jax, kayle, maokai and so on. and besides that it will only be a normal lol match without laningphase. that would be boring.
Topero (EUW)
: Account permban?
Bad words are bad words regardless of how bad they are. Before a Permaban you get a chat restriction and a 2 week ban. so perma ban was not your first ban. if thats not true conntact riot support
you definitly shouldnt download any mods for league if they are not supported by riot. not because they are malware but you can actually get a perma ban when riot finds out. no warning, no turning back.
Xargonail (EUW)
: League of legends in smartphones
no how would you cast flash in a specific direction? how would you set of rumble ult or smite a champion and not a minion? with the current set of abbilitys and gameplay, a league for smartphones has to be a complet new game.
: I assumed that a permaban was based on a bunch of games, aka 3/4, not a single one. It seems like this system is open to a lot of errors if it's actually works like this, don't you think? For what matters the chatlog doesn't give you context but I get what you mean.
the permaban was based on all your games you played since starting to play league. the "toxic counter" don't reset when you get a punishment, you just continuing counting. when you get more reports in folowing games you can quickly get banned. No error, just two games where you get multible reports from both teames of your games.
: Permaban - Please discuss this
so much toxic chat just after finishing your 2 week punishment? you deserve this ban.
: but the system is still flawed. I can give you an example of the last time i was 2 week banned without any prior restrcitions. im top lane vs a tryndamere as tahm kench. things are going badly for me after he hits 6 and everytime he kills me (3 or 4 times) he shouts in all chat 'lol noob tahm so easyu so bad' etc i keep myself calm, knowing that my team apart from me are doing fine and we will do better than their team in the late game as the game is about to be won, the tryndamere again spams in all chat about how bad i was and how im 'carried' ...the whole time i said nothing in all chat to reply, but i decided to reply to his comment, kind of a joke i said 'lol easy game' which was infact a joke as my score was bad but we won saying 'easy game' got me 2 week banned and i checked the tryndamere and even though the toxicity of him was way worse than me i saw him continue playign games via checking his username on lolking i came on forums to ask if this was fair, and got a swarm of forums accounts saying 'you said gg easy u deserve permanent ban not even 2 week ban' asking for people here to have empathy and understanding is a waste of time. i doubt also that asking riot to review their decision will have any effect either, but this is the over sensitive system we must now deal with. i only hope {{champion:43}} hits them with a nice mantra-Q ban one game they slip up
I'm glad how you managed this situation and it's a good exemple of a case in wich some people wont report you just because trynder targeted you so hard before, and others will. its a good exemple of how different other people see other quotes. someone who didnt read chat perhaps reported you only because of "easy". other dont report this at all. everyone has his own meaning. one hint. beeing "less" toxic then others dont excuse this players behaviour toxic is toxic and you should report all toxic behaviour. as far as my experience go you dont get a ban from only a game and a few reports. Only a gg easy shouldn't result in a punisment normaly. there should be a mail with the chatlogs from two or three games where you are ment to be realy toxic. if thats not the case or you think you dont deserve it, you can always conntact riot support via ticket.
Viavarian (EUW)
: That's rather backwards. If anything, you should get RP for having _low_ queue times, because that means you selected one of the less popular roles and are improving overall queue health.
interesting tought. i like the idea but i think this would only benefit the players who like to play support, since no mid main will actually go supp. also i dont think rp is a good way to encourage selecting a role. you should like the role and not only playing it for RP
: question that requires an answer
if you are gold and someone did a bad play, calling him bronze is an insult and you can get banned, if you yourself are bronze its only Ironic and i could laugh at that. I report "ez game" moste of the time because it s not sportsmanlike even if it was easy. Someone who got destroyed in lane dont realy want to hear that he fucked up. i dont report it when it actually was a close game and its clearly ironic. you dont have to use vulcar words to insult someone. "may you fall down the elo latter and never come back" is also an insult without any bad words. my advice: be nice and, compliment others and help them see there mistakes. and by "see there mistake" i dont mean "you bronze player, **** dont engage with no vision" i mean "pls play more carefull, team we need more vision, i get pink ward".
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